Goodbye to the infinite lucky coin glitch in Demon’s Souls with the new patch 1.004, among other fixes of the PS5 remake

One of the most notorious changes to the Demon’s Souls remake on PS5 compared to the original Demon’s Souls on PS3 is the removal of the glitch that allowed us to duplicate objects indiscriminately. However, it did not take long for people to find a glitch new that allowed unlimited luck with a coin.

Specifically, of that gold coin that fat officers drop against whom we can fight first shortly after entering the Stone Fang Tunnel. By means of a Stratagem with the Lady in Black in the Nexus, we could achieve that luck increased almost to infinity, which came from fable with a certain weapon that scales precisely with luck. But this is history Fortunately.

It is one of the many bugs that have been corrected in the recent patch 1.004 of this PS5 remake, seeing how several Reddit users have been in charge of compiling all the details that they have discovered, because the game itself does not warn of what things have been corrected. The list is extensive, but we highlight:

  • The Great Sword of Quest (after redeeming a specific soul of an ancient boss) can now be obtained from any curved sword, not just the scimitar.
  • Added various extra sounds to the DualSense, such as consuming souls
  • Votes no longer partially cover user posts
  • Server selection now shows latency (in ms) correctly
  • When traveling quickly with archstones, the selection now stays by default in the area we are in, to facilitate quick reloading
  • In a cooperative encounter, it will now take a few extra seconds to see our helper disappear. Yes, now there will be time to make a gesture of gratitude, finally, that was missed

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Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate? First look at the announced remake for the Nintendo Switch

With Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate was on today’s Nintendo Direct event another promising title for the Switch announced. This is a visual Improved remake of the GameCube classic from 2004.

After a few years ago with Paper Mario: The Origami King is already a title that we also celebrated in the test celebrated its debut on the hybrid console, the series is now something new Attention gifted in the form of another Switch game.

Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate is coming to the Switch: This is what the remake should look like

Of course he will defining paper style which was originally on the N64 The series launched will be continued with the remake on the Nintendo Switch. In addition to the visual improvements, the… skills be spiced up a bit. You also want to take part in the story screw that awaits you in the new edition of Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate.

You can see what the whole thing looks like in the embedded YouTube trailer, which celebrated its premiere at Nintendo Direct. As in previous spin-offs, this time too action-packed fights are in the foreground that reward you for your good timing.

The new edition is not the only one that Nintendo has given us in the coming time around the moustachioed plumber. That too Remake of the Super Mario RPG is coming in November on the plan, which the developers definitely used in their later work on Paper Mario to inspire should have let. And beyond that awaits us with Super Mario Bros. Wonder a brand new side scroller in October in the universe of the iconic Nintendo hero.

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