Remove stones from Sons of the Forest? Delete rock path?

Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new Sons of the Forest will certainly have built one or the other base. After you have built the shelter and protected it from enemies with defensive walls and traps, you can start decorating it and you can build paths out of sticks or stones, among other things. For example, you can build one of the paths with a rock path and thus beautify the base a little. If you have built a rock path and laid the stones on the ground, then sooner or later the question arises, how can you remove the stones again? Is it no longer possible to delete the rock path or do you need a special tool here?

Remove rock path from stones again?

While you can easily destroy and remove the stick path with the axe, there is still no way to remove the rock path, at least in the current version of Sons of the Forest. The laid stones cannot be picked up or removed with tools such as an ax or a shovel. The stones cannot be removed from the ground using the C key either.

The “problem” seems to have already been discovered by some players, at least if you look at the Reddit and Steam forum threads about it, so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the developers fix this and create a way to fix it can remove and rebuild the rock path again. Until then you have to live with the wrongly placed stones. Anyone who has found a trick to remove the stone path is welcome to share their knowledge here in the comments section. As soon as there is news here, we will of course add it here.

Tip: With this wood glitch you get infinite logs in Sons of the Forest.


SkyShowtime continues to remove hundreds of content: its catalog has lost 300 movies in recent months

The mess continues with the series and movies that disappear from SkyShowtime. The platform got off to a very good start in Spain. According to surveys, the growth was spectacular due both to the price (with a very attractive initial offer) and to the fact that they knew how to take advantage of a moment of weakness for Netflix (when they started with the mess of shared accounts).

However, controversy did not take long to appear. On the one hand, the image quality was not as expected for 2023, something that could be explained due to the low price of the subscription, but the most serious thing was the mysterious disappearances of series and movies. In fact, the platform has lost more than 300 movies in these months.

The curious problem of licenses (when some are yours)

At the end of May the storm broke: many series began to show an expiration notice. There was content, like ‘Dexter’, that disappeared and, after two days, returned. However, the entire ‘Fast and Furious’ saga disappeared without anyone saying anything. It has not reappeared on SkyShowtime.

At that time, we contacted the platform to ask what was happening and they assured us that the disappeared content would reappear at some point and that, furthermore, the expiration notice was an error in the application.

The days passed, the expiration date arrived and, despite the company’s words, many of the contents ended up leaving the platform. It is true that new series and films are released every so often, but as the CROSSOVER account on Twitter has pointed out, and as reported from ADSLZone, despite the fact that 135 films have been added, the count has dropped a lot.

From 700 movies, SkyShowtime has grown to 370 titles. It is a substantial decrease in content and the platform itself has responded from its global account, noting that many of these titles will return in the coming weeks and emphasizing new releases such as ‘Poker Face’ or ‘Passing Lies’.

The reason? The licenses. Even if they are from the platform itself (from some of the companies that make up the Sky conglomerate), you have to pay to keep those emission rights and it is what is leaving many contents out of SkyShowtime.

And yes, it is quite normal for the series to enter and leave the services. It is something that happens on Netflix, for example, but also on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, to go to the video game sector, but the problem is that in SkyShowtime it seems that more content comes out than comes inso the count is negative.

We will see what happens in the coming monthsbut although the company in its own terms and conditions states that they can do and undo without warning, taking into account the unfavorable climate around the disappearance of content, perhaps it should notify in advance the productions that will leave the platform.

It is something that, again going to other services, is already done both in the competition and in other sectors.


Remove, move and rotate Palia furniture

In the new cozy MMO Palia you can build up the property as you wish and rebuild it at any time. The only question is how can you remove the furniture you have placed? How to move and rotate furniture? After you have crafted an item on the workbench, you can use the inventory to place it in a free spot on your own property. Sooner or later you want to rebuild and ask yourself how you can move the placed objects?

Move and remove items

In order to move or remove objects such as furniture in Palia, you have to switch to the “build mode” in the game. You can call up the “construction mode” on the property by pressing the H key and then on the one hand move the existing object and remove it completely from the property, on the other hand you can also place objects from the inventory and the storage boxes directly on the property.

Move furniture and turn it afterwards?

So far, unfortunately, you can only rotate newly placed objects in the construction mode. If you want to rotate an item like furniture, you first have to remove the item and place it again (both in build mode and in the normal inventory). The equipped item can then be rotated left using the Q button and right using the E button. By the way, you can also use this method to remove buildings such as the Harvest House or the Temporary Tent. The items removed from the property are not lost and destroyed, but end up back in the inventory.

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