The Division 2 – Expertise Guide – Demolitionist, Survivalist and Sharpshooter

Your character in The Division 2 is highly customizable, and not just because of the plethora of equipment, cosmetics and skills you can unlock. Once you reach the maximum level, you gain access to powerful “Specializations“that take your combat prowess to the next level.

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The Division 2 – Expertise Guide: Demolitionist, Survivalist and Sharpshooter

Unlock specializations

When you finally reach level 30, you may feel that you are ready for the specialization at the end of the game, but there is still a little more to do.

To obtain your specialization, you must first complete all Strongholds The Division 2 map.

Strongholds are:

  • District Union Arena
  • Roosevelt Island
  • The Capitol Building

After eliminating all strongholds, a cutscene will be unlocked and you will be placed in World Tier 1.

Now, go back to your Base of Operations and you will see a new table with which you can interact with the Quartermaster.

What specialization should you choose?

Before going through the pros of all specializations, it is important to note that you are not stuck with a specialization after choosing it. If you change your mind, you can switch to a different one, in addition to transferring your unlock progress.

That means there’s not much to lose if you try a specialization and then switch, if you don’t like it.

Each specialization is based on a specific weapon:

  • Demolitionist – Grenade Launcher
  • Survivalist – Explosive Crossbow
  • Sharpshooter – .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

Based on them, you can choose the Demolitionist, the run-and-gun class, which uses a combination of devastating explosions, mobility and rapid fire weapons to defeat enemies.

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Sharpshooter is best for a more thoughtful and far-reaching approach. Survivalist is a little different, giving you new ways to heal allies in your party, as well as giving some powerful advantages to popular weapon types.

Each Specialization also has its own skill tree, which matches the signature weapon.

Demolitionist – New Skills and Modifiers

  • Incombustible – 20% more resistant to burns
  • Explosive Ordinance – + 25% more explosive damage
  • Vital Protection – Reduces Critical Chances by 20%
  • Demolitionist Tactical Link – Group members gain a 5% advantage against out-of-range targets
  • Frag Grenade – New grenade that causes bleeding
  • Diceros Special – Access to a Magnum revolver
  • Gunslinger – + 10% sidearm damage
  • Signature Weapon Damage – + 145% with class weapon
  • Spray and Pray – + 15% damage with SMG
  • Onslaught – + 15% damage with LMG
  • Small laser pointer – A new underbarrel item
  • Artillery Turret – A new skill variant for your Turret skill
  • Cyclone Magazine – Increases Turret ammo
  • SHD CPU V2 – Turret damage increased
  • X-Stat Armor Kit – Heals 70% of damage, increases weapon handling by 100% for 15 seconds, and after those 15 seconds, heals an additional 30%
  • 40mm Grenade acquisition – Deaths from explosive launches generate class weapon drops
  • Group Signature ammo supply – Explosive multikills have the possibility to generate ammunition for the entire group
  • Crisis Response – Restores ammo when the armor reaches 0
  • Braced for impact – Ignore the explosive once every 60 seconds
  • Demolitionist Uniform – Unique Outfits

Survivalist – New Skills and Modifiers

  • Elite Defense – + 20% more protection from Elites
  • Triage Specialist – + 25% cure for your teammates
  • Crunch Time – + 10% reduction in Cooldown in coverage
  • Vital Protection – Reduce Critical Chance by 20%
  • Survivalist Tactical Link – Group members have + 10% damage against enemies with state effects
  • Incendiary Grenade – New grenade that creates burn damage
  • Survivalist D50 – A new magnum with an optical slot
  • Gunslinger – + 10% sidearm damage
  • Signature Weapon Damage – + 145% damage with class weapon
  • Running the Gun – + 15% damage with Shotgun
  • EMI – + 15% damage with assault rifle
  • Infantry 5.56 magazine – Unlock the mag for the assault rifle
  • Flicker Mod – New variant of Seeker Mine (follows allies and repairs armor)
  • Magnetic Disc – Reduces Seeker Mine cooldown
  • Larrea Tridentata Infusion – Increases the healing effects of Seeker Mine
  • Distributed Repair – Armor kit that heals for five seconds but also heals team members within 10 meters
  • Explosive Bolt Acquisition – State Effects Kill Ammo Drops from Representative Class Weapons
  • Group Signature ammo supply – Multikills of enemies with state effects have the possibility to generate ammunition for the entire group
  • Scraping By – Get 5 ammo per second and per weapon when moving through cover in combat
  • Survivalist Uniform – Unique Outfits

Sharpshooter – New Skills and Modifiers

  • One in the Head – + 25% damage to Headshot
  • Deft Hands – + 30% reload speed
  • Breath Control – + 30% weapon stability and reduced recoil
  • My Home is my Castle – Armor added to the cover
  • Vital Protection – Reduces Critical Chances by 20%
  • Sharpshooter Tactical Link – Group members take + 10% damage per headshot when they are closer to the target than you
  • Flashbang Grenade – New grenade that causes blindness
  • Sharpshooter 93R – New burst of three rounds sidearm
  • Gunslinger – + 10% sidearm damage
  • Signature Weapon Damage – + 145% damage with class weapon
  • This is my Rifle – + 15% damage with Marksman Rifle
  • Digital Scope – Unlock the item Digital scope
  • Tactician Drone – New drone variant (marks enemy locations for the group)
  • Graphene Battery
  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • X-Stat Armor Kit Supplementary – The armor heals 50% less but reduces state effects.
  • .50Cal ammo Acquisition – Headshots with class weapon (except Tac 50C Rifle)
  • Group Signature Ammo Supply – Deaths with the class weapon have a chance to generate ammo for the entire group
  • Round after Round – Receive 5 rounds every 10 seconds after 20 seconds of coverage
  • Sharpshooter Uniform – Unique Outfit

When it comes to choosing a Specialization, the Survivalist armor kit will be very powerful for players who play as a team; however, those who like to play more solo should be more inclined towards the Demolitionist due to the increased damage from SMG, LMG and Turret.

If you like to eliminate enemies from the cover, then the Sharpshooter will be right for you – but if you prefer automatic weapons, then choose Survivalist or Demolitionist due to the increased damage of the weapons.