Who is Mustio really? This Baldur’s Gate 3 fan theory makes a lot of sense and hides a surprising secret

An interesting fan theory could have revealed to us theMustio’s true identitythat strange undead that accompanies us throughout our journey in Baldur’s Gate 3. Picked up by MeinMMO, this tells us that our good friend is actually Yérgal, the god of death in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Of course, we are talking about the plane of Faerûn, this being the location in which the events of the video game take place. To explain this theory, the community has compiled some very interesting information that I personally think is complemented by an unmentioned detail that is related to the end of the game.

This would be Mustio’s true identity in Baldur’s Gate 3

Right off the bat, the first point they use to justify that Mustio is the god of death it is that he has the gift of bringing to life all those allies —of our group— who have fallen in various circumstances. Unlike an ordinary necromancer, they do not return as zombies, but in all their splendor.

The second point through which they have supported this theory is a story. already in act 2 we can find the diary of a homeless man who narrates his meeting with Yérgal. His description, as our colleagues at tell us, is very similar to Mustio’s, as he defines him as a creature “masked in gold, his skin thin and worn like parchment” which also gives him asked “How much is the life of a single mortal worth?“.

Without a doubt, this situation will sound familiar to you, because it is the same thing that questions us when we meet him. Finally, and this is one that I recommend you not read if you haven’t finished the game, when we reach the end, in certain circumstances we have a post-credits scene in which Yérgal talks about The Three Dead as if he knew them while belittling their figure when considering that they are not true gods.