The Witcher 3: Patch 3.7 for Switch solves problems with cloud saves

  • Witcher 3 has received a new update for the Switch
  • This should solve problems with the data transfer from and to Steam or GOG
  • There is also a new patch for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has received the new update 3.7 for the Nintendo Switch.

The Complete Edition of The Witcher 3 for the hybrid console was released over a year ago. This should now be even better with another update. The patch notes show that problems with cloud saves from Steam or GOG in particular have been resolved.

A bug blocked the game progress when transferring saved games. Furthermore, the language and font for simplified Chinese in the game are said to have been improved. There are also numerous bug fixes and general stability improvements.

Switch update 1.0.2 for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales improves data transfer

The spin-off RPG Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales also received the new update 1.0.2 for the Nintendo Switch version. This is also primarily intended to improve the data transfer of saved statuses between the PC and console version. With the update, Thronebreaker also gets bug fixes and an optimization of the stability, as the patch notes reveal.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is based on the online trading card game Gwent, which was also released as a free-to-play title in 2016 as a spin-off of the Witcher series. In Thronebreaker, Gwent becomes an RPG: The combat mode consists entirely of card game duels.

With Thronebreaker, CD Projekt Red created not only a small franchise offshoot, but a surprisingly extensive, independent single player campaign. You can read whether the role-playing game was able to convince in the test of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

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Do Hogwarts Legacy Mods work on Nintendo Switch?

Mods will always be considered a blessing for gamers because of the insane features they bring to games. Hogwarts Legacy is available on Nintendo Switch and fans of the game want to know if they can use mods on their Switch. Can you get mods to work on Nintendo Switch? Here’s everything you need to know about modding.

Can you use mods in Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch?

Sweet and short answer, no, it is not possible to use mods for Hogwarts Legacy on your Nintendo Switch. As much as we’d love to be able to play multiplayer with friends on our Switch, that’s just not possible. Modding is usually a feature that only PC players can enjoy, so as much as I hate it, your Switch can’t use mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

Nintendo has been pretty clear about its stance on modding on the Nintendo Switch. They are not in favor of this for many reasons and that is understandable. If you want to play Hogwarts Legacy and use mods, you’ll need to upgrade to PC.

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How to use mods in Hogwarts Legacy

If you’ve decided to join PC gamers and want to use mods while playing Hogwarts Legacy, you’re in luck, because they exist. Some mods can improve your character’s appearance or change the appearance of NPCs. Modding is simple and requires you to download the file from sites like Nexus Mods, drop it into your Hogwarts Legacy folder, and open your game.

For a detailed explanation on how to add a mod, you can find a detailed explanation on a creator’s profile. We recommend that you continue Nexus Mods where you can find a list of updated mods that you can use to improve your gameplay for Hogwarts Legacy.


PlayStation 5 accounts – Create and add new accounts, switch users, guest account, delete accounts and Quick Play on PS5 explained

When you get your PlayStation 5 (PS5) starts, you will undoubtedly want to log in to your existing PlayStation Network account to have your games and PlayStation Plus subscription back.

You can also create new PS5 account, add guest accounts and switch between PS5 accounts anytime you want. This way your family can also use the console without ruining your savegames.

Finally, this page also explains how to Deleted PS5 user accounts and how to use PlayStation 5 Quick Play.

On this page you will find:

If you want to know everything about the PS5, check our guides about your PS5 online status, PS5 accounts, the PS5 standard and PS5 Control Center.

Add new PS5 accounts

If you want to create a new account on your PlayStation 5, select the option ‘Add User’. You can find this option in several ways:

  • Via the ‘User’ selection screen when you start the console
  • The ‘Switch User’ option in the basic screen
  • Via the Control Center that you can see by pressing the PS button
  • The ‘Users and Accounts’ submenu the settings

However you get to this option, you will always end up with the same screen with three options:

  • Get Started – create a new permanent PS5 account
  • Sign In and Play – you can temporarily log into your PlayStation Network account on this console
  • Quick Play – anonymous temporary account

If you want to create a new, permanent account on your PlayStation 5, choose the option ‘Get Started.’

You will then be given the choice to log in to an existing PlayStation Network account, create a new one, or use the PSApp to log in to your account via a QR code or create an offline account.

If you want to use your previous account, log in to the PS5. Now you still have to arrange a few things, including Data Collection.

If you create a new account, you can also create a new username.

Via an offline account you can choose an icon and username, so that you can enjoy your PS5 even without an internet connection.

These instructions allow you to create an account for your child, with the only difference that you will need to visit the ‘Family and Parental Controls’ submenu in the settings to activate settings.

Switch PS5 users

There are two ways to switch accounts while playing on your PlayStation 5.

First and foremost, you can go to the home screen and go to the ‘Users’ option in the top right corner. Normally you will now see your username.

Click on it and a submenu will open with a few options including ‘Switch User.’

Selecting ‘Switch User’ will open a new menu with all users who currently have an account on this PS5.

You can choose which user you want to play as and thus gain access to all files (including save files) that the account in question has on this console. Certain parts of the account may require you to enter a password.

The second way to switch users is to press the PS button to activate the Control Center and select the User option.

Then you follow the same steps as above

Adding PS5 guests and Quick Play on PS5 explained

There are two ways to add a guest account to your PS5. Either you let someone log in temporarily via their own PlayStation Network account on your console, or a temporary guest account is created on your PS5 via Quick Play.

These options instantly delete any data created on your console during their playing time, so you don’t have to worry about impact on your storage capacity.

You can find both options by selecting the ‘Add User’ option, which can be found in several ways:

  • Via the selection screen that appears when you activate the console
  • Via the ‘Switch User’ option on the basic screen
  • Via the Control Center that you activate via the PS button
  • The ‘Users and Accounts’ submenu in the console settings

However you get there, after selecting ‘Add User’ you can choose from either ‘Sign In and Play’ or ‘Quick Play.’

If you choose ‘Sign In and Play’, you can log in to your PlayStation Network account and use the console as if it were yours. All your data is also stored.

If you select ‘Quick Play’, the console will automatically create a guest account that has access to all games and features downloaded to this console. If you have the physical version of the PS5, you can also play any physical disc.

The guest account will automatically disappear when you select a new user or switch off the PS5.

Remove PS5 users

To delete a user from your PS5, you must first go to the console settings. You can find it by going to the top right corner of the basic screen.

Then scroll to ‘Users and Accounts’ and select the option ‘Users.’

This will show you a list of all the accounts present on or linked to your PS5.

Now go to the account you want to delete and an icon with a trash can will appear. Select this.

Before removing it, the console will ask if you want to remove this user from the PS5.

If you confirm, the account will be deleted along with any saved data that may have been on the console.

If you want to know everything about the PS5, check our guides about your PS5 online status, PS5 accounts, the PS5 standard and PS5 Control Center.

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New Mod for Switch provides real-time CPU, GPU and temperature monitoring – item

Some time ago, everything was done with FRAPS. These days, however, Riva Tuner Statistics Server and OCAT are the go-to tools. For decades, PC users have relied on frame rate information and monitoring various parameters displayed on the screen to get a sense of how their PC has been used. What if similar tools were also available to console gamers? Well, a recent intervention in Switch Modding has made this possible. Frame rates, percentages of CPU and GPU usage, temperature monitoring, fan speed: all these parameters have come to the fore and give us a fascinating insight into the use of Switch hardware by the various titles. during the game.

Obviously, all of this is only possible on the early versions of Switch, which were vulnerable to a hardware exploit recovery mode on which custom firmware was developed. Yes, you can fire up these tools on your own, but they do offer a way of piracy and it’s no wonder if these modified consoles connect to Nintendo’s online services, they are regularly banned. But the interesting part for us at Digital Foundry is the proliferation of homebrew software. Recently released was the Tesla Framework, code that runs on the Switch’s CPU-only SoC, and capable of bringing an interactive overlay to the screen during any gaming session. Tesla was immediately followed by the release of the switch overlay mod, which essentially brings a lot of the functionality of Riva Tuner Statistics Server to Tesla. So here we are at the full analysis: what does it tell us?

Basically you have instant confirmation that Nintendo is reserving an entire processor core for the OS and UI: the overlay shows that cores 0, 1, and 2 are dormant while navigating through the menus, with only heart three active. Likewise, the information on the screen indicates that during the docked configuration, the clock frequencies are fully unlocked during the game: 1020 MHz for the CPU and 768 MHz for the GPU, and 1600 for the EMC (controller of built-in memory).

Anyway, we now have the opportunity (and we have somehow done this in the past) to see how the hardware behaves in real time with the boost mode. This is the ability for some games to temporarily overclock the CPU to improve load times. For example, when you die in Mario Odyssey, the screen turns black and the game returns you to the previous checkpoint. This is a relatively quick operation normally, but in Mario Odyssey it is faster thanks to the boost mode. While loading, the CPU is temporarily overclocked to 1785 MHz, equal to + 75% of normal frequency. In contrast, the GPU is under-synchronized at 76.8 MHz, which is 1/10 of its maximum frequency. Nintendo essentially balances the heat output inside the SoC by overclocking the processor to the maximum and reducing the GPU to its minimum conditions.

This technique is used in many modern games: Wolfenstein Youngblood and Crash Team Racing exploit it, while Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey have been fixed to include it. The load times are determined not only by the speed of the internal NAND and your SD card, but also by the CPU which has to decompress the assets in the background. With the screen black or displaying a static image, the graphics component does not need to be operating at full power. From the first touches of gameplay, the system restores the default clock frequencies. The boost mode certainly works great, as we found a 7 second lead in loading the main menu to the Grand Plateau in Breath of the Wild (23s vs 30s).

The system monitor overlay also reveals how some titles have managed to push Switch’s hardware to its limits to the point that Nintendo was forced to step in by providing an OS-level performance mode (one thing aside from the boost mode which only applies to portable configuration) When the switch clock frequencies were first revealed, the CPU was locked at 1020 MHz and the GPU at 307.2 MHz. Right before launch, portable mode saw the GPU increase more reasonably to 384 MHz. There are some more complex titles these days pushing the GPU to 460 MHz, but that’s only part of the story.

Mortal Kombat 11 is a prime example. Once the arena is loaded, the GPU increases by 460 MHz from opening cutscenes to gameplay. This is an exceptionally high clock rate, but limited to gameplay only. In fact, the menu reverts to 384 MHz. Super Mario Odyssey uses the same improved clock mode, but some surprisingly they don’t use it. Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice would have benefited tremendously: Its dynamic resolution would be higher and the frame rate more solid, but it runs on the standard GPU clock of 384 MHz.

We find the same situation in Link’s Awakening, which experienced frame rate issues, and some scenarios in the past have shown huge benefits in overclocking the console. The developers may have gone for standard frequencies to conserve battery life, as users are more prone to playing RPGs for long, continuous sessions. But there is an interesting starting point regarding this game. GPU overclocking certainly helps solidify the frame rate, but CPU and GPU monitoring suggests that a lot of resources go unused in the SoC when these issues are running. stuttering occurs, suggesting that the problem lies elsewhere.

One of the most fascinating results of this monitoring tool is the dynamic clock in portable mode. Games use them are few, and among them there is Luigi’s Mansion 3. The GPU varies between 307.2 MHz and 384 MHz, depending on the scenario, and in the lighter ones, it aims to preserve battery life. However, in the id Tech 6 engine used in ports developed by Panic Button, the GPU oscillates across the full range of available frequencies: 307.2 MHz, 384 MHz and also 460 MHz. Recently, fixes have been released that improve the performance of older Tech Portage IDs, and we are wondering if they are related to this factor.

The system monitor overlay also gives us detailed information about the internal temperatures of the switch. In docked mode, Doom and Wolfenstein are usually titles that focus on hardware by forcing the fan to run at full speed. In an air-conditioned office at 22 ° C, these two titles generated a lot of heat in the console bringing the SoC to 60 ° C and 55 ° C respectively. And all this with a fan running at 47%. Obviously higher speeds can be achieved, but in our experience these two titles were the ones that put the hardware stress the most, with Luigi’s Mansion 3 strangely bringing the fan to 100%. Considering these are technically complex titles, and all of them carry the CPU at 90%, that makes sense. And at the same time, it indicates that we have a lot of room for overclocking: since the TJmax of the SoC is 100 ° C, 60 ° C is very safe. The biggest problem with overclocking is definitely fan noise, which gets very annoying above 60 ° C.

But maybe the increase in clock rates is somehow in future plans from Nintendo. We know Nintendo has a developer mode that sets the processor to 1220 MHz, which is a 19.6% increase in frequency of actions. Our tests show that thanks to the OC homebrew sysclck tool, this frequency has no impact on the battery and helps a lot in solving the performance issues that plague many titles.

The system monitor overlay shows that titles like Smash Bros Ultimate, Doom, Wolfenstein, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 use over 90% CPU and more power would definitely help improve performance. A quick test at Wolfenstein Youngblood shows big improvements in fluency in the initial part of the first level, for example. Nintendo has shown that it wants to change the performance profiles of Switch as we encountered dynamic frequencies for the GPU, a boost mode for downloads, and a GPU set to 460 MHz in portable mode. There is therefore a good chance that the company will continue on this path.

Whatever the reason, whether for monitoring, overclocking, or gaming mods (as we saw recently with The Witcher 3), the low-level access to the SoC allowed us to fully understand the how the Nintendo Hybrid Console works and how the company continues to improve its performance. The detail, the system monitor overlay illustrates the machine’s versatility and the areas of hardware that can be pushed further by balancing temperature, fan speed, GPU load, and performance. This is the most general analysis we’ve done so far on the behavior of a current generation console, and it will be interesting to see what Nintendo’s next move will be.

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What is Red Dead Redemption Hardcore on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Red Dead Redemption is a game that, no matter how much time passes, will always be remembered as one of the most emblematic titles in Rockstar’s history. He certainly offered an open world way ahead of its time. And he did it without giving up an excellent story. Now that it’s coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, many you can discover it or revive it. Do you want a challenge to rise to the occasion? choose extreme mode. Today here we tell you what it consists of and how it works.

The three aiming modes in Red Dead Redemption

Although the original Rockstar game did not have difficulty modes as such, there was a very organic way to get the same effect. In fact, if we accessed the “Shooting mode” options, we could change that option from Normal to Expert. And in the same way, we could also switch to easy mode (called Casual). But… what did they really change?

As you may have guessed from the name of the menu, really affected the aiming system of the game. So, while the Casual mode, the normal mode allows when shooting. That meant an auto-targeting system with the ability to better aim with the right stick on the controller. And finally, the Expert mode offereda system of.

However, you should know that these aiming modes should not be confused with the Hardcore mode that came to the game later. In fact, this additional difficulty level wasn’t available until the GOTY edition of Red Dead Redemption, for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Hardcore Mode not only set the target to “Expert”, not being able to change it during the story, but added other modifications to make the game more complicated. Now, all of that has been carried over to the new version for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. And it is that, when you start the game, you must choose between Normal, Extreme or Undead Nightmarand. That Extreme is of course the Hardcore mode.

At the start of the game on PS4 and Switch you must choose the difficulty mode

In other words, if you choose “Extreme”, the aiming system will be fixed at “Expert”, apart from adding the rest of the mods. Therefore, if you want to modify the difficulty only in the targetedthen you will have to start in “Normal”

How does Red Dead Redemption Hardcore Mode work on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

As you may have guessed, the Extreme Mode of this new version is exactly the same as the Hardcore mode of the original. Something logical, taking into account that this new title brings all the content of the GOTY version (without multiplayer, yes). Therefore, it means that it is an option for turn up the difficulty of Red Dead Redemption on many levels and not just with the target. Something unusual in Rockstar games, by the way. I have here the list of changes implying:

  • Aiming is permanently set to Expert
  • Max health is halved
  • Health regenerates more slowly and starts recharging after a longer delay
  • The DeadEye does not automatically fill over time. Must be earned by killing enemies or using items
  • Horses do not regenerate. If you are killed, you must buy, steal, ride, or tame another horse and then harness it to a post to earn the right to whistle call it. Also, horse deeds are still available and unlimited, but twice as expensive
  • Shop items cost more
  • Sales values ​​are reduced
  • The amounts of rewards/loots (ammo and money) are reduced
  • Pardon letters are rare
  • Fame and honor gains are reduced
  • Mini-game stakes are reduced to accommodate money shortages
  • War Horse Deed must be purchased for $10,000 (available at any general store)
  • The Assassin suit increases the amount of DeadEye gained from kills, rather than regeneration over time
  • It only works on the original story. Undead Nightmare is not affected

How to change the aiming system in Red Dead Redemption?

Remember that this can only be done if you don’t play in Extreme mode. In that case, all you have to do is enter the pause menu. Then it’s time to go to “Options”, “Settings” and “Shooting mode” (or “Multiplayer Shooting Mode”).

In case we select the Expert Mode, we will have to aim ourselves, without any help, as if it were a traditional third person action game. Logically, this is much more difficult, but it is also a fantastic experience for the most purists.

On the other hand, you should know that the players who select this mode will have some advantages, such as the possibility of earn an additional 100 XP by completing gang hideouts. And who knows. You may even drop the occasional trophy throughout your adventure.

As a curiosity, think that the explosive rifle and the sniper rifles they are always in expert mode. Therefore, it is the clearest reference you have regarding what awaits you with the rest of the weapons if you activate it.

That’s how easy the aiming is configured in the original game

Cheats for Red Dead Redemption Expert aim mode

Finally, you should know that this aiming mode is more difficult to master, but it can also make a difference in some situations in which the automatic aiming limits us in movements. For example, it will be very useful when you have to aim accurately while dodging (or when we release the aim button).

In fact, that will avoid fixing the closest target, which is still not the most convenient. In addition, the Expert mode will also be of great help in areas with waves of enemies located very close together on the stage. basically because auto targeting can switch between enemies when we don’t need it.

Oh, and although that also works if you play with aids, keep in mind that health regeneration with cover is higher than without cover. Therefore, you may need to remember it here to take advantage of it and get an advantage.

In short, maybe if you are good players, the other modes are weighing you down a little mobility and speed when it comes to drawing when it’s time and in the most suitable way.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed red dead redemption, we remind you that a good appetizer for the adventure that awaits you is to read the analysis that we dedicated to it in its day. Also remember that the game comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch with all the patches and content released so far, including the Undead Nightmare expansion. And if you want to complete the game 100% pay attention to our definitive guide to Red Dead Redemption.


Red Dead Redemption will come complete on the Nintendo Switch cartridge: you won’t need to download anything if you prefer the physical format

If you are a collector of physical games on Nintendo Switch, surely on more than one occasion you have had to deal with the cartridge that doesn’t actually contain the whole game, forcing you to download patches and/or updates to enjoy it. Fortunately, that will not be the case with , reassuring those who claimed that this annoyance would be repeated with the Rockstar Games game.

Occupying just 11.4 GB in its version for Nintendo Switch (via ), the capacity of 16 GB in the console cartridges was more than enough to place it in its entirety in physical format, including the DLC . Great news without a doubt, considering that the game itself is a game and not a game as many wanted.

That being said, obviously we will have to deal with the sacrifices required to fit the entire game inside the Nintendo Switch cartridge; The graphical comparisons have already told us what the game will look like, and logically the Switch version is quite notorious, although it is not far behind what the PS4 community will experience, a scandal that has already revealed its jaws without any remorse.

Red Dead Redemption for Switch and PS4: a “justified” port

Outside of the graphic section and the lack of additions (its only novelty is subtitles in Latin Spanish), the biggest annoyance surrounding the one for Nintendo Switch and PS4 is its price; selling a game released two generations ago for $50 was unacceptable for many playersespecially not being a game that justifies an expensive relaunch with at least some interesting new features.

Rockstar and Take-Two take the opposite view, resulting in quite a heated debate between fans and developers on forums and social media. We will have the final verdict in just a few days (August 17), although if you entered this news, surely the date you are waiting for is October 13the day the physical format of for Nintendo Switch will arrive.


Complete list with all DLC and Red Dead Redemption content on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Red Dead Redemption arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in digital format on August 17, 2023. In addition, it will also arrive in physical format on October 13, 2023. And while the game was already available on Xbox One, it’s great news for those who haven’t played it yet. Among other things, because comes with all DLC And not just with the Undead Nightmare expansion. Today we list all the contents What will this new version bring? And they are not exactly few!

Undead Nightmare on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Controversies about the price of this port aside, the truth is that it absolutely includes all the content that came to have the original game. And there is no doubt that the most important of all is Undead Nightmare. In fact, it can be considered a separate game, since it is a independent expansion. A content focused on the same universe of the game, but that really would not be canon or that not related to the main story (still taking some references).

Undead Nightmare puts us in the shoes of ex-outlaw John Marston, who wakes up on his farm and discovers that the world has gone mad: deranged hordes have invaded the cities and American frontier outposts. It is in this context that Marston must go through a world torn apart by chaos and disorder in a desperate attempt to save his family using all the skills he has to survive long enough and find a cure.

This DLC was originally launched on October 26, 2010 and was priced at 9.99 euros. However, it was later included in the GOTY version of the game, which was also launched in physical format (for 29.99 euros).

List of all Undead Nightmare content on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Here are all the novelties that this expansion brought at the time, and which will also come to this new version. Please note that it has been confirmed that there will be no multiplayer in this port. Still, you we list all the content I had this version:

  • zombie animals
  • A new secret location
  • Dynamic and new events
  • New multiplayer modes like Land Takeover
  • 8 new zombie characters for multiplayer
  • New outfits such as the Zombie Hunter Outfit, the One Piece Pajamas, the
  • Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit and at the end of the game, the Zombie Cowboy Outfit
  • El Trabuco, El Agua Bendita, La Antorcha and Cebo Zombie are new weapons to end the zombie plague. In addition, in the “physical” format, you can get the Tomahawk and the Explosive Rifle
  • New survivor activities and missions
  • Mythical creatures (the 4 horses of the apocalypse, Unicorn, Bigfoot and Chupacabras)
  • Zombie apocalypse, in which online players must help each other to survive the zombie plague that will attack them
  • New challenges, titles and trophies
  • Other minor news

List of all Red Dead Redemption DLC for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Undead Nightmare aside, you should know that it is confirmed that the new version will bring all the content of the Game of the Year Edition and “much more”. So there are several DLCs to take into account. We detail them below. Again, we should rule out multiplayer contentalthough you will find everything that the DLC offers equally interesting.

outlaws to the end

  • Includes six cooperative missions for up to four players

Legends and Killers

  • Includes additional multiplayer map locations
  • New multiplayer characters
  • The Tomahawk throwing weapon, also for the story
  • New trophies/achievements

Liars and Cheats

  • Includes Fortress competitive multiplayer mode
  • Free Roam Gambling Games
  • Multiplayer horse racing with combat
  • The Explosive Rifle, also for one player.
  • New multiplayer lairs
  • New trophies/achievements

Playing poker in RDR can be as fun as it is frustrating.

Hunter and Merchant

  • Includes two outfits with corresponding playable challenges for John Marston (merchant outfit and hunter outfit)
  • New Legendary Animal: Jackalope

Myths and Forsaken

  • New maps, modes and characters for multiplayer

The original content of the reserve

  • Deadly Assassin Costume
  • War Horse
  • Golden Guns Weapon Pack

PS3 exclusive content

  • Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout Single Player
  • Challenges that were exclusive to PS3 (already also on Xbox)

The lair that awaits us in Solomon’s Folly is very cool

If you haven’t yet enjoyed red dead redemption, we remind you that a good appetizer for the adventure that awaits you is to read the analysis that we dedicated to it in its day. And remember that the game comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch with all the patches and content released so far, including the Undead Nightmare expansion.


Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate? First look at the announced remake for the Nintendo Switch

With Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate was on today’s Nintendo Direct event another promising title for the Switch announced. This is a visual Improved remake of the GameCube classic from 2004.

After a few years ago with Paper Mario: The Origami King is already a title that we also celebrated in the test celebrated its debut on the hybrid console, the series is now something new Attention gifted in the form of another Switch game.

Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate is coming to the Switch: This is what the remake should look like

Of course he will defining paper style which was originally on the N64 The series launched will be continued with the remake on the Nintendo Switch. In addition to the visual improvements, the… skills be spiced up a bit. You also want to take part in the story screw that awaits you in the new edition of Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate.

You can see what the whole thing looks like in the embedded YouTube trailer, which celebrated its premiere at Nintendo Direct. As in previous spin-offs, this time too action-packed fights are in the foreground that reward you for your good timing.

The new edition is not the only one that Nintendo has given us in the coming time around the moustachioed plumber. That too Remake of the Super Mario RPG is coming in November on the plan, which the developers definitely used in their later work on Paper Mario to inspire should have let. And beyond that awaits us with Super Mario Bros. Wonder a brand new side scroller in October in the universe of the iconic Nintendo hero.

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