Remnant 2 The Dark Canal: Open the door

How to open the locked door in the dark canal? Where to get the key for the door in the dark canal in Remnant 2? In the N’erud world there is, among other things, the area “the dark channel”. Not only do you encounter a few enemies in the area, but there are also one or two locked doors, depending on how the level was generated (as is well known, the levels in Remnant 2 are partly randomly generated). Anyone who has just entered the dark channel will perhaps discover the locked door a few meters behind the entrance and wonder how to open the door and where to find the key?

First door in the dark canal

You don’t need a key for the door in the dark canal, you simply have to follow the path through the area. At the end you come to a room where you can use the energy cell to restore the power supply. This will open the door in the locked room and you can pick up the item in the form of a relic.

  1. To open the locked door in the dark canal, simply follow the path through the area. At the end you get into a large room. In the room is a large pillar with two power cells, with one power cell tilted slightly forward.
  2. The right energy cell can now be pushed forward again and thus restore the power supply in the room. The door will then open and you will enter the room with the locked door at the beginning of the area. In the room is the relic called “Crystal Heart”. You can now leave the room via the other door.

Second door in the dark canal

Depending on how the Dark Canal area was generated, there is another locked door in the area. The “door puzzle” also exists in other areas and the solution is identical here.

  1. If you find another locked door in the area, you have to look for an entrance on the side of the adjoining room and destroy the crates and other containers in the back.
  2. Then follow the path through the passage and look for an opening on the left. Through the opening you can destroy the container in the next room and thus open the other door.


Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Resting Place: Open the door

In Yaesha you can reach, among other things, the area called Kaeula’s resting place. In Kaeula’s resting place you not only have to kill the boss and some enemies, but there are also other things to do and you have to find keys for the locked door in the middle of the map, among other things. One or the other player may be wondering where to find the key for the door in Kaeula’s resting place? Can you find the key in the resting place or do you have to look for it in another area?

Find the key to the door in Kaeula’s resting place

The so-called Temple Key for the door in Kaeula’s resting place can be found in the same area. From the gate you have to walk north and at the end you will find the temple key just like that on the ground. The exact location of the key can also be seen again on the map in the following screenshot. The key is by the player cursor and the door is by the white cross. You can then use the temple key to return to the locked door and open it.

Finally, you have to explore the rest of the resting place and the area is also successfully completed.

Some players seem to be having problems or more specifically a bug in Kaeula’s resting place. The problem is that you cannot find the Temple Key in the location shown above. So far it is still unclear what causes the bug. It is said to have helped some players to start a co-op session with another player, who could then pick up the key and use it to open the door. For more information on the “bug” in Kaeula’s resting place, see the linked Reddit threadwhere it is still actively posted, since more players probably have the problem.

Tip: This is how you can change the difficulty level in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2: find and farm galvanized iron?

How to get galvanized iron in Remnant 2? In which worlds and areas do you have to look for the galvanized iron and is there a merchant who sells the iron? In the new Remnant 2 you can not only find and unlock numerous weapons, but you can also improve the weapons and thus increase the damage, for example. In addition, there are also weapon mods with which you can strengthen the weapons. For the weapon upgrades you need not only scrap metal but also iron. “Normal iron” is needed for the first upgrades, later you need better iron variants such as galvanized iron. But where do you get the galvanized iron in the new Soulslike shooter?

Get galvanized iron

The galvanized iron can be found similar to the other “iron variants” just like the normal iron. So mainly about the loot of bosses and elite opponents. The important thing is that in order to get the higher quality iron like the galvanized iron, you have to have a certain power level. From power level 15 to 20, enemies drop galvanized iron more often. In addition, with the power level, you can also occasionally get the galvanized iron from crates or you can just find it lying around in the game world. The power level in Remnant 2 can be increased through equipment and weapon upgrades, so just upgrade all weapons as much as possible. Incidentally, the power level does not increase with the level of the currently equipped archetype (i.e. the class).

How to farm the iron? Just a few days after the release, players found a way to farm scrap metal, lumenite crystals, but also iron, including galvanized iron. However, since the method is based on a glitch, it will probably only be a matter of time before the bug is fixed. A currently still working glitch for farming materials like iron can be seen in the following video.

Buy Galvanized Iron from the Merchant

Instead of searching for the galvanized iron for a long time, you can also buy it in limited quantities from Cass in Ward 13. From a certain level and progress, she also sells the better iron variants for 20 scrap metal each. The supply is replenished every 30 “real minutes”, so you can always buy galvanized iron with scrap metal from her.


Find Remnant 2 Asylum Key

Where can you find the key for the locked door in the mental asylum? How to open the door on the third floor of the mental institution? Over the past few days, one or two players who have bought the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 for the PC or the console and have already spent a few hours playing in the world will probably be dealing with these questions. In Losomn and the municipality of Morrow, one gets, among other things, into a multi-storey mental institution, in which one encounters numerous opponents and “patients”. When you reach the third floor, you are faced with a locked door and the question arises, where do you get the key from?

Where to find the key to the mental institution

Initially, many players will probably look for the door key in the insane asylum. But here you can search for a long time, because the key is in front of the mental hospital building. So leave the building and go outside. To the left of the mental institution entrance is a shed (near the doll). After opening the shed, you will be surprised and ambushed by a rather aggressive enemy. After killing the enemy with the chainsaw, you’ll get the key to the locked door on the third floor of the mental asylum.

By the way, there is also a locked safe in the insane asylum. In another article we already described how to find the code for the locked safe in the asylum in Morrow Parish.


Remnant 2: Forgotten Field Puzzle Solution

In the world of Yaesha you can reach the area “Forgotten Field”. In the area you not only meet a lot of opponents, but also a puzzle. The riddle is a kind of “pedestal riddle”, which can also be found in other areas such as the Imperial Gardens and must be solved. In the puzzle you have to set the right symbols on the round base. The pedestal is in a hidden room behind a wall in front of the tower. The only question is, where can you find the symbols for the socket in the forgotten field?

Forgotten Field: Symbols Puzzle Solution

In order to find out the correct symbols for the “symbols puzzle” on the pedestal, you have to move to the big tower in the forgotten field. The location of the tower can also be seen in the screenshot below.

  1. At the bottom of the tower is a door through which you can go and activate the elevator behind it. The elevator is automatically activated via the floor switch as soon as you go through the door. Instead of taking the elevator up, you now have to exit the elevator first. So run onto the floor switch and run straight out again. Then you have to pay attention to which symbols can be seen on the elevator while it is going up.
  2. The pedestal with the symbols can be found just below the tower behind the magic wall that you can just walk through.
  3. Finally, interact with the base and adjust the symbols visible on the elevator from the outside to the inside. The solution to the riddle in the forgotten field looks like this (possibly different for some players, since the worlds are partly randomly generated).
  4. A door will then open behind the pedestal with the symbols. Behind the door is the Blossoming Heart relic. The blossoming heart spawns a healing orb, which heals you and nearby allies and regenerates 35 percent of your life points. However, the healing also has a downside, as the first healing from the relic is reduced by 35 percent.

Where do you actually get more relic fragments in Remnant 2 and how can you improve the relic?


You can now play The Last Remnant Remastered on iOS and Android devices

Square Enix today announced the release of The Last Remnant Remastered on the App Store and Google Play. Published last year The Last Remnant Remastered for PlayStation 4 and thus brought a ten-year-old classic back onto everyone’s lips. At E3 2019 in the summer, Square Enix also announced a Nintendo Switch version that was immediately available and cost 19.99 euros. The new mobile version costs 21.99 euros.

The Last Remnant was originally released in 2008 and took a place in the hearts of gamers with its exciting story, countless characters and an intricate combat system. In a world filled with “artifacts” – ancient remnants that grant their wearers mysterious powers – players can discover the secrets of Rush Sykes both at home and on the go.

You can see adjustments to the user interface in new screenshots.

A new trailer for the mobile version

via Square Enix, image material: The Last Remnant Remastered, Square Enix


Remnant 2: Sell and disassemble weapons?

In the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 you will find some weapons in the course of the story. The weapons can then be improved again at the weapon smith in Station 13 and additionally strengthened with various weapon mods. Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of Remnant 2 and accordingly found some weapons will perhaps ask themselves the question, how can you sell a weapon? Can you disassemble a weapon into its individual parts and use them to get materials such as scrap metal, iron and the like?

Sell, recycle and disassemble the weapon?

The short answer to the question is, at least for the current version, no, you can neither sell a weapon at the dealer nor disassemble a weapon and get crafting materials from it. Similar to the predecessor in the form of the first Remnant part, there is no dealer or NPC where you can sell or sell a weapon. However, since Remnant 2 doesn’t have an inventory limit on how many weapons and gear you can carry and carry in your inventory, that’s not a huge problem either. Even if it is admittedly a bit confusing in the course of the story in the weapon selection. In addition to weapons, you can’t sell weapon mods either.

Sell ​​items to the merchant

You can of course sell other items in Remnant 2 at one of the merchants in Station 13. These include, for example, consumables, material and production materials such as iron, relic dust, but also the rare blood moon essences. For some materials you get good money in the form of scrap metal by selling them, but we would recommend not selling the materials, especially at first, because you still need them for crafting. Instead of selling materials, there are much better ways to quickly farm scrap metal.

Tip: This is how you can change the difficulty level in Remnant 2 afterwards.


Remnant 2 Use Magic Feather: Palace of Bliss

In the new Remnant 2 you get to the Palace of Bliss early on. At the bottom of the palace you’ll find a jester sitting on a pile of skeletons. While the jester isn’t particularly talkative, he puts on a little performance when you stand in front of him and interact with him. After watching the jester’s little show, you will receive a quest item in the form of the magic feather. The question arises, what do you need the magic feather for and how can you use the quest item from the fool?

Magic feather in Remnant 2

With the magic pen you can activate hidden doors and make them visible. In the Palace of Happiness you have to use the feather for the first time in the location shown in the screenshot. On the wall you can already see slight hints of the door in the form of a pattern. When you face the wall you can interact with it and use the magic spring to activate the door. Then you can go through the door and in the case of the Palace of Happiness you will end up in the next area called “Iron District”.

There are more of these “doors” in Remnant 2. If you discover such a pattern on the wall, then simply stand in front of it as described above, interact with it and select the magic feather. Some of the doors with such a pattern are already activated automatically, for example the one from the iron district to the council chamber.

In the description of the magic feather it says:

Magic Feather

It doesn’t matter what ink is used. The magic is in the execution, not the tool. The portal can be drawn with ink, water, or blood. It could also be carved into the stone.

Tip: This is how you can change the level of difficulty in Remnant 2 afterwards.


Remnant 2: Find and use Soul Key Tribute

Where to find the Soul Key Tribute? What can you do with the Soul Key and what do you need the quest item for? In the last few days, one or the other player of the new Remnant 2 may be dealing with these questions, who either discovered the tribute of the soul key in the inventory and does not know where to use the item, or specifically for the item seeks to use it. In this short guide we will show you where to get the item and what to do with the tribute.

Get the Soul Key Tribute

The Soul Key Tribute can be found in a “secret room” in the Mental Asylum in Morrow Parish. You get to the secret room after fighting your way through the gilded chambers and defeating the boss. The Soul Key Tribute is on the ground next to the corpse.

Where to use the Soul Key Tribute?

The question now is, where can you use the Soul Key Tribute and what can you do with the item? To use the Soul Key, go to the basement of the Insane Asylum in Morrow Parish. In the basement you will not only find the lady from whom you can find out the code for the iron safe in the mental asylum, but opposite is also a huge spider’s web with a corpse (?) stuck in it. You can interact with the corpse and then use Soul Key Tribute, which in turn creates a portal. The portal takes you to the tormented mental asylum and here you meet the boss “The Night Weaver”.

After the fight against the night weaver you get the material cursed dream silks and you can also get the dream catcher via the second cobweb by using the stone doll of the night weaver on the web.


Remnant 2 the Red Throne Solution: Secret Door?

In the world of Yaesha you will find the area “The Red Throne”. In the red throne you meet some opponents but also the empress. The Empress is behind the big door at the end of the red throne. After a short cutscene you can choose different options as an answer and depending on which answer you choose, you will be rewarded with different items.

The Red Throne solution

In the red throne you will find a large door at the end of the area and behind it is the empress. You can now take different paths with the empress and either help her to get rid of the devastator or you don’t comply with her request and end up in prison. We have created a short summary with a solution for the effects of this.

  • Empress help to kill the boss: In the dialogue, the empress speaks of the boss opponent in the form of the devastator. One answer option is to help her defeat the Ravager. For this you have to select the option “Kill the beast. nothing easier than that”. As a reward for the battle you get the ring called “The Seal of the Empress” with which the max health is increased by 20 and the max stamina is reduced by 10.
  • Don’t Help the Empress: If you don’t help the Empress and choose the option “I won’t get on my knees and I certainly won’t kill for you” instead, the guards will turn on you and you will die. But don’t worry, because you are not dead permanently, but wake up in the prison in the red throne. You can easily leave the prison by following the path out, killing the enemies and then going through the transparent door in the wall at the end. This will land you back in front of the room with the empress in the red throne. With the “prison break” you get help from an NPC, from which you also get the Zohees ring.

You can also hand in the decorated chest to the Empress. You can either open the ornate chest yourself with the ornate key and use it to get the offspring of the thaen, or you can give the chest to the empress. As a reward there is the amulet Red Doe Sigil.

Open secret door in red throne?

There is a locked door to the left and right of the Empress. Since there are some locked doors in Remnant 2, for which you first have to find the right key, one or the other player is probably wondering how to open the secret door. The short answer to the question is, you cannot open the doors to the left and right of the Empress in the Red Throne. The only secret door in the area is the exit door from the prison.

Tip: This is how the difficulty level in Remnant 2 can be changed afterwards.


Remnant 2: Use Biome Portal Key

What can you actually do with the biome portal key in the new Remnant 2? Where can you find the door or gate where you can use the key? After discovering the guardian in the labyrinth, you will receive the biome portal key. From the description of the quest item it’s not really clear what you can do with the key and where exactly you can find the biome portal. If you discover the key in your inventory and have no idea what to do with it, this short guide can certainly help you.

Where to use the biome portal key?

The Biome Portal Key can be used in the Labyrinth World. However, the gate, which you can open with the key, is very well hidden and can usually only be found if you are specifically looking for it.

  1. Travel into the maze and run to the portal visible in the screenshot. Instead of going through the portal, you have to walk past it on the left and drop down. Below is another portal.
  2. Kill the golems behind the portal and use the portal on the left. Run through the passage on the left and then climb up the stones on the left. Crawl through the small passage at the top and climb the stones further up.
  3. Follow the passage and at the end you will be in front of a gate where you can use the key of the biome portal.
  4. The gate now leads to Ward 13. On one of the crates is the Thompson submachine gun and on the other crate is a note. There is also another box in the back right of the container where you can find Leto’s Type 2 armor.

Incidentally, the area of ​​station 13 can only be accessed via the gate or portal, which you have opened with the key of the biome portal. There is no direct access via Station 13.


Remnant 2: Activate and turn on the flashlight

Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new souls-like shooter Remnant 2 will certainly have been in some dark areas and caves. In some areas there is so little light that you can’t see much. How good that there is a flashlight in the game that automatically turns on the light. But the automatic activation of the flashlight doesn’t always work that well and this raises the question of how to manually turn on the flashlight in Remnant 2?

Turn on flashlight in Remnant 2

If you don’t want to rely on the “automatic activation” of the flashlight or if you have problems with the feature, you can also switch on the flashlight manually at any time. If you play Remnant 2 on the PS5 or Xbox Series, you can easily turn on the flashlight by using the directional pad up. If you play Remnant 2 on the PC, you can activate the flashlight with the L button.

  • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series: Press up on the directional pad
  • PC: Press the L key on the keyboard

By the way, if you want, you can also change the key assignment for the flashlight and other functions such as the ping for multiplayer in the settings. To do this, simply call up the sub-item for the control in the settings and change the key assignment. Tip: This is how you can change the class in Remnant 2 and thus change the archetype.


Remnant 2 Timeless Horizon Open Door: Find Navigator’s Helm

What’s the deal with the facility in the Timeless Horizon area? How to open the locked door in the timeless horizon and where to find the navigator helmet there? A few days ago the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 from Gunfire Games was released and the game, like the first part, is very popular. In the worlds there are so many areas to explore and challenges to master. This includes not only fights against numerous opponents, strong elite opponents and bosses, but you also have to solve a few puzzles and find hidden entrances. In this guide we show how to open the door in the Timeless Horizon at the facility.

Find the Navigator’s Helm

  1. The navigator’s helmet can be found in a small hiding place, which can be reached via one of the “booths” from the facility.
  2. Under one of the three punches (which always move up and down) is a hole you can climb through (see screenshot). Incidentally, you have to be quick here in order not to be leveled to the ground.
  3. After jumping into the hole, you can walk down the pipe and pick up the ring of the detonator first. Continue exploring the area below and you’ll get the Navigator’s Helmet from a Navigator Zombie/Alien (see screenshot). You don’t even have to pick up the helmet, the helmet ends up in your inventory immediately and can then be equipped as normal.
  4. After you have collected the helmet, continue and at the back you will find a switch with which you can open the door from the other side. Once opened, the door can be used or entered again at any time.

There are also other puzzles in the timeless horizon, such as the boxes lying around (coffins?) and a spaceship. More on that shortly.


Remnant 2: Find Clementine

Where can you actually find the good Clementine in the new Remnant 2? Where is Clementine after she disappears from Ward 13? In the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 you will meet some characters and one of them is Clementine. In this short guide we show where you can find and talk to Clementine at the beginning of the game, but also later in the game outside of Ward 13.

Where to find Clementine in Remnant 2?

Clementine is one of the most important characters in the game. At the beginning of the game, she is met at the camp in Ward 13, where she has a small run-in with Ford. She then disappears from camp 13 and is not seen again for a while.

  • Location 1: In station 13 near Ford. After the argument with Ford, she disappears.
  • Location 2: The second time you meet Clementine in the “Labyrinth” world. After defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel Boss, i.e. the blocks that keep moving back and forth in the small labyrinth, you reach the “Inner Sanctum” area. After the boss, the labyrinth leads to the “Inner Sanctuary” area, where you can find the guardian in the form of the huge floating eye, but also Clementine. Here you can interact and talk not only with the keeper, but also with Clementine.

    Clementine locality

This article is still under construction. Further information on other localities of Clementine will follow here shortly.


Remnant 2 bug on PS5 makes playing with friends very difficult

Remnant 2 can be played from today, but co-op does not work properly on the PS5. Playing with friends is made difficult by a bug.

Remnant: From the Ashes was a cult hit, combining Dark Souls elements with a third person shooter. Developer Gunfire Games has removed the rough edges with the sequel and with Remnant 2 created a strong game for fans of the genre.

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Like other titles in the genre, Remnant 2 is quite challenging, especially during the . It is therefore not a luxury to invite your friends and play the game together in co-op. Remnant 2 can therefore be completed with three players in a group.

On the PlayStation 5, the latter is not so easy. Due to a bug, it is not possible for many players to invite their friends. Gunfire Games has confirmed that it is a problem for players and that a hotfix is ​​being worked on to fix the bug.

Workaround for the bug

If you don’t want to wait for the hotfix and still play together with friends, there is fortunately a detour for that, which Gunfire Games has shared. Players must first go to a Crystal and select ‘Join Game’ there. Under each area, friends in your Friend List who are in-game are shown under a small dot. By clicking on the dot you can join their game.

This solution only works for people with a small Friend List. If you have an extensive list of friends on your PlayStation account, the process will unfortunately not work.

Remnant II

Available from July 25, 2023

More about this game


Remnant 2 Column of Ruthlessness Puzzle Solution

Where to find the pillared hall of ruthlessness in Remnant 2? How to solve the torch puzzle in the pillared hall? In the past few days, one or the other player of the new Remnant 2, who is currently on the road in Losomn, will perhaps be dealing with this question. Depending on which “variant” you play from the Losomn world, you will find different areas there. If you play the area with the palace, you can get into the pillared hall of ruthlessness via a somewhat hidden entrance. In the columned hall you not only meet a boss, but you also have to solve a small torch puzzle. In this article we have created a short guide with a solution for Column of Ruthlessness.

Find Hypostyle Hall of Ruthlessness

The Hypostyle Hall of Ruthlessness is east of the palace courtyard. To reach the area in Losomn, one must proceed as follows.

  1. Travel to the Palace of Bliss and follow the path down to the library using the elevator to the left of the door.
  2. Follow the path further down until you come to a library. Run up the stairs through the back door and on the wall above you can already see a reference to one of the magic doors, which you have to activate and open with the magic quill from the fool in the Palace of Happiness. To reach the page you have to jump on the bookshelves (see screenshot).
  3. You can now activate the magic door with the magic quill and then use it to get to the pillared hall of ruthlessness.

Boss and puzzles in the pillared hall

As already mentioned, you will now encounter some opponents and the boss opponent named Magister Dullain in the columned hall. There is also a torch puzzle waiting at the end, which can be solved as follows.

  1. In the torch puzzle you have to light up the five torches on both sides in the same color, i.e. either blue or white.
  2. Shooting the torch changes color. The tricky thing about the puzzle is that not only does the torch you hit change color, but also those around it. But with a bit of experimenting, you’ll get it relatively easy. It is important that the colors must be identical on both the left and the right side.

Left to right:

  • 1. Torch – Torch 1 and 2 will change color
  • 2. Torch – Torch 1, 2 and 3 Torch will change color
  • 3. Torch – Torch 2, 3 and 4 torch will change color
  • 4. Torch – Torch 3, 4 and 5 torch will change color
  • 5. Torch – Torch 4 and Torch 5 will change color

The solution of the riddle in the Columned Hall of Ruthlessness is also visible again in the following video.

Depending on whether you chose the white or blue torches, you will receive different rewards. For the white torches there is the ring of the white pawn.


Remnant 2 Phantom of the Wasteland: Open the door walkthrough

In the world of N’erud you can find the area “Phantom of the Wasteland”. There are no bosses in the area itself, but there are some opponents and one elite opponent. In addition, there is a large locked gate in the north and the question often arises, how can the gate be opened? To open the door, you need three so-called keys of the viewfinder. The keys are distributed in other areas in N’erud. In this short guide we show the locations of the keys with which you can open the large door or the large gate in the north of the Phantom of the Wasteland area.

Phantom of the Wasteland Solution: Find the key

  1. The first key can be found in the Seeker’s Rest area. Arriving at the resting place, you simply have to turn 180 degrees from the entrance and then stand in front of a statue. The stairs of the statue are automatically free and accessible as soon as you move towards them. At the top you can then take the key from the device.
  2. The second key is either in the area “The Breeder” or in the “Putrid Domain”. After the boss fight against Ancestor you have to follow the path further and then you will see the same statue with stairs as in the first key. Follow the stairs up and collect the key.
  3. The third key is either in the Spectrum of the Nexus or in the Astropath’s Respite. Also in the dungeons you have to defeat the boss at the end and then you can get the third key from the statue with the stairs.

With the three keys in your inventory, you can now go back to the Phantom of the Wasteland. Once there, you can now use the key and use it to open the gate. Behind the gate there is a boss fight against Sha’Hala, the final boss in the world of N’erud.

How can you actually change the difficulty level in Remnant 2 afterwards?


Remnant 2: The Nameless Nest Puzzle Solution

In the world of Yaesha you will find the area “The Nameless Nest”. In the nameless nest you not only have to deal with a few enemies and a boss, but there is also a riddle to solve. More specifically, this is the pedestal puzzle found in other areas such as the Imperial Gardens. In the socket puzzle you have to set the right symbols, but how do you figure out the symbols and their order? If you are asking yourself the same question, our short solution for the area can certainly help you.

The Nameless Nest Solution: This is how the puzzle works

  1. For the “pedestal puzzle” you first have to run to the tower in the nameless nest. Instead of going up the tower, you have to step onto the floor switch and then exit the elevator straight away.
  2. Now the elevator goes up and you can see four symbols on the sides. The symbols show the solution to the pedestal puzzle. By the way, you don’t have to remember the rising symbols, you can just look at the tower from afar.
  3. Finally, you have to find the pedestal. The pedestal is behind an invisible door in front of the tower (see screenshot). Just walk towards the wall between the two stairs and behind it you can set the symbols on the base that you can see on the tower.

Since the worlds and areas in Remnent 2 are partly random, the solution shown in the screenshot may not work for some players. The best way to find the solution is to simply look for yourself which symbols are visible on the tower.

How can you actually unlock the adventure mode in Remnant 2 and then change the level of difficulty afterwards?


Remnant 2: Open the breeder’s door

How to open the locked door in The Breeder? Where do you get the quest item or the key to open the door? In the last few days, this may be the question asked by one or the other player of the new Soulslike shooter from the developer Gunfire Games, who is currently in the world of N’erud and there in the area “The Breeders”. In the area you not only meet some opponents and a boss opponent, but there are also one or two puzzles to solve. In a “riddle” you have to open the locked door to get to the ring behind it (purple object). But how can you activate and open the door in the incubator?

The Breeder: Door Puzzle Solution

  1. To open the door from the small side room, you have to go into the small side passage on the right (see screenshot).
  2. In the side passage at the end there are a few boxes that you can destroy with your weapon. This will reveal a hidden entrance into a ventilation shaft that you can climb through.
  3. At the back you can now climb up the ladder and this not only unlocks a small new section, but on the left side there is also a small opening through which you can destroy the gas bottle in the locked room (see screenshot).
  4. This disables power in the room and opens the previously locked door. So you don’t have to find a key for the door, just destroy the bottle in the room.

Incidentally, the “door puzzle” is not only found in the “The Breeder” area, but also in a very similar form in the “Empty Ship Setup” area.


Remnant 2: Oracle’s Refuge Solution

In the new Remnant 2 you will find the area “Oracle’s Refuge” in the world of Losomn, among other things. In the area you will also find a more or less extensive quest or puzzle. Near the checkpoint “Oracle’s Refuge” you can climb up the ladder into a house and in the room you will find the Dran Oracle and several Dran Children. Also striking is the large carpet on the floor, where you can already see some pictures depending on the progress of the game. Both the children and the lady at the loom don’t show much of a reaction when you walk into the room and try to talk to them. If you try to interact with the lady, she is not particularly talkative. The question arises, what do you have to do to solve the Oracle’s Refuge? What item do you have to give her so that she can talk to you and start the puzzle?

Oracle of the Dran: find child

In order to start the “Oracle’s Refuge” puzzle in Morrow Township, you must first find two children. The two children are hiding somewhere in the parish of Morrow. Once you spot them or get close to them, the child locations will also appear on the map with a blue icon and “Dran Child.” Since the locations are random according to previous information, you have to search the area a little and sooner or later you will find something.

After speaking to the children, they will automatically run into the house of the old lady who is indicated on the map with the Dran oracle. After rescuing the two children, you can also talk to the Oracle of Dran and get the recovery property on the one hand and the second and much more extensive part of the “Oracle’s Refuge” puzzle on the other.

Refuge of the Oracle solution

In the second part you now have to complete 12 different tasks or do enemies and bosses. Each time you defeat a boss, an image of the enemy will appear on the lady’s rug. As a reward for the task you get the All-Seeing Eye. When using the All-Seeing Eye you either get a random buff or a random debuff.

  • Faelin/Faerin—Beatific Palace/Malefic Palace
  • The Feast – Great Hall
  • Postulant’s Parlor – Postulant’s Parlor
  • Manticore – Harvester’s Reach
  • Bloat King—Great Sewers
  • The Burning Man – Butchers Quarter
  • The Red Prince – Gilded Chamber
  • Nightweaver-Morrow Sanatorium
  • Magister Dullain – Shattered Gallery
  • The Huntress—Forsaken Quarter
  • The Council—Council Chamber
  • Gwendil the Unburnt—Cotton’s Kiln

This article about the Oracle’s Refuge puzzle in Remnant 2 is still under construction. More information and the exact locations of the opponents will follow here shortly.

Tip: In the community of Morrow and there in the insane asylum you can also find a safe. In another article we already described how to find the safe code for the vault in the parish of Morrow.