Solution : Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Path Responsibilities List for Lovely Monsters

Update 9 of Disney Dreamlight Valley – also known as The Laugh Floor – added Mike and Sulley to the game along with a brand new Nightmare, with many different chores to complete to unlock all the new items.

This particular Path of Stars, known as Cute Monsters, has a lot to check off your virtual to-do list – and since I absolutely love everything Gameloft has put in this round, I’m working on them as fast as I can.

Star Path Duties for Lovely Monsters

I’ve already started looking through all the daily chores that come up, and here are all the ones I’ve found so far that will show up for you as well:

Duties Completion requirement
Break some rocks 40
Build things! 10
Cook meals that would never be accepted at Chez Remy 10
Fulfill Dreamlight’s duties 5
Get some Star Coins 5000
Engage in Goofy’s favorite pastime thirty
Pick some bright red berries 50
Keep the conversation short 2
It’s better to give your favorite gift than to receive it 3
Hang out with classic friends 15
“Erase” forgetfulness 5

These aren’t the only chores you’ll encounter, but I’ll try to update this list with more of them as I come across them as I play the game.

How to fulfill the duties of the Celestial Path

The descriptions provided in the titles of each duty in Lovely Monsters’ Night Path can be a bit confusing at times, especially if you’re playing for the first time or have returned from a long break.

Below you’ll find a quick summary of what you need to do to complete each chore without any problems, and tips on how I like to do them.

Break some rocks

To complete this duty, you must grab your pickaxe and go to and break Mining nodes around the world. I tested this on regular old rocks that you find on the ground in the valley that yield coal, but it didn’t increase the meter for this particular chore.

For an added benefit, be sure to bring along a friend to whom you have assigned the mining encounter bonus, this will kill two birds with one stone to get any additional resources you may need for crafting.

Build things!

In this case you’ll want to walk over to your trusty crafting table and start building! Initially, when I saw this one, I wondered if it also applied to placing furniture in the world, but no, in this case you’ll just want to get super crafty and build 10 items.

It doesn’t have to be just furniture! Whether you’re “building” seaweed or a new clay jug to display in your world, this timer will keep ticking nice and fast.

Cook meals that would never be accepted at Chez Remy

For this duty you will want it cook 1 star meals – which, shockingly, includes coffee (how dare Gameloft be so brave). Other easy ones in terms of ingredients are Crackers or Crudites, the former requiring only a grain such as wheat or rice and the latter requiring only vegetables.

You can create them wherever you want, but you can also create multiple of the same items for it, which means they are generally very quick to make.

Fulfill Dreamlight’s duties

In this case you will have to complete a set of five different Dreamlight chores. To do this, press “Escape” to open the menu, go to the “Dreamlight” tab at the top of the screen, then select “Dreamlight Responsibilities” to see a list of available tasks.

However, I find collecting and giving gifts to be much faster than something like Scramblecoin, so you can definitely pick up some of them that are a bit quicker to complete.

Get some Star Coins

Probably one of the easiest chores in Star Path is earning Star Coins. You can do this in no time (especially if you’re a pumpkin picker like me). talking to Goofy at one of his stalls and selling items.

Pumpkins, as we all probably know, are very profitable in the valley, so if you have some on you, sell them to Goofy when he shows up and you’ll have it ready and dusted in no time.

Engage in Goofy’s favorite pastime

Gawrsh! Did you go fishing? You will need to in order to perform this function on the Celestial Path. Grab your fishing rod, come over and get ready catch the catch of the day…30 times. When doing this, you need to catch a real fish for the counter to increase, as in my experience items such as quest items and seaweed will have no effect on this.

Pick some bright red berries

In this case you’ll want to pick any red berries can be found throughout your world. You can also double them, especially if someone has a favorite fruit as a gift today.

You can find Raspberries and Gooseberries in the Dreamlight Valleywith the former appearing in the Tranquil Meadow or Square, and the latter appearing in the Forgotten Realms and Frozen Hills.

Strawberries also count if you have the A Rift in Time DLC, and can be found on Eternity Isle.

It’s better to give your favorite gift than to receive it

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about gifts. Forget birthdays and holidays, in this corner of the forest you can give gifts to your heart’s content – and this obligation is another reason to stay with your favorite (or newest) villagers to build your Friendship Level.

You’ll be sure that you won’t just give them an old thing as a gift – it will happen must be one of their daily favorites (which you can see when you are about to gift them something or by going to Collection > Characters and scrolling to who you are giving the gift to). You also You can’t give another person their favorite gift twicebut you can give the same character another favorite character.

Keep the conversation short

This fits well with the earlier task of cooking 1-star recipes, as all you have to do is go to a villager, interact with them, and conduct a discussion by pressing the bubble icon in the list of dialogue options.

While there are plenty of characters to talk to throughout the world, there are usually a few villagers waiting for their dish of choice, which means you can talk to one and quickly move on to another faster than you can say “Bibbidi – Bobbidi-Boo’!

Hang out with classic friends

Hot Dog Diggity! This is one of Mickey’s iconic lines, and he’s just one of the few characters you can spend time with to fulfill this particular obligation.

Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Scrooge everyone is profitable here and you will want to talk to them and ask them to Hang Out – then you will want to spend 15 minutes with them (you can even take them with you when doing other tasks on this list for double the effect!)

“Erase” forgetfulness

You know those incredibly persistent, pesky, purple Night Thorns? Yes, these. You will want to make room for magic and remove 50 of them for this duty.

That’s all there is to it for this entry, and if you’ve shelved Disney Dreamlight Valley waiting for the latest update (like me), you’ll likely have plenty of them to thwart – making it a Breeze.

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Now that you know how to get through all the Lovely Monsters chores to get Star Path tickets, head over to our Disney Dreamlight Valley homepage where you can find this week’s Premium Shop reset content, all the latest codes, whether or not sell furniture or the best recipes to make.


Solution : All Survivor Path of Immortals codes to redeem free Diamonds

Path of Immortals: Survivor is a mobile game where you’re tasked with surviving hordes of oncoming demons, so a cheat or two with free resources like Diamonds and Ore won’t go to waste. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for a while, these will definitely come in handy.

The list below contains all the codes we found that still work, but be warned that they will likely expire soon. We also have instructions on how to use them if this is your first time.

All working codes active for Path of Immortals: Survivor




50 diamonds, 60 ore (expires February 29)


50 diamonds, 60 gems

Above are the latest codes I could find, which we tested to make sure they work. One of these codes will expire soon, so take advantage of it while you can. I haven’t been able to confirm when the second code expires, so it may be available longer.

How to redeem codes

Now that you have the latest codes, you need to know where to put them. The instructions below will explain how you can earn these free rewards.

  • Tap on Avata in the upper left corner home screen
  • Scroll down Work and select Redeem the code
  • Enter the active code and press Confirm
  • Go to your inbox to claim your rewards

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That’s it for our Path of Immortals: Survivor cheats list. For more information, go to the cheats homepage where you’ll find cheats for games like Party Animals, Genshin Impact, RAID: Shadow Legends, Dead by Daylight, and Idle Office Tycoon.


Solution : Pokemon GO choose path: Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup?

Pokemon GO Tour 2024 Special Research Story: It’s high time (and space) asks you to “choose a path” between Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup – but which one is best?

Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh has finally arrived, giving Trainers everywhere the chance to catch their favorite creatures from the Sinnoh region. There’s also a Special Research story, which allows you to encounter Shadow versions of the starting trio in-game!

Should I choose Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup?

My advice is this choose Turtwig’s path, for the simple reason that Shadow Torterra (its final evolution) is a top-tier Grass-type attacker. This will be an excellent option for eliminating ground, rock and water type raid bosses.

It’s worth noting that Shadow Infernape and Shadow Empoleon (the latest evolutions of Chimchar and Piplup) are also good attackers for their respective types, so regardless of your choice, you’ll get a decent addition to your Raid Battle team!

Unfortunately, none of these Sinnoh starters are useful in the Pokemon GO Battle League, so don’t worry with that in mind. Instead, I would recommend focusing on the type of attackers you need.

On the other hand, if you’re mainly interested in catching Shinies, you can base your decision on the Shiny starter you like best. Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup will increase your chances of getting Shiny during GO Tour: Sinnoh, so this gives you an extra chance to find one!

The differences between all three paths are explained

The main difference between the three tracks in the Pokemon GO Tour 2024: It’s About Time (and Space) special research story is that Shadow starter you will meet as a reward for the first step of tasks.

If you choose Turtwig, you will receive an encounter with Shadow Turtwig, as well as some Turtwig Candy and XL Candy. If you choose Chimchar or Piplup, the rewards will instead focus on that specific starter Pokemon.

The final bonus (according to LeekDuck) is that the selected Pokemon will have greater chance of attracting Incense. This is a great chance to catch the Shiny build as all three starters have increased their Shiny odds during this event.

Apart from that, your choice will have no impact on the event. In fact, whether you choose Diamond or Pearl will have a greater impact, as it will determine which Legendary with Adventure Effects you can catch!

Ultimately, your decision should come down to which starter you prefer! If you haven’t evolved any of them into their final evolution yet – perhaps you still need some extra candy – this might be a good way to decide!

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I hope I helped you decide! While you’re here, visit our Pokemon homepage for more guides like the Spotlight Hour schedule, current Raid Bosses, and the latest promo codes to score freebies.


Path of Exile Divine Ire Igniter Elementalist


After four long months without an expansion, Echoes of the Atlas has finally come to Path of Exile. Much like other expansions before it, the latest excursion brings about various changes to items, passive skills, and gems, which in turn means changes to builds, and even new builds entirely. Among the latter is the Divine Ire Igniter Elementalist. Get ready to spend your POE Currency for it!

Thunderstruck – Or Even Worse

In real life, something that gets struck by lightning gets ignited, and electrical fires are one of the most common reasons houses get burned down. It’s that very same logic the Divine Ire Igniter Build rests on, as well as the changes to the ascendancy class brought about by Echoes of the Atlas, as they allow for a lot of damage conversion into Ignite.

The build uses pure lightning damage. Before we go to the many upsides, let’s first go to its one and only element-related con: you won’t be getting the additional 25% Ignite damage from the Shaper of Flames passive. Since you won’t be using a fire-elemental spell as your bread and butter, you won’t be getting that anyway.

Now onto the pros. First off, you’ll be getting the Shaper of Storms passive skill, which means more lightning damage and 25% more potency to the effects of Shock. Since we already have Ignite, you’ll be dealing two status ailments to your enemies. Shock makes the afflicted receive more damage from all sources, while Ignite deals damage over time to enemies, and it will deal even more damage thanks to Shock. Heck, it can even do up to 30 million damage. Very much worth the loss of the Shaper of Flames, isn’t it?

Another advantage it has is the fact that any kind of damage this build deals also causes Ignite. This doesn’t mean you can switch to Ice and Fire spells. Rather, this means you can have any item that adds a particular kind of damage to your attacks, and it will still cause Ignite.

The last advantage is unrelated to its damage-dealing method, but it’s a huge advantage nonetheless. This build’s golems automatically respawn, and they have a passive 400 life per second regeneration, the damage they take is reduced by 17%, they deal 10% more damage, and have much faster cast speed. Not only are these golems for defense and utility, but also help out in offense.

With much potential to deal damage as well as a solid defense and utility, if you’re not sold by this time then it’s definitely not your thing, so you’re better off going for another build.

All Synonyms of Anger

As the name suggests, the build’s core skill is Divine Ire, which draws energy in your surroundings, and in the process deals damage to nearby enemies. The energy gathered is built up in stages, and once enough has been gathered, you can release it to fire a beam that will deal immense damage to all enemies in its path. Have it with Deadly Ailments, Ignite Proliferation, Burning Damage, Unbound Ailments, and Infused Channeling support gems.

To deal even further damage, have Blood Rage, Hatred, and Malevolence. And for debuffs that will further increase the damage you deal, use Storm Brand with Hextouch support and Flammability with Combustion support. As for utility, have Flame Dash for mobility and Enduring Cry for increased defense.

For your golems, you can have a Flame, Lightning, and Stone Golem, then give them all the Meat Shield support, which grants them Taunt on hit, allowing them to tank. At the same time, the support skill makes them deal more damage against nearby enemies and take less damage from them, as well as make them act more defensively.

Dressed To Impress

Lastly, for gear, it’s actually very versatile. Mostly, you’ll be relying on Rare POE Items with mods that increase the usual life, elemental resistance, as well as spell damage, elemental damage, and an additional one level to physical and lightning skill gems. If you don’t have them yet, you can either use your POE Orbs on your Rare gear, or engage in POE trade.

The exceptions to this are the following POE Uniques:

  • Praxis – a ring that increases maximum mana, mana regen, reduces mana spent, and even recoups a certain percentage of the damage you take as mana.
  • Ungil’s Harmony – an amulet that increases life, mana, intelligence, dexterity, and 299% increased critical strike chance.

So, there you have it, the Divine Ire Igniter Elementalist. It’s a great build to start your foray in Echoes of the Exile with. Trust us, you’re going to need the 30 million that it can dish out.


Remove stones from Sons of the Forest? Delete rock path?

Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new Sons of the Forest will certainly have built one or the other base. After you have built the shelter and protected it from enemies with defensive walls and traps, you can start decorating it and you can build paths out of sticks or stones, among other things. For example, you can build one of the paths with a rock path and thus beautify the base a little. If you have built a rock path and laid the stones on the ground, then sooner or later the question arises, how can you remove the stones again? Is it no longer possible to delete the rock path or do you need a special tool here?

Remove rock path from stones again?

While you can easily destroy and remove the stick path with the axe, there is still no way to remove the rock path, at least in the current version of Sons of the Forest. The laid stones cannot be picked up or removed with tools such as an ax or a shovel. The stones cannot be removed from the ground using the C key either.

The “problem” seems to have already been discovered by some players, at least if you look at the Reddit and Steam forum threads about it, so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the developers fix this and create a way to fix it can remove and rebuild the rock path again. Until then you have to live with the wrongly placed stones. Anyone who has found a trick to remove the stone path is welcome to share their knowledge here in the comments section. As soon as there is news here, we will of course add it here.

Tip: With this wood glitch you get infinite logs in Sons of the Forest.


Hot Steals: Path of Exile Heist’s Microtransaction Items

A guide to the coolest stuff to purchase on PoE

Like it or not, microtransactions, not POE currency, keeps Path of Exile going. Thankfully, Grinding Gear Games has kept this purely cosmetic and not pay-to-win. So, are you interested in the latest POE Heist: Microtransactions? If the answer is yes, then here’s a bit of a preview for your perusal.


Between the Angels and Demons


Previously, Angelic and Demonic Armor Sets can only be obtained through the mystery boxes. Now they are available as specific sets, which means unlike last month, you’ll no longer be relying on RNG to get them. Both sets include gauntlets, greaves, torso, and helm, and buying the set lets you save 120 Points. Both sets, however, don’t include their respective wings, which are priced at 320 Points–more than half of the full armor.


On the other hand, if you want something cool on your back but you happen to be on a tight budget, both sets have cloaks, which are cheaper at 100 Points. Also, both sets have a hood and a shield, which are priced at 100 Points. If you find them snazzier than the helm that the set comes with, then we recommend that you go with this one. Lastly, the shields come at a reasonable 180 Points.


Hat Stuff


Now let’s move on to Grinding Gear Games newer offerings that are both for easily-enticed newbies and spending-savvy long-time players. But before we go to any of those, perhaps the most lucrative out of all of them (especially if you want to be in for the season) would be the Heist Brimmed Hat. It’s a stylish red medieval hat with a feather on it and what seems like a bronze band.


When worn, it leans to the left and has a cool-looking insignia at the top. If you want to be a bit of a prankster or a hipster while farming for POE Currency, then you should definitely get this hat.


Demon King and Pandemonium


As for the other new shop PoE items, what’s popular right now are effects. Two are for certain specific skills–Molten Shell and Dominating Blow–while the rest are for Portal. It’s the Demon King Portal Effect, which kind of looks like a throne with curved horn-like projections on the side, and the portal in the middle. It comes in three forms, each of which a different color: Divine (white/beige), Arcane (Blue), and Necrotic (Green). Obviously, they’re very much aptly named.


Competing with last month’s Demonic set isa new one that looks like it can become the next bestseller hit: Pandemonium. Unlike the Demonic set, what makes this set cool (or rather, hot) is the fact that it’s got your torso, arms, and thighs exposed, and your skin turned into this orange super-hot-looking material.


While there’s a set that is priced at 840 Points and lets you save up to 240 Points, you might also choose not to go for that. Because much like the two previous sets, instead of the helm that comes along with it (which looks cool and gothic, by the way) you might prefer the Pandemonium Hood. As the name suggests, it’s a cowl rather than a helm that has a face on it.


If you prefer that but still want the full Pandemonium set, you’ll be spending a bit more, but the alternate design is very much worth the extra points if you’re still vying for the rest of the full set.


Lastly, the Pandemonium set also has wings, a cloak, and a shield, which are respectively worth 640, 460, and 180 Points. If you want to complete the look, then you should buy them.


These are just some of the few offerings in Path of Exile: Heist’s shop. So, are you getting a few for yourself? If yes, then which one? Tell us in the comments!