Powercom begins supplying Sentinel series UPS to the Russian market

Powercom announced the start of deliveries of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of the Sentinel (SNT) series to the Russian market. These are online UPSs with pure sine wave output, designed to protect power supplies and ensure continuous operation of servers, as well as network, telecommunications, medical and other equipment that impose strict requirements on power quality and/or support critical processes.

The series includes models SNT-1000, SNT-1500, SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 with a nominal power of 1; 1.5; 2 and 3 kV•A respectively. The new products are made in universal 2U high cases, which can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack or on the floor using the removable supports included in the delivery package.

To connect protected devices, the SNT-1000 and SNT-1500 models have six outputs with IEC320-C13 connectors. In turn, the SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 UPSs are equipped with eight outputs with IEC320-C13 connectors and one with a C19 socket.

The load is powered in autonomous mode from sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries located in the UPS housing. It is possible to connect external battery packs to increase battery life. The design of the Sentinel series models allows for hot-swappable batteries. Thanks to their placement in rigid trays, the process of replacing and maintaining batteries is extremely simple.

An important advantage of the Sentinel series models is zero switching time to battery power. High power factor (PF=1) ensures maximum performance. It is possible to segment the load to increase battery life. High efficiency mode reduces energy and UPS maintenance costs.

All Sentinel series models are equipped with a control panel with a rotating LCD display. There are USB and RS-232 ports for connecting to a PC, as well as a slot for installing an optional SNMP adapter card. The latter allows you to monitor the status of the UPS and manage its settings from a remote workstation.

Case dimensions of the SNT-1000 and SNT-1500 models are 428x425x84 mm; SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 – 428x635x84 mm.

The Sentinel series UPS will be available in warehouses at Russian Powercom distributors in August.