The 6 best Dior perfumes for men (and when to wear them)

In the collective imagination, Dior perfumes for men remain associated with essential personalities like Alain Delon, the timeless muse of Eau Sauvage. You may also remember the image of Zinédine Zidane pulling the turtleneck of her sweater to promote the same perfume. More recently, Robert Pattinson lent his features to Dior Homme Sport and Orelsan was also brought to represent a very elegant fragrance of the brand.

The best Dior perfumes for men and when and where to wear them

To meet the in-laws: Eau Sauvage

The atmosphere : This is the classic of classics of Dior men’s perfumes. Launched in the 1960s, Eau Sauvage left its mark on an entire generation. Its fresh and sensual trail is still up to date.

The context : During a home lunch with his in-laws.

What to wear it with? A perfectly ironed shirt, chinos and his most beautiful moccasins.

To surprise: Dior Gray

The atmosphere : We change mood with this floral eau de parfum with a radically different profile from fragrances traditionally labeled “masculine”. We can never tell you enough: men also wear rose.

The context : When you want to be bold.

What to wear it with: Your new favorite quirky piece.

Every day: Dior Homme Sport

The atmosphere : Dior’s fresh and elegant eau de toilette with spicy woody notes is one of the must-haves on the “men’s perfume” market. A sure value.

The context : Any of them.

What to wear it with? A white t-shirt, your favorite jeans and a pair of ankle boots.

During a holiday in the sun: Dioriviera

The atmosphere : This is our latest favorite from the Christian Dior private collection. The duo made up of rose and fig (its leaves more than the fruit) gives all its character to this summer perfume which calls for escape and evokes the sweetness, tranquility and sensuality of sunny days.

The context : You are staying in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat or Cap d’Antibes.

What to wear it with: A linen shirt, light pants and pretty sandals.

For a first date: Sauvage

The atmosphere : Having become a classic, Sauvage eau de parfum exudes something powerful and accessible at the same time. Confidence, but not arrogance.

The context : To make a good impression on a first date.

What to wear it with? One of your favorite shirts, straight pants and brand new sneakers.

For a chic evening: Bois d’Argent

The atmosphere : This is perhaps the most distinguished perfume in this selection. The dialogue between incense and powdery and floral notes gives Bois d’Argent a mysterious and sophisticated character.

The context : Do you have a black tie party planned soon?

What to wear it with: Your most elegant outfit.

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Sales 2023: 17 perfumes for men to shop now at Sephora, Nocibé and Marionnaud

Visit Sephora, Nocibé and Marionnaud to take advantage of sales and great prices on men’s perfumes. Let yourself be tempted by a touch of renewal or please your loved ones. At the first spritz, perfume can change the aura of the wearer. Sometimes a virile signature allowing woody notes to flourish, sometimes a breath of fresh air with a very fresh scent: the perfume has the power to dress up our mood, like these 17 perfumes for men on sale between trails recognizable among all and latest born. All available at lower prices during the sales!

Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum for Men

On one side, a raw freshness of peppery bergamot, on the other a trail of amber wood. Together, it gives a no-fuss vibe of a straight man in his sneakers. Perfect for the most authentic among you!

Terre d’Hermès eau de toilette

Here is a woody, vegetal and mineral fragrance that is recognizable among thousands. Made from bergamot, but also shiso (a Japanese plant), this eau de toilette offers a delicious blend of three elements which constitute the power of Terre d’Hermès: fire, water and earth.

Montblanc Legend Red Eau de Parfum

This intense and masculine eau de parfum instills a feeling of confidence with its notes of blood orange, cedar and mahogany wood. All in a designer and refined bottle dressed in red lacquer.

Guerlain Ideal Man Eau de Parfum

Attention those who want a scent that is unique to them and which will reflect their sense of style, their elegance and their strength. With scents of almond, vanilla and leather, this fragrance is captivating and virile.

Hermès Green Orange Concentrate Eau de Toilette

Inspired by the smell of undergrowth wet with morning dew, this cologne was created by Françoise Caron in 1979. Since then, we have always loved its unique orange scent which refreshes and euphorizes the body and soul. spirit.

Wanted by Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum

Said “the weapon of seduction of a modern-day Gatsby”, Azzaro Wanted by Nigh is a perfume with warm woody notes (cedar, tobacco) and scents of fresh spices (cinnamon). Enough to highlight your undeniable charm day and night.

Guerlain Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum

Intended for the most refined among you, this perfume, more intense and sensual than ever, sublimates the insolent personality of passionate men. How ? With its olfactory notes combining leather and tobacco, which raised it to the rank of the first oriental men’s perfume upon its release in 1965.

Cerruti 1881 Silver Eau de Toilette by Cerruti

This masculine, spicy, coppery and oriental fragrance embodies the Cerruti man: an elegant man with magnetic charm. In the top notes, we find ginger, basil and lemon, in the heart notes of lavender, geranium and pineapple, while in the base notes, there is amber wood, patchouli and oak moss.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani Eau de Parfum

The intensity and sensuality of this new refillable perfume are due to its aromatic and woody notes: bergamot, iris and tonka bean. For a more authentic masculinity that oscillates between sensitivity, delicacy and perception to be in tune with today’s men.

Man blue eau de toilette for men by Coach

This characterful fragrance with aromatic notes can be worn for any occasion. At the top, we discover an invigorating ___tail of lime essences and a thrilling cedar base.

Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum

Gentleman Givenchy dares to use contrasts in this nuanced woody floral fragrance. Here, the dazzling freshness of a sparkling pear stands out alongside a reassuring lavender. A fougère fragrance with woody and floral notes to adopt urgently to be intoxicated with a resolutely modern trail.

Caron Pour un Homme Eau de Toilette

Designed from two key ingredients: lavender and vanilla, Pour Un Homme de Caron is a sure value created in 1934 which is passed down from one generation to the next. This fresh fragrance with its notes of lavender is enveloped in a powdery atmosphere that the notes of vanilla infuse. A delight to spray on hot spots on your body!

Bleu de Chanel eau de parfum for men

Captivating like a eulogy to masculine freedom with its aromatic-woody scents. Bleu de Chanel, these are dry cedar and amber notes sprinkled with musky woody notes and sandalwood. It is the most worn perfume in France.

Eau de parfum Memory of an odor by Gucci

Its olfactory notes? Chamomile, jasmine, cedarwood and musk. Mémoire d’une Odeur by Gucci is a mixed, aromatic and mineral eau de parfum, decidedly addictive.

Phantom eau de toilette for men by Paco Rabanne

This connected eau de toilette was born from an explosive encounter between high-tech and French haute perfumery. The result is the very first connected bottle, which you just need to approach with a smartphone to discover the world of Phantom. An intrepid fragrance where the energy of lemon merges perfectly with embracing lavender and woody vanilla.

Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum by Serge Lutens

A happy memory of his arrival in Morocco, Serge Lutens encapsulates the white flowers of the bitter orange tree in a bottle, as comforting as they are soothing. An atypical fragrance that leaves behind a radiant trail every day.

Eau de Rochas eau de toilette for men

The masculine side of the iconic Eau de Rochas, this great classic of perfumery belongs to the aromatic family. Here, the woody warmth of vetiver combines wonderfully with the vegetal notes of lavender and the fresh notes of lemon.

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The 8 Best Chanel Perfumes for Men (And When to Wear Them)

As you walk down the street, take public transportation, or go shopping, you are likely to come across an ad for Chanel perfumes. These days, it’s Timothée Chalamet’s face that is plastered everywhere. She is the latest star to lend her face to Bleu de Chanel, the French house’s flagship men’s fragrance. Chanel’s consistency attracts stars of Chalamet’s power for good reason: Over the years, the house built by Coco Chanel has established itself as a heavyweight in the perfume market, a journey that began when Chanel – even asked Ernest Beaux to develop Chanel No. 5 more than a century ago. Since then, Chanel’s most famous perfume has become an icon in its own right, supported by famous fans, official (Marylin Monroe) or supposed (Marlon Brando). Its floral notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and rose combined with nuances of vanilla and musk form a subtle combination which explains its seemingly eternal success.

The best Chanel perfumes for men, classified according to their very specific character

To get a promotion

The atmosphere : You’ve got your big boy pants on, your quarterly numbers have been crunched, and you’re ready to explain why you deserve that pay raise. Blue may not help you get it directly, but its scent profile is discreet enough that it won’t distract you from the business at hand while still making a remarkable impression in the boardroom.

The context : Blue’s legendary status stems largely from his versatility. You can wear it to work without worrying about it saturating the elevator and wear it proudly after work.

What to wear it with? A striped shirt, wrinkled pants and black shoes.

To take it easy on a yacht

The atmosphere : Summer promises to be humid and hot. What better way to fulfill your fantasy of escaping the heat on a megayacht than by spritzing on a scent that immediately transports you to the shore of your choice?

The context : Unless you work on the deck of a Benetti, this perfume is best reserved for special occasions.

What to wear it with? A stylish polo shirt without buttons, shorts and woven sandals.

To meet the in-laws

The atmosphere : If a fragrance inspired by one of fashion’s greatest love stories doesn’t set you up for success when it comes time to meet the future in-laws, what can? This perfume smells like you (and everyone you meet) are falling in love all over again.

The context : Your partner’s parents will leave with immense faith in your sensitivity and taste.

What to wear it with? An unstructured blazer, raw jeans and loafers.

For a challenging first date

The atmosphere : Don’t let the name fool you: Egoist won’t claim you’re full of yourself. On the other hand, it will inspire confidence with notes of energetic mandarin, sweet rose and sandalwood. It’s like an internal monologue that keeps you going all night long.

The context : Wear after office hours. Strictly.

What to wear it with: a dark suit, a crisp white tank top and ankle boots.

For a brunch with friends

The atmosphere : Pour Monsieur eau de parfum is a more assertive version of Chanel’s first men’s perfume. But it will stay in the background without your eggs smelling like cologne.

The context : Save it for the weekend.

What to wear it with: your favorite plaid shirt, Patagonia pants, and understated white sneakers.

For a change of scenery

The atmosphere : Are you packing your bags for sunnier horizons? Wherever you go, there’s no harm in making friends with the locals. Antaeus only attracts good vibes (and good company).

The character : It’s best to wear it far, far away from the office.

What to wear it with: A crinkled linen shirt, casual khakis and strappy sandals that hide your toes.

For lovers of classic perfumes

The atmosphere : Chanel’s flagship eau de parfum may technically be aimed at women, but it’s simply one of the best perfumes on the market.

The context : Wear it to the office and your day will start sweet and end with warmth and spice when it’s time to disconnect.

What to wear it with: a wide collared shirt, a patterned tie and pretty shoes.

For a long evening

The atmosphere : It’s Friday night and you’re ready to rock out, feel ___y, sweat and take over the dance floor.

The context : This is the perfume to apply while listening to “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn.

What to wear it with: flared pants and a funky knit for those cold days.

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