Construction Simulator 2022: Hire and activate unskilled workers

How do the unskilled workers actually work in the new Construction Simulator 2022? How can tasks on the construction site be carried out by computer-controlled assistants? Depending on what work you still have to do on the construction site, it can be quite time-consuming to do everything yourself, especially in large projects. In order to simplify individual tasks on the construction site, there are unskilled workers in the game.

Hire unskilled workers and let them work

The laborers are unlocked early in the game as part of the opening campaign and the unlocking of expansion stage S. With the activation of the laborers you can also use them directly, provided you have a task on the construction site that is assigned by the AI ​​players can be adopted.

  1. To activate the assistant, you must proceed as follows.
  2. Open the context menu on the machine using the square button (PlayStation), the X button (Xbox One) or the F button (PC).
  3. Select the symbol with the construction worker and select the activity that the unskilled worker should take on.

The important thing is, unlike what some people might know from other simulation games such as Farming Simulator 22, you cannot have all tasks carried out by the unskilled worker. The unskilled worker can, for example, help you with tasks such as buying or selling bulk goods. The unskilled worker can also refuel the vehicles and machines and repair any damage caused during construction without having to worry about it yourself.

Later in the game you can also hire additional employees with higher levels of expansion. In addition to the unskilled workers, there is also a foreman who can be used to accept additional orders at the same time.

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