SkyShowtime is getting two new South Park specials

South Park will be releasing two specials that will be streaming soon on Paramount+. Although Pararmount+ is not available in the Netherlands, the specials will most likely come to SkyShowtime.

In 2022, Paramount+ will be adding two South Park specials. Paramount recently announced this. The news comes shortly after the announcement of the collaboration between the South Park creator and rapper Kendrick Lamar. They will work together on a new comedy film for the streaming service. When exactly the specials can be seen on Paramount+ is unclear and unimportant for the Netherlands. For us it is more important when the specials are shown on SkyShowtime.

Since Paramount + is only available in America, the streaming service has partnered with Pea___ to set up the SkyShowtime service together. This new streaming service is debuting in multiple European countries, allowing them to watch Paramount and Pea___ shows. The South Park specials will probably also appear on SkyShowtime. In addition to the specials, South Park movies and regular episodes will also be coming to SkyShowtime.

When will SkyShowtime be available in the Netherlands?

SkyShowTime is not yet available in the Netherlands, but it won’t be long before the service will make its debut. More and more new streaming services are coming to the Netherlands. Soon, for example, Viaplay and HBO Max will come to the Netherlands. The question is whether SkyShowtime can compete with all those streaming services we discuss here. We have also listed everything you need to know about SkyShowtime.


SkyShowtime continues to remove hundreds of content: its catalog has lost 300 movies in recent months

The mess continues with the series and movies that disappear from SkyShowtime. The platform got off to a very good start in Spain. According to surveys, the growth was spectacular due both to the price (with a very attractive initial offer) and to the fact that they knew how to take advantage of a moment of weakness for Netflix (when they started with the mess of shared accounts).

However, controversy did not take long to appear. On the one hand, the image quality was not as expected for 2023, something that could be explained due to the low price of the subscription, but the most serious thing was the mysterious disappearances of series and movies. In fact, the platform has lost more than 300 movies in these months.

The curious problem of licenses (when some are yours)

At the end of May the storm broke: many series began to show an expiration notice. There was content, like ‘Dexter’, that disappeared and, after two days, returned. However, the entire ‘Fast and Furious’ saga disappeared without anyone saying anything. It has not reappeared on SkyShowtime.

At that time, we contacted the platform to ask what was happening and they assured us that the disappeared content would reappear at some point and that, furthermore, the expiration notice was an error in the application.

The days passed, the expiration date arrived and, despite the company’s words, many of the contents ended up leaving the platform. It is true that new series and films are released every so often, but as the CROSSOVER account on Twitter has pointed out, and as reported from ADSLZone, despite the fact that 135 films have been added, the count has dropped a lot.

From 700 movies, SkyShowtime has grown to 370 titles. It is a substantial decrease in content and the platform itself has responded from its global account, noting that many of these titles will return in the coming weeks and emphasizing new releases such as ‘Poker Face’ or ‘Passing Lies’.

The reason? The licenses. Even if they are from the platform itself (from some of the companies that make up the Sky conglomerate), you have to pay to keep those emission rights and it is what is leaving many contents out of SkyShowtime.

And yes, it is quite normal for the series to enter and leave the services. It is something that happens on Netflix, for example, but also on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, to go to the video game sector, but the problem is that in SkyShowtime it seems that more content comes out than comes inso the count is negative.

We will see what happens in the coming monthsbut although the company in its own terms and conditions states that they can do and undo without warning, taking into account the unfavorable climate around the disappearance of content, perhaps it should notify in advance the productions that will leave the platform.

It is something that, again going to other services, is already done both in the competition and in other sectors.


The best movies on SkyShowtime for you to enjoy

SkyShowtime has officially launched in the Netherlands. The new streaming service that bundles numerous well-known television channels and movie houses is ready with a zipper of films and series. We’ve listed the best movies on SkyShowtime for you.

SkyShowtime is full of movies, where you can choose between numerous genres. Because of the trees you may no longer see the forest, so we will give you a helping hand. Do you want to enjoy a nice evening on the couch with a movie? With these movies on SkyShowtime you certainly do!

Mission Impossible Fallout

If you’re looking for one of the best action films of the past ten years, SkyShowtime is the place to be. Mission Impossible Fallout is waiting for you there, the sixth film in this now 26-year-old film series. This time too, a spectacle is delivered thanks to the fantastic action that has been filmed in a phenomenal way. Especially when you consider that Tom Cruise does his own stunts.

The Godfather

A list of the best films, The Godfather should of course not be missing if it is on the relevant streaming service. And that is the case with SkyShowtime. The film by director Francis Coppola is seen by many as a masterpiece and can still compete with modern films in 2022 – despite The Godfather having already been released in 1972.

In The Godfather we follow the Corleone mafia family in post-World War II New York. Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the respected head of the family, but times are changing. Younger son Michael (Al Pacino) soon has to prove himself when the Corleones find themselves in a bloody mafia war.

If you want to know how The Godfather came about, you can also watch The Offer on SkyShowtime.


Russell Crowe has a glorious career in Hollywood and Gladiator is one of the films in which the American took his biggest star role. The story of the betrayed gladiator who has to fight his way out of the arena or take revenge is still fantastic, as is the acting of Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix who plays the son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Originally the film was already fairly well received, but the film is now seen as revolutionary for the genre of historical films. In addition to the acting, this also has to do with the fantastic music and visual effects that still look very good in 2022.


Jaws also belongs in the list of best films that SkyShowtime has to offer. This Steven Spielberg classic still hasn’t lost its luster 47 years after its original release. This thriller still manages to terrify people into swimming in the sea, all because of a monstrously large shark.

It has everything to do with Spielberg’s fantastic film work. In 2022 that is still wonderful to behold, just like the dynamic between an old sailor and a police chief who simply wants to stop a murderous shark. Those who have never seen Jaws are doing themselves a huge favor to do so via the new streaming service.

Back to the Future

Classics come in many forms and Back to the Future is certainly one of them. The story of Marty McFly is iconic, but if you’re not familiar with the movie, we’ll leave out the spoilers. All you need to know is that Marty accidentally sends himself back in time, making a huge mistake.

Director Robert Zemeckis managed to deliver a classic with the film (which later received two more sequels) thanks to, among other things, the way the film is put together. The film never gets boring thanks to strong music and a killer pace. Add to that a good load of humor that is still funny today and you have a film that you simply cannot miss.

Get Out

Since it’s Halloween, we can’t help but add a bonus movie to this list in the form of an appropriate horror movie. Get Out delivers this with minimal grotesque practices and mostly wreaks psychological havoc thanks to a clever storytelling by Jordan Peele. That story is further supported by great acting by Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener and Lakeith Stanfield.

The film is about Chris who goes with his girlfriend to her parents for a weekend. Soon something doesn’t seem quite right, so the young photographer decides to investigate. Unfortunately, he couldn’t have done better…

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SkyShowtime claims to have a problem with rooted Android phones, but the reality is very different

Currently, we have a wide range of services streaming video, for all tastes and pockets. One of the last to arrive has been SkyShowtime, which, like the rest, has some little-known limits.

One of these makes all the logic in the world and refers to the incompatibility with rooted devices, that is, Android phones that are modified to obtain superuser permissions. However, seems a truth not so true because we have been able to access without any problem, and we tell you about the experience.

This is what SkyShowtime says, and this is what happens

Normally, streaming platforms and their mobile applications impose this restriction on devices that have been modified. Because? Well, for security reasons, mostly.

These services contain a multitude of copyrighted content, and therefore must avoid at all costs that users can manipulate them. Actually, it is not easy at all, since root does not give us this function, but with enough knowledge it could happen.

In addition, rooting an Android mobile does allow us to hack applications, bypass payment gateways and other malicious tasks. Hence, they all cover their backs. AND SkyShowtime was not going to be different: If we go to its help page, in the compatible devices section we will see the following message:

rooted devices

SkyShowtime is not compatible with any rooted device.

What is a rooted device? It is a device in which the operating system has been altered to remove the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer, in order to allow new higher-level features that would not otherwise be available.

The message is clear and resounding, leaving no room for doubt. However, to check we have installed the application on a rooted mobile. Through Magisk we previously obtained access, and then the surprise comes: SkyShowtime works like a charm.

Here the tests: on the left the Magisk app, on the right SkyShowtime working

What’s more, apart from being able to use it normally, The rest of the functions continue to work like any other mobile. For example, PiP mode is also operational, giving us the option to keep playback in a small window while using other apps.

The question is that what was said by SkyShowtime it is not fulfilled. As we have seen, watching a series or movie on the new platform is possible even with root. It may be that the developers of the app have not managed to implement root detection, or have put the notice on the web as a preventive method. Of course, remember that modifying your device has some risks, and it is not recommended to do so because we put our privacy at risk.

Be that as it may, they must cover their backs in the event that a user with bad ideas creates a problem for them. And so I would not leave them in a good placeneither to the platform nor to users who with good intentions want to get the most out of their devices.