How to get Moments rewards for Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) cheaper

Ultimate Team Moments mode in EA Sports FC 24 continues to be as fun as it is useful. In fact, in addition to playing against the CPU, it offers us short and fun challenges, only a few minutes long. And the best of all is that in return they wait for us good rewards. This was already the case in the first season, but with the premiere of “Triángulos”, the thing has changed for the better. Keep reading and we’ll reveal why.

How Moments work in EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24)

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we remind you that Moments mode is nothing more than a kind of game with training missions. Basically, the game asks us match situations against the CPU in which, within a certain maximum time, we have to fulfill a series of challenges.

From the simplest, such as shooting on goal, to achieving score a goal with a single shot on goal, making less than four tackles and making less than 10 passes. In the end, each mission is associated with a number of stars What we will earn by completing it. And aside from being able to spend those stars on things like a Draft, you also can be exchanged for different prizes.

Get more stars in Ultimate Team Moments mode for EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24)

As you well know, Act 1 of Season 2 has just been released from EA Sports FC 24. And it didn’t take long for players to realize a very interesting advantage: the mode Moments is now more generous. In other words, although the reward list has not changed at all, there have been changes. modified the number of stars needed to redeem those prizes. And always cheaper. Of course, everything has been reset with the new season, so don’t hesitate to take a look. All you have to do is play this mode again!

All EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) Moments Mode Rewards – Season 2

Below we leave you with a list in which you will find all rewardsof this second season, which are the same but at a lower cost of stars (something that we will specify in each case):

  • 8 Stars – Unique Consumables Pack: Can be redeemed up to three times and contains a mix of unique consumables (12 transferable items)
  • 10 stars (previously 12) – Unique Gold Footballer Choice Pack: It can be redeemed up to three times and allows us to win a choice of footballer among 3 unique Gold footballers (1 transferable item)
  • 20 Stars – Draft Chip Pack: Can be redeemed up to two times and is a non-transferable pack containing a draft token (1 item)
  • 30 stars (previously 33) – Small envelope of unique footballers: Can be redeemed up to three times and includes six items, all football players, all Gold and all unique (6 transferable items)
  • 15 stars (before there were 40) – Pack of three midfielders 81+: Can only be redeemed once and includes three midfielders with OVR 81 or higher (MCO, MC, MCD, MD, MI). Of course, all articles are non-transferable (3 articles)
  • 15 stars (before there were 40) – Pack of three defenders 81+: Can only be redeemed once and includes 3 defenders with OVR 81 or higher (POR, DFC, LD, LI, CAI, CAD). All items are non-transferable (3 items)
  • 20 stars (before there were 50) – Pack of three forwards 81+: Can only be redeemed once and includes 3 forwards with OVR 81 or higher (DC, SD, ED, EI). All items are non-transferable (3 items)
  • 55 stars (previously 60) – Unique footballer pack: Can only be redeemed once and includes 12 items, all footballers, all Gold and all unique (non-transferable)

Out of season we also have two other rewards which appear as finished but, if you have the necessary stars, you can still get:

  • 12 stars – On gold: Contains 12 Gold items, including 1 unique
  • 16 stars – Premium gold envelope: Contains a mix of 12 Gold items, including football players and consumables, with 3 unique

As you can see, in the gallery they let us see how much time is left to obtain the rewards and also how many more times we can redeem the repeatable envelopes.

Until when will Moments rewards be available for Season 2?

Moments mode will reset when the first act of “Triangles” ends, which will happen on Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

What are the best EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) Moments mode rewards?

In this second season there is something that does not change: If you are a very good player, it is best to redeem the draft reward twice. It will only cost you 40 stars in total and, afterward, you will be able to get a lot of use out of the Draft. As always, that has its risk, but if you go for it it’s worth it. Although if you don’t have much time, then it is Better to go for the transferable envelopes.

However, there is one detail that has changed radically: non-transferable player packs 81+. As non-transferable as they are, they are now very extremely cheap. And therefore, they will be excellent options for all types of SBCs. Do not hesitate for a moment give them priority. Especially if you are starting out.

A new list of missions has also been added, which are also very fun.

On the other hand, remember that we will closely follow all the news from EA Sports FC 24 on a regular basis. The first FIFA without a FIFA license, but equally exciting. And if you want more guides to the game, remember that we have already published our complete guide to the game. With support for both Ultimate Team and single player modes.


Many EA Sports FC players have been outraged after ‘discovering’ that Ultimate Team matches are rigged, but it’s just a false theory that’s been circulating for years

There are many players in the EA Sports FC community who have accused the developers of match fixing. The story dates back practically to the launch of the Ultimate Team mode, when the term ‘Handicap’ began to become popular. According to some users, the game had a system that punished players with better cards by causing their defenses to fail more while they were controlled by the machine or their shots hitting the suit more frequently. Although it has remained in the past, it was a really popular thought and there were even players who filled their benches with bronze cards to reduce the impact of this supposed mechanic created by Electronic Arts and hidden in the game code. Now this theory is not taken into account, but the conspiracies have not disappeared.

A new year, a new conspiracy about EA Sports FC

Currently, complaints regarding this alleged match-fixing at EA Sports FC are related to the ‘Momentum‘. Supposedly, this is a mechanic that favors the losing player to lead to more closely contested matches and epic comebacks. It causes the CPU of the player ahead on the scoreboard to become stuck, resulting in different effects depending on who you ask. Defenses that do not steal the ball, failed passes, suspicious rebounds that always benefit the same player or long shots that sneak into the top corner. The idea is always the same: “In some way that I don’t describe, the game is being turned against me to give an advantage to my opponent, who he’s beating me unfairly and he actually plays worse than me.

The situation has become even more exaggerated over the last few days. It has started to go viral a YouTube video that supposedly confirms this theory. In it we see a user playing a FUT Champions match normally. However, everything changes when they score a goal. A temporary message appears at the top right of the screen informing you that the difficulty has been reduced. It would start in “Legend” when the result is a 0-0 draw and with each goal it would go down one step until reaching “Beginner” if we lose by five or more. This is where the problem arises. Although the video appears to be manipulated, many users who want to believe in the ‘Momentum’ theory have used it as proof that EA Sports is deceiving us.

This is the image that caused the controversy. Look at the upper right corner.

It is surprising, since even professional players have defended this video as proof of the existence of the ‘Momentum’. Corentin “RocKy” Chevrey, who has been competing for eight years and is still active in this EA Sports FC 24, wrote the following on social networks: “I don’t even understand why everyone has been surprised (…) We have known for years that the game is ‘scripted’ to favor one of the two players during matches and that this ‘advantage’ will even change from one side to the other during the same match. It remains quite blatant as always and there is no need for proof to know it. You just need play a lot,” said the Frenchman.

The reality is that, although for the last seven years players have tried to find evidence confirming the existence of ‘Momentum’, no one has made any progress. In fact, This is the strongest evidence in history. A YouTube video uploaded by an anonymous account showing a bug that, among the thousands of EA Sports FC matches played every weekend, only affected him. We are not going to make much more effort to deny the story because it does not seem necessary. However, there is a real reason why gamers might distrust Electronic Arts. This is a patent that the company carried out in 2016.

Players filled their bench with mediocre cards to lower the rating to four and a half stars.

Electronic Arts registered in 2016 a patent for dynamic difficulty adjustment in their video games. The title is quite self-descriptive, since it would be a system that would allow “the difficulty level of a video game to be automatically adjusted” so that it is “undetectable by a user” with the aim of “increasing player retention.” The company’s theory is that the games would be more equal so that they would be much more interesting, causing players to remain active in the video game for longer. Ultimately this could increase sales of future installments of said games, those of microtransactions or improve the general image of the company.

The reality is, however, that this patent is not applied to EA Sports FC. This has been confirmed, at least, the justice of the State of California. The company faced a lawsuit in the United States accusing it of using “dynamic difficulty adjustment” to manipulate players into buying more packs in different games that include Ultimate Team mode. The reality is that there was never a single solid piece of evidence on this matter and the lawsuit was dropped. “We have provided plaintiffs with detailed technical information and access to our engineers, confirming (once again) that we do not use scripting or dynamic difficulty adjustment in Ultimate Team modes,” the company’s final statement read. .

In this sense, it seems difficult to defend the perspective that a YouTube video is enough to refute an entire judicial process. Luck has a considerable influence on EA Sports FC matches and it is normal that sometimes we feel disadvantaged by the game. However, these are design elements that are in no way related to ‘Momentum’. The title has a lot of room for improvement in the CPU’s behavior when defending, offering clear passing lines when the opponent pressures the ball out. Fatigue also affects the performance of the players considerably, giving the impression that the opponent is not passing over them. There are many elements to criticize, but that does not mean that the game is actively fixing games.


EA Sports FC 24 – This is the best way to spend the 4600 FC Points of the Ultimate version

All players who pre-ordered the Ultimate edition of EA Sports FC 24 will be able to enjoy early access this coming Friday, September 22, 2023. And in addition, they will have another series of equally interesting advantages. For example, 4,600 FC Points to spend in whatever they want and 1 Ultimate Team TOTW player. Today we want to focus on the first, to recommend the best way to spend those points wisely.

What are FC Points?

These points are nothing more than the new FIFA Points. That is to say, it is a nomenclature change for the same points that in FIFA can be used in Ultimate Team to get packs, participate in Ultimate Draft and get help to create a great template. Similarly, they can also be used in VOLTA FOOTBALL to unlock clothing objects new.

When will I receive the 4600 FC Points for the Ultimate version?

If you download the Web App and see that your points are not there, don’t panic. All Ultimate Edition Players will receive the 4,600 FC Points on Friday, September 22, 2023when early access begins.

How to spend the 4600 FC Points of the Ultimate version and when to do it

Those of you who are used to these preseasons will know very well that exactly the same thing happens every year. In other words, It is better to start opening envelopes now, since the market is going to be inflated when Ultimate Team starts for everyone. Therefore, as DUX Gaming comments, our first advice is that spend those points the sooner the better.

Actually, The most profitable thing is to spend points in FUT Draft. But that is only advisable for the most experienced players, since for it to be the best option you must be good at playing. on high difficulty and win all four games in a row. Even if you win three of the four matches, you will get more packs than otherwise. But it’s not that easy nor is it suitable for everyone, so keep that in mind.

FC Points will not be the only advantage of the Ultimate edition

In addition, the time factor is also important. And if we want to spend the points in the FUT Draft, we will need to complete many matches. Something that you may prefer to invest in other ways these first days of Ultimate Team. Keep in mind that doing a FUT Draft will cost 300 FC Points, so we could play 15 times with the Ultimate Edition points. AND that means 60 games total.

In any case, we recommend buy the 150 FC Points envelopes in the in-game store. A good investment that will be free and that normally It would cost you 7,500 coins above. In total, you can get about 30 envelopes in one go. And in case you get footballers with good potential, you can consider keeping it and sell it later.

On the other hand, remember that we will closely follow all the news about EA Sports FC 24 until launch day. The first FIFA without a FIFA license, but equally exciting. And if you want more guides for the game, keep in mind that we already have an important selection.


Nokosu Dice: my opinion and review of the ultimate trick game

A real gem spotted by Americans at Asian game festivals, and shared on BGG, Nokosu Dice has built up a nice little reputation in the West. An innovative trick-taking game, with dice and cards that mix together, never-before-seen gameplay, an obscure game that comes from far away: all the ingredients combined to create a buzz in Essen.

How did I get Nokosu Dice?

Let me tell you this. I find myself early on Thursday morning in front of the doors of the Mass, with my friend Sylvain, taking advantage of a skip-the-line with the pro pass. The hunt for Asian gems printed in few copies can begin. We find ourselves in good company since Ben from Recettes Ludiques and the Vind’jeu team run around the aisles with us for a bit. In front of the stand the Japanese publisher Engames, a line of…50 people already. It’s Thursday morning, the show has just opened 10 minutes ago, exhibitors are still setting up here and there, and the 6 huge halls of the Messe are empty.

Except in front of this stand.

We then stand in line, and the editor’s face when he arrives at his stand is incredibly funny. A mixture of surprise, satisfaction and regret: they only took a few boxes, if they had taken 5000 they would all have gone, that’s for sure. There are around 100 boxes available, and with Sylvain we buy a copy of each game (Robotrick, Izu, Toppen) after an hour and a half of waiting.

Back home and a month later after dozens of games, here I am armed to criticize and give my opinion on Nokosu Dice!

(my game is sleeved in the photos)

A trick game like no other

Nokosu dice is part of the trend of trick games (or trick taking in English) which is agitating board game publishers. Moreover, Matagot recently made a special collection. Cat in the box, The Crew, Scout, Gang of Four, St Patrick, Mino Dice, Pass…this category is already stocked with excellent games. But Nokosu Dice manages to stand out from the crowd, with extraordinary features.

The Nokosu Dice box

Nokosu Dice’s edition is nothing special. No theme, completely random illustrations, cheap dice: it’s not for its visual or evocative side that you will play this game. Besides, the sleevé game barely fits in the box. On the other hand, the rules in English are contained in the box, and the material does not contain any text: you will be able to play it without problem. Period reminder cards are included.

The main principles of Nokosu Dice

In Nokosu Dice, we play with cards, numbered from 0 to 7, in 5 different colors. Each player receives between 6 and 8 depending on the number of players at the table.

In Nokosu Dice, we also play with classic 6-sided dice, in 5 different colors. Depending on the number of players, you will have between 4 and 5 dice on a small board in front of you. These dice are drawn at random from a bag, rolled, then drafted between players. A die will not be chosen by the players, and will be placed in a small receptacle : THE super-asset. I’ll come back to it.

We therefore find ourselves with dice in front of us, a super-trump die in the middle of the table, and cards in hand. Cool, now I can explain what it’s all about.

Detailed mechanics

The mechanics of Nokosu Dice are interwoven to direct you towards a goal: to make a given number of tricks, a number which will be determined by the last die in your possession. If at the end of a round your last die contains the number 3, then you must have made three tricks to score the maximum. To make a trick, as in any trick game, you must win the current round, and therefore place the highest number in the requested color at the start of the trick.

But of course we can cut.

How to cut? You remember the super-asset? (English speakers say trump) Imagine that the die placed in the small receptacle of the super-asset is a yellow 1.

  • So for this round, all yellows are trumps (cards and dice)
  • And all the numbers 1 are the super trump (cards and dice)

So we can cut with any yellow, and with any 1. And it’s truly incredible.

I also told you that the dice were placed in front of you. Which means that you partially know what color is left in each player!

Because if you play the purple 3, for example, and you spot purple dice among your opponents, you know that they will be forced to play this die, or a purple card from their hand. And since you are intelligent, you have already understood that forcing your opponents to play dice means taking away their scoring possibilities because the number of tricks to make is the number indicated by the last die you have. (and which will therefore never be played).

But in Nokosu Dice, we can also discard.

You don’t have to cut, you can discard! Throw anything away if you can’t play the requested color!

Finally, I hadn’t told you about it before, but there are two black dice, selectable during the draft: by taking a black die instead of a normal die, you agree to make zero creases. It’s difficult enough as it is but depending on the super trump and the value of your cards, it’s playable.

In a round of Nokosu Dice, each player will play all their cards, and all their dice except 1. We count the score at the end of each round, and we start again. The game ends after 5 rounds.

Good ideas from Nokosu Dice

Already, unlike a blind betting system, like in Mino Dice or Cat in The Box, the Nokosu Dice system is flexible, adaptive. Each round you will change your mind 3 times to find out how many tricks are feasible. Also Nokosu Dice plays on several layers of gameplay at the same time:

  • the dice draft and the anticipation of the super-asset
  • you try to predict your number of tricks based on the dice you drafted
  • you try to stop others from realizing your trick count
  • you plan the cuts and discards, you count the cards


In Nokosu Dice, you will mark the number of tricks made, and if you succeed in your objective (a number of tricks equivalent to the value of your last die), you will score 10 points per player who does not succeed in their objective. So between 10 and 50! Achieving your goal is therefore highly rewarded! And stop others from doing it too!

Zero creases?

The zero tricks strategy is playable but it seems more risky, since unlike other strategies you will not be able to change along the way. The black die can never be played. But it earns 10 points more than the others (so between 20 and 60), it’s up to you!


Nokosu Dice has the potential for an infinite lifespan. Like a game of belote, like a Gang of Four. The game is smooth, the game is good, the game is crazy. It deserves its buzz, you’ve never played this! A feeling with lots of possibilities, with very deep gameplay. Nokosu Dice is a great little game.

My final opinion on Nokosu Dice

I can’t wait to find out which publisher will do something with it in Europe. With a little theme, some card pimping and some quality dice, Nokosu Dice can become a banger. It’s a little bomb of a trick game, which is accessible (I’ve had families play games in evening), clever, obvious. You have to see the surprise and wonder of the players when after two turns they say “ah but can I play a die here?” “wait does red 2 cut?”.

When we play dozens of new board games every month, we are always attracted by those that manage to exist, to offer a new mechanic, or a new assembly of mechanics. Nokosu Dice is one of them. It’s fresh.


There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers

Why is the error message “There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers” currently appearing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team when trying to switch to game mode? Am I the cause of the connection issues in FUT 23 or is there a glitch right now? In the past few minutes, this may be the question asked by one or the other player who has switched on the PC or console and wants to play a game in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers

According to previous information, the cause of the message “There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers” is probably with Electronic Arts. Even if there is no official error message on the linked EAFIFADirect Twitter profile can be found, so in the official EA Answers forum but also on Reddit some players complain about problems with FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. These mainly affect FUT Champions and Division Rivals.

It is not yet known when exactly the problem will be fixed. For this reason, it is currently time to wait and drink tea.

  • Update 1: EA has now commented on the problem on Twitter (EAFIFADirect). The problem is known and a solution is being worked on.
  • Update 2: The connection issues should be resolved. Both FUT Champions and Division Rivals are working again without any problems.

Connection issues in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

If the error message “There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers” and there are no reports of disruptions, then the following should be done.

  • Wait a moment and try again: Sometimes it helps to wait a few minutes and then just try again. It is not uncommon for the problems to resolve themselves and you save yourself the long search for a possible cause
  • Check EA’s Twitter profile: On the EAFIFADirect Twitter profile mentioned above, you will be informed promptly about disruptions in most cases. For this reason, you should check again whether there really is nothing here.
  • Check your own Internet connection: Is your own Internet connection working properly? possibly Try restarting your PC or console and router.
  • Release ports: If FIFA 23 has never been played online and the problems occur, it might help to release the ports used by the game in the router.


DjMaRiiO, president of Ultimate Móstoles in the Kings League, will not be a commentator for EA Sports FC 24 as some rumors claimed

Although there are only a few months to go before the launch of one of the video game titans, many details are already being finalized regarding the new , which revealed this week its gameplay, new cover image and a lot of news after abandoning the FIFA licenseHowever, not only with the absence of FIFA, some licenses left, but also some narrators such as the classics Manolo Lama and Paco González.

Although it is true that in this part of the world we are more familiar with the Bermúdez dog, we must remember that long before the translation of FIFA games into Latin Spanish existed, We had to make do with the Spanish voices of two well-known sports journalists in Spain.a, unfortunately for the most purists, this ended since both classic voices will not be in the new stage that Electronic Arts is going through.

Hey what a piece of fake ?? is that at no time hahaha

– DjMaRiiO (@DjMaRiiO) July 18, 2023

This is why rumors have spread that the new commenters will be two very popular content creators within the ecosystem of These being DjMaRiiO and Miguel Ángel Román, a curious duo to say the least, taking into account that one has a profile more similar to a sports journalist and the other is a born content creator who has had little or nothing to do with dubbing for video games. .

We do not want to enter into the eternal debate between content creators and dubbing actors, but if it is necessary to mention that DjMaRiiO himself has commented that he will not participate in the project and that the rumors are completely false, on Román’s part, he does not has neither confirmed nor denied the information, so may be a simple strategy to divert the leak and not ruin a potential ad.

It will arrive on September 29 for the old and new generation consoles Like PC, it will have several licenses including players, teams and leagues. Additionally, a whole new system was confirmed in its Frostbite engine with which it will feel much more optimized than its previous delivery.