Apex Legends Challenges – Daily Challenges, Weekly Challenges, how to get Stars and Battle Pass levels in detail

The Season 2 update has brought with it the Apex Legends Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges and the Recurring Weekly Challenges.

Complete these Challenges will reward you with levels of Battle Pass and with Stars; The latter, together with the Experience you get in combat, can be transformed into more Battle Pass Levels. The more challenges you achieve, the faster you will climb through the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass and the more rewards you will earn.

If you’re just starting out, you might want to take a look at our 55 Apex Legends Tips and Tricks.

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What is the Challenge System in Apex Legends?

The new Challenge System lets you advance through the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass. There are three types of challenges: Daily, Weekly, and Recurring Weekly.

Completing Recurring Daily, Weekly and Weekly Challenges will earn you Battle Pass Stars and Levels. If you collect enough Stars, they will become a Battle Pass tier. Each level you get from the Battle Pass you will get a reward.

Battle Pass rewards include custom loading screens, weapon skins, and music packs. You can find the complete list of rewards and at what level they are unlocked in the link that we have left two paragraphs above.

The Daily Challenges of Apex Legends Season 2 in detail

You can see your daily challenges in the Lobby.

Each day you will receive three new Daily Challenges at random.

These challenges can be of the type “Play 1 game as Bangalore” or “Get 1 takedown in Skeleton Village”.

The Daily Challenges are intended to be completed in short games, so they can be easily obtained at the same time as you get on with the harder Weekly Challenges.

Completing a Daily Challenge is rewarded with 3,000 Stars, so you can earn up to 9,000 Stars through this method every day.

Don’t worry if you get stuck on a particular challenge: they change every day and there are up to 200 who can touch you, so it is unlikely that you will have to repeat.

Apex Legends Season 2 Weekly Challenges in Detail

Seven new Apex Legends Season 2 Weekly Challenges are unlocked each week. A Weekly Challenge can be anything from dealing a certain amount of damage with a character to using a specific ability multiple times.

The Weekly Challenges are divided into 13 closed packs of seven challenges each. Each week you will get one of the 13 packs randomly, so you may not have the same Weekly Challenges as your teammates. However, by the end of Season 2, each player will have experienced all the Weekly Challenges in the game, simply in a different order.

Normal Weekly Challenges do not need to be completed immediately – they remain throughout the Season. If you start playing in week 3 of the Season, for example, you will have the challenges of weeks 1, 2 and 3 at your disposal.

Under each Weekly Challenge there will be at least one diamond-shaped icon. The number of diamonds indicates how many steps a specific challenge has. If there is only one diamond, for example, you will only have to complete the Challenge once to receive the reward.

If a challenge has more than one diamond, however, it has multiple steps. Each time you complete one you will fill in a diamond and the challenge will change slightly. The Challenge “Open 5 supply containers in the Swamp”, for example, can be changed to “Open 5 supply containers in Bunker”.

Here are some of the Challenges that we have encountered.

Challenge Reward
Get 3 takedowns in The Cage / … / … / … 1 Battle Pass level
Open 10 supply depots in Drain / … 1 Battle Pass level
Get 5 takedowns with Pistols 1 Battle Pass level
Deal 5,000 damage as Mirage, Pathfinder, or Lifeline 6,000 stars
Scan 5 recon beacons as Pathfinder 6,000 stars
Nox: 300 damage dealt as Caustic 6,000 stars
Get 10 headshots with R-301 6,000 stars

You can see the Weekly Challenges by clicking Challenges in the Lobby.

There are two types of rewards you can receive for completing a Daily Challenge.

The first is Stars. Four challenges out of seven will give you 6,000 stars each upon completion, up to 24,000 stars per week. The second are levels of the Battle Pass. Three of the seven challenges will reward you with a full Battle Pass level, helping you get to the top.

What are Apex Legends Season 2 Stars?

Stars are a specific type of Battle Pass experience that has been introduced in Apex Legends Season 2. That means the stars do not they have no impact on the level progression of your account.

You can earn Stars by completing Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges. The Stars are then added to the Experience obtained in combat facing one of the Recurring Weekly Challenges.

Apex Legends Season 2 Recurring Weekly Challenges in Detail

Recurring Weekly Challenges are three special challenge types that will reset each week even if you’ve already completed them. These challenges will always be the same throughout Season 2.

Two of the Weekly Challenges focus on completing Daily Challenges:

Challenge Reward
Complete 5 daily challenges 1 Battle Pass level
Complete 10 daily challenges 1 Battle Pass level

The third is a challenge that can be completed multiple times each week. It is precisely the challenge for which both the Stars of the Daily and Weekly Challenges and the XP of the battles are added.

If you get 9,000 stars + combat XP, we will get a level of the battle pass and we will be given a new challenge: get 18,000. It will continue to increase by 9,000 to a maximum of 54,000.

These are all the Recurring Weekly Star Challenges:

Challenge Reward
Get 9,000 stars + XP 1 Battle Pass level
Get 18,000 stars + XP 1 Battle Pass level
Get 27,000 stars + XP 1 Battle Pass level
Get 36,000 stars + XP 1 Battle Pass level
Get 45,000 stars + XP 1 Battle Pass level
Get 54,000 stars + XP 1 Battle Pass level

Once a week has passed, it restarts and the amount that we have to obtain for a pass level returns to 9,000, then 18,000, etc.

In the Challenges menu you can check when the Daily and Weekly Challenges are reset.

When are the Daily Challenges reset and when are the Weekly Challenges reset?

Apex Legends Daily Challenges change at this time:

  • Europe: 12:00 (CEST)
  • Canary Islands and UK: 11:00 (BST)
  • East Coast USA: 06:00 (EDT)
  • West Coast USA: 03:00 (PDT)

The new Apex Legends Daily Challenges and the Weekly Recurring Challenges reset time is the same:

  • Europe: Wednesday at 02:00 (CEST)
  • Canary Islands and UK: Wednesday at 01:00 (BST)
  • East Coast USA: Tuesday at 20:00 (EDT)
  • West Coast USA: Tuesday at 17:00 (PDT)


Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 patch notes including new weapons, Battle Pass and Fortune’s Keep

Despite all the criticism thrown at Call of Duty, its developers have consistently released quite a few seasonal additions – and Warzone Season 2 is packed.

Between the new events and the simple addition of the Battle Pass, there’s the small matter of the return of Fortune’s Keep, improvements for PC players, and the debut of Resurgence’s ranked play for Warzone.

What’s new in the second season of Warzone?

This happens to be a pretty good season for a Warzone player. While there are plenty of limited-time events, the big addition is Fortune’s Keep and its new ranked play format.

The map returns with some surprising new features, including retractable bridges that feel reminiscent of those found on THE FINALS maps.

It wouldn’t be a Call of Duty season without new weapons either. There’s a BP50 assault rifle and a RAM-9 submachine gun that can be found in the Battle Pass, but the Subverter APS Battle Rifle can also be obtained through a new weekly challenge. The Soulrender sword will also appear at some point in the season.

There are also Walking Dead operators, although fans didn’t seem too interested in these operators prior to launch. Maybe they’ll like the undead.

Full Warzone Season 2 patch notes

Here’s the full rundown, according to the Call of Duty Blog.


Fortuna’s Fortress (Return map)

Welcome back to Fortune’s Keep! How has the island changed?

  • Retractable bridges
    • There are currently three retractable bridges over gaps in the collapsed roadways.
    • They are not portable, but can be extended or retracted across a gap in the road using a small control console, one on either side of the bridge.
    • The controls respond to more than just melee interaction, in case you want to activate the bridge from a distance.

Ranked play:

We’re excited to bring Ranked play to Call of Duty: Warzone this year, bringing the competitive experience to the popular, action-packed Resurgence game mode for the first time.

Like our previous Warzone Ranked release, Warzone: Resurgence Ranked will use competitive settings developed by Treyarch and Raven Software, along with input and support from our partners at Sledgehammer Games.

Ranked Play Warzone: Resurgence aims to provide a competitive and fair play system while striving to provide a consistent experience similar to other Resurgence modes. To achieve this, Resurgence’s ranked game launches with initial restrictions and gameplay changes.

  • Limited content will be re-evaluated each season, with content likely to be reintroduced following tweaks or balance adjustments.
  • We constantly monitor the state of the game and react to live situations on an ongoing basis.

Preparations for the ranking start:

  • Start matchmaking: During the launch of Resurgence Ranked, skill division matchmaking restrictions will be relaxed, allowing players who climb higher skill divisions faster than the rest of the population to find matches.
    • Matchmaking in the Skill Division will continue to allow players with high skill levels to compete in matches appropriate to their skill level. As more players reach higher divisions, we will begin to tighten matchmaking parameters.
    • Parties prepared in advance are still subject to the Party SR Restrictions set out above.

The set of ranking rules can be found on the Call of Duty blog, as well as a full description of the skill and division rankings.


Season 2 is packed with events allowing players to earn limited-time cosmetic loot.

  • Hunting the Horde
    • The hunt has begun. Hunt new, featured zombie types every week.
  • Year of the Dragon In the season
    • Kick off the Lunar New Year with a bang with the Field Rep event!
  • Crypto Bootcamp In the season
    • Fact or fiction? Prove your monstrous power. (Aluminum foil cap is not included)
  • The Walking Dead: fear the living In the season
    • Fight the dead, fear the living.
  • Vortex: Realm of Decay In the season
    • The vortex returns and is saturated with Decay’s cursed touch.
  • Dune: Rule of Fate In the season
    • Take control of the throne of fate.


  • Sound improvements
    • In Season 2, we will continue our efforts to improve the game’s threat-based audio with significant improvements, including:
    • Climbers
      • Increased audible distance and volume.
    • Parachute
      • Increased audible distance and volume.
      • Removed ambient sounds that could be misinterpreted as parachutes.
      • Reduced enemy parachute occlusion when firing weapons.
    • The enemy has deployed the drone again
      • Players will now hear the intended voice when enemies land near them after using the drone to redeploy.


New features

All modes | All maps

  • Unfair signal New public event
    • A public event in which players compete against each other for 90 seconds to be the best at a specific task – collecting the most money, getting the most kills, dealing the most damage, or opening the most loot boxes.
    • The top three teams will be rewarded with cash, XP, and the location of a special prize vault containing a powerful wonder weapon.

Rebirth | All maps

  • The team’s winning streak
    • A new “Skull and Sickle” icon has been added next to other teams, players, your kills, and your followers.
    • This means the number of depot cleanings you will perform one after the other in 90 seconds.
    • This stat is tracked for each match and added to your main stats along with your personal best.
    • After each burst, a white flare fires from the last enemy player. Visible for about ten seconds, it allows competing teams to detect your aggression if they are observant.
    • Compete against other squads and earn in-game rewards in the form of calling cards and emblems by reaching squad clearing milestones this and future seasons.
    • This feature is disabled in ranked play.

Rebirth | Fortuny’s Fortress

  • Elimination Agreement New contract | In the season
    • Examine each corpse you find, following the trail to the Zombie Nest where the Zombie activity is located; they are attacking the island! Destroy the cysts and all HVT Zombies before the contract ends. The exact type of HVT can vary depending on time and other factors.
  • Zombie upgrades New power mechanics
    • Double points: Duration 60 seconds. Doubles looting from ground loot and kills, and earns points in Rebirth events (which affect teammate respawn timers).
    • Panoply: Instant buff. Fully fills active armor slots when picked up.
    • Full Ammo: Instant buff. Completely fills ammo for all equipped weapons when picked up.
    • Hot Sale: Duration: 90 seconds. Lowers the price of all items in the store for a short time.
    • Looting spree: Duration 60 seconds. Adds additional items to caches, with a very high chance of an additional common item and a small but significant chance of an additional legendary item.
    • Zarkour: Duration 60 seconds. Increases movement speed by approximately 10%, with infinite Tactical Sprint and Reload during Sprint, and disables Falling Damage.
    • Undead Sight: Duration 45 seconds. Operators or AI enemies within your vision are highlighted in red, and friendly teammates are highlighted in blue. Tracker steps are active.

Customized features

All modes | All maps

  • Health regeneration delay
    • The speed at which you begin healing after taking damage has been reduced from 7 to 6 seconds.
  • Health regeneration per second
    • Regeneration per second increased from 40 to 50
  • Earth loot
    • Weapon designs have been updated in ground loot.
    • Newer weapons added.
    • Existing weapons have been improved.
    • Several weapons were removed from Modern Warfare 2, and those that appeared fired bursts by default.
  • “Danger Zone” tactical map notification. Quality of life
    • An icon has been added to the tactical map to indicate the “danger zone” of an incoming precision air attack. Players in this area are at risk of injury.
  • Precision Air Raid Banner Radius
    • Additionally, the range at which players can see the existing Precision Air Attack warning banner on the HUD has been increased.
  • UAV HUD notification Quality of life
    • Players will now see a small red outline around their minimap when under the influence of an enemy UAV to help better understand when they may be visible or even pushed by the team.
  • Automatic equipment for a durable gas mask Quality of life
    • Players will now default to equipping a permanent gas mask instead of a regular gas mask.
    • Players can still wear a regular gas mask instead of the permanent item in their backpack.
  • Change your quality of life with Drone Ping
    • The position of the ping icon for the redeploy drone has been moved to the bottom of the ascent device to improve player navigation.
  • Highlighting the place of death Quality of life
    • The player’s death skull icon appears upon re-deployment and remains visible until the player lands.
    • When the player lands, the death icon will remain for an additional 10 seconds if the player landed near the death icon.
  • Visibility of the looted grenade Quality of life
    • Equipment markers and smoke grenades are now easier to spot as ground loot – they are now straight and slightly raised off the ground.
    • This will now match the behavior of deployable shopping station grenades when on the ground.
  • Automatically equip stored killstreaks Quality of life
    • Players will now automatically equip the next available killstreak, which will be stored in the backpack if no match is found.
  • Live ping fade Quality of life
    • When players aim down sights, live enemy signals will now fade out.
  • Benefit package equipped with Stow Quality of life
    • Players can now hide their equipped Skill Pack.

Battle Royal | Urzykstan

  • Buy Random Stations
    • Shopping station locations in Urzykstan have been updated to refresh the gameplay loop and combat scenarios.
    • The number of available buy stations remains unchanged.
  • Loading of the Gulag
    • Updated the designs of all weapons in the Gulag.
  • Item drops
    • Reduced the chance of Portable Radar and Suppressor Mines appearing in ground loot by 30%.
  • The master’s task
    • Progress will reset when Season 2 begins.
    • Disarm time reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.
    • Helicopter health increased by 10%.
    • The order of the elements has changed to beryllium, tritium, plutonium.

Rebirth | All maps

  • Gulag token
    • The Gulag token has been removed from the Rebirth loot tables.

All modes | Vondel

  • Dynamic fog system
    • Fog will now only be present in 8% of games, down from 24%.
  • Loot Density
    • Loot density has decreased in smaller or more dense POIs.



Today’s update includes significant changes to core weapon attributes in Modern Warfare III and Warzone. These changes, based on player feedback and internal review, are intended to improve aiming accuracy and speed, particularly when using a mouse, although these changes may be observed regardless of input device.

  • ADS rocking at idle
    • When the player is facing down, idle rocking is active. This mechanic discourages players from keeping their gaze fixed for long periods of time,…


These 7 incredible Spider-Man games will come to Xbox Game Pass, as long as Microsoft agrees with Marvel

Although the relationship between Spider-Man and PlayStation today seems unbreakable, the reality is that just a few years ago Spidey games (and Marvel in general) came to all consoles under the Activision seal. Those days are over, but there’s still some hope for Xbox gamers… as long as Marvel agrees.

With Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard King, it is expected that games like , , and can land on Game Pass during 2024. But What’s up with all the Marvel games, mainly Spider-Man? Well, considering that those games were licensed by Marvel, Microsoft would have to pay the license to Disney again, in order to have those games on Xbox Game Pass.

Previously, Activision has had to remove Marvel games from digital stores, as the license ran out. Such was the case of the , who returned for a limited time with their version. Even Capcom has suffered from this situation, and only a few lucky ones took advantage of the return of the classics more than 10 years ago.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has enough money to reach an agreement with Disney and Marvel, as long as it has several of the Spider-Man games on Game Pass. And, who knows, in one of those you may even bring to life several heroes and stories from comics, exclusively for Xbox and with studios that have already worked with these characters.

7 Spider-Man games we want to see on Game Pass.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

This was the game that started the idea of ​​the Spider-Verse. Long before the Miles Morales comics and movie, Dan Slott wrote a short original story for the game developed by Beenox. Four Spider-Men vs Mysterioin one of the arachnid’s most epic adventures.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

A direct sequel to but focused solely on classic Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. The direct sequel is worth having on Game Pass… despite not being a game with as much quality as the original. Be that as it may, Beenox gained experience for the following deliveries.

The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

These games are, most likely, the most difficult to get for Xbox, since they not only have to talk to Marvel and Disney, but also with Sony Pictures. Despite his failed time on the big screen, had two decent gameswith a lot of stories and characters that we did not see in movie theaters.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

If you thought Spider-Man in a black suit was the coolest thing, get ready for a much darker story. In 2008, Shaba Games took advantage of the trends of multiple endings, focused on a good and bad path, so that players made one of the most important decisions of the character: Whether or not Peter Parker keeps the symbiote suit.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2

Although they are not exclusive Spider-Man games, Peter Parker’s participation is key in both stories… or, rather, in the teams we can form. adapts several modern Avengers stories, such as and . have to wolverine and Spider-Man on the same team It’s enough to want both games on Game Pass.

Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3

There’s nothing like a good hit of nostalgia to be a hit these days. Without a doubt, Tobey Maguire’s trilogy remains a favorite of Spider-Man fans and its adaptations for PS2 and Xbox are fondly remembered; especially for the possibility of playing in an open world. As with , reviving these games depends, in large part, on Sony Pictures.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Probably the best Spider-Man game out there (even before Insomniac). In we have the possibility of playing in an open world, passing some levels with Venom and learning a story directly inspired by the comics of the Ultimate line. Besides, Treyarch developed the game with a graphical style , allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the comic-like narrative. It would be a dream to play this title again on Game Pass.


Some crazy numbers, Microsoft wants Xbox Game Pass to reach an incredible 110 million subscribers by 2030

The future of Game Pass aims to be still most successful, and Microsoft’s plans are very ambitious. When Activision Blizzard merges with Xbox we will be able to see a small part of what said subscription service aspires to. However, today we do not have official numbers of what those in Redmond want for the coming years.

Journalist Derek Strickland of TweakTown has reviewed some of the Xbox documents leaked in the case against the FTC. He there he has discovered that Microsoft wants Game Pass to have in 2030 110 million subscribers. The figures you see below are estimates based on a leaked Xbox presentation from fiscal year 2022 (July 2021 to June 2022).

Graphic created by Derek Strickland of TweakTown.

Although these plans could have changedAs Phil Spencer stated, it is always good to know the aspirations of companies. To reach this goal, Microsoft hopes that the cloud is capable of providing about 32 million subscriberswhich they would play through mobile phones, smart televisions and less powerful computers.

Activision Blizzard purchase could boost Xbox Game Pass

It is evident that the purchase of Activision Blizzard can boost Xbox Game Pass. Mainly, the company’s video games will arrive at the Microsoft service during the coming months, to this we must add the growth that is expected both in PC as in the mobile division. In this latter market, King, creators of Candy Crush, will help a lot and provide a massive revenue avenue.


Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass Service Announced for June

Microsoft has announced the games that will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass subscription service at the end of this month of June.

The Redmond company unveiled on Monday the arrival of titles such as Metro Exodus, Borderlands: A Very Beautiful Collection, Batman: Arkham Knight or Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition, but now it has added five games, among which are Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Shadow Complex Remastered will be removed from the catalog.

Here is the complete list of titles that disappear, along with the date.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass in June

  • Next Up Hero (June 27)
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (June 30)
  • Shadow Complex Remastered (June 30)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (June 30)
  • Zombie Army Trilogy (June 30)


Chromecast with Google TV does more than meets the eye: from games via Game Pass and xCloud to external drives with a USB-C hub

The renewal of Google’s Chromecast was highly anticipated, and although certainly the price in Spain has been a jug of cold water, it must be recognized that the device has remarkable potential.

In fact, to the official options that stand out in Google with content streaming, there are several that begin to consider how this device can be a great companion to our Smart TV, and all thanks to the support of Google Play, he ‘sideloading’ apps and that USB-C port which can do much more than supply current.

Unofficial options that give a lot of play

We are seeing it in recent days: since the Chromecast with Google TV in several stores in the United States before even its official launch, several users have tried to do things that have not been officially publicized by Google.

For example, although theoretically the device does not work for Google’s own Stadia service at the moment, there are those who have tried it by doing this process of sideloading consisting of install applications on the device through their APK installation packages on the Chromecast operating system with Google TV, which is nothing more than a somewhat special version of Android.

Not only that: the device also allows install the Xbox Game Pass and PS4 Remote Play apps. In the first case, it has been shown that it is possible to play games through the Project xCloud streaming service that recently debuted on the Microsoft platform. In the second it seems that there is not so good news at the moment and although the application seems to load, there is not much more that can be done than logging into the account.

When playing with streaming services like Stadia or xCloud that are not officially supported but do work, the internet connection is crucial. The Chromecast with Google TV has WiFi connectivity, but there are two different ways to ensure a more stable connection and have a wired connection via Ethernet.

The first, buy the official and optional Google charger that includes precisely that entry and that costs 19.99 euros in the Google Store. The second is to take advantage of the device’s USB-C connector, which in addition to being used to charge it allows you to do something very important: connect a USB-C hub.

By doing so we can obtain many more connection ports with which expand the possibilities of Chromecast with Google TV. There are already users who have confirmed that some concentrators work and that thanks to them they have connected mice, keyboards or have accessed those Ethernet connectors we were talking about.

Not only that: it is also possible to connect external storage units (pendrives, hard drives) and explore those contents. That, together with the aforementioned sideloading of applications, suggests that these Chromecasts could also become valuable multimedia centers for local content.

We have not yet seen cases that confirm that for example it is possible to use these devices to install Kodi or Plex and thus expand those options, but of course the sideloading process invites to think that this capacity is feasible. And if it is, as in the rest of the cases, we have before us a product that becomes more interesting at times.

Source : Engadget


Xbox Game Pass: Has 60% market share in gaming subscription services according to analysis

Image: Microsoft / Depositphotos

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has a 60% market share in gaming subscription services.

According to an analysis of subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, the impact on the gaming industry is rather small compared to the music and film industries.

According to Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, such gaming subscription services account for just 4% of revenue in North America and Europe.

That would be just 3.7 billion of the 81 billion generated from games (discs, downloads, add-ons) in these regions.

If you look at the music industry, it’s just a drop in the ocean. Streaming services like Spotify accounted for 83% of revenue there last year.

According to the analysis, Microsoft will continue to have a 60% market share with its 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers.



All about Game Pass Core: what it offers, the first 19 games announced and the differences with Xbox Live Gold

xbox live gold its days are numbered. Literally. As of September, the new plan to play online on Xbox consoles, its replacement, is called Game Pass Core. More than a name change, it is an entry option to Microsoft’s video game subscription service based on two claims: the multiplayer experience and access to a catalog of more than 25 games. From there, the two questions ask themselves: what will happen to my plan and what games are they?

The transition from Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Core is automatic and will take place on September 14, 2023. According to Microsoft, it will no longer be possible to contract Xbox Live Gold from that month (which makes sense) and we will be able to continue enjoying all those games that we have claimed over the years as long as we have Game Pass Core as normal. In addition, it ensures that, despite the change, subscribers will maintain the price.

That being said, in the case of Xbox 360 games, items already claimed with Xbox Live Gold have always been owned by the playerwith which a subscription is not necessary to download or enjoy them via backward compatibility on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The first 19 Game Pass Core games announced

The second big change is that Microsoft will stop offering two games every month. To be honest, and with very few exceptions, Games with Gold have been advertised monthly for years without generating . At least, compared to free games on platforms like Epic Games or PlayStation Plus subscription games.

The good news, on the other hand, is that the new approach to the service chooses to offer access to a fixed selection of more than 25 games from Xbox Studios, Bethesda and third parties, adding two or three batches of novelties each year. And although we still don’t know if there will be Activision Blizzard games, since 19 titles have been released, the announced collection is wide, varied and forceful.








among us

Puzzle / Social








No More Robots





Dishonored 2

RPG / Stealth

Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios

Arkane Studios




Eternal Doom


Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios





Fable Anniversary

RPG / Adventure

Xbox Game Studios

Lionhead Studios




fallout 4

RPG / Adventure

Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios

Bethesda Game Studios




Fallout 76


Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios

Bethesda Game Studios




Force Horizon 4

Driving / Open World

Xbox Game Studios

Playground Games




gear 5

Action / Shooter

Xbox Game Studios

The Coalition





Adventure / Survival

Xbox Game Studios





Halo 5: Guardians


Xbox Game Studios





Halo Wars 2


SamaGame / Xbox Game Studios

Creative Assembly




Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


Ninja Theory/Xbox Game Studios

Ninja Theory




Human Fall Flat


Curve Games

No Brakes Games





Adventure / Platforms






Ori & The Will of the Wisps

Adventure / Platforms

Xbox Game Studios

Moon Studios




psychonauts 2

Adventure / Platforms

Xbox Game Studios

Double Fine




State of Decay 2

Action / Survival

Xbox Game Studios

Undead Labs




The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited


Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios

Zeni Max Online




Official prices without promotion or discount for subscription to Game Pass.

Adventure, platforms, author-named role-playing, wild shots, driving and multiplayer options to take advantage of online. The range of titles goes from Fable Anniversary from 2014 to much more recent Groundedand offers true timeless essentials.

In the end, the general idea is not very different from the already retired PlayStation Plus Collection, being a welcome option for new players of Xbox consoles, as well as an additional incentive for those who buy very specific games like EA Sports FC 24, Street Fighter or Call of Duty that ask to be enjoyed online.

Logically, none of this applies to PC, where it is not possible to contract the Game Pass Core service. Among other reasons, because unlike consoles, desktop players do not need to pay to play online.

What difference is there with Xbox Live Gold and with the Game Pass of a lifetime

Also, a legacy aspect of Xbox Live Gold is the exclusive discounts. In this way, and based on the current prices in Europe, the table of prices and benefits It will stay that way from September 2023.

Xbox Live Gold (Discontinued)

Game Pass Core

Game Pass Console

GamePass PC

Game Pass Ultimate


€6.99 / month

€6.99 / month

€10.99 /month

€9.99 / month

€14.99 /month


Two games a month with Games with Gold

more than 25 games

Hundreds of console games

Hundreds of PC games

  • Hundreds of games for console and PC
  • EA Play Games

Online Multiplayer

Yes on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and XBox Series X/S

Yes on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S


Does not apply

  • Yes on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and XBox Series X/S
  • On PC it is not necessary to play Online


Each 15 days

New games 2 or 3 times a year

  • Xbox Game Studios Launch Games
  • New games regularly
  • Xbox Game Studios Launch Games
  • New games regularly
  • Xbox Game Studios Launch Games
  • New games regularly


Discounts and offers for members

  • Discounts and offers for members
  • Riot Games Advantages
  • Discounts and offers for members
  • Riot Games Advantages
  • Discounts and offers for members
  • Riot Games Advantages
  • Discounts and offers for members
  • Free rewards (DLCs, exclusive content etc.)
  • Riot Games Advantages

cloud game





Yes, on the web, Xbox app, browsers, TVs, iOS and Android

key date

Discontinued in September 2023

Available from 2023

Available since 2017

Available from 2019

  • Available from 2019
  • Cloud gaming in Beta phase

How is the Game Pass Core proposal compared to the game Pass of a lifetime. Well, that depends on whether we are interested in playing online. Being cheaper to get the Game Pass Ultimate subscription to receive both services, the game in the cloud and all the advantages of EA Play. As we discussed, the successor to Xbox Live Gold is a gateway to Game Pass.

At the price level, it should be taken into account that Microsoft started the summer by readjusting the price of the Xbox Game Pass service, going from 9.99 euros to the current 10.99 euros and, in the case of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, going to cost 14 .99 euros compared to the initial 12.99 euros.

That said, the value of the content offered and the games, all told, still makes it a very worthwhile subscription. Above all, when all the next house bombings like Starfield and Forza Motorsport will arrive at launch, and it is not necessary to buy titles like Redfall to know if we will continue playing the next day.

Will we miss Xbox Live Gold? The only thing that changes from the new plan is the two games per month with Games with Gold. And it must be recognized that maintaining what has already been claimed and the instant addition of 25 games, including many of the best of the house, play in their favor. In any case, the temptation to get hold of to play online is much greater today than yesterday.


Diablo 4 will not come to Xbox Game Pass: Blizzard denies the leak that claimed this and the fans are not happy

It is normal to think that Activision Blizzard games would arrive more and more frequently on Xbox Game Pass; Although the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has not yet materialized, both companies are already closer than ever, a situation that made it very credible the leak that claimed that would come to the famous subscription service. This, however, is completely false.

Diablo 4 says no to Xbox Game Pass… for now

In case you haven’t heard, excitement began to circulate among fans when an alleged Brazilian promotion claimed that would be available on Xbox Game Pass. The leak was even accompanied by an image that reiterated this, so many assumed that the official announcement would come in a matter of days.

Fast forward to today, it was the same president of Blizzard, Mike Ybarra, who refuted all thisresponding on social networks with a simple , and instantly breaking the hopes of all those who have not been able to enjoy this great contender for the 2023 Game of the Year.

Of course, this does not mean that It will never come to Xbox Game Pass; the house of affirmed long ago its intentions to launch its titles more frequently in the subscription service, this in order to further solve its alliance with Microsoft. It is the best-selling game in Blizzard’s history, so we don’t doubt that it will come true in the future, although for now, we can only wait.

Fans want to play Diablo 4

Needless to say that the community was extremely disappointed in what Blizzard saidWell, whether they did not like the lie or that Blizzard has responded in such a dry way, we can read comments full of disappointment and even anger, such as accusations against him for publishing a , and the discussion is just beginning at the time of this drafting.

If you are eager to play we recommend that you buy it instead of waiting for it to arrive on Xbox Game Pass, because it is a quite addictive and fun title, and in our review you can find all the good (and bad) that Blizzard did with this anticipated installment. Of course: try to measure your gaming sessions well, because the last thing we want is for you to end up in the hospital as has already happened to someone else.