Nvidia RTX 3070 will be a threat to Xbox Series X but not PS5, Digital Foundry explains why

The new GPUs of Nvidia, the series RTX 3000, promises to catapult PC gamers into the world of the next generation and beyond, with tech specs to make any console pale.

Precisely by virtue of their potential, second Richard Leadbetter of Digital foundry, the new graphics cards from Nvidia, in particular the RTX 3070, will pose a real threat to Xbox Series X… and only for her, why PlayStation 5 it should be safe.

The explanation behind this reasoning? Quite simply, the RTX 3070 will cost 519 euros / 499 dollars and will offer, at or near the same price as a next-gen console, much better performance and performance. This will make it a great choice for those who want to jump into next-gen gaming PCs, without spending the extra money on higher-class RTX GPUs.

While the Xbox Series X exclusives, by the express will of Microsoft, will also be released on PC, buying a console would mean playing something of lower quality than what you can get at the same price with an RTX 3070. That would, according to Digital Foundry, be the risk that newer Nvidia GPUs pose for the next one – gen from Microsoft.

Why should the PlayStation 5 be immune to all of this? Basically because, although it also has lower performance than a 3070, the first exclusive parts will remain exclusive for consoles and will not land on PC. In short, having a gaming PC and an Xbox Series X would become superfluous and redundant, while a PC and a PS5 would ensure a full range of video games available.

Obviously, we have to add the necessary premises to the Digital Foundry discourse: of course, Nvidia’s new GPUs would provide better performance than next-gen consoles, but a gaming PC is not just made up of a GPU and many other components are needed to create it; the assembly costs of such a PC would certainly exceed those of a console which, on the other hand, guarantees instant access to next-gen games, with no additional components to purchase. A different story if you already have a powerful PC and just need to switch graphics cards, but it was worth pointing out.

Additionally, although Sony is a fan of console exclusives, it has recently observed the PC market with great interest and excluding Death Stranding, exclusive PS4 console, but developed by a third-party studio, Horizon Zero Dawn has shown that the arrival on PC of its first parties can now not be ruled out.

Of course, even if the PS5 titles end up on the PC, they will first have to spend a long time in “isolation” on the Sony console.

In short, despite a few snippets, Digital Foundry’s reasoning makes sense. What do you think about it? If you have a powerful PC, would you still buy an Xbox Series X? Or do you share DF’s thought?

Source: DigitalFoundry