Your GTX 1060 can have a second life thanks to AMD. FSR 3 performance put to the test

Regardless of who it may be, it is clear that scaling algorithms are the protagonists of this generation of graphics cards. The fight between NVIDIA, AMD and Intel goes through their bets, and the red team has put all the meat on the grill with your FSR 3. Recommended for the last two generations of GPUs, it can also be used with older cards, and some tests with the GTX 1060 and 1070 They say a lot positive about what’s new about the red team.

And not everything is DLSS in this life. Although NVIDIA is brandishing version 3.5 of its algorithm strongly, AMD’s FSR 3 wants to become the hope of those who do not have an RTX 4000. Seeking to create better frame rates through your Frame Generation techniquea YouTuber has tested the generations not supported by this scaling, and the truth is that it comes out well.

This is how FSR 3 performs on GTX 1060 and 1070

We had already seen AMD’s official numbers to show off the power of its generation of , but in the end what matters are the numbers of the users. Taking this as a challenge, Daniel Owen decided to put FSR 3 to the test on older graphics cards, and you can play Immortals of Aveum with several old cards.

arriving up to 60 FPS with the 1060 and even up to the 80s with the GTX 1070, the numbers give hopeful and surprising results, but there is an asterisk behind them. When generating , there are processes behind it that make the latency not ideal, giving a small delay to our movements. Even so, it is a brutal performance jump that can give a second life to these GPUs.