The new rainbow watch with 40 precious stones by Carl F. Bucherer is a unique work of art

Carl F. Bucherer (CFB) wants to redefine its brand identity and is banking on a touch of exuberance combined with a host of colors. The new Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise watch is the perfect illustration of this new creative desire of the 135-year-old Swiss watchmaker.

For this limited edition model, CFB has chosen a 40mm case in 18-carat pink gold. The bezel, so special, features the colors of the rainbow with a total of 40 precious stones (baguette cut), including sapphires, tsavorites and rubies. The reminder of the stones is present on the indexes of the black sun-brushed dial while the reminder of the pink gold is located on the dauphine hands of the watch.

The automatic movement and the CFB T3000 manufacture caliber of the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise give it a power reserve of 65 hours. This young, vibrant and dynamic look is complemented by a black hybrid rubber strap. To ensure perfect similarity from one watch to another, the watchmaking company relies on a meticulous selection of each stone.

Beyond its explosive design, this new Carl F. Bucherer is one of the most elaborate timepieces in its history. The watch has “two elements patented by CFB: an automatic winding system and a suspended tourbillon cage”, as the watchmaker specifies.


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Find Rainbow Crystal

Where do you get the Rainbow Crystal in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot? Where can you find and collect the Rainbow Crystal? This question may be asked by some players of the new DBZ Kakarot who have just been given the task of looking for the special rainbow crystal by Dende or Uranai Baba. Since the crystal is somewhat hidden and we are certainly not the only players who were looking for it, you will find a short guide to the location here.

DBZ Kakarot: Rainbow Crystal Location

In the conversation with Uranai Baba you learn that the rainbow crystal is somewhere underwater in the southeastern area of ​​the island near the Kame House. If you fast travel to the Kame House and open the map there, you will see a glowing/flashing circle in the south of the map, which shows the approximate location of the crystal you are looking for.

So fly to the glowing circle and dive into the middle. On the seabed you then discover a large shipwreck on which the rainbow crystal can be found in the front area. If you activate the AI ​​view using the L1 button (PlayStation 4) or the LB button (Xbox One), you should be able to see the glowing ball in the front part of the ship. If you pick up the ball, you will get the crystal you are looking for in rainbow colors. With the item in your luggage you can return to God’s Lair, talk to Dende and complete the quest.

If you would like to take another look at the location where the rainbow crystal was found in moving images, you will find it in the linked video from the Trophygamers YouTube channel. From minute 12:00 you can see the path to the location and the exact position of the crystal you are looking for.

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