A naked Chun-Li has sneaked into a Street Fighter 6 tournament on Twitch in front of hundreds of viewers.

The mod on pc they can be something strange. On the one hand, they help to improve a game considerably thanks to the community of players, but sometimes they can be excessive. mods have been around for decades, and the funniest thing is that they’ve sneaked into an unofficial Street Fighter 6 tournament, where they snuck a Chun Li nude onscreen.

The tournament was organized by Corner2Corner, a Twitch account that hosts European Street Fighter 6 tournaments and has been active since the game’s betas. During the tournament, Chun-Li was shown skimpily clad, with no clothes actually, on screen during almost 15 seconds. The reactions are absurdly funny. While Kimberly’s player, the opponent, did not know whether to continue the fight or not, the commentator added that this was a “very interesting skin of Chun-Li“.

Subsequently, many blamed the Chun-Li player for wanting to ruin the competition, although he had nothing to do with it. According to Corner2Corner’s Twitter account, the mod was not activated on the player’s PC, but on the organization’s. “It was our host PC’s faultthe one who was transmitting the fight,” they added.

Although Corner2Corner assumed its mistake and defended the Chun-Li player, the mod could have cost them a ban on twitch. Amazon’s platform guidelines prohibit streaming or uploading content that contains depictions of realistic nudity.

The organization, which does not obtain benefits from these tournaments and whose sole objective is to give visibility to amateur players, has avoided a penalty thanks to his mistake. This mod has been available since the week of the release of the latest Capcom installment according to NexusMods.


Street Fighter 6: Nude Chun-Li Mod Appears In Official Tournament; a “small” accident that interrupted the entire event

Accidents happen anywhere, but sometimes these oversights reach the eyes of hundreds or even thousands of people, and the problem becomes bigger. This was the case recently with , the new fighting game from Capcom that is already shining in several official tournaments, although in this precise case, the game shone for a carelessness that caused laughter… and a bit of pity.

Everything seemed normal: two players were about to face each other in a game broadcast live, when surprising everyone, a mod installed in the game showed us Chun-Li completely naked; this was not the fault of the players, but of the organizer who did not previously review the version of the game that would be used in the tournament, although the penalty was shared by all.

The commentators couldn’t contain their laughter at the surprise, and obviously, the game quickly went off the air. Immediately afterwards, the tournament was interrupted while the problem was fixed, but as we know the internet world well, the moment was immortalized and shared on social networks. As an obvious warning, this scene is not suitable for minors, so if you decide to be curious, you are on your own.

Street Fighter 6: the triumphant return of the Capcom saga

Exceeding two million units sold in record time, it broke the curse of its predecessor launched in 2016 and aims to be one of the best Capcom games in its entire history. In our review, we tell you about the great taste that the game left us, displaying not only a great combat system that will cause addiction for years, but plenty of content for those who prefer to spend countless hours outside of online mode.

As for the competitive world, will shine soon at EVO 2023, the largest fighting game tournament (which will come with several surprises), with an impressive number of more than 7,000 registered participants in the Capcom game alone. Among so many fights waiting, let’s hope that the organizers take note of this accident with Chun-Li and do not embarrass the attendees.