Dancing with the Stars 2024: Nico Capone victim of fatphobia, he publishes a moving message

The start of Nico Capone’s adventure in “Dancing with the Stars 2024” (TF1) did not go as he hoped. Very quickly, Daniela’s husband was the victim of shameful comments about his physique. On February 17, the day after the first bonus, the candidate posted a moving message.

The announcement of his participation took a very difficult turn. Nico Capone is one of the candidates for Dancing with the Stars 2024. And very quickly, he became the victim of grossophobia, pushing TF1 to speak out so that it would stop. Fortunately, Daniela’s husband was able to count on many Internet users to support him. People he wanted to thank through a moving message.

On February 16, 2024, Nico Capone took his first steps on the floor of Dance with the stars. With Inès Vandamme, they danced a quickstep on Everybody needs somebody to love, of the Blues Brothers. And he amazed the jurors Chris Marques, Jean-Marc Généreux, Mel Charlot and Fauve Hautot who gave him 7s. As for the public, many people supported him on social networks. Enough to touch the candidate who insisted on posting a message on Instagram the day after the broadcast.

A difficult start to the adventure for Nico Capone

“I am taking a moment today to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I lack words to fully express my gratitude, but I will do my best. This adventure started with ups and downs, these emotional moments on last night’s prime and these trials, because I really tried to surpass myself, your support has been my greatest source of strength. Every word of encouragement, every message of support, THANK YOU However, there were dark moments. Times when negative voices tried to make me believe I didn’t deserve my place, that I would not achieve my goal. Moments of doubt and fear, amplified by hateful messages and unfair criticism“, we can read. Nico Capone then explained that the support of his audience helped him to “overcome these obstacles” and gives him even more strength to go as far as possible in the adventure.

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If the adventure were to end quickly, Nico Capone would only keep the best. In the meantime, he is looking forward to continuing the competition with his partner Inès Vandamme, who also helped him a lot to “overcome this ordeal“.”Thank you to my wife, to my son for believing in me every second since the show was announced. Thank you for everything. You are incredible. I LOVE YOU“, he concluded.

Lots of support for Nico Capone

In commentary, Nico Capone was able to count on numerous supports, including that of Laurence Boccolini. “Congratulations to you ! The number was awesome! These messages have been my daily life since I appeared on TV. It was really difficult to read such awful things. So just one piece of advice. You will never change the mentality of idiots and narrow-minded people. You will never teach them compassion and kindness unfortunately. Only one solution: be yourself, do what makes you happy, laugh, dance, shine and enjoy your real friends and family! That’s a real victory over human stupidity. If you let it get to you they will have won! I kiss you“, wrote the presenter of France Télévisions. Marianne James also wanted to react: “It’s a good sign, dear Nicola… all these are a good sign… it means you’re bothering them. It shakes them up in their heads… it twists their reasoning… yes it shocks them!!!!! That’s good, Nico, THAT’s good! Each of your dance steps is a slap on their stupid snouts!!!!“

Cristina Cordula, who is also one of the candidates of Dance with the stars, for her part let him know that she was fully behind him. “I’m here to support you! Take confidence in yourself! Never doubt yourself!“, posted Inès Vandamme. Laure Boulleau, Mohamed Bouhafsi and Claudio Capéo also wanted to give him strength.