Create a second Fortnite account (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch)

How to create a second account in Fortnite? What do you have to consider when creating a second account in Fortnite? One or two players who play the battle royale game from Epic Games may have been thinking about these questions in the past few weeks. The question arises mainly because some players like to play without skill-based matchmaking and do not want to be automatically assigned to players who match their skill level. To “escape” skill-based matchmaking, you can create a Smurf account, or more precisely a second account, and play with it. But how does that work? In this guide we will show you how to create a second account and play with it in just a few seconds.

Create a second account in Fortnite

If you play Fortnite on your PC, you can easily create a second account. All you have to do is create a second Epic Games account, start the Epic Games Launcher and log out. You can then log in with the second account and start playing directly with the second account.

  1. Create a new Epic Games account via the website (or log in via one of the social logins offered such as Steam or Facebook).
  2. Start the Epic Games Launcher, click on the profile in the top right and select “Log out”.
  3. Log in using the second account using the registration form and start Fortnite.

Second Fortnite account on PS4 or Xbox One?

If you play Fortnite on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series or even Nintendo, you have to create another account on the console. So on the PS4 or PS5 you have to create another PSN account and re-register or select the other user when starting the console. You can then play Fortnite on the console with the second account. Since Fortnite is a free-to-play game, PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold is not required for the second account.

Transfer skins to the second account?

So far there is no way in Fortnite or the Epic Games Launcher to transfer purchases from one account to another account. Accordingly, purchased skins and other objects cannot be transferred to the second account. You may be able to transfer purchased content from one account to another via Support. If you want to do this, you should ask Epic Games support about this.


Dead Island 2 Cheats PS5, PS4 and Xbox?

Are there actually cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PS5 or Xbox Series? How can you cheat for infinite money and weapons or duplicate and clone weapons? One or two players of the new zombie slicer from Dambuster Studios, who bought the console version of the game, will probably be dealing with these questions in the last few days. The question arises especially if you have already played the predecessor in the form of Dead Island 1 and have already duplicated a weapon using glitches such as the Duplication Glitch. In this short guide we show what is possible regarding cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PS5 and Xbox Series.

Cheats for Dead Island 2 on PlayStation or Xbox?

The short answer to the question is, no, there are no cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PlayStation 5 or on the Xbox Series either. The developers have not integrated any classic cheat codes into the game that you can simply type in and activate. But as is often the case in games without “official cheats”, there are various ways in which you can cheat in Dead Island 2, namely through glitches. A glitch exploits a bug in the game and allows you to duplicate a weapon in the game and then sell it, i.e. use it as a money cheat.

Duplicate weapons cheat in Dead Island 2

Just a few days after the release, the first players discovered a glitch that allows you to duplicate weapons. Unfortunately, this is a co-op glitch which means you can only use it together with another player. A solo glitch for duplicating weapons or as a money cheat is currently not known.

To use the glitch you have to do the following:

  1. Start a co-op session with a friend. The player who wants to use the cheat must be the host of the co-op session.
  2. Go to any dealer together and the host must throw their weapons from the inventory/backpack onto the ground.
  3. Leave the inventory or backpack window open and the host must exit the game (no auto-save may be created). Quit the game completely and be invited back into the session by the other player.
  4. You then start the game again with a full inventory, while the weapons that were previously thrown on the ground continue to lie on the ground. You can now sell the weapons to the dealer and earn money very quickly.

By the way, the weapon duplication glitch described above can only ever be used by the host. It could well be that the developers at Dambuster Studios will sooner or later put a stop to the glitch and you will no longer be able to duplicate your weapons. If additional Dead Island 2 cheats for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series or Xbox One appear in the meantime, we will of course add them here.

Update: More glitches have now been found, shown in the video below (works on PC as well as PS5, PS4 and Xbox)

By the way, if you play Dead Island 2 on the PC, you can cheat for unlimited money using both the trainer and the cheat engine.


PES 2020 patch – how to download option files to add licenses, kits, badges and more on PS4 and PC

A PES 2020 options file (or PES 2020 patch) allows you to fully enjoy Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 by adding the teams as if they had official licenses, although the best players in PES 2020 (here is the list of those from last year while we create this edition) are officially included.

Playing Man Red instead of Manchester United or MD White instead of Real Madrid does not make a real impact on the action, although the absence of real names may affect the overall show.

Fortunately (for Playstation 4 and PC players) there is a very easy way to change those default names to the real ones.

By downloading fan-made patches onto a USB stick and transferring them to PS4 (or copying them into game files directly on PC) you can replace all unofficial teams, statuses, kits and badges in the game, which means you can have a more visually realistic experience.

How to import PES 2020 options file to PS4

PS4 players can add a highly detailed options file to PES 2020 with a new feature that allows you to not only import the files, but to do so across multiple profiles with a single folder on a USB.

To do it on PS4 specifically, follow the instructions below (a little warning: obviously, what you download from internet forums is at your own risk, so I keep in mind before starting to search):

  • Format a USB pen drive to FAT 32
  • Create a folder on the USB called WEPES
  • Find a file of options by searching the internet. A popular option is PES World, but it is not yet active at the time of writing this guide. The one we have found is the pes-patch that we link here.
  • If it comes as a compressed file, unzip it into the WEPES folder. If not, just move all the downloaded files to the WEPES folder.
  • Plug the USB into your PS4 and open PES 2020.
  • Go to the menu “Edit”, “Data Management”, “Import / Export”.
  • Select “Import Equipment”, tick all the boxes on the “Select File” page and continue. The next page is “Detailed Settings”; here you must leave all the boxes unchecked.
  • The files will be added automatically. The more teams / leagues you add, the longer it will take.
  • Make sure to hit “Save” on the “Data Management” page that will appear at the end of the process and you will almost be done.
  • Tournament achievements must be added by hand. Go back to “Data Management”, “Import / Export”, “Import images.”
  • Then select “Competition Logos” under “Import Images.”
  • Select all individual images (not folders) and press OK.
  • You will have to edit each competition manually on the “Competition Category” pages that follow importing logos.
  • Note: PES 2020 has just come out, so we are still investigating if the steps above are exactly the same in PES 2020. In theory they should be the same as in PES 2019.

    After following these steps, you will have the complete set with names, logos, tournaments, kits and badges, as if you were playing a fully licensed version of the game.

    :: The best players of PES 2018: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards with the best scores

    How to download and install the PES 2020 options file on PC

    Things are different for PES 2020 PC players, who can install the fan-created patch in another, but also simple way. PC patches are more difficult to find right when the game comes out, but some can already be found.

    One option is this patch from, although we haven’t tested it on PC at the time of publishing the guide. Stay tuned for pes-patch and PES World if it still doesn’t work properly.

    Another website, PTE patch, should have one soon. To install it, you must follow these steps:

  • Download the patch.
  • Follow the instructions that are given to you once downloaded.
  • When the installer asks you for a folder to export the content to on your PC, select the place where you have installed the game. For Steam players, the usual thing is that it is in C: Steam SteamApps Common Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (if it is not on your main hard drive, you could change the “C” for another letter).
  • Check if the installation has worked by going to the “Edit” menu as you would to install it on PS4 and go to the “Computers” menu to check if everything is correct.
  • Note: PES 2020 has just come out, so we are still investigating if the steps above are exactly the same in PES 2020. In theory they should be the same as in PES 2019.

    This should suffice for PC gamers, but keep in mind that much more complete patches will be out on PC in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on community sites like PesWorld and Pes-Patch in the days after launch.

    Looking for more PES 2020 guides? On this page we tell you how to download option files to add licenses, kits, badges and more, we also have a list with the real names of the teams and the list of player scores with the best Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards.

    How to get the names of teams, competitions and kits in PES 2020

    Unfortunately for Xbox One owners there is no way to download and install an options file at this time. Rather than simply exporting files from a USB, Xbox One players will have to manually edit teams, competitions, and kits within the game.

    Fortunately, PES 2020 includes a full in-game editor, just like last year. Go to the Edit menu, where you will find the option to manually change things like team names (we’ve compiled a list of real team names to save you some time) as well as competition or kit names (but not sponsors and logos) and more.

    Additional reporting by Chris Tapsell.


    These PS4 RPGs are hidden gems

    This generation of consoles, now so close to the end, has been happily blessed by RPGs of surprising quality that have forever raised the bar for the genre. However, not all RPGs manage to present the scope and ambition of games like The Witcher 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn or Final Fantasy 7 Remake. To highlight lesser-known RPGs that are still interesting proposals for fans of the genre, we created this article. The aim is to highlight RPGs that we like but have not received as much attention as the colossus of the genre. These are RPGs that we consider “hidden gems”.

    Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory (2018)

    • Buy Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory on the PS Store

    For those who like RPGs that involve the collection and evolution of creatures, Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory quickly becomes an addiction. Technically, it is a somewhat limited game, with not very large areas and visual quality that leaves something to be desired for a PS4 game. But on the positive side of the scale there is an interesting combat system with many strategic possibilities and combinations of Digimon, and a mechanic of “capture” and evolution of Digimon that will hold you for tens of hours. If you like Digmon and the Pokémon series games, this is a good choice.

    Dragon’s Crown Pro (2018)

    • Buy Dragon’s Crown Pro on the PS Store

    Dragon’s Crown Pro is an action RPG originally released for PS3 and PS Vita. In 2018 a new version was released for PlayStation 4 with visuals retouched to 4K. It is a 2D game with lush visuals in which you control a party of heroes while exploring different dungeons. With an electrifying soundtrack, it is an option to take into account for those who prefer a frantic pace instead of fighting by turns. Its only flaw is that it can become a repetitive game.

    Darkest Dungeon (2016)

    • Buy Darkest Dungeon on the PS Store

    A dark RPG for those who like challenging things. The premise of Darkest Dungeon is the same as any RPG: you have a party and you will explore dungeons, however, the mechanics are quite different. Darkest Dungeon focuses a lot on the physical and psychological damage that constant battles do to your companions. You will have to deal with various psychological traumas, physical injuries, hunger and illness. Due to this unique system, it is an innovative and refreshing RPG.


    Genshin Impact Gets “Required Resource Package” on PS4

    HoYoverse announced that the PS4 version of GenshinImpact will receive an additional file download titled “GenshinImpact: Required set of resources. » According to HoYoverse, this download will ensure that file storage support GenshinImpact is now supported on PS4.

    GenshinImpact Version 4.3 launches on December 20 and will be the game’s last major update for 2023. This new update includes new limited-time events, playable characters, and more as players continue their exploration of the Fontaine region. However, PS4 players must first download the required resource package if they plan to continue playing the game on the platform.

    GenshinImpact Required resource set

    Downloading the resource package required for GenshinImpact is required because it supports version 4.3 update. The file size is approximately 16.2 GB and HoYoverse notes that players can find the download by searching for it in the PlayStation Store under Add-ons for Genshin Impact.

    HoYoverse states the following in its HoYoLab article:

    Dear traveler,

    To better support the storage of GenshinImpact On PS4 devices, developers will launch a “GenshinImpact: Required resource package » for GenshinImpact on PS4. This resource package will be required to start the game after updating to version 4.3. We recommend travelers to complete the resource package download before updating the version.

    An estimated 16,194 GB of space is required to download and install “ GenshinImpact: Required set of resources. »

    Launch time

    December 11, 2023 10:00 a.m. (UTC+8)

    How to download ” GenshinImpact: Required resource set »

    Once the resource package is available, search for “GenshinImpact: Required Resource Package” in the PlayStation Store to find and download it. You can also search for Genshin Impact in the PlayStation Store, find “GenshinImpact: Required Resource Package” under “Add-ons,” and then download it.

    Lately, GenshinImpact is available now for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Windows and the Epic Games Store. HoYoverse is currently developing a Nintendo Switch version of GenshinImpact.



    Genshin Impact is banned in Belgium due to loot boxes … but only in the PS4 version

    Following the heated debate on loot boxes and microtransactions present in video games aimed at young audiences, some politicians have decided to intervene and implement new rules on the management of g******g, also including these notorious prize boxes.

    The state that most of all has trodden the situation is certainly the Belgium: thanks to the new laws active for a few months, loot boxes are now considered to all intents and purposes g******g and, as such, illegal in products intended for a minor public. If the developers or the managers of a video game cannot remove these mechanics from their products, Belgium does not allow the diffusion of this title, effectively banning it from the whole territory.

    The latest “victim” of this legislation is Genshin Impact, free to play Chinese that is conquering the whole world. As a free-to-play title, loot boxes and microtransactions are the only source of sustenance for this acclaimed RPG game, but the law does not allow for exceptions, and since the “luck” mechanics cannot be removed, Genshin Impact was officially banned from Belgium … but also not.

    The title in Belgium is not downloadable on PlayStation 4 but, inexplicably, it is still present in the local stores of Android is PC, without any restrictions. Indeed, marketing campaigns and advertising continue to persist.

    In other words, only PS4 players have had to say goodbye to Genshin Impact, but everyone else can continue to play (and spend) without a problem. To be honest, this is not so true either, as it is enough to create a PSN account in another region and this “block” would also be solved.

    We do not know if this forgetfulness is a delay in the execution of the law, an error, or there is a legal loop involved that keeps the mobile and PC versions in stall, but it all seems decidedly … paradoxical.

    Belgium has successfully eliminated microtransactions and loot boxes from games such as FIFA, big money factories for EA, but it seems that the law and its applications are still very immature.

    What do you think?

    Source: Resetera


    53 great PS4 games with Cross-Buy on PlayStation Vita that you might not remember

    Several years have passed since Sony got out of the PS Vita car, although there are many studies indies that they continue to take it into account in the face of conversions in their most recent work. For many it’s true he’s dead, but that doesn’t mean he’s not « alive » for another sector that loves notebooks.

    There is actually one facet that is always forgotten: Cross-purchase with PS4. A feature where, for the payment of a product, we are given the possibility (free) of being able to play it on another console of the PlayStation family. Usually with PS Vita, although the PS3 has also benefited a lot. Today we will review many PS4 games that you can play in portable mode with your PS Vita, if you keep it still … Because the console is discontinued.

    New graphic adventures and other classics

    Being a touchscreen console, Graphical Adventures is one of the genres best suited to the PS Vita. And over there Double Fine Productions is the most contributing studio, saving three classics from LucasArts and one of their classics released in 2015.

    We discussed the Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle updates as well as the KickStarter, Broken Age twist. Unfortunately, Revolution Software did not do the same with Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse, by not having Cross-Buy. But this is one of the few exceptions. For example, eschatology Demetrios: THE GREAT Cynical Adventureyes you have it.

    Sometimes these were late conversions, such as remake of the mythical Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, renamed Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty, two years behind the original PS4 version. A platform adventure to hit the coconut and save Abe’s companions. And f**t. A lot.

    We cannot forget a video game considered to be art (one of the first to appear in the exhibition at the prestigious MoMA), Another World.

    On the PlayStation Store …

    Metroidvanias, roguelikes and action platforms

    A genre that is experiencing its second youth today is that of metroidvania, with more exhibitors than ever and with a variety worthy of note, with more crazy and refreshing proposals. And there are several that luckily also came out on PS Vita with Cross-Buy between PS4. Here, yes, like the rest of the games we list, it should be noted that Cross-Buy only applies to digital purchases. The physical purchases are not worth it.

    The case is that we electrify Teslagrad at retro-metroid Axiom Verge, going through the TimeSpinner temporal paradoxes, with other notables like Chasm, Iconoclasts or, more importantly, SteamWorld Dig 2. Because this sequel left layers behind what was seen in the first SteamWorld Dig. And what about the hilarious Unepic, the great adventure of Francisco Tellez de Meneses?

    If we expand into more action and platform variants, with a few titles with notes of roguelike, we have one of the best games ever (besides the best remake possible), most of Spelunky. Or that Rogue Legacy whose legacy continues to grow. Even that Souls in 2D called Salt & Sanctuary, with additional mention for Killed: back from h**l, who was polite.

    In the purest part of the platform there are more jewels Inde timeless, like Super Meat Boy, Knight’s shovel or Fez. And in its party style, almost no game can beat TowerFall Ascension. Without ignoring this tribute to the history of consoles which bears the name of Super Life of Pixel (very informative, if we are patient) or how addicting it is to immerse yourself without stopping Downwell.

    Even with a ’90s spirit and bombproof difficulty, we have the very demanding (but aesthetically ugly to rage) Volgarr le Viking and this little pixelated wonder that responds to the name of Mercenary kings.

    On the PlayStation Store …

    • Axiom Verge | 17,99 euros
    • Chasm | 17.99 euros
    • Downwell | 4,99 euros
    • Fes | 9.99 euros
    • Iconoclasts | 19.99 euros
    • Mercenary Kings | 15.99 euros
    • Rogue Legacy | 12,99 euros
    • Salt and Sanctuary | 17.99 euros
    • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove | 24,99 euros
    • Killed: back from h**l | 14.99 euros
    • Spelunky | 14,99 euros
    • SteamWorld Dig | 8.99 euros
    • SteamWorld Dig 2 | 19.99 euros
    • Super pixel life | 11.99 euros
    • Super Meat Boy | 15,99 euros
    • Teslagrad | 14.99 euros
    • TimeSpinner | 19,99 euros
    • Ascent of TowerFall | 13.99 euros
    • Unepic | 9.99 euros
    • Volgarr le Viking | 9.99 euros

    Matamarcianos, shooters, fight them and beat them

    The PlayStation Vita surprised us by adapting (with some performance limitations, of course) Hits PS4, like the best game it had when it debuted in late 2013: Resogun. A great housemarque matamarcianos that ended up doing honor by seeing the content expanded with DLC.

    The s*x of the mantamarcianos It had a really good representation on this laptop and with Cross-Buy, like this Locomalito wonder that takes us back to our childhood (Super Hydorah) or the very original PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. And with the touch of color brought by the likable Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX, an exceptional student of the legendary Defender by Eugene Jarvis from 1981.

    If we go to shooters From another angle and with this desire to release adrenaline without asking questions, both Miami Hotline like Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, they take the cake when it comes to immediacy. And with Nuclear Throne as one of the absolute references of roguelikes that leave Gauntlet in layers.

    We cannot ignore, even if we didn’t love her as much as Magicka, that Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers and his destructive four-group friendships, while for the fight lovers there is the seer Skullgirls 2nd Againon the one hand and the Beat them brazilian retro fit 99Vies on another side.

    On the PlayStation Store …

    • 99Lives | 9.99 euros
    • Aqua Kitty: Defender of DX Milk Mines | 6.59 euros
    • Helldivers | 19,99 euros
    • Miami Hotline | 9.99 euros
    • Miami Hotline 2: wrong number | 14.99 euros
    • Nuclear throne | 11.99 euros
    • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate | 11,99 euros
    • Resogun | 12.99 euros
    • Skullgirls 2nd Encore | 24.99 euros
    • Super Hydorah | 19.99 euros

    Adventures, RPGs and other very diverse genres

    To top it off, we could include genres as disparate as role-playing games with Sandbox, extreme sports and endless runner musical comedies. Where do we start? For example, inside the RPG is the gem Darkest Dungeon, the Japanese veteran Origine Ys or that atypical Inde that revolutionized the industry, Undertale.

    In adventures we can go from the intimate Alone with you even the evocative Bastion, with the touch of Boss rush by Titan Souls. Or directly say goodbye to our social life with the Stardew Valley simulator. As if we were going straight Sandbox with 8 and 16-bit spirit, like Retro City Rampage DX and its spiritual successor, Shakedown: Hawaii, riddled with winks everywhere.

    What do we prefer rarities? There is the histrionic and pulperil Octodad: Dadliest Catch, ou le fantastic Light spear, where to test our goal with the spear. Otherwise, we can choose the turn-based strategy of Steamworld heist.

    What if we want something more alive? Or we opt for the skate arcade d’OlliOlli and OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood; or by the musical rhythm of BIT.TRIP présente… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien o NecroDancer crypt.

    On the PlayStation Store …

    • Alone with you | 9.99 euros
    • Bastion | 14.99 euros
    • BIT.TRIP Runner 2 | 9,99 euros
    • NecroDancer Crypt | 15,99 euros
    • Darkest Dungeon | 21.99 euros
    • Light Spear: Double Speer Edition | 9.99 euros
    • Octodad: Dadliest Catch | 13,99 euros
    • OlliOlli | 9.99 euros
    • OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood | 12.99 euros
    • Retro City Rampage DX | 9,99 euros
    • Shakedown: Hawaï | 19,99 euros
    • Stardew Valley | 14,99 euros
    • SteamWorld Heist | 14,99 euros
    • Titan Souls | 14,99 euros
    • Undertale | 14,99 euros
    • Origin Ys | 19.99 euros

    Are there more Cross-Buy games between PS4 and Vita?

    Despite Sony not giving it the hype it should and in PlayStation Store, the list released in Spain doesn’t even reach a quarter of what actually exists (over 200 games with Cross-Buy), we left out a lot to focus on the most recommended ones, Hateful boyfriend have your audience. We have the winner Thomas was alone, for example.

    Currently the editor Ratalaika Games is the one that brings out, by far, more games with Cross-Buy for PS Vita. In fact, rare is the month where no one comes out and with twice as many Platinum Trophies (one for PS4 and one for Vita), being, to top it off, one of the easiest to obtain. But at least some games are popular, like Super Destronaut DX. And their prices don’t exceed 5 eurosgo

    As with other studies, we have seen more recent and visually valuable titles, such as the follow-up to Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, to others from generations past, such as Cel Damage HD, what would be the (unofficial) game of Crazy cars. The list is huge, but What other video games would you name?

    Source: Gadgetsnow


    Palia for PS5 and PS4: when is it coming out?

    The open beta of the cozy MMO Palia started a few days ago. The game of Singularity 6, as expected, enjoys great popularity among players. So far, the open beta has only been available for the PC and one or the other player may be wondering when will Palia be released for the PlayStation? Is there already a release for the PS4 or PS5?

    When is Palia coming out for PS4 or PS4?

    The short answer to the question is that no implementation of Palia for the PS4 or PS5 is currently planned. As you can see from the official FAQ for the release of the Nintendo Switch version, the developers are currently concentrating on the implementation on the PC and the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version of Palia is currently planned for the end of the year. Nevertheless, the FAQ also states that they are well aware of the demand from players on other platforms and that the release of the cozy MMO on other platforms is therefore not ruled out.

    As soon as there is more information about a release of Palia on the PS5 or PS4, we will update the information here. However, as already mentioned, one should not have the greatest hopes that an implementation on the PlayStation will follow in the near future. As a PS5 or PS4 owner, you will probably have to wait until the release of the Nintendo Switch version, which is due to appear at the end of the year.

    If you want to stay up to date on Palia, we recommend the official Twitter profile playPalia to follow and join the Discord server, where you will always be informed about all the announcements and innovations.


    Cyberpunk 2077 trophies will not transfer from the PS4 version to the PS5 version

    The good news yesterday afternoon was that the current-gen upgrade of Cyberpunk 2077 was finally ready after much delay and made available immediately. All current owners of the game can upgrade to the current-gen version for free, but this comes with a small snag.

    If you want to continue playing the game you will not be able to get all Trophies in the continuation. If you start the PS5 version, the game will not immediately unlock all already unlocked Trophies. So you will have to start over anyway to achieve everything.

    According to CD Projekt RED, this is due to the fact that the PS5 version is a different SKU, so it is not possible to transfer the Trophies. It is good news for the Trophy hunters, because they can go for the platinum again.

    “Unfortunately, as the next-gen version has a different SKU, PlayStation trophies obtained thanks to backward compatibility will not be transferred. You will need to meet the requirements once again to unlock them.”


    Is Red Dead Redemption available for free on PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5?

    It has undoubtedly given a lot to talk about, from before it became official through rumors and leaks, until after Rockstar’s official announcement. And of course, with the launch of , within the PlayStation community they wonder if the game will come to PS Plus… here we tell you.

    Unfortunately for the fans: It will NOT come to PS Plus on PS4 and/or PS5. This can cause a lot of annoyance among users, since the only way to play it will be by purchasing it, which by the way, in it will be around $70USD.

    When is Red Dead Redemption coming out on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4?

    He of Releases August 17 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. You can already buy the game in their respective stores on each platform.

    Red Dead Redemption was part of PlayStation Now until 2022

    What’s new in the Red Dead Redemption port for Switch and PS4

    To be frank, almost none, since on the content side it only includes the expansion the only which came out for the original game in 2010. Regarding the graphic improvements, it will only have those in accordance with the capabilities that the eighth generation can allow… plus the portability of playing on Switch and/or screenshots and video on both platforms. It will also have subtitles adapted to Latin Spanish.

    Do you think it’s fair to receive this? Leave your opinion in the comments.


    What is Red Dead Redemption Hardcore on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

    Red Dead Redemption is a game that, no matter how much time passes, will always be remembered as one of the most emblematic titles in Rockstar’s history. He certainly offered an open world way ahead of its time. And he did it without giving up an excellent story. Now that it’s coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, many you can discover it or revive it. Do you want a challenge to rise to the occasion? choose extreme mode. Today here we tell you what it consists of and how it works.

    The three aiming modes in Red Dead Redemption

    Although the original Rockstar game did not have difficulty modes as such, there was a very organic way to get the same effect. In fact, if we accessed the “Shooting mode” options, we could change that option from Normal to Expert. And in the same way, we could also switch to easy mode (called Casual). But… what did they really change?

    As you may have guessed from the name of the menu, really affected the aiming system of the game. So, while the Casual mode, the normal mode allows when shooting. That meant an auto-targeting system with the ability to better aim with the right stick on the controller. And finally, the Expert mode offereda system of.

    However, you should know that these aiming modes should not be confused with the Hardcore mode that came to the game later. In fact, this additional difficulty level wasn’t available until the GOTY edition of Red Dead Redemption, for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Hardcore Mode not only set the target to “Expert”, not being able to change it during the story, but added other modifications to make the game more complicated. Now, all of that has been carried over to the new version for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. And it is that, when you start the game, you must choose between Normal, Extreme or Undead Nightmarand. That Extreme is of course the Hardcore mode.

    At the start of the game on PS4 and Switch you must choose the difficulty mode

    In other words, if you choose “Extreme”, the aiming system will be fixed at “Expert”, apart from adding the rest of the mods. Therefore, if you want to modify the difficulty only in the targetedthen you will have to start in “Normal”

    How does Red Dead Redemption Hardcore Mode work on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

    As you may have guessed, the Extreme Mode of this new version is exactly the same as the Hardcore mode of the original. Something logical, taking into account that this new title brings all the content of the GOTY version (without multiplayer, yes). Therefore, it means that it is an option for turn up the difficulty of Red Dead Redemption on many levels and not just with the target. Something unusual in Rockstar games, by the way. I have here the list of changes implying:

    • Aiming is permanently set to Expert
    • Max health is halved
    • Health regenerates more slowly and starts recharging after a longer delay
    • The DeadEye does not automatically fill over time. Must be earned by killing enemies or using items
    • Horses do not regenerate. If you are killed, you must buy, steal, ride, or tame another horse and then harness it to a post to earn the right to whistle call it. Also, horse deeds are still available and unlimited, but twice as expensive
    • Shop items cost more
    • Sales values ​​are reduced
    • The amounts of rewards/loots (ammo and money) are reduced
    • Pardon letters are rare
    • Fame and honor gains are reduced
    • Mini-game stakes are reduced to accommodate money shortages
    • War Horse Deed must be purchased for $10,000 (available at any general store)
    • The Assassin suit increases the amount of DeadEye gained from kills, rather than regeneration over time
    • It only works on the original story. Undead Nightmare is not affected

    How to change the aiming system in Red Dead Redemption?

    Remember that this can only be done if you don’t play in Extreme mode. In that case, all you have to do is enter the pause menu. Then it’s time to go to “Options”, “Settings” and “Shooting mode” (or “Multiplayer Shooting Mode”).

    In case we select the Expert Mode, we will have to aim ourselves, without any help, as if it were a traditional third person action game. Logically, this is much more difficult, but it is also a fantastic experience for the most purists.

    On the other hand, you should know that the players who select this mode will have some advantages, such as the possibility of earn an additional 100 XP by completing gang hideouts. And who knows. You may even drop the occasional trophy throughout your adventure.

    As a curiosity, think that the explosive rifle and the sniper rifles they are always in expert mode. Therefore, it is the clearest reference you have regarding what awaits you with the rest of the weapons if you activate it.

    That’s how easy the aiming is configured in the original game

    Cheats for Red Dead Redemption Expert aim mode

    Finally, you should know that this aiming mode is more difficult to master, but it can also make a difference in some situations in which the automatic aiming limits us in movements. For example, it will be very useful when you have to aim accurately while dodging (or when we release the aim button).

    In fact, that will avoid fixing the closest target, which is still not the most convenient. In addition, the Expert mode will also be of great help in areas with waves of enemies located very close together on the stage. basically because auto targeting can switch between enemies when we don’t need it.

    Oh, and although that also works if you play with aids, keep in mind that health regeneration with cover is higher than without cover. Therefore, you may need to remember it here to take advantage of it and get an advantage.

    In short, maybe if you are good players, the other modes are weighing you down a little mobility and speed when it comes to drawing when it’s time and in the most suitable way.

    If you haven’t yet enjoyed red dead redemption, we remind you that a good appetizer for the adventure that awaits you is to read the analysis that we dedicated to it in its day. Also remember that the game comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch with all the patches and content released so far, including the Undead Nightmare expansion. And if you want to complete the game 100% pay attention to our definitive guide to Red Dead Redemption.


    How to cool down and reduce noise on your PS4

    If you are reading these lines, it is very likely that you PS4 is making strange noises (or directly boring) while playing, and even suddenly turn dark. In fact, this kind of problem are even more frequent and billed in summer, although they can occur at any time of the year. Luckily, it is possible to reduce this problem with a few simple tips.

    The source of the noise, roughly speaking, is that your PS4 is overheating and therefore, its cooling makes the internal ventilation system work with much more intensity. The first you will notice just by touching its case, while the second manifests itself -logically- in the sound emitted by the console.

    That said, our dual goal of reducing noise from the PS4 is to avoid overheating situations and at the same time, improve system ventilation as much as possible by simple but effective solutions. But also, come up with ideas that will do your console good.

    Where to put the PS4 and how

    The instruction manuals PS4 (and, in general, any console) give us the first basic advice. In fact, some models even warn us that the system is overheating. a reddish blink in the power indicator. The protocol to be followed, according to Sony, is as follows.

    Turn off the system and do not use it for a while. When the system cools, move it to a well-ventilated area, and then start using it again.

    It is in this last sentence that we are given one of the basic keys: we must choose a place in which the PS4 is well ventilated. If possible, in an open space where the console has a wide headroom at the back (where the power and HDMI cables are connected). Generally speaking, twice as spacious as its own volume.

    On the other hand, and being more concise, the less practical is to store the console in a completely closed cabinet or in places that tend to accumulate heat. And that implies keep our PS4 as far as possible from other devices that also emit heat, like other consoles or television decoders, for example.

    In this aspect, in addition to the site having good ventilation, we have to worry about two basic aspects: on what kind of material are we going to rest it and how prevent and combat dust accumulation. Specially in rear ventilation outlets.

    On the one hand, the PS4 is designed to be used both vertically and horizontally. How to place it is your decision, the care you take not to throw it away or put things in it, and how seriously you get involved in it. feng shui from your house. Logically, if you put it vertically, it ventilates better, but you also have to be careful that not exposed to dust.

    Avoid placing the console on surfaces that retain heat. If you have it on a sheet, carpet or fabric, or even if it is placed on materials such as brick, it will heat up much faster than in cold surfaces like tiles, marble, tiles or ceramics, for example. It might sound like common sense, but everything counts.

    For our part, we summarized everything and we recommend a very simple trick: find a place where the PS4 is well ventilated, which has a lot of space (at least, twice as large as its volume) and is separate from other heat-generating devices such as other consoles. Don’t put anything on top or too close and … Put your feet on it!

    We not only advise you 100% to bet on an approved support PS4 if you put it vertically, but plan to put it very simple support feet if you have it horizontally. The idea, yes, that they only lift it a little, but firmly: think of the disk drive and that it is not good that the components are constantly moving.

    There is the option of improviser legs, of course. You can use the classic bumpers or studs as long as they are all sturdy and the same size to keep the PS4 stable. But also you can get basic ones at reasonable prices. Here we leave you some alternatives.

    If you are betting on the vertical, remember that some brackets also include a ventilation system. We put Sony officials and some alternatives that may interest you.

    As a final note, we recommend that (where possible) in the warmer months Bet on playing in well ventilated rooms or with the air conditioning on.

    You can also bet on a single fan, as long as it doesn’t point to the vents on your PS4, but remember that our goal (besides preventing overheating) is to reduce noise. If your fan makes more noise than the console, we won’t have made much progress in this regard.

    Cleaning and maintenance make the difference

    As we have already mentioned, dust is one of the biggest enemies of the PS4 and its internal components. In general, the enemy comes from any device with the technology. The reason? Dust build-up inside and in vents directly affects overheating from our consoles.

    Therefore, our priority is not only to find a place where dust does not accumulate, but also keep our PS4 as clean as possible giving it a periodic review.

    The ideal is to clean the PS4 at least once a month, and ventilation outlets They must be our priority during the process. In addition, these outputs should always be impeccable.

    • To clean the housings and the exterior of the console, you can use a chamois or a microfiber cloth.
    • Additionally, for more sensitive areas such as ventilation outlets, console ports or less accessible areas, you can use a compressed air container. Three cans cost around 10 euros.

    Then we leave you a video tutorial on how you can clean the Slim model.

    As well there are filters and protective covers which, in essence, we recommend if a lot of dust is generated where you live (or if you plan to get involved in work that is going to take a long time). This is another option.

    At this point, it should be borne in mind that there are several PS4 models (the original, known as Slim, the PS4 Pro and its variants) and each has its own unique design and ventilation system. And, logically, your own filters and dust covers.

    Although it is normal for dust to accumulate inside the console, we will not recommend you to take it apart. Among other reasons, because the warranty would be lost. But you can remove – with great care – the side cover from early PS4 models or the top case from Slim and Pro models with relative ease. superficial recognition and cleaning.

    In the case of, for example, PS4 Pro, you can skip the compressed air to the fan simply by removing the cover.

    As we discussed, the idea is to reduce noise as much as possible. In fact, the only time the PS4 doesn’t play sound is when it’s turned off.

    All in all, if you see this by following all of our tips your PS4 is overheating a lot and very soon, or makes noises that are not normal, the most recommended is to contact the seller (if it is new) or bet on the official technical service.

    Extra Tip Round

    In addition to all of the above, we will give you six suggestions this may interest you.

    If your PS4 is overheating, turn it off normally

    If your console is overheating do not unplug it on the spot or force it, since the fans must continue to cool. Carry out a normal shutdown.

    On the other hand, if a game suddenly forces too much ventilation on the console, you can shut it down and hang out on the PS4 interface until the system heat is reduced.

    Plan your breaks

    We all love to treat ourselves to gaming marathons. However, what Sony recommends in the manual is avoid prolonged use of the PS4. And it is not without reason.

    The established temporal relationship is rest about 15 minutes for every hour of play. From there, we advise you to schedule breaks periodically. Not just for the console, but also for health.

    Disco vs. Digital

    The record player is also a source of noise and heat. Especially during the installation process. Now, as a general rule, after our game is installed, the use of the player is enough punctual.

    Overheating the console is never a good thing, so try setting it up when your PS4 is in tip top shape and at the right time (at least, not after a gaming marathon), or bet directly on digital format.

    All hard drives are not created equal

    PS4 offers the option of adding additional storage via new internal hard drives. In the case of the original PS4 model, for example, you will find it by removing the side cover. AND not all heat the console in the same way.

    We recommend that bet on an SSD (They heat less, although they are more expensive), although you also have the option of choosing by an external model that, despite emitting a little sound, being outside the console does not add internal heat.

    Additional ventilation?

    There is also the possibility of adding additional cooling by external fans. These dock and work by connecting to a USB (eg, PS4) and helps disperse heat. Here we leave you some suggestions.

    To dust… Not even the hour!

    Finally, if you are away from home for a long time and you are not going to take your PS4, it is better to protect it from the dust that accumulates naturally. to exist dust covers They are not too expensive and they will be perfect to resume your games when you return.

    We hope we’ve helped you with these tips and tricks to tackle your PS4 noise and overheating issue, and that the only sounds you hear in your games are from what you play.

    Source : Gadgetsnow


    Complete list with all DLC and Red Dead Redemption content on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

    Red Dead Redemption arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in digital format on August 17, 2023. In addition, it will also arrive in physical format on October 13, 2023. And while the game was already available on Xbox One, it’s great news for those who haven’t played it yet. Among other things, because comes with all DLC And not just with the Undead Nightmare expansion. Today we list all the contents What will this new version bring? And they are not exactly few!

    Undead Nightmare on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

    Controversies about the price of this port aside, the truth is that it absolutely includes all the content that came to have the original game. And there is no doubt that the most important of all is Undead Nightmare. In fact, it can be considered a separate game, since it is a independent expansion. A content focused on the same universe of the game, but that really would not be canon or that not related to the main story (still taking some references).

    Undead Nightmare puts us in the shoes of ex-outlaw John Marston, who wakes up on his farm and discovers that the world has gone mad: deranged hordes have invaded the cities and American frontier outposts. It is in this context that Marston must go through a world torn apart by chaos and disorder in a desperate attempt to save his family using all the skills he has to survive long enough and find a cure.

    This DLC was originally launched on October 26, 2010 and was priced at 9.99 euros. However, it was later included in the GOTY version of the game, which was also launched in physical format (for 29.99 euros).

    List of all Undead Nightmare content on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

    Here are all the novelties that this expansion brought at the time, and which will also come to this new version. Please note that it has been confirmed that there will be no multiplayer in this port. Still, you we list all the content I had this version:

    • zombie animals
    • A new secret location
    • Dynamic and new events
    • New multiplayer modes like Land Takeover
    • 8 new zombie characters for multiplayer
    • New outfits such as the Zombie Hunter Outfit, the One Piece Pajamas, the
    • Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit and at the end of the game, the Zombie Cowboy Outfit
    • El Trabuco, El Agua Bendita, La Antorcha and Cebo Zombie are new weapons to end the zombie plague. In addition, in the “physical” format, you can get the Tomahawk and the Explosive Rifle
    • New survivor activities and missions
    • Mythical creatures (the 4 horses of the apocalypse, Unicorn, Bigfoot and Chupacabras)
    • Zombie apocalypse, in which online players must help each other to survive the zombie plague that will attack them
    • New challenges, titles and trophies
    • Other minor news

    List of all Red Dead Redemption DLC for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

    Undead Nightmare aside, you should know that it is confirmed that the new version will bring all the content of the Game of the Year Edition and “much more”. So there are several DLCs to take into account. We detail them below. Again, we should rule out multiplayer contentalthough you will find everything that the DLC offers equally interesting.

    outlaws to the end

    • Includes six cooperative missions for up to four players

    Legends and Killers

    • Includes additional multiplayer map locations
    • New multiplayer characters
    • The Tomahawk throwing weapon, also for the story
    • New trophies/achievements

    Liars and Cheats

    • Includes Fortress competitive multiplayer mode
    • Free Roam Gambling Games
    • Multiplayer horse racing with combat
    • The Explosive Rifle, also for one player.
    • New multiplayer lairs
    • New trophies/achievements

    Playing poker in RDR can be as fun as it is frustrating.

    Hunter and Merchant

    • Includes two outfits with corresponding playable challenges for John Marston (merchant outfit and hunter outfit)
    • New Legendary Animal: Jackalope

    Myths and Forsaken

    • New maps, modes and characters for multiplayer

    The original content of the reserve

    • Deadly Assassin Costume
    • War Horse
    • Golden Guns Weapon Pack

    PS3 exclusive content

    • Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout Single Player
    • Challenges that were exclusive to PS3 (already also on Xbox)

    The lair that awaits us in Solomon’s Folly is very cool

    If you haven’t yet enjoyed red dead redemption, we remind you that a good appetizer for the adventure that awaits you is to read the analysis that we dedicated to it in its day. And remember that the game comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch with all the patches and content released so far, including the Undead Nightmare expansion.


    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) is coming to PS4 and PS5 as a free to play game

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Star Wars: Battlefront II was released in 2005 by Pandemic Studios for PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox and PC. If you missed this gem, you might have played the 2017 reboot, but you should definitely check out the original. In the Battlefront II single player campaign, the player joins Darth Vader’s 501 Legion.

    Fans have taken to social media to reminisce about what some are calling a “masterpiece.” Twitter user mayojar4 wrote: “” while ju2000an referred to the game simply as “”.

    It’s been 17 years since it was released, and many haven’t played the version to this day. But that could change for a lot of people now. Because now you have the opportunity to play the original from 2005 on your PS4 and PS5, and it’s free!

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) is coming to PS4 and PS5 as a free to play game

    Last month, Pandemic Studios’ Star Wars: Battlefront II turned 17, sparking a rush of nostalgic love from fans of the title. Hailed as a “masterpiece,” the game’s single-player campaign lets players join Darth Vader’s 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. A new rumor has it that Battlefront II will soon be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 as part of the PlayStation Plus premium tier.

    As reported by Push Square, a now-hidden PlayStation Store listing suggests that the PSP version of Battlefront II will be adapted for PS4/5 to make it available to PS Plus Premium subscribers.

    The game has been listed as a classic title, so it certainly fits what we expect from the premium tier. The listing said the game was updated with “up-rendering, rewinding, quick saves, and custom video filters.” We will surely find out the truth in a few weeks. PlayStation typically announces the Extra and Premium tier lineup in the middle of the month.

    Here you can see the news