Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) – How To Unlock All Secret Units | Easter Egg Guide

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

) is a really silly game – and you can make it even sillier with the help of these Easter Egg units. To unlock new hidden units, all you have to do is find their weapons on the map. But these weapons are pretty well hidden. It pays to look for them though, as the units they unlock are some of the most powerful/expensive in the game.

If you crave hulking ice giants that crush enemies with a never-ending series of shockwaves, or cheerleaders that boost your other units and make them attack even faster, or dragons in wheelbarrows, read on because here’s where to find them Find units – and then some. Secret things are always nice in games, especially when they really pay off to be found or unlocked.

How To Unlock Every Secret Unit | Easter egg guide

To get new units you need to find their weapons hidden in certain levels. You need to activate Freelook and move the camera around yourself – press (F) to unlock Freeroam and be able to find those hidden weapons. Make sure your camera is next to the weapon for a while to unlock the corresponding unit.


  • levels: Medieval 1
  • Cost: 350

This strong and heavy axe-wielding unit is unlocked by finding the axe. She is embedded in a tree stump.

Mace spinner

  • levels: Medieval 2
  • cost: 500

Spins with a pair of clubs – and becomes a wild tornado when reinforced by cheerleaders. You can find the clubs in one of the spires. Use Freelook to fly down through the open tower window and inside. The clubs are surrounded by birds.


  • levels: Ancient 1
  • cost: 5500

A unit that shoots a hell of a lot of arrows with a double bow. You can find the arch(es) on the lighthouse, at the top, along the railing.

Samurai giant

  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 3000

Fly down the square fountain to find the giant samurai’s giant katana sticking out of the bottom of the fountain. The Samurai Giant is — well — a giant samurai with a hell of a sword.

Fan Bearer

  • levels: Ancient Sandbox
  • cost: 200

A simpler unit that blows enemies away with fans rather than destroying them outright. The fan is leaning against a small shrine near the edge/shore of the island, down a few steps.

The Teacher

  • levels: Ancient 2
  • cost: 300

A very well trained swordsman. You can find his weapon in the open temple with a statue of the Thinker inside.

Ice Giant

  • levels:Viking 1
  • cost: 6000

You can find the giant skull at the edge of the map, near the cracked ice covered lake. It is in the forest along the shore. The Ice Giant is the most expensive unit and sends groups of enemies flying with its explosive shockwaves.


  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 3000

A unit that quickly throws ninja stars. You can find this fighter’s shuriken on the roof of the building in the center of the map – where the red and blue lines meet.

Wheelbarrow Dragon

  • levels: farmer 1
  • cost: 1600

This is an odd unit. You can find the dragon head behind rocks at the edge of the map. It’s not a breathing, flying dragon, it’s in a wheelbarrow that’s being pushed. One could describe this unit as a mobile flamethrower.

Tree Giant

  • levels: Medieval 1
  • cost: 4000

A giant who uses a large tree as a weapon. You need to find his tree – it’s a rather small tree at the edge of the map, near a cliff over the water.


  • levels: Tribal 1
  • cost: 1000

This handy unit makes nearby friendly units attack faster and provides some bonus effects. The cheerleader’s pompoms are on the very edge of the card, on the red side, the red/blue border.


  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 2000

His gun is stuck in a tree on the cliffs below the map’s center dividing line. A powerful samurai-style unit, the Shogun uses the sword to slay enemies as if they were made of cardboard.


Farming Simulator 22: Free Suit and Improvements

Image: Giants Software

Farming Simulator 22 received a free suit and some improvements with the latest update.

Farming Simulator 22 has received a new update on PC and consoles. The developer provides a goodie in the form of a hero’s outfit for the players to match the recently released HORSCH AgroVation Pack.

With the latest update, the entries in the multiplayer main menu have also been reorganized. You will also find the two modes Bale Stacking and Arena there.

For more adjustments and optimizations of the update, see the patch notes below.

Update 1.12 patch notes

New game content

  • Added HORSCH Farming Hero suit

Bug fixes & optimizations

  • Updated to Intel XeSS 1.1 upscaling
  • Redesign of the multiplayer menu with Arena & Bale Stacking Modes
  • Rebranding of Ploeger AT5104 LNMS to Oxbo AT5104 LNMS including visual adjustment
  • Dedicated Server: Fixed performance issue when loading Modhub data
  • Bug fixes in Arena and Bale Stacking modes
  • Dedicated Server: Dependent mods are now activated automatically
  • Dedicated Server: Added warning for dependent mods
  • Dedicated Server: Added log rotation
  • Dedicated Server: Added live preview of log files
  • Dedicated Server: Non-ModHub mods are now highlighted
  • Dedicated Server: Added additional performance graph of server (Blue: System, Green: Processes)
  • The maximum number of gamepad buttons supported has been increased to 128


  • Increased the number of animal subtypes each Stable supports