Karasuno seeks glory: Hakyuu!!: The Battle at the Garbage Dump presents its first trailer and its release date in Japan

If 2023 has been a wonderful year for the anime industry, 2024 is aiming even higher. After a modest announcement about the film’s title, Haikyuu!! has finally released the first trailer for what will be the first of the two parts into which the end of the adaptation of this famous film will be divided.

The last season of Haikyuu!! did not conquer the public due to its unstable rhythm and, above all, its poor quality of animation. Until that moment, the adaptation had been exceptional, with legendary scenes and a soundtrack that we will all remember. However, the change in style did not favor Hinata and his team. Fortunately, it seems that we will not see this problem in the film, as can be seen in its first trailer.

In the trailer, you can see that Production IGthe studio in charge of adapting the work of Haruichi Furudatehas chosen to return to the style they used at the beginning of the series, which seems to be a tremendous success, especially considering the great success that the anime had in its first years of broadcast.

Haikyuu!!: The Battle at the Garbage Dump will land in theaters throughout Japan on February 17, 2024. The release date in Spain has not yet been announced, but considering the latest news about The Boy and the Heron and Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning, it would not be unreasonable to think upon release next spring.


Valheim early access – When is the 1.0 release?

There is currently no game bigger than Valheim, the new multiplayer survival game. The early access title has already sold more than 5 million copies, while the game is only available on PC via Steam. The game does not have an official release yet, so it is time to see when the Valheim early access period is over.

Valheim is a new survival multiplayer game in which players can trudge through the Norwegian empire alone or with a group of up to ten players. The world is different for every group of players as you battle all kinds of deadly monstrosities and build your own playing world. What is striking is that the game is still available in Steam Early Access.

When does Valheim leave Steam Early Access?

Officially, developer Iron Gate AB has not yet announced a release date for the official release of Valheim. The only thing that is clear is that the Valheim Early Access period on Steam will last at least a year. Since the game was released on February 2, 2021, we no longer have to count on a release this year.

The earliest version 1.0 will be released is February 2, 2022, but that is also uncertain. In an FAQ on Steam, Iron Gate AB shared some details. In it, the developer states that the game may be in development for even longer, depending on player feedback. It also depends on the many features that the developer wants to include in the game.

No 1.0 release, but new content

However, you do not have to worry that the official release is not yet taking place. The studio behind the title seems to simply bring new content on a monthly basis. There have already been many bug fixes. It’s a good sign of steady progress.

However, we will ultimately have to wait a while for an official release. No one knows yet when that will come. At least we know it’s not coming anytime soon. After all, 2021 is out of the question.

Everything about Valheim

Are you curious why Valheim is so popular or are you looking for cheats for the game? Then don’t stress, because we have both available for you. We also have a guide with tips and tricks for you. You can also visit our wiki of the game here.


Available from February 2, 2021

More about this game


Nacon announces WRC Generations for release later this year

Nacon has had the official WRC license for a few years now and we have welcomed a new part to the franchise almost every year. How that will look from 2023 remains to be seen, as the license will then transfer to Codemasters.

For 2022 it is in any case a certainty that there will be a new part. Especially now that Nacon has announced the newest addition to the franchise. The game is called something different this time, so the title is ‘WRC Generations’. The game will be released on October 13.

According to Nacon, the game will come with several new features, including hybrid cars, various engine mapping configurations and a new league system. We still have to wait for further details.


Rumor: Electronic Arts and Codemasters will release WRC 23 this summer

Earlier, the well-known leaker billbil_kun announced on Twitter that Electronic Arts and Codemasters have almost finished their new rally game. We are now a few months further and the so far very reliable leaker takes it a step further and reports that the rally game is called WRC 23 and will be released on July 28.

If everything is true, which it is starting to look like, we will be able to give our inner rally driver back control of the wheel as early as this summer. Now that Codemasters has the official rally license from 2023 to 2027, we can undoubtedly expect a new part in the rally series every year.