Hogwarts Legacy: Fire bowl puzzle in the treasure vault

There are two brazier puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. This includes the puzzle with the fire bowls on the bridge near the viaduct courtyard, but there is also a puzzle with fire bowls in a treasure vault. In this article we look at the bowl puzzle in the treasure vault found in the region south of Hogwarts, or more precisely south of the small Aranshire village. Before you can enter the treasure vault, you have to place the cube with the fire or flame symbol on the platform and activate it with the fire spell Incendio. You can then enter the vault and have to solve the fire bowl puzzle.

Treasure vault with fire bowls

  1. Travel to the treasure vault south of Aranshire. The Aranshire flea of ​​the same name can also be found here.
  2. Stand in front of the entrance and then walk a few meters to the left. The cube with the flame is located here. (Use Revelio if you can’t find the cube).
  3. Use the Accio spell to transport the cube to the entrance and place it on the platform. In order for the cube to activate and the door to open, you now have to use the Incendio spell.
  4. This opens the entrance and at the end of the vault you can see a burning brazier with a statue on the left. First you have to stand on the switch on the right and you can get to the other side via the revolving door.
  5. Here you will also find a fire bowl with a statue. The task now is to put out the fire by using the Glacius spell on the fire bowl. You have to stand directly in front of the fire bowl for the fire to go out.
  6. Now you can stand on the switch and then get into the room with the chest. This solves the treasure vault puzzle.