GTA 6: 49 seconds of leaked gameplay shows the main characters, the graphics and a very striking feature for players

The most anticipated game in years is , an action role-playing game from Rockstar Games. The next game in the franchise is expected to be released between April 2024 and March 2025… although A leak that shows 49 seconds of gameplay is already starting to generate discussions.

According to recent financial reports from Take-Two, the launch is planned between April 2024 and March 2025. In reality, it is most likely that the game is in our hands for the 2024 holiday seasonmaybe in September or October.

Currently, there is very little official information about GTA 6, but in September 2022 a large amount of information was leaked, causing Rockstar annoyance.

49-second clip shows fluid transition between characters

In the filtration, you can see the two main characters of Jason and Lucia. It is suspected that the actress Alexandra Echavarri (known for participating in the police series) could have served as a model for the character of Lucia. On the other hand, Bryan Zampella (who plays Mike in is theorized to be the voice actor for Jason.

What is being talked about a lot in X is this feature that the leaker highlights in the clip: the incredible change between the two protagonists.

“One of my favorite leaks. You can see the new character change, the detail on Jason and Lucia’s face, and the exterior graphics. The finished game will be crazy!”

One moment you control Luca, the next the player goes outside with Jason and then, after a “change” sound effect, returns to the hotel as Luca. In the lower right corner of the screen, a joystick is shown with the option “Switch to Luca”which is seen twice just before the change.

Likewise, the leaker points out that The graphics are already impressive, even though it is still in alpha phase:

“This clip is crazy. Now you can pick up weapons with an animation and the inventory is realistic. Very similar to rdr2”

Although this clip has unfortunately already been deleted by Rockstar itself, here we leave you a video that shows much of what the X account mentions, but with different changes and distortion filters to avoid problems with the .

More than leaks, we would like to see with our own media and consoles if the game really lives up to all the expectations that have been placed on it. As we all know, the Serie It is one of the most successful game franchises in the world. revolutionized MMO-style online gaming on consoles in 2013, and its successor is being eagerly awaited by millions of players.


“It’s a racist stereotype”: Pokémon opened its offices in Mexico and US players were offended by the decoration with Ludicolo

Good news for The Pokémon Company International because in recent days it was revealed that the company opened operations in Mexico City. However, there were some users who were offended by the decoration of the offices in Mexico, pointing out some stereotypes that “could” affect Mexican players.

Alan Mandujano, Head of Latin America for Niantic Labs, published on his social networks the first photos of The Pokémon Company International offices in Mexico City, which quickly went viral among fans of the pocket monsters.

After going around all social networks, users from the United States began to point out some “problems” with the decoration, since among all existing Pokémon, one of the walls of the offices in Mexico has a Ludicolo and that unleashed some comments related to racist stereotypes.

“I thought the Ludicolo design had a certain reaction at the time because it was a stereotypically racist. “Now it is one of the murals of the first Pokemon Center in Mexico?”

This comment was filled with comments against and jokes around the Pokémon, mainly by Mexican users who were not offensive about the use of Ludicolo as part of the decoration. The comment on the post it’s no longer availablebut the screenshots and memes will live forever in the indelible memory of the Internet.

What Pokémon is Ludicolo?

Ludicolo is the evolution of Lombre, a Water/Grass type Pokémon, introduced in the third generation of Pokémon. In Japan, Ludicolo is known as Runpappa and its name comes from the word rumba and kappaa demon from Japanese mythology.

This is what the Hoenn Pokédex says about Ludicolo:

“When he hears festive music, his cells rev and he begins to dance with great rhythm. He does not cower even in front of the strongest enemy”

Is Ludicolo a Mexican stereotype?

At least in its design, Ludicolo seems to be inspired by the stereotype of the Mexican with a sombrero and serape or poncho, and he could well be pointed out as a kind of mariachi, especially because of his attitude. However, the Mexican community on social networks does not seem to be bothered by the use of Ludicolo as part of the decoration in the Pokémon offices in Mexico.


These are the best Eredivisie players in EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 will be officially released on September 29! The Eredivisie is also represented in this virtual football game. These are the best Eredivisie players in EA Sports FC 24.

The best players in the Eredivisie based on their rating are already known. Steven Berghuis, Gerónimo Rulli and Hirving Lozano lead the rankings with a rating of 81. Dávid Hancko is in fourth place with a rating of 80. Players from fifth to eleventh place have a rating of 79, with Lars Unnerstall the first player of a team outside the traditional top three. Mathew Ryan is the first AZ player (78) and NEC also has one of the best players in EA Sports FC 24, namely Jasper Cillessen (78).

  • Steven Berghuis, AJAX, rating: 81
  • Hirving Lozano, PSV, rating: 81
  • Gerónimo Rulli, AJAX, rating: 81
  • Dávid Hancko, FEYENOORD, rating: 80
  • Josip Šutalo, AJAX, rating: 79
  • Luuk de Jong, PSV, rating: 79
  • Gernot Trauner, FEYENOORD, rating: 79
  • Lars Unnerstall, FC TWENTE, rating: 79
  • Steven Bergwijn, AJAX, rating: 79
  • Walter Benitez, PSV, rating: 79
  • Lutsharel Geertruida, FEYENOORD, rating: 79
  • Matthew Ryan, AZ, rating; 78
  • Noa Lang, PSV, rating: 78
  • Jasper Cillessen, NEC, rating: 78
  • Joey Veerman, PSV, rating: 78
  • Branco van den Boomen, AJAX rating: 78
  • Justin Bijlow, FEYENOORD, rating: 78
  • Jordy Clasie, AZ, rating: 78
  • Vangelis Pavlidis, AZ, rating: 78
  • Santiago Giménez, FEYENOORD, rating: 78

Dutch in EA FC 24

Johan Cruijff still has the highest rating in the game among the Dutch (95). Together with many other Dutch legends, he is available as an ‘icon’. Last year Dirk Kuyt also received a special card and this year Wesley Sneijder will also make his return to the digital field with a Hero card.

The best active player in the Netherlands is Virgil van Dijk (89) and the best Dutch players are Jill Roord and Vivianne Miedema (both 86). Frenkie de Jong (87) and Matthijs de Ligt (86) are also among the top 100 best football players of EA FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24

Available from September 29, 2023

More about this game


Genshin Impact players can’t take it anymore and start an attack on developers with a ‘review bombing’ that also affects Honkai: Star Rail

It has had undeniable success in terms of downloads, income or ratings. However, Genshin Impact has always lived in tension. Since the game’s release, player criticism has been constant. A situation that has only worsened with the passage of time. The community accuses the developers of not responding to their requests or suggestions, refusing to accept errors or introduce improvements that have been requested for years. It is a controversy that has broken out on numerous occasions, leading to a ‘review bombing’ in the context of its first anniversary. Now we are approaching the third birthday and history seems about to repeat itselfalthough this time it includes an unexpected script twist.

Genshin Impact players attack HoYoverse

The controversy began because of the leaks. Early information on the third anniversary of Genshin Impact aim for disappointing rewards and points out that part of the content introduced by HoYoverse for this special date consists of a paid pack with uninteresting items. However, we cannot take full responsibility for this ‘leak’. All the community needed was the spark to ignite a full can of gasoline. The anger of the players has intensified over the last few months. They accuse the developers of not treating the game with the care it deserves, ensuring that the company treats its titles in the Honkai saga favorably.

The most obvious symptom of this situation is that It’s not just Genshin Impact that’s receiving negative reviews.. A good part of the users who want to participate in this ‘review bombing’ are attacking Honkai: Star Rail. If we see the most recent reviews in the Android store we can realize: “The company forgets about its other games”, “improve Genshin Impact” or “they want to remove last year’s free rewards for a paid package, what a scoundrel Give Genshin some more love, stingers.” These are just some of the criticism that the latest new HoYoverse game has received since September 5when the protests intensified.

The criticism comes on the heels of Genshin Impact receiving one of the biggest updates in its history, including a new zone and underwater exploration mechanics.

The reason players have brought their complaints to Honkai: Star Rail is that they consider that they receive a favorable treatment. It includes many quality of life improvements compared to Genshin Impact that players have been asking for years for the Teyvat-set title, offers more rewards to users, and responds more quickly and effectively to community feedback. A hateful comparison that does not take into account that the developers, although they are part of the same company, are independent teams. However, this situation together with controversial statements by the CEO of HoYoverse have given rise to the narrative of “there is a game that matters and another that does not”.

It is advisable to be prudent. Genshin Impact’s anniversary event has yet to be officially revealed and expectations are pretty high for Update 4.1 which will be presented in just a week. Despite everything, it is true that the title is going through one of the biggest crises in its history. The interest of the players is low and the income of the last ‘banners’ has been the lowest in the last year and a half. All this, just after the arrival of what has been the most important expansion in the last year. It seems clear that the game does need a change of course.


Endless stuttering – PlayStation Portal players report unplayable lag

PlayStation Portal

The Nintendo Switch really let the cat out of the bag when it made decent portable gaming possible. Many other brands have since tried to copy this blockbuster. While the Steam Deck is undoubtedly one of the best received, brands like PlayStation have tried their luck with the PS Portal.

Even though the handheld has been well received by critics, it has caused quite a few laughs and memes among fans. This is not only because it is a remote handheld, meaning it is completely useless outside of the house, but also because it looks very much like a Nintendo Switch.

Since the console has just been released, it’s understandable that there are still bugs that need to be fixed. However, some users report unbearable stuttering, as can be read on social media.

PlayStation Portal players report unplayable lag

Twitter user @PowerstancePino shared a clip showing Horizon Forbidden West running on the PS handheld and we have to admit, it looks very lame. If you’re just walking around, the lag is annoying, but not too much of a hindrance. But when you’re in the middle of a fight, lag can be fatal for your character.

“,” @ItsMrProducts said in response to the Twitter post. “” With the Switch you have the games with you, either via digital download or via card. However, with Remote Play you stream them on your device, similar to streaming PS games.

Considering PS is marketing this game as an “immersive” experience, it doesn’t bode well if players can’t fully immerse themselves in the game because it plays like a PS1 title. This is arguably another blow to Sony after PS Plus fans threatened to cancel their subscription. The latter happened after a series of games didn’t work yet again. Fortunately, the lag isn’t proving to be a problem for all users, which offers a small glimmer of hope.

You can see the post here

I fear a lot of people who don’t really understand what the PlayStation Portal is will have this sort of experience. Remote Play has always been shaky for me, despite having 140Mbps down, and 30Mbps up.

— Adam Vjestica (@ItsMrProducts) November 15, 2023


FFXIV: “Pro” tips for not so “Pro” players

Needs some advice on getting an edge on your FFXIV game?

Well, I’ve got tips for you! Here are some quick tips that you probably didn’t know and can apply to your game right now!

1. Read your tooltips: Tooltips are essential when navigating across all aspects of the game. Even the more experienced players can benefit from tooltips. Especially when you get new abilities. This is simply a difference between clearing a dungeon or continuously wiping. If you don’t read your tool tips you may miss a bunch of information about your abilities and waste your potential. Countless times healers fail at their job because they aren’t using their abilities as they should just because they don’t know their abilities well enough. Tooltips will cover you in all aspects from this.



2. Double pull mobs: when tanking Dungeons, you can almost always double pull the mobs. The way you act for three mobs versus six mobs is no different and it’ll make the dungeon go much faster and you’ll get all the commends. Now some of you may be afraid of tanking and that’s okay, but keep in mind that all of us will end up tanking at some point regardless of the job that we are playing. Overall, I think a lot of people put tanking up on a pedestal and are afraid of it. Still, in reality, the other tanks don’t want you to know that they have no idea what they’re doing either. If you are looking to buff up your gear in those challenging mob situations, try getting a head start and buy a package from SSEGold. You will get everything you need to be ahead in your game, including: FF14 Gil, items, class packages, power leveling, etc.


3. Everyone should do damage: Everyone’s job is to DPS and always has been. Every little bit of damage helps make the fight go by faster and can even skip the mechanics that may have been too difficult to deal with. Yes, healers should DPS when they are comfortable in doing so. Everybody takes time to learn their role, so be understanding of new players. Remember, a healer’s main job is to heal, but every bit of damage you help contribute will make it, so you need to heal less, the enemies cannot hurt the tank if they are dead.

4. The meta doesn’t matter: Don’t let anybody tell you not to play a job because it’s terrible. Every job can do every piece of content in the game. Play what you find to be the most fun, and you’ll naturally get better at the job.

5. Push Buttons: This may sound silly, but you need always to be pushing your buttons. The single most common thing that will improve your performance in this tip is you should never ever! ever! ever! be doing nothing. This is almost so important that you could even press the entirely wrong buttons, and as long as you keep your GCD (global cool downs) rolling, you could still do better than the other guy.


$660 million production cost – Redfall has only 15 active players left

red case

Arkane Studio’s Xbox-exclusive vampire-hunting FPS game Redfall was released in early May this year and was met with harsh reviews from players and critics alike. On the game’s Steam page, reviews are mostly negative at the moment. The main criticisms concerned the gameplay. This was branded as boring and generic, and also riddled with bugs, glitches, and performance issues.

Redfall actually had the potential for more and even received a little hype in advance, which quickly disappeared after the release. With the game being an Xbox exclusive (alongside PC), it was even more important to win over the fans.

However, that didn’t happen and Redfall turned out to be a complete disgrace. As if that wasn’t already a lousy slap in the face for Microsoft, it’s getting even bigger. The game has so few players that it doesn’t even break the 100 mark.

Redfall has only 15 active players left

A screenshot of Redfall’s concurrent player stats was shared on Reddit by sadiqfaizee. This shows that there has been a peak of 6,124 players over the last four months (since publication day). It also showed that at the time the screenshot was taken, 47 players had peaked in the last 24 hours and 15 players were online when the screenshot was taken.

That’s not very good, of course, but players weren’t at all surprised by the lack of interest in the game. “” said one Reddit user. “” said another.

“” read one comment. It is highly unlikely that the game’s player count will improve any further. It should be said that there are no plans to support the game with new content. But even if new content were added, it probably wouldn’t make a difference.

You can see the Reddit post here

by u/sadiqfaizee in red case


What settings do top Fortnite players use?


In gaming especially Esports, every player wants to be on top, some are already there after spending hundreds of hours in the game and some are currently in the phase of struggle.

To be the best, you need to learn and follow the tactics along with their settings that top players commonly use.

The same is true for the game, Fortnite. Fortnite is one of the most played games around the world for the past few years. It has taken Esports to the next level.
At the end of this article, you will find suitable settings that top Fortnite players use.

First of all, have a look at what things are included in the settings,

  • Basic
  • Graphics
  • Controls
  • Sensitivity
  • Audio

Also, overall settings include the gear and system that you are using basically comprises of,

  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Mouse Pad
  • Keyboard
  • Headset

While system consists of

  • CPU
  • GPU

Well, if you are looking for the best Fortnite settings that Fornite pros use then you have to upgrade your systems to meet their system’s specs else you can choose the settings that are most suited for your system whether you are playing Fortnite on PC, mobile, PS, or Xbox.

Here’s a simple chart with system specifications that almost every top Fortnite player is using currently.

You can use the CPU with the latest generation available.


Sensitivity is always a personal thing that you can adjust according to you after testing in a training map. However, if you want to copy the sensitivity settings of a top player and continue to master it then here are the most used sensitivity settings by Fortnite players.

Below is the most used sensitivity (x) by many pros.

The appropriate ADS settings are

The most used scope settings are

Graphics and Resolution:

The resolution used by most of the players is 1920X1080 with a refresh rate of 240 Hz.

Following is the graphics settings that top players mostly use,

You can also have a look at the settings and binds of one of the best Fortnite players, Bugha in this video.

In Fortnite, reaction time and accuracy matter a lot and for that, you have to use some of the best key bindings.

These are the key bindings of the top Fortnite player Tfue.

This is a short hint of what settings the top Fortnite players use which you can also use and master to stand out in the competitive games.

Fortnite items for sale!

Moreover, if you are a streamer or passionate about Fortnite and have an audience as well who watch your gameplay regularly then you should be having more skins and sets to give a fascinating look to your gameplay. If you want to have more items, skins, and bundles of Fortnite to show to your audience then you can visit where you can get cheap Fortnite accounts, discounted bucks, and many different items of Fortnite.