“Prices of Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones leaked”

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S24 series on January 17, but the suspected euro prices have already emerged in the rumor circuit. It is noticeable that the Galaxy S24 and S24+ have a lower suggested retail price than their predecessors.

The European recommended prices have been shared by the German website SamaGame. According to the source, the Galaxy S24 will soon be sold for 899 euros. This concerns the version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. The Galaxy S23 with the same configuration had a suggested retail price of 949 euros. The Galaxy S24+ is also 50 euros cheaper, the source said. The Galaxy S24+ costs 1149 euros. For this price you also get 12GB of RAM instead of 8GB on the Galaxy S23+.

It is striking that the Galaxy S24 Ultra, unlike the other two models, is actually 50 euros more expensive, according to SamaGame. The smartphone has a starting price of 1449 euros. You also get 12GB of RAM instead of 8GB with the S24 Ultra. In terms of storage space, you can choose between 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

After the official introduction on January 17, we have listed all the specifications and official prices of the three flagship smartphones for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review: complete smartphone with premium extras

Samsung is back with a Fan Edition of the Galaxy S23, but how do you like this affordable device and is it a good buy? We tested it and in this review you can read our experiences with the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review

Samsung released the first FE device in 2020. With the S20 Fan Edition, the manufacturer stripped down the regular S20 model to the most important hardware and saved on the housing. Samsung also did this with the S21 FE, not with the S22 series and again in December 2023 with the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE.

With a suggested retail price of 699 Euros, the Galaxy S23 FE is indeed cheaper than the regular S23 at launch, but this smartphone is now available for €679. Is the S23 FE the best buy? In this review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE we weigh the pros and cons for you.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review

Design Hardware Screen Software

Cameras Battery and charging Conclusion Buy

Recognizable design

At first glance it is immediately clear that we have a Samsung device in our hands. With the Galaxy S23 FE, the manufacturer continues the same design style as on the regular S23 series and cheaper A models. In fact, the FE’s casing looks almost identical to that of the Galaxy A54. It has a size of 6.4 inches, the side is made of aluminum and the back is made of glass.

We were able to test the device in the purple color. That should be your thing, but the silver rings around the cameras look especially nice. The smartphone is also available in black, off-white and mint green, if purple doesn’t quite suit you. The phone fits well in the hand, but is not as easy to operate with one hand as the smaller 6.1-inch S23.

The smartphone has a USB-C port and loud stereo speakers. There is no headphone jack, but that is normal on high-end devices these days.

The lock and volume buttons are located on the right side and the fast optical fingerprint scanner is incorporated below the screen. The housing is also IP68 dust and waterproof, which comes in handy on a rainy day.

Not the fastest hardware, but smooth

The chip on which the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE runs is causing some commotion here and there. Many (and secretly we too) would have liked to see the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip as in the Galaxy S23. Instead, Samsung has opted for a faster version of the Exynos 2200 chip. This processor was also in the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus from almost two years ago.

Samsung’s Exynos chip is less fast and energy efficient than the Snapdragon, but to be honest you don’t notice much of that in daily use. This way you can switch smoothly between apps and stutters are rare. The loading time of apps is also not noticeably slow. Do you play really heavy mobile games? Then the S23 FE is not the best choice.

Our test model has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. Do you think that is too little? Then you can also go for a 256GB model. This allows you to store even more photos, videos and apps locally. Of course, you can also use Google Drive to back up your documents to the cloud.

Gorgeous screen

The fact that the phone feels so fast is thanks to the 120Hz screen with a variable refresh rate. This means that it alternates between a maximum of 120 images per second (while scrolling, for example) and a minimum of 60 images (when you view a static page). This way you save battery, but navigation remains smooth.

It is an AMOLED panel, which means that the S23 FE displays bright colors and that black is really black. You especially notice this when watching dark films or video games. The screen has a maximum brightness of 1450 nits, which makes it easy to read in bright daylight. The resolution of 2340 by 1080 pixels ensures a sharp picture, without the screen consuming a lot of energy.

All in all, it is a high-quality display as we have come to expect from Samsung. The only disadvantage is that the edges are a bit thicker than on the regular S23. The chin is certainly noticeable at first. Fortunately, you get used to this after a while, but do you want a screen that extends to the edges? Then look further.

Latest software

Samsung has a recognizable Android shell that differs considerably from stock Android. The S23 FE comes out of the box with Android 14 – the latest version of the mobile operating system – and the accompanying One UI 6 shell from Samsung. Are you used to a bare-bones version of Android, like you see on the Pixels? It may take some getting used to, but One UI 6 offers a lot of useful extras.

The ‘Quick settings’ menu is more extensive and you can open it faster. You can also change the location and style of the clock on the lock screen. Dragging apps, widgets and other files is now easier with two hands and the camera app is a bit clearer. All in all, the Android 14 shell is clear and modern in design.

Samsung is giving the Galaxy S23 FE in the Netherlands three major Android updates, which means that you will still receive Android 15, 16 and 17. You will also receive security updates until 2028. The manufacturer thus digitally protects you against malicious parties. A nice prospect.

Cameras for almost every situation

Where the S23 FE stands out is with its cameras. The three lenses on the back are all very usable and photograph in high quality. This way you can shoot beautifully exposed, sharp and naturally colored photos with the 50 megapixel main camera. Even at night the lens performs well. Although the dark and blurry areas in photos show some noise, the images are clear and usable.

Main camera

Then there are two additional lenses. First, the wide-angle lens with a resolution of 12 megapixels. While photographing, you will clearly notice when the camera switches to this lens. The raw image looks less sharp and grayish.

Wide angle lens

However, the automatic post-processing manages to make up for this to a large extent and the final image looks very nice. Only in the dark does the wide-angle lens not hold up and you will have to switch to the main camera.

Telephoto lens

And then the lens that distinguishes the S23 FE from cheaper smartphones: the telephoto lens. This allows you to zoom in up to 3 times without losing quality. Although the lens ‘only’ has a resolution of 8 megapixels, it takes sharp photos from a distance (even in the dark), which can provide unique perspectives.

Battery life is fine

There is little to complain about the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. With a size of 4500 mAh, it is considerably larger than the regular S23. However, the less efficient chip seems to ensure that the battery does not necessarily last longer. In practice, this means that with average use you will simply make it to the end of your day. As soon as you go to bed, you have to put the smartphone on the charger.

By charging the S23 FE overnight, you won’t notice much of the 25 Watt charging speed. This charges the phone in about an hour and a half. That is slow compared to many other manufacturers, but Samsung has a good reason for it. According to the manufacturer, the slower charging speed means that the battery has a longer lifespan and maintains a higher maximum battery capacity.

This is less convenient if you want to charge quickly before leaving the house, but otherwise there is little to criticize about the battery. Wireless charging is also supported with a maximum speed of 15 Watts and you can charge other devices wirelessly by placing them on the back of the device. This is not quick, but is useful in emergency situations.

Conclusion of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is a solid smartphone in many areas. The cameras are usable in many circumstances, the chip is fast enough and the battery lasts all day. In addition, you will receive updates up to and including Android 17, which means that you can use it for years to come.

It has a suggested retail price of 699 euros not the best deal. The regular S23 is now available from €679 and offers a much better chip, premium materials and longer battery life in a compact housing.

Fortunately, the S23 FE is also quickly dropping in price, because you can get it for €604. Do you want a smartphone with a large screen, long software support and does the fastest hardware matter less to you? Then the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is definitely worth it.


  • Clear AMOLED screen

  • Battery lasts all day

  • Three high quality cameras

  • Five years of security updates and major updates up to Android 17


  • Battery charges slowly

  • Not the best value for money

  • Chip not the fastest and most economical

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Samsung Galaxy A52 Receives Android 14 Update

After Samsung recently rolled out an Android 14 update to the Galaxy A52s, the latest version of Android is now also available for the Galaxy A52. The update is rolling out in phases and brings several improvements and new features.

The update for the Galaxy A52 is more than 2GB in size and brings Android 14 together with the One UI 6 shell. The update also updates the security patch to that of December 2023, making the smartphone’s security completely up to date again.

Android 14 with the One UI 6 shell brings, among other things, a modified interface with a new Quick Panel, a new weather widget and a more extensive lock screen. You can also use more privacy and security options and you can count on stability improvements.

You will receive a notification as soon as you can download the Android 14 update. If you have not yet received a notification, you can manually check for updates via the settings on your smartphone. In the settings select ” -> ”. The Android 14 update is expected to be the last major update that the Samsung Galaxy A52 will receive.

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Android 14 update for Samsung Galaxy A52 now available for download

The Samsung Galaxy A52 is now also receiving an update to Android 14. After the Galaxy A52s previously received the latest version, the Android upgrade can now be downloaded.

Android 14 update released for Samsung Galaxy A52

Android 14 is the latest version of the operating system and so it is logical that you want to receive it on your device. The Samsung Galaxy A52, which was released in March 2021, is now due for an upgrade. This consists of the One UI 6 shell and is based on Android 14.

The update is more than 2GB in size and also contains the December 2023 security update. This patch makes the smartphone more secure and fixes several minor bugs. It is therefore definitely advisable to download the update quickly if you own a Galaxy A52. Do this via WiFi to avoid using your data. It is also always good to make a backup of your smartphone.

You will automatically receive a notification if you can download the update on your Samsung A52. Do you want to be there immediately? Then go to the settings of your smartphone, tap ‘Software update’ and then ‘Download and install’.

This Android 14 update is also expected to be the last major update for the Galaxy A52. An upgrade to Android 15, for example, is no longer possible for the device. The phone launched with Android 11 and has received updates to Android versions 12 and 13 since release.

Android 14 update and One UI 6

Android 14 brings a number of innovations and improvements to the Galaxy A52, mainly through Samsung’s own shell: One UI 6. For example, there is , the screen that you see when you drag down from the top of your screen. From the Android 14 update, this screen is better organized, so that frequently used apps get more space.

Samsung’s weather app has also changed after the update. From now on you will get widgets, so you can see at a glance how much rain is going to fall, what the humidity level is and what wind strength applies. All information that you want quickly and clearly.

You also get more options for the clock on your lock screen. For example, choose an analog clock with a dial, or a minimalist digital clock. You can also choose where the time is displayed. Handy for moving, for example, if it is completely over a face on a photo background.

There is much more to discover in One UI 6. Curious about what else you can find on your A52 thanks to the latest Android update? We will tell you all about it in our extensive Android 14 review. The software update was available in late November for Google Pixel smartphones and Samsung’s newer Galaxy S smartphones.

Android 14 will appear on more smartphones in the coming months. Do you want to know whether your device will receive the update and when you can expect it? Then check us regularly Android 14 update overviewso you stay informed.

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‘Download the leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 wallpapers now’

Attention Samsung fans: the Galaxy S24 hasn’t even been released yet, and an enthusiast has already shared the ‘official’ wallpapers online. See here what they look like and how you can set them as your own wallpaper.

‘Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra wallpaper in four colors’

After the scent and color of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked earlier this week, people online also spotted the alleged exclusive wallpapers of the top model. It is a type of crystal that is partly in the image. These are four colors that correspond to the colors in which the Galaxy S24 Ultra would be launched on the market.

The 16-year-old decided to take the backgrounds from the leaked product photos of the S24 Ultra. With the help of Photoshop and artificial intelligence, the X user managed to develop the images in razor-sharp quality. He then posted it online with a public download link. Anyone can download the wallpapers via his tweet.


Install an S24 Ultra wallpaper yourself

Would you also like to set one of these backgrounds on your smartphone? Then download the desired images. You do this by selecting the photo of your choice in the X app or web browser and then clicking on the three dots at the top right of the screen. Press save and the photo will be downloaded.

Then go to the settings app on your smartphone. Here, click on ‘Customization’, then ‘Background & Style’ and click on ‘Change Background’. Now find the background in ‘My Photos’ and select it. Then set whether you want to use it for your home and/or lock screen and you’re done.

This is what we expect from the S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the largest model in the S24 series. The smartphone is made of titanium and contains the well-known S-Pen. The screen on the Ultra has a size of 6.8 inches and contains an OLED panel that shows bright colors, as we have come to expect from Samsung. For the first time, the edges of the screen are not rounded, but flat.

The S24 is equipped with the latest chip of the moment: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. There is also 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage space. The battery has a size of 5000 mAh and charges with a maximum of 45 watts. The smartphone can also charge wirelessly and supply power to other devices.

On the back of the S24 Ultra you will find most cameras from the S24 line. There is again a main camera and wide-angle camera, but the 10x telephoto lens disappears. This will be a camera with a higher resolution, but one that can zoom in less optically.

More about the Galaxy S24 series


Deal : Six reasons why the Samsung S24 Ultra could be really good

On January 17th, Samsung will present its new S24 series at Galaxy Unpacked 2024 – we’ll reveal why the top model S24 Ultra in particular has what it takes to be the most important Android smartphone of the year.

Since the publication of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Samsung combines the best possible technology in its Ultra models Samsung 23 Ultra With this concept, it was the first cell phone to stay at number 1 for a whole year best smartphones from our test. The expectations for the successor Galaxy S24 Ultra are correspondingly high. Based on the current (already pretty watertight) rumors, we show the six most important strengths of the S24 Ultra.

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1. Artificial intelligence for everyday life

With the S24, Samsung is making artificial intelligence (AI) the center of a new generation of smartphones. With the one from Samsung already officially announced Live translation will even be usable for telephone calls and will apparently even enable live translation in at least the most important languages. All S24 variants have this strength, but the Ultra has a little more performance under the hood for AI applications thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor (see point 3).

2. More flexible telephoto shooting

The combination of two telephoto lenses and 200 megapixel main camera made zooming with the predecessor S23 Ultra very powerful. The triple optical telephoto and the tenx optical telephoto together covered an enormous zoom range and the 200 MP sensor had more than sufficient sharpness reserves for double zooming. But there was a larger gap between the two zoom lenses. When zoomed between magnification factors between 4 and 9, the 10 MP sensor of the smaller telephoto no longer offered sharp images. With the S24 Ultra, Samsung is reportedly adapting the telephoto pair better to the requirements of everyday life. The second telephoto intervenes at zoom factor 5 (with 5x optical magnification), and a 50 MP sensor should ensure sufficient sharpness, even at 10x zoom. This means that the image quality remains consistently high over a larger zoom range. The only weak point: the smaller telephoto unfortunately remains at only 10 MP, so the quality of photos with 4x zoom will not change much. The main camera will probably stay at 200 MP, but will supposedly spit out standard photos in 24 MP instead of 12 MP – if that’s true, Samsung learned this trick from Apple. According to rumors, a new sensor will also be installed that can absorb more light thanks to larger sensor pixels. The camera of the basic models S24 and S24 Plus is much simpler, only has a telephoto and no 200 MP main camera.

3. New super processor only on the S24 Ultra

The S24 series comes with new processors. But the S24 Ultra will probably be the only model that will benefit from the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. It has what it takes to be the fastest processor in the Android world and, in addition to a slightly faster CPU (only clocked higher for Samsung), offers stronger graphics, for example for games and, above all, a much stronger neural processor unit (NPU), so that AI Applications run directly on the device even without the cloud. Let’s hope that Samsung gives the S24 Ultra an improved cooling system, like we saw with the Fold 5. The basic models S24 and S24 Plus also get a new processor, but “only” the Exynos 2400 directly from Samsung. In some details the Exynos is behind the Snapdragon, but the general level is probably similar.

4. OLED display – brighter than Apple!

The S24 Ultra is rumored to have a display with a brightness of up to 2,600 nits. This is a huge leap compared to the already good 1,750 nits of the predecessor, and therefore overtakes it Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max (almost 2,100 nits or candelas per square meter).

5. Wifi 7: More speed, less disruption

2024 will be WiFi 7 is picking up speed – also because Germany’s most important router manufacturer AVM is finally bringing new FritzBox models with Wifi 7 onto the market. Wifi 7 offers more robustness and speed, especially in congested metropolitan areas. Since Wifi 7 is integrated directly into the new Snapdragon processor, the base models could remain with Wifi 6E.

6. New design with titanium power

Model Apple: Like the iPhone 15 Pro models, the S24 Ultra comes with a frame made of titanium alloy. Basically, titanium as a metal is lighter than steel but stronger than aluminum. However, the test of the iPhone 15 Pro showed that titanium does not work wonders when it comes to robustness and scratch resistance – but the price could be slightly higher than its predecessor at 1,469 euros for the 256 GB version (smallest storage size). But titanium looks and feels great and will probably also come with a matt surface that is easier to grip. The new design also has measurable advantages: the display frame should be slightly narrower. And S-Pen users will be pleased that the display is no longer so rounded at the edges. This leaves more space for drawing and writing.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: An assessment

Faster, better camera, new WiFi – the S24 Ultra could actually top last year’s high-flyer. But if the new Samsung really wants to overtake its predecessor, it also has to score points in terms of battery, charging speed and the standardized camera tests (including the 4x zoom level, which is unfortunate for the S24 Ultra). However, the charging speed is likely to remain low and there can always be surprises, especially when it comes to the battery.


Samsung: TV gets its own gaming controller

Remote controls are out, in the future you will operate yours Samsung TV with a controller. In order to make optimal use of the “Samsung Gaming Hub” function, the company is now bringing suitable hardware onto the market.

The so-called “Replay Wireless Controller” from PDP At first glance it looks like an Xbox controller. However, it has a button that immediately opens the gaming hub. You can also use it to control the volume and turn your television on and off.

Samsung brings its own controller

With the help of the Samsung Gaming Hub, owners of a TV from the brand can play games directly on it stream without a console to own. Of course, a suitable controller shouldn’t be missing, which is why Samsung is now bringing its own model onto the market, which will be available for purchase this month.

The program is integrated free of charge on all smart TVs and monitors from the last two years and lets you access subscribed streaming services. However, Samsung does not replace the price of the subscription. You then stream Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna and more.

So far it is possible, different Controllers from different manufacturers like Xbox, Sony and Amazon, so no one had to play with a classic remote control. However, the appropriate device from Samsung itself was missing.

Anyone who is now on the website of PDP If you stop by, you have the opportunity to get the controller for the Samsung Game Hub for just under 50 dollars Pre-order when it is available again. There are currently no other models available, but that could change soon. Microsoft Meanwhile, try something completely different and makes his own toaster.


Deal : New Samsung TVs 2024: Are micro-LED TVs finally starting?

Samsung is launching televisions with four different screen technologies this year. SamaGame is already revealing the most interesting models.

Table of contents

  • Samsung DU7179, DU8079 & DU9079: Crystal UHD up to 98 inches
  • Q60D to QN95D: QLED with a new highlight
  • Neo-QLED 8K: Because they can
  • S90D and S95D: OLED TVs have better anti-reflective properties
  • More economical despite a brighter image
  • Lifestyle TVs & projectors: Beautiful television
  • Micro-LED comes from 76 inches
  • Samsung TVs 2024: prices and availability

Samsung probably offers the largest selection of all TV manufacturers televisions. In the current model year 2024, this will increase again: whether different sizes – from compact to huge -, different price ranges – from cheap to unaffordable – or different Screen techniques: Samsung occupies every market segment – ​​and always invents a new one. SamaGame has the first new ones Samsung TVs Already seen in 2024 and provides an initial overview.

Samsung DU7179, DU8079 & DU9079: Crystal UHD up to 98 inches

With his cheap televisions The manufacturer is expanding the selection: Instead of two model series, there will be three in the 2024 model year. Samsung is talking about “Crystal UHD” screens, which means proven LCD technology with a refresh rate of 50 to 60 Hertz. The model series is the starting point DU7179 as a successor to the popular Samsung CU7179 (Test grade 2.4). They should be available in a number of sizes from 43 inches and around 400 euros, even with a gigantic 75 inches, market prices can be expected for under 1,000 euros. On the slightly more colorful ones CU8079 (test grade 2.2) follows DU8079, the prices will hardly be higher than those of the 7 Series. If the screen isn’t big enough for you, get this DU9079-Models even with up to 98 inches – that corresponds to a screen diagonal of 2.48 meters! This size was previously only available in higher-quality series at corresponding prices, while the GU98DU9079 probably remains under 3,000 euros. The new Samsung televisions are similar to their predecessors in terms of equipment, so there are plenty of streaming options on board again – with all the popular film and series providers – plus AirPlay and cloud gaming like Nvidia GeForce Now in 4K. There are also three HDMI ports and one to two USB sockets.

Q60D to QN95D: QLED with a new highlight

With its higher-end televisions, Samsung has made the so-called quantum dots popular – or at least established the letter Q in the television world. The QLED televisions are LCD TVs that can display stronger and more natural colors using color-enhancing nanoparticles. The cheapest upcoming model series is called Q60D. This is more interesting Q70Das successor to the Q70C (Test grade 1.8) – because the screens run at twice the frequency for what is expected to be a moderate surcharge, instead of 50 to 60 it is 100 to 120 Hertz. Matching this is four times from here HDMI 2.1 on board.
From the Q80D Slightly brighter and higher-contrast images can be expected, but at this point it might be worth jumping to the next better model: While until then all LCD and QLED models from Samsung use conventional LEDs as light sources for the screens, from now on QN80D so-called mini LEDs. With their smaller design, they can be arranged much closer behind the screen. The televisions also control their brightness to match the image content and dim them behind dark areas. Mini LED TVs – or Samsung Neo QLED TVs (hence QN in the type designation) – can display deeper blacks and higher contrasts. Thanks to the cost-effective zigzag structure of the mini LED matrix, the QN80D This technology will be cheaper than previously available and therefore represent a cheaper OLED alternative. Maybe it only comes in one or two sizes while Samsung has the one above that QN85D probably like its predecessor QN85C (test rating 1.4) in three image sizes: 55, 65 and 75 inches.
The top model of LCD or Neo-QLED TVs will be the QN90Dwhich in turn follows its predecessor Samsung QN90C (test score 1.3) is very similar. It should again be available from 43 to 98 inches, with improved image processing with reduced noise and smoother gradients being very promising for the largest models. The sister model QN95D According to reports, the differences are only cosmetic.

Neo-QLED 8K: Because they can

Samsung is expected to be the only major manufacturer to release new 8K televisions in 2024. Although new is relative: the QN700D, QN800D and QN900D model series are likely to be very similar to their predecessors with a C at the end. Samsung promises optimized scaling and image processing, the 700 is again content with 60 Hertz. And it’s clear: the price and power consumption are significantly higher than with otherwise comparable Neo-QLED models with UHD resolution, while the finer image structures and lower interference, for example on moving diagonal edges, can only be seen from very short distances. However, if you sit 2 meters in front of an 85-inch TV, you will find real dream televisions. The new 8K televisions are expected to be available again in three sizes: 65, 75 and 85 inches.

S90D and S95D: OLED TVs have better anti-reflective properties

Samsung landed a real surprise in 2022 with its OLED televisions. This type of screen achieves perfect contrast thanks to self-illuminating pixels; brilliant highlights can be surrounded by deep black within an image. Samsung also uses quantum dots here, which act as so-called color converters and replace light-absorbing color filters. These QD-OLED screens achieve extremely brilliant image quality with comparatively low power consumption. The Samsung S90D This technology will differ little from its predecessor S90C differ (test grade 1.3), what is particularly noticeable externally is the smaller base. The S95D should be all the more interesting: there are the same as the predecessor S95C (Test grade 1.1) the connections are relocated to the external One-Connect box. Only a single, inconspicuous cable for power as well as image and sound signals leads to the screen – this saves a lot of stress with tangled cables, especially when mounted on the wall. Improved anti-reflective coating is also used. It is based on the same technology as “The Frame” (see below), but Samsung adapted it to OLED technology with its darker black. The first impression: breathtaking.

More economical despite a brighter image

A new, energy-saving picture mode on Samsung televisions 2024 is noteworthy: “Ai Energy Mode” promises energy savings in the double-digit percentage range while still providing a brighter picture impression. Cleverly controlled panel illumination (backlight) is intended to make this apparent contradiction possible. In addition, Samsung is continuing its efforts to reduce resource consumption. The television back panels are made of recycled plastic, and reused aluminum is used inside. The housing material of the remote controls also has a past life, and thanks to the built-in solar cells with supercaps as power storage, they do not require changing batteries. In addition, networking and smart automation should help save electricity, with the television taking center stage as a display for solar systems and the domestic energy flow.

Lifestyle TVs & projectors: Beautiful television

Samsung calls televisions that look particularly good without a TV program running as lifestyle TVs. The most famous model is “The Frame“. It looks like a picture frame and has special playback modes for photos and paintings, so that art or family photos can be seen instead of a black surface during TV breaks. Because the screen only lights up slightly in Art mode, power consumption is kept to a minimum .The new generation of The Frame also reduces the refresh rate to reduce energy consumption by a further 10 percent, according to Samsung. The television characteristics are comparable to those of the Q70D. The second lifestyle television is the model Serif with technology very similar to that offered by the Q60D. With its slim tubular steel feet, it is a free-standing piece of furniture. You can also find very uncomplicated ones in the lifestyle department projector. “The Freestyle” is designed for mobile and spontaneous use at football evenings, for group gaming sessions or children’s birthday parties and has the same streaming capabilities as Samsung Smart TVs. “The Premiere” is a real television replacement for film lovers with built-in TV receivers and high-quality speakers. The new models The Premiere 9 and The Premiere 7 promise sharp and bright images with UHD resolution and 3,200 or 2,400 lumens, and they can also be used as full-fledged WiFi speakers. Added The Premiere 5 with similarly uncomplicated handling as The Freestyle, but for placement directly in front of the projection screen.

Micro-LED comes from 76 inches

The experts are awaiting this with great excitement Samsung Micro LED TVs. Just like OLED TVs, they have self-illuminating pixels, but use conventional semiconductor LEDs instead of organic plastic LEDs. The advantage: unexpectedly bright and colorful images. The disadvantage: The crystalline LEDs cannot be made as small as OLEDs, so micro-LED TVs are at least 76 inches tall, and they should also be available in 89, 101 and 114 inches (1.90 to 2.90 meters!) . But this is another step in the right direction; this technology was originally used in much larger advertising displays and stadium screens. Thanks to improved manufacturing processes and cost-saving modular construction, micro-LED televisions are expected to reach larger quantities in 2024. Each module has a screen diagonal of around 32 centimeters, and depending on the desired TV size, 36 to 100 of these micro-LED tiles are used. While visible seams between the tiles were annoying in earlier demonstration models, they are hardly noticeable in the new generation. However, they remain an expensive pleasure and only start in the high five-figure range.

Samsung TVs 2024: prices and availability

The new Samsung televisions should be available in stores from March 2024; depending on the model series and screen size, the market launch could take until the second half of the year. The South Korean company has not yet given recommended prices; they are probably at the same level as the corresponding ones Samsung TV 2023. And yes, micro-LED TVs will actually exist, but they will remain unaffordable.


Samsung Dual Audio: These cell phones have the feature

A tablet for the kids and two pairs of Bluetooth headphones. This is the perfect gift for parents who want to be entertained on long car journeys without having to listen to hours of children’s TV shows. Thanks to dual audio from Samsung, that shouldn’t be a problem. Neither does pairing multiple Bluetooth speakers together.

But not every model has this feature. If you bought the extremely popular Galaxy Tab A8, you’re out of luck. Because this and many other models do not support the useful audio splitting technology.

What is dual audio?

Dual audio is a technology from Samsung that allows two listeners to enjoy the same sound – for example from music streaming – on two different Bluetooth headphones or speakers. It is not activated automatically, but must be activated via the Bluetooth settings.

Which Samsung models have dual audio?

Currently dual audio is a real premium feature. And that means it’s only available for Samsung’s premium products. If you own one of the following models, you can use the function:

  • Galaxy Note 8 to 20
  • Galaxy S8 to S22
  • Galaxy Tab S4 to S8
  • Galaxy Z Flip 1 to 4 (incl. Bespoke Edition)
  • Galaxy Z Fold 1 to 4 (incl. Bespoke Edition)
  • Galaxy A53 5G
  • Galaxy A52, A52 5G, A52s
  • Galaxy A54 5G

Other smartphones, tablets and notebooks from the Samsung product portfolio do not currently support dual audio. Experience reports from the Internet state, however, that the South Koreans later added or removed the function for some devices. This list is therefore not final.

What features do other manufacturers offer?

Other manufacturers offer a comparable function. So you can stream audio from your iPhone to more than one pair of Airpods using the Share Audio feature. However, the supported headphones are exclusively Apple and Beats products that are compatible.

If you want to use a more open system and choose your headphones based on quality instead of brand and supported technology, you should use a smart device with LE Audio and the LC3 codec.

LE stands for Low Energy and is a rather new standard designed for the transmission of sound and information to wearables and headphones. The LC3 codec builds on this and, from Bluetooth version 5.2, enables more than one pair of headphones to be controlled at the same time.

Since the technology is still quite young, the compatible devices are usually newer smartphones and tablets. The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 and also the Redmi Note 11 are a small selection of devices with LE Audio. However, more will certainly follow.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 users are reporting problems with Android Auto

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series was recently announced, but some users are experiencing connection issues with Android Auto. This makes using the smart car radio a lot more inconvenient.

No automatic connection with Samsung Galaxy S23

Android Auto is special software for infotainment systems in modern cars. Your phone connects to your car screen using a USB cable or Bluetooth, but this does not work for users of a Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus or S23 Ultra. The smartphones do not connect automatically or at all with Android Auto. This makes listening to music or navigating suddenly a lot more difficult behind the wheel.

Dozens of users are reporting the connection issues on the Google Support page and users are also sharing this problem. It is not known what the root cause is. Most likely the solution lies in a software update. In any case, Google collects the technical data from those who experience the problem.

It is not the first time that Samsung smartphones have had problems with Android Auto. Last year’s Galaxy S22 phones also had trouble with this after launch. Users were then shown a black screen instead of the Android Auto interface. Only after about seven months were most problems resolved with an update.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for Samsung this time, but a solution will come soon. Some users report that this problem is reason enough for them to switch to another smartphone.

More about Android Auto

With Android Auto you connect your phone to your car. The screen in the middle of your car turns into an interface with apps that work with it. This way you can easily listen to your favorite music via Spotify, navigate through the city with Google Maps and be served by the Google Assistant.

More and more modern vehicles have Android Auto built in as standard, but you can also install a modern car radio yourself. Check our list of five built-in radios that bring Android Auto to your car. Do you already have Android Auto and do you want to get the most out of it? Then read our five useful Android Auto tips.

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“Successor Samsung Galaxy A73 Canceled”

According to the latest rumors, there is little chance that we will see a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A73 next year. The usually well-informed source GalaxyClub has not yet found any indications of the arrival of the Galaxy A74.

No indications have yet been found showing that Samsung is working on the Galaxy A74, while details normally emerge months before the launch of a new smartphone. This includes instructions in software or leaked specifications. Nothing has been leaked about the Galaxy A74 yet, while details of the Galaxy A54 and the Galaxy A34 have already been found, including renders.

There is a chance that the Galaxy A74 is not planned for the time being or that Samsung has scrapped the smartphone altogether. Samsung may discontinue the smartphone because the Galaxy A7x series is now too similar to the popular Galaxy A5x series, and the launch will therefore attract few new consumers.

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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2 with new design appears in online store

Samsung hasn’t officially launched the Galaxy Smart Tag 2 yet, but the design has already been leaked. An online store published images and specifications of the Bluetooth tracker.

New design of Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2 leaked

Samsung will soon release a successor to the Galaxy Smart Tag and Smart Tag Plus. Although this Bluetooth tracker has not yet been officially launched, we already know what it will look like. The British online store has simply placed the device online. This shows, among other things, that the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2 will have a new design.

While the old version was square with a small hole in it, its successor is elongated. Moreover, the opening is much larger, making it easier to attach it to your key ring, for example. The Smart Tag 2 is a bit like the signs you can hang on the door of your hotel room if you don’t want to be disturbed.

The webshop also confirms that the tracker uses Bluetooth 5.3, as we read earlier. This makes it more energy efficient and you don’t have to replace the battery as often. The location of your belongings can also be determined more accurately than with its predecessor. In addition, there is less delay in the signal. This is useful if you attach the Smart Tag 2 to your pet’s collar. You can then follow him or her closely.

In addition to Bluetooth, the tracker also has ultrawideband. If you have a recent smartphone from Samsung itself, you can detect the device with an accuracy of up to 10 centimeters.

Price seems to be going up

It is not yet known when Samsung will launch the Galaxy Smart Tag 2. However, we probably won’t have to wait much longer. According to Mobile Fun, the recommended retail price is approximately 70 pounds, or 80 euros, for two copies. That is slightly more expensive than the Smart Tag Plus. They sell for about 65 euros per duo. However, it is not clear whether the prices of the webshop are final.

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