Palia Cooking 102: Hearty Vegetable Soup, Stove and Prep Station

Reaching level 2 of the cooking skill starts the quest “Cooking 102”. As part of the quest you have to buy the plan for the hearth and the preparation station. On the other hand, you have to get the recipe for the hearty vegetable soup. The question arises, where do you get the recipe for the stove and the prep station, but also for the hearty vegetable soup?

Cooking 102 quest solution

You get the three plans or recipes for the “Cooking 102” quest from Reth. With the unlocking of the Cooking skill at level 2, you can not only buy various cooking-related devices from Reth, but you can now also buy some recipes with gold in his shop. The recipes also include the Hearty Vegetable Soup for 100 gold that you are looking for as part of the quest.

After purchasing the recipes, you must set up the stove and prep station on your property and prepare the vegetable soup. To prepare the vegetable soup you need any 1 spice, any 1 vegetable and any mushroom. For example, as a spice you can use the spice sprouts that can be found to the west of the lot. When it comes to vegetables, you can plant your own vegetables with the seeds or buy vegetables from the Family Farm. The preparation of the dish takes 1 minute and then the quest is successfully completed.

Object materials
  • 12x stone bricks
  • 5x ceramics
  • 2x copper bars
prep station
  • 16x Splinter Board
  • 2x copper bars
  • 8x ceramics
Hearty vegetable soup
  • 1x any vegetable
  • 1x any spice
  • 1x any mushroom (crush at the prep station).