A new The Elder Scrolls game has just been released, and for free. It’s like that mobile Fallout Shelter, but with turn-based combat

Although there are still years, a few, until the arrival of The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda will not leave us without our dose of Tamriel and Just released a new game of the franchise right now, and for free. Nobody saw it coming, but The Elder Scrolls: Castles is a reality, a project like Fallout Shelter to keep us glued to our mobile.

The American studio has opted for what is known in this industry as “shadowdrop”, that is, launching a game without giving a single minute’s notice, and announcing that it is now available to everyone. A surprise that actually appeared this morning in Spain and that you can now download for devices Android. For now, there is no mention one by one iOS versionbut judging by the previous free to play of the same style, Fallout Shelter, it is to be hoped that it will reach our iPhone and iPad.

The comparison with that 2015 game co-developed by Behavior Santiago is no coincidence, and the playable idea of ​​this TES Castle is the same. The American team has worked on an experience that allows you control your own castle and dynasty, as well as oversee your subjects as the years pass, families grow, and new rulers take the throne.

Regarding its playable aspect, Castles has some of its own details that separate it slightly from Shelters. Although the core of the experience focuses on items basics of simulators of building managementwe have a character editor to create a hero with whom to go outside and struggle against classic enemies from the saga in turn-based combat.

Of course, we are facing a . As SamaGame collects from the information in the game’s Play Store, Bethesda mentions that the game is in “early access”, so perhaps the arrival of the game in the early hours of today was anticipated as a beta of the final game.


ARK: Survival Ascended trailer and new information released

We of course know Studio Wildcard from ARK: Survival Evolved. That game is now quite a few years old and that is why we are working on a successor. This in the form of ARK II. In the meantime, they are also working on ARK: Survival Ascended, which is a remake of the original.

Naturally, the game has been graphically brought up to the current level and the game has also been provided with various technical improvements. Below you can watch the new trailer that shows what you can expect visually from ARK: Survival Ascended. Below we list the most important novelties.

Introducing Cross-Platform Modding

The most game-changing new feature coming to Ark: Survival Ascended is cross-platform modding. PC players of the original game have had the luxury of playing with mods for the last eight years, and soon that benefit will be available on every platform.

The new in-game CurseForge mod browser, which will be directly accessible from the main menu of the game, will soon be filled with new structures, dinos, maps, decorative pieces, and game modes. We’re also working closely with professional game studios and developers to bring their original content and IP to Ark: Survival Ascended to make it the ultimate gaming modding ecosystem and expect to have announcements with some of those partners very soon.

Bringing Unreal 5 Tech to the World of Ark

The most impactful difference between the two games is that ASA has been built on Unreal Engine 5, giving us the ability to deliver cross-platform modding (we mentioned earlier), access to greater tools such as Lumen lighting, Nanite mesh rendering, Chaos physics , and more. Obviously, that’s just a bunch of technical jargon, and if you’re not a developer, you might not be familiar with what any of that means — so let’s break it down!

  • Lumen is a fully dynamic global illumination system, which means as the gameplay environment changes, the lighting around it also changes. It creates a richer, immersive, and realistically lit environment. Imagine riding your raptor through the jungles of The Island and experiencing a more lifelike world. Sunlight and moonlight filter through the dense treelines, bouncing off of water surfaces, torchlights illuminating the insides of caves, and bases adapting to light based on whether you’ve opened or closed a window, and all of that dynamic lighting adjustment based on how you play the game.
  • Nanite allows us to use incredibly high-detail assets directly within the game, which get scaled and streamed onto the graphics processor in real time, tremendously increasing the visual fidelity of ASA. Imagine more environmental details, including realistic rocky textures, accurate tree patterning, and flourishing fauna. You’ll be able to construct highly detailed bases using the improved structure tile sets and, of course, tame sharper-looking dinosaurs! Frankly, everything looks better, and secondly, it really saves our development time, as Nanite eliminates the need to generate separate “level of detail” meshes and enables us to use the original high-resolution source meshes directly in-game.
  • Chaos is a physics destruction system that simulates complex and large-scale destruction in real time. So, when you’re raiding a base, blasting it with your rocket launcher, or crushing it with the sheer force of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s bite, it will look more dynamic and realistic when those bases crumble and scatter around you. The other added benefit of Chaos is that it has allowed us to remove the legacy physics systems from the game, as we can rely on this new system entirely… Which means no more frustrating ragdolls. Gone are the days of hunting a creature and seeing its corpse float into the abyss; Instead, we’ve implemented realistic death animations and knocked-out animations on all creatures.
  • Instanced-Based Rendering, this is a huge one. What do you love to do? Create massive bases, villages, and towns — basically, place down as many structures as you can fit into an area. This would have seriously affected client performance in the old game because it would have had to render basically everything. With instance-based rendering, you only pay the cost (on your frames) for the one structure piece. Meaning, one wooden wall on-screen has the same client impact on performance as a hundred — your game will be running a lot better in your giant bases!
  • Our Fluid and Foliage Interaction Systems have been critical in delivering a more realistic, immersive, and dynamic world. We’ve tried to make it so that just about everything has a way of interacting with the foliage and fluids in the world. That means your Survivor running through the grass, creatures wading through streams, or explosives and other items will cause a visible physical reaction in the game world. These interactions dynamically adjust based on various factors such as size, velocity, or impact of what they’re interacting with. So, if you’re running through a stream with a Spino slashing at Coelacanth in shallow waters, expect to see a lot of water displacement, ripples, foam, splashes, and water droplets flying into the air around you.

Creating a New Gameplay Experience

When you first jump into ASA, you’ll notice a huge overhaul of the User Interface. It’s been punched up visually and given more functionality to enable you to tailor your experience to match your playstyle. The options are there if you’re looking for a more minimalistic UI to keep the immersion or something that covers all the details.
Ark: Survival Ascended Screenshot

We’ve also leveled up various other aspects of the game, including the third-person camera for players and creatures with additional per-creature customization and flexibility. A new, highly detailed map system that supports world pings and points of interest. Advanced dynamic navigation for intelligent creature pathfinding, so no more running into walls of your base, but running away from Carnivores just got tougher!

There’s so much more to cover, including more character customization options, unique color sets, quality-of-life improvements, new split-screen multiplayer functionalities, audio revamping, new gameplay items and structures, changes to existing items and creatures, and essentially, every inch of The Island has been redesigned, and much more.


Details about Dead Island 2 Neighborhood Watch released

There are two additional campaigns on the way for Dead Island 2, but the game will also have an extra mode called: Neighborhood Watch. More information about this has now become available.

Thanks to Insider Gaming, we now know that Neighborhood Watch is played with three players. The goal is to protect a safehouse for five in-game days. You have to survive by placing traps, finding weapons and looking for provisions.

You can also earn items by achieving daily goals. These become more difficult every day, but you can also choose to tackle the most difficult goals on day one. Of course, the more difficult the assignment, the stronger the weapons and other rewards you can earn.

It is not yet known when Neighborhood Watch will be added to the game. It is also possible that this mode is included with one of the additional campaigns.


Little Devil Inside will be released at the end of next year

The PS5 Little Devil Inside will be released in Winter 2022. The game will first be released on PC and PlayStation, but will also be available on Switch and Xbox One at a later date.

On PlayStation’s Instagram account, PlayStation announced that Neostream Interactive’s indie game Little Devil Inside will be released in winter 2022. An exact release date has not yet been announced, but we can expect the game in late 2022. The game featured in a montage video for in-developed games launching next year.

Little Devil Inside was first announced several years ago and is a combination between an action-adventure and RPG with survival elements. The game takes place in a semi-open world of different themes and cute visuals. Players explore a beautiful, yet dangerous world filled with dragons, bears, and other creatures.

What is Little Devil Inside about?

Little Devil Inside can be played in single and multiplayer mode. The game follows the professional and personal life of an explorer who is hired by a university professor to help search and study monsters and supernatural occurrences. You go on dangerous missions, and roam a world where the industrial revolution is about to begin.

Little Devil Inside will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and will later be available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Little Devil Inside

Available from December 31, 2023

More about this game


TUTORIAL : When will the Juno episode of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo be released? -Answer

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is available now, allowing players to experience Nibelheim before its release on February 29, 2024. Episode Juno is missing, however, as it becomes available closer to release – here’s when you can play it.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Juno Episode Release Date

Episode Juno section of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is not available until February 21, 2024, where players will receive an update if their PlayStation 5 is connected to the internet. This update will unlock episode Juno.

Episode Juno takes place later in the game than Episode Nibelheim which was made available on February 6, 2024. It allows players to explore a condensed portion of the Junon region via chocoboback.

According to the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo page on the PlayStation Store, the Juno area “has been modified to make content more compact, so progress cannot be carried over into the full game.” » However, you will be able to carry over your progress in the Nibelheim episode if you complete it before the release of FF7 Rebirth on February 29.

Image via Square Enix

Do I get anything from playing the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo?

If a save game of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is detected on your PlayStation 5 when you start the full version of the game after its release, you will receive two bonuses as a thank you for playing the demo:

  • Kupo Charm: An accessory that increases the number of resources gained when you collect them.
  • Survival set: A selection of restorative items, such as potions and ether.

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Make sure you have downloaded all day one updates before launching the full game to ensure your FF7 Rebirth Demo save is confirmed and you get your free items.

If you haven’t downloaded the PS5 yet, check out our How to Download Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo guide for complete instructions. And if you’re wondering how long the demo is, here’s what you need to know.


New Star Wars Jedi: Survivor update released today

Although Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a great game on consoles aside from some performance issues, the title’s condition on PC was a little less good at release. Over the past few weeks, Respawn Entertainment has been working on several updates and a new one appears today.

This update addresses some platform-specific issues, but also addresses issues common to all versions of the game. Below are the patch notes of the latest update, which are not very extensive in themselves. In addition, the developer has also indicated what is still being worked on.

  • (PC only) Updated occlusion behavior for ray tracing, reducing idle time stalls.
  • (PC only) Updated streaming budgets that will help alleviate traversal hitching.
  • (PC only) Performance improvements for some VFX (Coming soon to console)
  • (PC only) Updated data handling when toggling ray tracing, improving non-ray traced performance.
  • (PS5 only) Fixed an HDR value mismatch that would cause HDR setups to display incorrectly for PS5 users.
  • Fixed various save state errors.
  • Fixed a streaming issue that causes some streaming scenarios to end on a black screen.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the vents did not properly activate in Stone Spiers.
  • Audio fix for a narrative moment where music was behaving incorrectly.
  • Fixed lightsaber marks not displaying correctly in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a scenario where the player could enter a progression blocked state in the Lucrehulk.
  • Fixed an elevator to prevent the player from falling through it and entering a progression blocked state.
  • Fixed a bug where Rayvis would become unbeatable.
  • Fixed a severe animation issue that would break a late game narrative sequence.
  • Fixed a collision bug where players can get stuck inside a Meditation Chamber.
  • Added a note explaining that some of BD-1’s abilities are not available while in combat.
  • Improved text scrolling.
  • Minor text translation fixes.
  • Various crash fixes.

known issues

  • (PC only) Improving performance on newer i7 and i9 CPUs that have efficiency cores.
  • (PC only) General performance improvements to improve both CPU and GPU utilization while reducing idle time, both with and without ray tracing.
  • (PC only) Improving some hitching which can be attributed to streaming ray tracing data, assets, and a gap in our prebuilt shaders.
  • Various bug fixes.