YouTube Premium increases in price in several countries, although Spain is saved for the moment

If the trend is to raise the price of subscription platforms, Google does not want to be left behind. Disney+ is more expensive from today, Netflix no longer has a basic plan and we are still waiting for the arrival of Max in Spain with the, surely, consequent price increase.

However, it is not the only thing that is increasing, since in July Google announced a price increase for YouTube Premium. It was only produced in the United States, but we already mentioned that we had to keep an eye on the movement and, now, YouTube Premium rises again in countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

Spain, for the moment, is free from the YouTube Premium price increase

A few weeks ago we learned about the disappearance of the YouTube Lite account, so the cheapest modality is no longer available and we can only access Individual for 11.99 euros per month, the family for 17.99 euros or the student rate.

It did not imply a price increase, but this movement, together with the one announced a few hours ago, makes us suspect that we will soon have a more expensive subscription in our country.

And, as we read in SamaGame, starting this November 1, the monthly subscription in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Germany, Poland and Turkey It is more expensive in both the individual plan, the family plan and the student plan.

At the moment, Spain is not on the listbut if we already look with suspicion at the rise in Premium in the United States, now even more so, since it is much closer to us.

According to YouTube, The increase will allow us to continue improving the service, referring to both Premium features and the platform’s support for creators and artists. Now, we just have to wait for the announcement of a price increase for Spain, since it is a possibility that is closer than ever.

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The Citroën ë-C3 unceremoniously points to the Dacia Spring and the MG4 Electric with its starting price (without aid)

In the absence of being able to test it thoroughly and with the technical sheet on the table, we can say that Citroën is going all in for the segment. cheap electric car. The new Citroën ë-C3, completely electric, wants to be a truly competitive alternative to the Dacia Spring as the most interesting electric and urban vehicle.

The question is whether it will be able to compete with MG and its MG4 Electric, which has been seen with aid below 20,000 euros. To convince, Citroën has presented an electric SUV, with an aesthetic that completely breaks with the already known model and that is closer to current European tastes.

Citroën ë-C3 technical specifications

Citroën ë-c3


Five-seater SUV


4.01 meters long, 1.76 meters wide and 1.57 meters high. Wheelbase and weight to be confirmed.


310 liters.


113 hp


Consumption to be confirmed. 44 kWh capacity battery.


Zero emissions


Mandatory ADAS systems such as cruise control with speed limiter, emergency braking, rear camera with parking assistance or driver fatigue detector.


Own software compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly. Central touch screen up to 10.25 inches. Instrument panel in Head-Up Display.



Plug-in HYBRID.



Yes. Version with 44 kWh LFP battery and 113 HP motor with up to 320 kilometers of autonomy.

price and release

First units in the second quarter of 2024. Price from 23,800 euros. Version of 20,490 euros in 2025.

Go for the access range with more than 300 kilometers of autonomy

Citroën completely forgets the image of friendly and simple car that it has had in the ë-C3 in its last generations. Aware that the electric car market is very competitive in terms of prices, and in case it had to put one more incentive on the table, it has transformed the utility vehicle into a four-meter SUV.

Its aesthetic is now more powerful, with more square shapes that, in addition, receive all the aesthetic details of the new hallmarks of the brand, whose logo has chosen to offer a more classic image. The two-tone bodywork helps to rejuvenate a model that gains in seriousness.

Inside, the interior opts for simplicity. The driver will have at hand a screen that in the most equipped versions will reach the 10.25 inches. In front of it, at the bottom of the dashboard, a small window (between the dashboard and the front window) will reflect the details related to driving.

Citroën maintains its line of selling vehicles that appear simple and easy to drive. For example, the steering wheel controls look large in the first photos and the center console includes physical controls for the climate control. The infotainment system will have widgets that facilitate interactions through the menus and will be wirelessly compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

In the rear seats, habitability has been improved and it is expected that, with the new shapes of the ë-C3, access and comfort when moving around will be better. The trunk gains 10 liters and remains 310 liters finishes that are interesting for the urban use expected in this vehicle.

Of course, it comes with all the European safety requirements, with the required ADAS systems such as emergency braking, lane keeping system, driver fatigue alert or cruise control with speed limiter, among other systems. .

Regarding its mechanical capabilities, the Citroën ë-C3 will have a 113 HP electric motor that is limited to 135 km/h so as not to “melt” the battery. This is 44 kWh and promises WLTP autonomy of up to 320 kilometers. It is expected that the final figure, in intensive use in the city, will be close to this figure, since it is where an electric car stretches its autonomy the most.

This size of the battery also allows for recharging that will take little time despite not using very high powers. For example, going from 20 to 80% with a 7 kW AC charger is possible in about four hours and will be reduced to two and a half hours if an 11 kW charger is used. In direct current a charger of up to 100 kW can be used. In this case, it is possible to go from 10 to 80% autonomy in 26 minutes.

Regarding its price, the Citroën electric SUV will be sold in Spain from 23,800 euros, which would put the model in a truly competitive situation for those who can benefit from the MOVES III Plan, which reduces the price by up to 7,000 euros. These units should arrive in the second quarter of 2024 but, already in 2025, Citroën talks about offering a more restrained version for 20,490 euros.


Price and release date of the Batman popcorn at Cinépolis revealed: the bat-signal will be the most sought-after collector’s item

In case you didn’t know, Warner Bros turns 100 years old in 2023, to which Cinépolis joins the celebration by launching a popcorn box inspired by one of DC’s most iconic characters: .

Through a press release, Cinépolis shared what Batman’s dovetail will look like, which will have a design inspired by the famous bat signal that appears in the comics, series and movies of the character.

The launch date of this palomera will be from October 15, 2023. In addition, the statement mentions that it will be available in the 121 theaters of Cinépolis around the entire Mexican Republic.

Unfortunately, the official price of this collectible item is not mentioned in the statement, but taking into account the cost of the first popcorn from Warner’s 100-year collection, The bat-signal will cost around 450 pesos.

On the other hand, we recommend that you be very attentive to be able to purchase the palomera from October 15, because being a collectible object, there will be people who buy them with the intention of reselling them at a stratospheric price, just as happened with those of,


There is a problem with the price of the new PS5 Slim. Sony will charge European gamers up to 60% more for the same products

Sony has followed its usual strategy by announcing a review of its latest major console and two new PlayStation 5 models will be available before the end of the year. Although the company has avoided referring to these as ‘PS5 Slim’, the truth is that this is how it promises to be known by players. At the end of the day, it is still a review with a stylized design and small size. The movement is very similar to what the company has carried out in previous generations. There are many very interesting details in this novelty, which once again offers us an alternative with a disc reader and another completely digital one. However, it is easy to find a reason to raise your eyebrows.

European gamers pay more to enjoy PlayStation 5

As rumors suggested, the digital model of this PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ will arrive with the possibility of adding an external disk reader. “If you buy the PS5 Digital Edition, you can add the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc reader later, as it will be sold separately,” the company announces. The truth is that it is good news by offering even more options to the consumer. The idea also seems very well resolved in terms of design since the external reader can be integrated in an almost imperceptible way. However, there is a problem with the price. We are not referring to whether it is too expensive or well adjusted, but rather that European players will have to pay a very considerable extra.

While the external drive reader will be sold at a price of $79.99 (75.3 euros) in the United States, European players will have to shell out 119.99 euros to get it. A extra cost close to 60% which becomes almost a luxury tax for consumers on the continent. It must be taken into account that this situation will affect all countries in the euro zone and, to a lesser extent, the United Kingdom. Although British consumers are better off than their neighbors, they will also pay 99.99 pounds (115.7 euros) for a total amount much higher than that of North American customers.

The PS5 external reader is very well integrated into the design of the console.

The price difference It will also affect new models of Playstation 5. Buyers in the United States, United Kingdom and Spain will pay almost the same when they try to get the digital model (the price is around 449.99 euros in the three regions). However, the same will not happen with the version that includes a reader. While in North America this edition will be available for $499.99 (470 euros) in our economic zone and the British territory will cost around 550 euros. Although the price difference is not so considerable in percentage terms, it is still another extra cost to take into account.

This situation with respect to Sony products has been common throughout the current generation of consoles. Without going any further, the United States was spared from the increase in PlayStation 5 prices that took place last year. Also the increase in the price of exclusive games announced in 2020 focused on European players. In this sense, the conclusion is clear. Although the purchasing power on our continent is lower, purchasing the company’s products is much more expensive. The company defends it by referring to “the global economic context”but a 60% extra cost seems very difficult to understand.

The vertical support of the new PlayStation 5 will be sold separately

In the announcement of the console, Sony has also confirmed that the new model of the machine It will not include a support for vertical placement. This little gadget, which avoids placing the PS5 directly on its case, will be sold separately at a price of 29.99 euros ($29.99 in the United States). The console will include a horizontal support as standard, now perhaps easier to take advantage of since the size has been reduced by 30%.


The legendary weapons in Lies of P are brutal, but getting them is not easy and we must pay a high price for each one

Every player of Soulslikes, whether from FromSoftware or another company, you must be clear that the only truly faithful ally you have is your weapon. Allies and other items may fail, but the one you choose as your battle companion will accompany you throughout the adventure… especially if her power increases with levels and skill scaling.

The weapon system in Lies of P is essentially the same as any other Souls: each weapon has a series of statistics and its damage scales with certain abilities. For example, a greatsword with A in Motor Skill will do much more damage in the hands of a player whose level is much higher in this specific statistic. In addition, there are objects that allow us to increase the scaling, changing from B to A to increase its efficiency.

Certainly the case of Lies of P It is special, since it has a system of blades and handles that can be combined to our liking to create a quite peculiar variety of weapons. The only restriction is legendary weapons, which only allow scaling and leveling up through certain special items.

P’s adventure has in store for us 11 special or legendary weapons that we can achieve throughout the adventure… although we must do things well. The process is fairly intuitive for Souls fans, but comes too late for less versed players.

Lies of P Legendary Weapons: treasures worth adding to our collection

Legendary weapons have three conditions: they cannot be disassembled, they can be upgraded, and they have special Fable (blue) attacks. The “legendary” in their name is not for decoration and means that their scaling is usually much higher, making them (generally) the best weapons in the video game… depending on your play style.

And how do we access them? The merchant who sells them to us takes a while to arrive and it is possible to miss it. His name is Alidoro and is found in Act 4, specifically in the Stargazer called the Library of the Cathedral of San Frangelico. Look for the elevator, guarded by a creep, and go up to the balcony. It will be there for sure, since it will be your first interaction with the NPC. The most comfortable thing is to invite him to the Hotel, but you can also refuse and look for him at different points as you go. It has its own quest thread.

All legendary weapons can be obtained during the first game, but it will not be an easy task and will require you to make a great sacrifice. From the list, 10 weapons are obtained by defeating final bosses (with the Ergos that bear their names, which are the souls of Dark Souls) and the remaining one performing a specific action throughout the entire game. If you fail once, you’ll be damned.

Now that you know the basics about legendary weapons, I’ll tell you how to get them, their scaling characteristics, and what you have to give up to get them. Note that the items you leave aside for weapons can be obtained without problems during NG+. As you can see, the mechanics are similar to Dark Souls.

Seven Spiral Spring Sword

  • Request– Defeat the Parade Master boss (Act 1) to get the Parade Leader Ergo.
  • Scaling: B in Motor Skills and C in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Dancer Amulet. “It makes it possible to dodge even with little stamina.”

It is considered one of the best legendary weapons in the video game for Motor Skills (Strength) builds. Its scaling in B makes it easy to raise it to A so that it hits some very fat hosts. His set of movements is fast and forceful. Personally, it is my main weapon and I have carried it since the beginning. The good? It is achieved very quickly.


  • Request– Defeat the Discarded Watcher boss (Act 2) to get the Ergo of the Broken Hero.
  • Scaling: D in Motor Skills and A in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Extreme Modification Amulet. “Increases the ATK of weapons in proportion to the number of fable slots.”

Tag is to Lies of P what the Staff is to Bloodborne. Both the weapon itself and its movement set are quite curious. She’s not especially beloved, but she’s not the worst in the game either. Even if you are not going to use it, I recommend trying it in the training area to see with your eyes how peculiar it is.

Holy Sword of the Ark

  • Request– Defeat the Fuoco boss, King’s Flame (Act 3) to get the King’s Flame Ergo.
  • Scaling: B in Motor Skills and C in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Conquering amulet. “Upon a successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increases the damage dealt by a weapon attack.”

We are facing the best and most versatile weapon of all the legendary ones. It is perfect for Motor builds and has a peculiarity: it can temporarily become a spear thanks to its Fable ability. So far, most Tops and lists put it as the best in its category.

Covenant Trident

  • Request– Defeat the boss Andreus, Fallen Archbishop (Act 4) to get the Ergo of the Twisted Angel.
  • Scaling: C in Motor Skills and B in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Amulet of the nameless. “Probability that pulse cells will not be consumed when using them.”

Its name marks the importance of this weapon among the Technical category. Although it does not raise as many passions as others, its trident shape and its abilities make it the favorite of many players. Its strong point focuses on blocking, which allows us to make a special movement to quickly return the blow.

Puppet Breaker

  • Request– Defeat the Puppet King boss (Act 5) to get the White Fire King Ergo.
  • Scaling: C in Motor Skills and B in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Triumvirate Amulet. “Skill level of all legion arms +1.”

Getting this steampunk scythe is not an easy thing. The Marionette King is no joke and has upset many players. Once we defeat him, we get another of the best weapons for Technique builds. His strong point is that he has a fairly varied set of movements and a brutal range due to an attack that extends a cable like a whip. His Fable attacks are a spectacle.

Frozen Feast

  • Request– Defeat the Champion Victor boss (Act 7) to get the Ergo of the Champion Reborn.
  • Scaling: B in Motor Skills and C in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Amulet of the Arm of God. “Temporarily increases physical damage after a successful attack.”

This greatsword is absolutely crazy both aesthetically and playable. It has a special animation that shows how it breaks (and sharpens) as we hit. It is another perfect weapon for Motor builds, although it is extremely slow. Of course, if you manage to land his “Single Cut” Fable attack, the enemy will remember you for the rest of the fight… if he survives.

Two Dragon Sword

  • Request– Defeat the Green Swamp Monster boss (Act 8) to get the Puppet-Eating Green Hunter’s Ergo.
  • Scaling: D in Motor Skills and A in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Ghost Walk Amulet. “Rage attacks can be dodged.”

Bluntly: the best weapon for Technique buils in all of Lies of P. It’s a katana and its scaling comes directly from A. I don’t have to tell you why it has become the undisputed favorite of many players. And is not for less! Her moveset is very fast and her Fable attacks are on another level. This weapon is one of the few that you must choose yes or yes before the amulet.

Eye of Ouroboros

  • Request– Defeat the boss Laxasia the Whole (Act 11) to get the Ergo of the Sad Fanatic.
  • Scaling: C in Motor Skills and B in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Amulet of Impenetrable Fortress. “Weapon durability is not affected after a block.”

If we talk about rare legendary weapons, then the Eye of Uroboros wins by a long shot. This shortened version of the well-known Bloodborne Spinning Saw is achieved in the final stages of the game. It is designed for Technique builds, although it is not among the players’ favorites at the moment. And I tell you this because her Fable abilities allow you to throw her from quite a distance to do damage over time and activate her saw to do additional damage.

Noblesse Oblige

  • Request– Defeat the boss Simon Manus (Act 11) to get the Ergo of the Fallen.
  • Scaling: A in Motor Skills and D in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Amulet of the Awakened God. “Increases the damage dealt by Fable Arts to a stunned enemy.”

Dark Souls veterans surely remember the infamous Club from Dark Souls. This beast is obtained by defeating what can be considered the final boss of Lies of P… and the suffering it inflicts is proportional to the suffering of the battle. His move set is slow, but I assure you that the enemy feels every blow. Their Fable abilities follow the same line: they will feel the blow even to their ancestors.

Humanity Test

  • Request– Defeat the Nameless Puppet boss (Act 11) to get the Nameless Puppet Ergo.
  • Scaling: B in Motor Skills and B in Technique.
  • Object to give up: Piercing Hate Amulet. “Immunity to all specific damage penalties.”

I admit that choosing the Proof of Humanity sword hurts because the Piercing Hatred amulet is a piece of candy. However, the reward is substantial. It is a light sword that scales B in both Motricity and Technique, that is to say: it is all-terrain. Her move set is quite fast and her fable arts allow us to split her in two to have dual swords.

Golden Lie

  • Request: Always lie in all interactions that involve choosing between telling the truth or lying. After defeating Simon Manus, you can take her from the painting that Geppetto has hanging in her Hotel study. If you can’t, it’s because you’ve told something true or you have vinyl left to listen to.
  • Scaling: C in Motor Skills and C in Technique.

The normal thing is not to draw the Golden Lie during the first game… unless we are compulsive liars (in the game) naturally. It is a spear with a fairly fast set of movements. His Fable skills are a visual light show.


In Hollywood, criticizing the Israeli assault on Gaza comes at a price

©Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection

Jews are not a monolith. And yet, in recent decades, supporters of Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration have falsely characterized any criticism of the Israeli government as anti-Semitism. This is a curious confusion, given that a 2021 Pew Research Center survey found that only 58% of Jewish adults in the United States “feel very/somewhat attached to Israel.” In the same survey, 33% said that “the Israeli government is making sincere efforts for peace.” And in March of this year, a Gallup poll said that “for the first time in its history of polling U.S. attitudes toward Israelis and Palestinians,” “Democrats’ sympathies in the Middle East now lean more toward the Palestinians.” than towards Israelis, 49%” against 38%. And these were published Before the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7, which resulted in the deaths of more than 1,200 people in Israel and the taking of approximately 240 hostages, and Israel’s military response, which cost the lives of approximately 13,000 Palestinian civilians – UN Secretary-General António Guterres called it “an unprecedented killing of civilians and unparalleled in any conflict since I have been Secretary-General,” although he should pay more attention to this happening in Sudan – have put the Israeli-Palestinian issue at the top of all social networks, including those in Hollywood, a city where many Jews live (for historical and cultural reasons explained here). And the way Hollywood executives have hit back at any criticism of the Israeli government during the ongoing conflict may start to look like a new Hollywood blacklist.

First came CAA senior agent Maha Dakhil, who was demoted from her position as co-head of the powerful talent agency’s film department after sharing an Instagram post calling Israel’s bombing of Gaza a “genocide.” Dakhil, who represents Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman, issued a sincere apology and deleted the post, but that didn’t stop one of her big clients, Aaron Sorkin, from dumping her. A later report in Variety alleges that it took Cruise’s personal intervention for Dakhil to keep his job, and The New York Post said Dakhil has since embarked on a “Jewish listening tour,” meeting with Hollywood rabbi Steve Leder and Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League.

Editor’s Choice

On October 12, the CAA’s top executives joined more than 2,000 other Hollywood luminaries in signing an open letter declaring: “As Israel takes the necessary steps to defend its citizens in the days and weeks to come , social media will be invaded by an orchestrated disinformation campaign led by Israel. by Iran. We urge everyone to remember the horrific images coming out of Israel and not amplify or fall for their propaganda. »

Susan Sarandon did not benefit from the same reprieve as Dakhil. The Oscar-winning actress and activist was fired by her talent agency UTA, where she had been a client since 2014, after speaking at a pro-Palestinian rally on November 17 in New York.

“There are a lot of people who are afraid, who are afraid to be Jewish right now, and who have a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country, so often subject to violence ” Sarandon said.

Like Dakhil, Sarandon’s words were quickly twisted and used as a weapon against her. Her comments were called “anti-Semitic” in many headlines, even though she linked the fears of Jews and Muslims in post-9/11 America. (Sarandon has not commented for this article.)

Next up was Melissa Barrera, who was ruled out of her next starring role in Cry VII for what the film’s production company, Spyglass Media Group, described as follows: “We have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism or incitement to hatred in any form, including false references to genocide, to ethnic cleansing, distortion of the Holocaust, or anything that blatantly crosses the line into hatred. speech. »


A Variety The report highlighted how Barrera had apparently been guilty of “re-sharing a post accusing Israel of ‘genocide and ethnic cleansing’ and another of Jewish currents magazine on the distortion of the “Holocaust to boost the Israeli arms industry”. Barrera had already placed at the top of the fifth and sixth articles of the Shout horror franchise.

Let’s take a look at this Jewish currents story that Barrera shared on his Instagram. The article, published on October 13, is written by Raz Segal, one of the world’s leading Israeli historians and Holocaust scholars, and calls the Israeli army’s assault on Gaza a “textbook case”. of genocide.” He also mentions a previous article in which he wrote The nation on “distortion of the Holocaust to boost the Israeli arms industry”. When you actually read this Nation article, he explicitly criticizes the way Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest arms company, allowed Bulgaria to whitewash its Holocaust history. Elbit co-published a book portraying Bulgaria as a World War II hero in Jewish eyes and awarded Bulgaria a series of arms contracts. In reality, as Segal writes, “during World War II, the Bulgarian state aimed primarily at forcibly expelling Jews from Bulgaria…Bulgarian state authorities enthusiastically and brutally planned and executed the arrest, the looting and mass deportations of around 12,000 Jews from Bulgaria. Western Thrace and Eastern Macedonia occupied by Bulgaria at the death camps in March 1943.”

I will continue to speak out on behalf of those who need it most and advocate for peace and security, human rights and freedom. Silence is not an option for me.

In other words, Segal’s article is far from the “Holocaust distortion” that Spyglass claimed. In fact, he is a prominent Holocaust historian who uses his authority and expertise to criticize the Israeli military and its weapons manufacturers – for their actions in Gaza and for allowing Bulgaria to whitewash its role in the Holocaust. And now, reports indicate that Barrera’s co-star Jenna Ortega, who has also spoken out about the plight of Palestinians in Gaza on social media, has left the group. Cry VII — although Spyglass says the decision was made some time ago and had nothing to do with Barrera’s departure or Ortega’s positions. (Barrera and Ortega did not respond to requests for comment; in an Instagram post, Barrera wrote, in part: “I will continue to speak on behalf of those who need it most and I will continue to advocate for peace and security, for human rights and freedom.” (…) Silence is not an option for me.”). Meanwhile, the director of Cry VII, Christopher Landon, tweeted: “Everything sucks. Stop screaming. It wasn’t my decision to make,” alongside a broken heart emoji. He then deleted the post.

In addition to what happened to Dakhil, Sarandon and Barrera, the said Variety The report cited how CAA “cut ties with an employee and two clients over inflammatory anti-Israel social media posts,” and that Hollywood energy producer Marc Platt, Ben’s father and the man behind The The Earth And The little Mermaidhad “sent a text message to WME executives explaining why Boots Riley was still a client after the sorry to disturb you The writer-director urged his supporters on by the IDF. Meanwhile, Platt’s fellow producer on The The EarthGary Gilbert, was busy sliding into people’s DMs threatening them with violence if they protested against the screening. The article also claimed that “WhatsApp text chains have popped up all over the city” filled with Hollywood actors “sharing instances of perceived anti-Semitism” and that one such channel targeted filmmaker Ava DuVernay simply for taking a stand in favor of Dakhil, his agent.

And as of this writing, all of the Hollywood people fired or demoted over comments critical of the Gaza crisis – Dakhil, Barrera and the three CAA firings – have been women, and all but Sarandon are women. of color.

During his 2006 Oscar acceptance speech, George Clooney defended Hollywood’s history of progressivism. “We get a little out of touch in Hollywood from time to time, I think. That’s probably a good thing. We were the ones talking about AIDS when it was whispered about, and we were talking about civil rights when it wasn’t really popular…this group of people gave Hattie McDaniel an Oscar in 1939 when black people were still sitting at the bottom of the streets. theaters. I’m proud to be part of this Academy, proud to be part of this community, and proud to be disconnected.

But Hollywood also castigated the stars for speaking out against the plight of the Palestinian people. Actress Vanessa Redgrave sold two of her homes to help fund The Palestinian, a 1977 documentary that sought to “document the lives and struggle of the Palestinian people” through “interviews with survivors of the siege of Tel al-Zaatar during the Lebanese Civil War, and with the leader of the Liberation Organization of Palestine, Yasser Arafat”. Redgrave faced widespread condemnation for producing the film – particularly from the far-right extremist Jewish Defense League, which burned her effigies, offered a public bounty to have her killed, and then bombed a set theater in Beverly Hills to screen the documentary. And during her acceptance speech at the 1978 Academy Awards, where Redgrave won Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of an anti-fascist freedom fighter taking on the ___s in Juliashe denounced the…


LucidSound LS35X: Headset permanently reduced in price

The price of the LucidSound LS35X headset has now been reduced by 55 euros and now costs 129.99 euros.

LucidSound, one of the fastest growing gaming headset brands, announces a permanent price reduction on its award-winning LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10 in Black and Rose Gold.

Two years after the Rose Gold debut in Fall 2019, consumers continue to fall in love with this color variant of the fan-favorite headset. With a price cut of 55 euros, LucidSound aims to make the premium headset more accessible to those who want to focus on profit. The LucidSound LS35X now costs 129.99 euros.

The LS35X uses Xbox Wireless technology to connect to the console with just a single button press. The crystal clear sound combined with the Quick Access Audio Controls ensures that players never miss a beat in any game. The LS35X is also designed for comfort, with ultra-soft, easily replaceable, gel-cooled ear cups with advanced memory foam, perfect for long gaming sessions.

With all of these fantastic features, both top and bottom, this €55 price cut offers amazing value for the premium LS35X for gamers everywhere!

Other important features of this gaming headset:

  • First-class tuned sound: Custom-tuned 50mm drivers deliver high-fidelity stereo and surround sound on Xbox and Windows Sonic.
  • Quick Access Audio Controls: Adjusting the volume has never been so easy. The on-earcup controls let you adjust a variety of audio options, including headset volume, game/chat balance, microphone mute, game audio mute, and microphone monitoring. Focus on winning, not fiddling with awkward controls.
  • Two microphone system: A detachable boom microphone and built-in microphone give the user the freedom to use the LS35X in any scenario, from gaming to taking calls via a mobile device.
  • Microphone monitoring: Hear your own voice in the headset so you know how loud your voice is to your team.
  • Robust metal frame: A flexible, durable metal frame gives the LS35X a premium but lightweight feel.
  • Rechargeable battery: Up to 15 hours on a single charge.
  • Designed for Xbox: Officially licensed by Xbox, the LS35X works with Xbox Series X|S and any 3.5mm audio source including PS5, PS4, PC, Mac and mobile devices.


If you are looking for a gaming monitor at a low price, Xiaomi has the ideal model: this is the new Xiaomi Monitor A27i that has just arrived globally

We have a new desktop monitor available globally from Xiaomi. And yes, the brand’s catalog in this category does not stop growing little by little since, as many of you will remember, just a few days ago the new Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30″ was presented in Spain and now it has been its turn to the Xiaomi Monitor A27i.

The latter, as has happened with some other models, corresponds to the Global variant of the Redmi Display A27 IPS that we saw presented at the beginning of June in China. Of course, the only negative point is that For now there is no official confirmation of its arrival in Spain or its final we will have to stay tuned in case this information is updated and we can enjoy it later.

Technical sheet of the Xiaomi Monitor A27i

Xiaomi Monitor A27i


612.3 × 170 × 451.7mm



27” IPS LCD with Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080p), 16:9
16.7 million colors, 99% sRGB, 8-bit, Delta E Value <2
HDR 10
TÜV Low Blue Light Certification


Full HD (1920 × 1080p)






250 nits




1x HDMI Display Port 1.4
1xHDMI 2.0


7.5 mm thick in the narrowest area

VESA support available



Good taste is in simplicity

As we have told you before, we have already talked to you in detail about this model when its Chinese version was presented, but we think it is important to mention some elements that you will surely like very much. Among them, we would like to mention that Both its physical connectivity and its design are quite simple but, despite this, we have compatibility with VESA support and HDMI Display Port 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 connections.

Furthermore, another aspect that we love is the panel that Xiaomi has chosen to equip in this model. We are talking about a 27-inch IPS screen with a Full HD resolution and refresh rate of up to 100 Hz, specifications far above what we are used to in this range of products.

And, if this is not enough, this screen also has other quite interesting aspects such as a maximum brightness of up to 250 nits and a response time of only 6 ms, all accompanied by some imaging technologies such asTÜV Low Blue Light, HDR 10 and even a Delta E value <2.

Price and availability of the new Xiaomi Monitor A27i

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the newXiaomi Monitor A27i is now available on the brand’s official and Global website but, unfortunately, We still do not know what its final price will be or when it can be purchased in Spain. To have a reference, its Chinese variant costs about 80 euros in exchange, so everything seems to indicate that its price will not be high at all.


Get Cyberpunk 2077 now for bottom price!

For a long time it was not advisable to buy Cyberpunk 2077. But in the meantime the game has been considerably refined and you might consider diving into it. In that case, we have good news: you can now buy the game for a fairly low price.

To say that Cyberpunk 2077 was controversial upon release is perhaps an understatement. The game was so full of bugs that it was even removed from the PlayStation Store. But in the meantime CD Projekt RED has fine-tuned the game.

It is also important that the next-gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X is finally available. This brings the necessary improvements. Is it finally time to play the good game that was hiding under all the technical flaws?

Buy Cyberpunk 2077 for a bargain price

If you actually want to try Cyberpunk 2077, you can make your move now. The PS4 version of the game is on offer for only 24.99 euros at Amazon. You have to pay a little more for the Xbox One version, but 30.05 euros is still a reasonable price.

  • Get Cyberpunk 2077 for PlayStation for just $24.99
  • Or score the game on Xbox for 30.05 euros

Of course, we just said that ideally you should get the game right for the newer console. Do you have any use for the last-gen offer? Yes, because like many games, the upgrade for the new consoles is completely free, so you can score the game for these low prices and still get started on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

If you still have your doubts about Cyberpunk, there are other games you can consider. You can also score Horizon Forbidden West for a bargain price, for example, and there are many PS5 deals at MediaMarkt. If you have not yet obtained the PS5 yourself, you have a chance again this week in a draw from Coolblue.


Deal : LC Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2: Gaming at a competitive price!

A lot of pictures for little money? This is what you get with the LC Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2. SamaGame reveals in the test what else sets the gaming monitor apart.

Table of contents

  • High quality, but only tiltable
  • What the product name says
  • Curved for gamers
  • Buttery smooth gameplay
  • The resolution is completely sufficient
  • Bright and high contrast
  • Geared for gaming
  • LC Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2 in the test: Conclusion

“LC Power? Never heard of it.” That’s probably what most gamers will answer when asked about the German hardware manufacturer. LC Power has been on the market for over 20 years and has specialized in production inexpensive computer hardware specialized. The 32-inch model, which has been available since August 2023, deserves special attention.Gaming monitor LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2. The strongest selling point: The screen is available over the counter for the ridiculous price of 240 euros. In this test we will clarify whether the part is good to play with.

High quality, but only tiltable

The LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2 is installed and ready for use in just a few simple steps. Despite its low price, the workmanship is first class, and the metal base ensures it stands firmly on the desk. The rear view of the LC Power is impressive thanks to the individually adjustable RGB lighting and is visually reminiscent of Samsung’s Odyssey series. Compared to about this Odyssey Neo G8 However, the ring on the back cannot be made to glow. The ergonomics options of the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2 are also limited. The screen can only be tilted. It cannot be adjusted in height, swiveled or turned into portrait format.

What the product name says

On the other hand, the monitor was convincing in almost all other areas. Many of the inner values ​​can already be found in the product name. The LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2 comes with a large 32-inch display, (W)QHD resolution (Wide Qetc High Definition) and a refresh rate of 165 Hertz. The “C” stands for Curved. Thanks to its expansive size (80 centimeter screen diagonal!), up to three DIN A4 windows can be placed next to each other, making the monitor also suitable for working or multimedia applications. If you use Excel a lot, you should use a flat panel to get a flat row display.

Curved for gamers

However, the curvature is perfect for gaming. The manufacturer compresses the display with 1,500R. The information means that the panel is curved with a radius of 1,500 millimeters (i.e. 1.5 meters). This allows gamers to delve even deeper into the game.

Buttery smooth gameplay

Particularly important for gamers: a high refresh rate. Thanks to the 165 Hertz image frequency, the LC Power updates the image 165 times per second. This ensures wonderfully fluid movements when playing and ensures that opponents literally appear on the scene earlier. Short switching times are required so that what is happening on the screen is not only fluid but also streak-free.

The switching time describes how long it takes for a pixel to switch from black to white or between different shades of gray. Due to their design, VA monitors often have long switching times, which can lead to the formation of streaks when moving quickly. It’s different with the LC Power: the monitor takes just 6.1 milliseconds to change the image. In the test, the short response time ensured that the panel did not smear even during hectic movements.

The resolution is completely sufficient

The monitor is also sharp enough for gaming. With its WQHD resolution it shows 2560×1440 pixels, which enables a detailed image impression. The color fidelity is somewhat low at 96 percent, which leads to minimal green cast on faces in films and series – but the very high color space coverage in the sRGB range (99 percent) ensures an overall crisp color representation. However, the LC Power is unsuitable for photo and video editing: the monitor only covers 87 percent of the HDR color space DCI-P3.

Bright and high contrast

The contrast of the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2 is impressive. Thanks to a ratio of 4,351:1, particularly dark scenes come into their own when gaming (and watching films). The monitor is also bright enough with its 408 candela per square meter. In the test, the factory brightness setting (level 43) proved to be sufficient even in daylight.

Geared for gaming

The connection options are more than sufficient. In addition to dual DisplayPort, the LC Power has HDMI on board. Only a USB hub is missing. The monitor scores points with its extensive gaming features: FreeSync and G-Sync are on board to counteract image tearing. The FPS counter is also useful for gamers (frames phe second).

LC Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-V2 in the test: Conclusion

Price-conscious gamers can hardly ignore the LC Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C. Although the monitor doesn’t cost much, it impressed in the test with a high refresh rate, short switching times and rich contrast. The only drawback is the lack of height adjustability.


Price of PS5 in the Netherlands is being increased by Sony

If you don’t have a PlayStation 5 at home yet, you have to pay even more money for it now. Sony has increased the price of the PS5 in various markets, including the Netherlands.

It’s no secret that global inflation is a problem for consumers. The price of groceries, gasoline and energy are all going up at a record pace. That also has a lot of influence on companies. For example, it has become more expensive to produce products and transport them all over the world.

Sony has therefore decided to increase the price of the PlayStation 5 in selected markets. Unfortunately, this also includes the Netherlands. The price of the normal PS5 goes up to 549.99 euros, while the PS5 Digital Edition costs 449.99 euros from now on. The price change takes effect immediately.

  • Check the availability of the PlayStation 5 now!

The Netherlands is not the only country where the price increase will take effect, the rest of Europe must also believe it. The other countries where the price of the PS5 is going up is the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada. There will be no price increase for the United States.

More price increases for tech products

Sony is not the first company to decide to raise the price of its products. Meta has previously made the choice to raise the price of the Meta Quest 2. That was only a bit more controversial, because it concerns two-year-old VR glasses and the price has been increased by no less than 100 euros.

In any case, potential buyers of the Nintendo Switch need not worry. Nintendo has recently said that the price of the console will not go up, because the company considers ‘maintaining momentum’ more important.


Best price clauses: Federal Cartel Office closes proceedings against Lieferando

Competition watchdogs have targeted Lieferando because of price clauses embedded in contracts with restaurants. The proceedings have now been discontinued because there is no sufficient evidence that these make it more difficult for other delivery services to enter the market.

The Federal Cartel Office has suspended proceedings against the food delivery service Lieferando until further notice due to price clauses embedded in contracts with restaurants. All in all, the competition authority currently has no sufficient evidence to suggest that the clause represents a serious obstacle to the market entry of other delivery services, said head of the authority Andreas Mundt.

Possible obstacle to competition

The background: The delivery service – the top dog in Germany according to the cartel office – requires restaurants to ensure that the prices charged by the Lieferando subsidiary, which is part of Just Eat Takeaway, correspond to the prices in the restaurant’s own sales channels. The competition authorities see such clauses as a possible obstacle to competition. This means that restaurants may lose the incentive to commission other brokerage platforms on more favorable terms. The Federal Court of Justice had confirmed the ban on a similar best price clause on the hotel platform

However, the market conditions for food deliveries are different than in the booking case, said Mundt. The market and business models surrounding food orders are in flux. Restaurants are increasingly taking advantage of new alternative offers and are sometimes commissioning several delivery services at the same time. “All in all, we currently have no sufficient evidence to suggest that the clause represents a thorough obstacle to the market entry of new platforms with differentiated offers,” said the head of the authority.

Discontinuation of proceedings

However, the discontinuation of the proceedings for discretionary reasons does not make any statement about the admissibility of the investigated best price clause under antitrust law, it was said. The cartel office will continue to monitor competition and take action if this appears necessary.

According to competition watchdogs, best price clauses often only appear to be advantageous for consumers. By preventing cheaper prices through other distribution channels, they can have a negative impact on competition between competing providers of online intermediation services and make it more difficult for new providers to enter the market.


Mercadona raises the price of home delivery after 20 years. It’s to “cover costs”

You go to the supermarket, fill the shopping cart and tell them to send it home. Mercadona’s home delivery service is a great option for those who don’t want to be burdened, but now the chain has decided to apply changes.

Following the widespread price escalation, Mercadona has raised the price of its home delivery service. As the company explains, the price of this service had not changed in the last 20 years but now they have had to raise it to “cover the costs of the service.” An increase in the cost foreseeably derived from the price of energy, transport and personnel.

Suddenly, some users have seen how the price they traditionally paid to take their purchase home has risen.

A user from the Basque Country has pointed out that the cost of the home service will rise from 3 August from 4.21 euros to 6.50 euros, regardless of the purchase price. The user complains that other supermarkets such as Carrefour or El Corte Inglés have this free service for purchases over 100 euros.

Mercadona has a home delivery service from the store itself at a price that starts at 4.21 euros, but from the company’s website they explain that the final cost depends on each geographical area. The service is not present in all stores and they usually apply a maximum of 10 kilometers from the store to the customer’s home.

It should be noted that the price of home delivery from the store is lower than from the online page. Directly from the Mercadona website it has a price of 7.21 euros and a minimum order of 50 euros.

Deliveries of the home service from the store are usually delivered the day after the purchase. The rise in prices of this service has started to be applied since the end of Julybeing its progressive implementation depending on each area.

Mercadona is in the midst of applying strategy changes, such as its rental of premises. After two decades where home delivery was a constant, now customers have seen a price increase.


Lidl has this mouse pad at a bargain price: with RGB lighting, it costs just 9 euros

The gaming setup of any PC player must have a series of essential items to be able to play properly. If we think about the most important ones, it is logical that headphones, a mouse, a keyboard or even a gaming chair come to mind, but there are others that we do not usually pay much attention to. and they also play a key role.

One of these elements that goes unnoticed is the mousepad, and it is that having a good and quality one for our gaming mouse is very important to play in good conditions. Like everything, we have many different types of mats and with the most disparate prices. If you are looking for a quality one and do not want to spend too much, Lidl has the perfect solution for you: this mat costs only 8.99 euros.

As we say, a mouse pad must be of quality to ensure that the movement of the mouse is detected correctly. This one from Lidl is going to give us a very good performance in that sense, also having the plus of having a non-slip rubber base so that it stays well attached to the table and does not move in any situation.

Another very interesting plus of this Lidl mat and which corresponds to others with a significantly higher price is the presence of RGB lighting on its edge. It has 16 lighting modes that we can activate, deactivate or change through a button. To feed this system we have a 2.2 meter USB cable, so we will not have problems connecting it to our equipment. For just 9 euros, a product to take into account this one from Lidl.

Remember that if you are not yet a member of Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to the service through the 30 day free trial.

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