Sims 4: Getting and Getting Rid of Burnout (Cheat)

How to get burnout in Sims 4? What can you do if a Sim has burnout and how can you get rid of it? With the new Sims 4 expansion called “Growing Together”, not only do infants and many new objects come into play, but there are also a few other playful innovations such as milestones or the new emotion “Burnout”. If the Sim overworks, they can burn out after a certain amount of time, which in turn has a negative impact on the Sim and their skills and career. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to get and get rid of burnout.

How do you get burnout?

If a Sim works too much or spends too much time on their hobbies without taking regular breaks, they can experience burnout. Before the Sim burns out, they gain one of two emotions: Dazed – Mental Fog and Dazed – Creative Fog. To prevent burnout, you should slow down a little and take a break when the Sim displays the “Dazed” emotion.

If you don’t take a break and the Sim continues as before, then burnout will occur. As already mentioned above, the burnout then has a negative impact on the Sim’s skills and thus also on the career. The burnout also has a more or less strong impact on the Sim’s mood.

Remove and get rid of burnout

If the Sim has a burnout, it’s relatively easy to get rid of it. All you have to do is give the Sim a little break from the activities that caused the burnout. After a certain amount of time, the burnout disappears on its own. Alternatively, you can also get rid of burnout with the mood potion from the reward store. The mood remover costs 500 reward points.

As with other emotions, there is also a “burnout cheat” in The Sims 4. Since burnout is an emotion, you can remove it using the cheat command “sims.remove_all_buffs”.

  1. Open the cheat console using CTRL + Shift + C.
  2. Activate the cheats via “testingcheats true” and remove the burnout with the command “sims.remove_all_buffs”.

So far we haven’t been able to find a cheat code that allows you to activate burnout at the push of a button. It is probably possible using the command “sims.add_buff (Emotion), although it is still unknown what the cheat for the burnout is called.


Sims 4: Change Infant Eye Color

How to change infant eye color in The Sims 4? Why doesn’t the infant’s eye color change when you change the eye color using Create Your Sim Mode? This may be what one or two Sims 4 players have asked over the past few days who have downloaded the new update with the babies. With the new and free update for the base game, a new age group comes into the game and that is the infants. Anyone who has taken a closer look at the infants may have noticed the strange eye color and the “alien eyes”. We have created a short guide here to find out what this is all about and how you can change your eye color.

Changing eye color in infants

To change the infants’ eye color subsequently, you have to proceed in the same way as with other Sims. So in the first step, open the cheat console using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + C and activate “cas.fulleditmode”. Then you have to click on the infant while holding down the Shift key and select the option “Edit in Create a Sim”. In the editor you can then edit the eyes and the color of the infant.

  1. Open the cheat window using CTRL + Shift + C and activate “cas.fulleditmode”.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and click on the infant or any other Sim in the household.
  3. Open the editor via “Change to Create a Sim”, click on the infant’s eyes and change the eye color on the right side.

Eye color doesn’t change?

If the eye color of the infants in Sims 4 does not change even though it has been set as described above, then this is usually due to custom content. So if you have installed CC for eyes and eye colors, you should deactivate it as a test. There are some reports on Reddit that CC was probably the reason why the babies had “alien eyes.”

Tip: This is how the Sims get rid of burnout again.


Get rid of Sims 4 overnight guest and send them home

With the new “Grow Together” expansion, you can now let individual Sims stay overnight in your own household for several days. If you have invited the overnight guest, they appear with their suitcase and spend the set time in the household. Depending on how long you have chosen for the overnight visit, some players may ask themselves, how do you send the overnight guest home and get rid of them again? For “normal guests” you can simply select the appropriate interaction and send the Sim home. But how do you end an overnight visit and get rid of the guest?

End overnight visit and send guest home

As mentioned above, you cannot send the overnight visit home via an interaction. When you select the guest, at least in the current version there is nothing about “Send home” or “End overnight visit”. But there is a way to send the overnight guest home and that is via the calendar. Not only can you use the calendar to invite Sims to stay overnight for several days, but you can also easily end the action again. To do this, open the calendar in the game and the “overnight visit” should be displayed on the left side under the tab of the same name. In addition to a pen symbol, you can also see a bucket symbol with the label “Cancel overnight visit”. After canceling the visit via the calendar, the Sim packs his things and his suitcase and disappears.

  1. Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the game and open the calendar.
  2. In the calendar view, scroll down on the left side and click on the trash can icon under “Overnight Visit.”
  3. Confirm the end of the “event” and the guest disappears.

Of course, you can invite the overnight guests you sent home again at any time and let them stay in the household for several days without permanently adding the Sim to your own household.

Tip: The new babies in The Sims 4 can develop and get these quirks.


Sims 4 Mirror Items: Is it possible?

How do you mirror an item in The Sims 4? Which key or cheat can you use to mirror an object? One or two players of the popular life simulation who are in the process of building a house and then decorating it and want to place several asymmetrical objects in the house will perhaps be concerned with this question. The question of mirroring objects often arises when objects are placed next to each other and the orientation of the object is only in one direction. In order to get a “symmetrical overall result”, it would be practical if you could mirror an item. But is that even possible?

How can you mirror an object?

Even though you can rotate an object in all directions and even change its size in The Sims 4, it is unfortunately not yet possible to mirror an object. There is neither a button that allows you to mirror an object at the push of a button, nor is there a cheat. The reason is probably because there is no mirrored variant stored for the respective 3D objects. If you want to mirror an item from build mode, this is only possible by mirroring the 3D object of the item using appropriate 3D software (i.e. only for modders). That’s exactly what some modders do, because you can sometimes find custom content with played objects from the game online. The latter are usually plants or other asymmetrical objects.

  • Rotate item left and right: comma and period key
  • Enlarge and reduce the size of an object: ? key and ´ key (to the left of backspace)

Mirrored items via CC

As mentioned above, you can find frequently played items for Sims 4 on the well-known custom content sites such as This usually involves two variants of the item, one played and one not mirrored.

Has anything changed in the meantime and is there now an easy way to mirror an item in The Sims 4? If so, we would be happy to hear from you in the comments and we will add the information here.


Sims 4: Practice Dramatic Scene

How can a Sim practice a dramatic scene? What level of acting skill must be reached in order for the Sim to perform a dramatic scene? This might be the question asked by one or other Sims 4 player who wants to pursue an acting career with his Sim and has now been given the task of practicing a dramatic scene or even a monologue. In this article, we will show how you can easily complete the task.

Practice dramatic scene

With The Sims 4 expansion called “Get Famous,” the actor ability was added to the game as a skill. With this ability, the Sims can perform various scenes in order to advance and develop in their theater or acting careers. You can also use your acting skills in conversations to get yourself out of awkward situations. But back to the question, what do you have to do for the dramatic scene task?

The “Dramatic Scene” interaction is only unlocked with the Acting skill at level 10. After increasing the acting skill level to 10, you can simply click on another Sim and then select “Perform Scene” and “Practice/Perform Dramatic Scene” from the actions. This allows the Sim to practice the scene and improve their skill accordingly. This should then also show the task of the same name as successfully completed.

Increase acting ability with cheat

If you want, you can of course increase your acting ability with a cheat at the push of a button.

  1. Open the cheat console using the CTRL key + Shift key + C key and activate the cheats using “testingcheats true”.
  2. With the skill cheat “stats.set_skill_level Major_Acting (1-10)” you can increase the Sim’s acting ability.

Give a dramatic monologue

In addition to the “Dramatic Scene”, there is also a task with a “Dramatic Task”. Here, too, you first have to increase the acting skill to level 10 and then click on your own Sim (another Sim is not required for the monologue). Under “Perform scene” you can then hold and start the dramatic monologue.


Sims 4 plants disappear: what to do?

In the Sims 4 you can put your virtual green fingers to the test and plant different plants. The plants can not only be planted and changed, but also “bred” and refined to improve the quality. Anyone who has done a bit of gardening in Sims 4 may have had the problem of plants suddenly disappearing. In this situation, the question often arises, why do the plants in Sims 4 disappear on their own and what could be the cause of the problem? Is there a bug with the plants and what can be done if the problem occurs more frequently?

Plants disappear on their own in Sims 4

The problem with the disappearing plants in Sims 4 worries some players and the bug has existed for years. Even if it is rare, it happens again and again and you look at the beds and suddenly individual plants are missing. If you then click on the spot where the plant was before, no interaction is displayed anymore. As already mentioned, the “plant bug” has existed for some time and fills numerous threads not only in the official forum, but also on platforms such as Reddit. The problem should therefore be well known to the developers, but so far not much has changed on the subject.

There is still no real solution to the plant problem. When the plants disappear, the only option is usually to plant the plant again. In most cases, the problem is then fixed for a while until after a while a plant disappears on its own.

Plants disappear because of seasons?

With the seasons expansion, spring, summer, autumn and winter find their way into the game and of course bring different weather conditions with them. The seasons, or more specifically the weather, also have an effect on plants, so some plants will not grow or completely die and disappear. For example, the green peas only grow in spring, while the peppers only grow in summer and the snowdrops only in winter.

However, the behavior of the plants due to the seasons has nothing to do with the “plants disappearing” bug, since the problem occurs even if you do not have the seasons expansion or have deactivated the seasons.


Find Sims 4 General Store (Horse Ranch)

Where is the general store in The Sims 4? What can you buy in the general store? This is what the questions from one or the other player who bought the horse ranch expansion for Sims 4 might look like in the past few days. One of the things that comes into play with the horse expansion is the new world called Chestnut Ridge, and it’s all about horses. In the world there are 3 neighborhoods each with 13 different properties. Chestnut Ridge also has some buildings like a large equestrian center, a hidden cave and also a general store. The only question is, where is the general store and what is there to buy?

General store in Sims 4 horse ranch

The general store is located in Chestnut Ridge in the New Appaloosa neighborhood. Directly to the left of the large equestrian center is the shop and you can buy various items there, including ingredients for nectar production but also useful items such as the horse aging bite. In the following table we have summarized all the items that can be bought in the shop.

The following items can be purchased from the general store.

Object Price
Fishing Volume 1: On the Hook 75
Fishing Volume 2: Equipment and Technique 150
Fishing Volume 3: See the fish, be the fish 250
Apple 14
egg 10
Bagged red meat 20
Packed white meat 20
strawberry 44
bottle of milk 15
Green bean 33
Green Pea 14
Gardening Volume 1: Water, Light and Earth 75
Gardening Volume 2: How to get green thumbs 150
Gardening Volume 3: Strange and Forbidden Plant Genetics 250
raspberry 9
carrot 14
Potato 17
cherry 42
Strong plant milk 15
Cheese 10
Flour 10
Parsley 8th
Horse Aging Bites 150
Prairie Grass Hay 4
Riding Volume 1: Get off the horse, you bungler 75
Riding Volume 2: Equestrian Jargon 150
Riding Volume 3: From Pavement to Stirrup 250
tomato 24
bunch of grapes 41
lemon 30
Sugar 10

In addition to the horses, there are two more new animals in the game, the dwarf goats and the dwarf sheep. The pygmy goats and pygmy sheep can also be purchased at the general store or simply ordered over the phone and the ranch animal exchange.


Write Sims 4 bestseller (incl. Cheat)

How can you actually write a bestseller in The Sims 4? Does the Sim just randomly write the bestseller, or are there certain requirements for the book to become a bestseller? One or the other player of Sims 4 who is in the process of improving the “writing” ability and would like to become a writer will perhaps deal with these questions. Sooner or later you will be given the task or goal of writing a bestseller and even if you have already written a few books and increased your writing skill, you will not become a bestseller author immediately. But how do you write a bestseller?

Writing bestsellers in The Sims 4

The quality of books in The Sims 4 depends on the writing level. The higher the level of writing skill, the better the books usually get. But a high level of writing does not guarantee a bestseller. Besides the writing ability there are other things that affect the end result like in this case the finished book and one of those is the Inspired emotion. If the Sim is “Inspired” or even better “Very Inspired”, then the probability of writing a bestseller increases significantly. In another article we have already described how a Sim can be inspired (including the inspired cheat).

Another way to increase the probability of writing a bestseller is the “Creative Visionary” reward, which can be unlocked in the reward store. The reward increases the chance of writing or painting a masterpiece (i.e. a bestseller).

Otherwise, writing a bestseller is all about sticking with it, getting a high writing skill, and inspiring the Sim. Sooner or later a bestseller should come out of it.

Best selling cheat and writing skill

So far there is no real “bestseller cheat” in The Sims 4 with which you can write a bestseller at the push of a button. However, you can increase both the writing ability and the inspiration with a cheat.

  • Open the cheat window with CTRL+Shift+C and activate the cheats with “testingcheats true”.
  • The inspiration can be increased with the cheat “sims.Add_Buff InspiredHigh”.
  • The ability to write can be increased with the cheat “stats.set_skill_level Major_Writing 10”.


Sims 4: Buy, breed and sell goats and sheep

Where can you buy a dwarf goat or a dwarf sheep? How can you milk a goat or shear a sheep? One or the other player who has bought the new horse ranch expansion for The Sims 4 will probably deal with these questions in the last few days. With the horse ranch expansion, not only does a new neighborhood and horses come into play, but there are also two other new animals and these are the goats and sheep.

Dwarf goats and dwarf sheep buy horse ranch in Sims 4

The goats and sheep work similarly to the chickens from the Cottage Life expansion. The animals must be fed and cared for regularly. The better you take care of the animals, the more expensive you can sell their products such as milk or wool. To buy a goat or a sheep, you can either visit the stable in Chestnut Ridge or you can conveniently order the animals home using your cell phone. Prices start at 150 simoleons and go up to 2,000 simoleons for the black dwarf sheep.

  1. Open the cell phone and under “Household” call the “Ranch Animal Exchange”.
  2. You can now order one or more goats and sheep via “Buy dwarf goats and dwarf sheep”.
  3. After you have bought the animals, they automatically end up in the Sim’s inventory. You can then release the animals on your own property via the inventory.

milking goats and shearing sheep: To milk a goat or shear a sheep, simply click on the animal and then select the appropriate option. You can use the interactions to collect the dwarf goats and dwarf sheep again and “put them in your inventory”.

Sell ​​Goat and Sheep: To sell a goat or a sheep, you have to call the ranch animal exchange with your cell phone and sell the animals.

Breed goats and sheep?

Unlike horses, which can be bred relatively easily and have offspring in the form of a foal, according to current information, goats and sheep cannot be bred. If anything changes in the future, we will of course add the information here.