Remnant 2: Forgotten Field Puzzle Solution

In the world of Yaesha you can reach the area “Forgotten Field”. In the area you not only meet a lot of opponents, but also a puzzle. The riddle is a kind of “pedestal riddle”, which can also be found in other areas such as the Imperial Gardens and must be solved. In the puzzle you have to set the right symbols on the round base. The pedestal is in a hidden room behind a wall in front of the tower. The only question is, where can you find the symbols for the socket in the forgotten field?

Forgotten Field: Symbols Puzzle Solution

In order to find out the correct symbols for the “symbols puzzle” on the pedestal, you have to move to the big tower in the forgotten field. The location of the tower can also be seen in the screenshot below.

  1. At the bottom of the tower is a door through which you can go and activate the elevator behind it. The elevator is automatically activated via the floor switch as soon as you go through the door. Instead of taking the elevator up, you now have to exit the elevator first. So run onto the floor switch and run straight out again. Then you have to pay attention to which symbols can be seen on the elevator while it is going up.
  2. The pedestal with the symbols can be found just below the tower behind the magic wall that you can just walk through.
  3. Finally, interact with the base and adjust the symbols visible on the elevator from the outside to the inside. The solution to the riddle in the forgotten field looks like this (possibly different for some players, since the worlds are partly randomly generated).
  4. A door will then open behind the pedestal with the symbols. Behind the door is the Blossoming Heart relic. The blossoming heart spawns a healing orb, which heals you and nearby allies and regenerates 35 percent of your life points. However, the healing also has a downside, as the first healing from the relic is reduced by 35 percent.

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Remnant 2 Column of Ruthlessness Puzzle Solution

Where to find the pillared hall of ruthlessness in Remnant 2? How to solve the torch puzzle in the pillared hall? In the past few days, one or the other player of the new Remnant 2, who is currently on the road in Losomn, will perhaps be dealing with this question. Depending on which “variant” you play from the Losomn world, you will find different areas there. If you play the area with the palace, you can get into the pillared hall of ruthlessness via a somewhat hidden entrance. In the columned hall you not only meet a boss, but you also have to solve a small torch puzzle. In this article we have created a short guide with a solution for Column of Ruthlessness.

Find Hypostyle Hall of Ruthlessness

The Hypostyle Hall of Ruthlessness is east of the palace courtyard. To reach the area in Losomn, one must proceed as follows.

  1. Travel to the Palace of Bliss and follow the path down to the library using the elevator to the left of the door.
  2. Follow the path further down until you come to a library. Run up the stairs through the back door and on the wall above you can already see a reference to one of the magic doors, which you have to activate and open with the magic quill from the fool in the Palace of Happiness. To reach the page you have to jump on the bookshelves (see screenshot).
  3. You can now activate the magic door with the magic quill and then use it to get to the pillared hall of ruthlessness.

Boss and puzzles in the pillared hall

As already mentioned, you will now encounter some opponents and the boss opponent named Magister Dullain in the columned hall. There is also a torch puzzle waiting at the end, which can be solved as follows.

  1. In the torch puzzle you have to light up the five torches on both sides in the same color, i.e. either blue or white.
  2. Shooting the torch changes color. The tricky thing about the puzzle is that not only does the torch you hit change color, but also those around it. But with a bit of experimenting, you’ll get it relatively easy. It is important that the colors must be identical on both the left and the right side.

Left to right:

  • 1. Torch – Torch 1 and 2 will change color
  • 2. Torch – Torch 1, 2 and 3 Torch will change color
  • 3. Torch – Torch 2, 3 and 4 torch will change color
  • 4. Torch – Torch 3, 4 and 5 torch will change color
  • 5. Torch – Torch 4 and Torch 5 will change color

The solution of the riddle in the Columned Hall of Ruthlessness is also visible again in the following video.

Depending on whether you chose the white or blue torches, you will receive different rewards. For the white torches there is the ring of the white pawn.


Remnant 2: The Nameless Nest Puzzle Solution

In the world of Yaesha you will find the area “The Nameless Nest”. In the nameless nest you not only have to deal with a few enemies and a boss, but there is also a riddle to solve. More specifically, this is the pedestal puzzle found in other areas such as the Imperial Gardens. In the socket puzzle you have to set the right symbols, but how do you figure out the symbols and their order? If you are asking yourself the same question, our short solution for the area can certainly help you.

The Nameless Nest Solution: This is how the puzzle works

  1. For the “pedestal puzzle” you first have to run to the tower in the nameless nest. Instead of going up the tower, you have to step onto the floor switch and then exit the elevator straight away.
  2. Now the elevator goes up and you can see four symbols on the sides. The symbols show the solution to the pedestal puzzle. By the way, you don’t have to remember the rising symbols, you can just look at the tower from afar.
  3. Finally, you have to find the pedestal. The pedestal is behind an invisible door in front of the tower (see screenshot). Just walk towards the wall between the two stairs and behind it you can set the symbols on the base that you can see on the tower.

Since the worlds and areas in Remnent 2 are partly random, the solution shown in the screenshot may not work for some players. The best way to find the solution is to simply look for yourself which symbols are visible on the tower.

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