The watch worn by Pedro Alonso in the Netflix series Berlin is magnificent and it costs less than 150 euros

Series Berlin with Pedro Alonso has finally arrived on Netflix! Highly anticipated by fans of The House of Paper, this prequel centered on the character of Berlin should satisfy many Netflix subscribers during the end-of-year holidays. And why not serve as post-New Year audiovisual digestion. Frankly, this series Berlin is very easy to look at. Even if it slightly disappointed our expectations, it managed to entertain us with a well-executed heist story and incessant twists and turns. Some come from nowhere but such is life in Berlin, real name Andrés de Fonollosa, strategic genius with contagious madness.

To portray this unique hero, Netflix naturally gave the keys to Pedro Alonso who already played this role in The House of Paper. His love of money and women is widely highlighted in this new series, as is that of beauty. Always dressed, chic, dressed to the nines, Berlin’s character leaves nothing to chance. And even if he plans to get his hands on 44 million euros in jewelry during his Parisian heist, he knows how to be modest in terms of jewelry, precisely. Clear demonstration with his watch.

In Berlin, Pedro Alonso wears a watch that could not be more classic: a steel case that is not too large, a white 3-hand dial and a leather strap. But it often happens that the classic comes at a high price in watchmaking: a Master Ultra Thin Date from Jaeger-LeCoultre costs 10,400 euros, the Rolex 1908 (in white gold) goes up to 23,050 euros, an Omega De Ville Prestige is worth 3900 euros while the Longines Grande Classique costs 1400 euros. Simplicity therefore does not always rhyme with low price. Fortunately, there are still small watchmaking gems. Like the Berlin watch.

It is most likely because the series is Spanish that Pedro Alonso wears a… Spanish watch on his wrist. This is the Festina 1948 brought up to date in the Extra collection at the end of 2016. This watch originally dates from 1948 and has the great quality of having a timeless design. Its case, 36 mm here, is known to watch enthusiasts for its three distinct parts and the dial with curved glass. The only difference with the 1948 version is the mechanical movement which has been abandoned for quartz. The price defies all competition since if Festina does not sell this 1948 on its site, you can find it on resale sites, between 70 and 149 euros. A real good deal to grab urgently because it could well be that the Berlin watch quickly increases in value, due to notoriety.


23 essential Apple Watch tweaks and tricks you can’t stop trying

Despite having a device like the Apple Watch always with us, one never really knows it completely. The operating system has become more and more sophisticated, offering functions that are not always visible. With these 23 essential Apple Watch tricks and tweaks, we want to recover the most interesting in this article.

The most prominent tricks and tweaks for your Apple Watch

Use and order the Apple Watch dock

On the side of the Apple Watch we have an elongated button. If we press it once, we will “invoke” the Apple Watch dock, which will allows access to certain apps. If on the iPhone we access the Watch> Dock app, we can choose how we want this button to react:

  • Recent: it will show us the apps that we have used lately.
  • Favorites: we will see the apps that we have chosen, being able to add them there.

The latter is especially useful, because we can order the apps that we want to be always ready to open. It is advisable not to overcrowd this section of apps because the system keeps them ready for use without delay. Adding too many can cost more battery power.

Go back to the watch after using an app

While using the Apple Watch, we can open an app and then forget about it. We can configure what will happen next time we turn the wrist. Specifically, the time it will take for the clock to show itself or keep that last app open.

Organize the Control Center

The Control Center shows a certain order in its default configuration. Now we can reorder it and put it as we want, for it, just swipe at the end from the menu and press edit. We can even delete some of the ones we don’t want to appear on the list.

Remaining battery in AirPods and power saving mode

In the Control Center we can check the amount of battery that the Apple Watch has. If we click on this indicator, We will also know how much autonomy the AirPods have connected to your iPhone. And as an addition, activate the energy saving if we wish.

Force restart Apple Watch

It is not usually frequent, but if on any occasion our Apple Watch does not respond, it may be necessary to force a restart. To do this, just press and hold both the digital crown and the side button for at least 10 seconds. The white apple should appear on the screen as soon as we have achieved it.

Advance the clock time a few minutes

There are people who like to have the watch a few minutes in advance. It is also possible to do it on the Apple Watch, from the watch itself, in Settings> Clock> +0. There we can choose to advance the time between 0 and 59 minutes.

Interpret the touches of the clock to turn when using Maps

Moving around the city using Maps and the Apple Watch has a trick that few know. When approaching a left or right turn, we will notice some vibrations. Depending on your pattern, they will be for one side or the other:

  • Right turn: we will notice twelve touches in a row.
  • Left turn: you will notice six touches divided into three pairs.

Activate notifications for falls, irregular rhythm, heart rate and VO2

Apple Watch has three functions to monitor your health without doing anything. You can check if you have them activated in this way:

  • Accidental falls: go to the Watch app> SOS emergency and turn on fall detection.
  • Irregular pace and aerobic capacity: go to Notifications> Heart to activate both.
  • Heart rate: in the same section, you will see the alerts for low and high frequency below. Set it to the limits you see fit.

Mute calls, notifications and timers with your palm

One of my favorite uses is being able to silence the clock immediately with the palm of the other hand. No matter what type of alert or sound it is emitting, placing your palm will make the device shut up immediately.

Even more tricks for your Apple Watch

The number of tricks to handle the Apple Watch is enormous. With the maturing state of the platform, new functions have been added that should be known before being able to take advantage of them. And for that, below we list 14 other additional tricks for the Apple Watch:

  • On an Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 6, you can turn off the screen completely with Sleep mode or Cinema mode.
  • You can wear the watch on your right wrist and change the orientation of the clock to have the buttons on the left side. Do it from Watch> General> Orientation.
  • You can change the view of apps and show them in a list from Settings> App layout.
  • Hold two fingers on the screen for Siri to read you the time. Make sure it is not silent.
  • In apps view, press and hold to rearrange the tile and choose which apps to delete.
  • In Settings> Siri, turn on lift to talk. So you can activate the assistant without having to say “Hey Siri” or press the digital crown.
  • The sun dial allows you to move the hands with the digital crown. In doing so, we will see the different states that the sun passes through during the day.
  • Use the Apple Watch camera app to focus photos with your iPhone. Perfect for supporting it or using a tripod.
  • When you are playing music on iPhone, you can control it from the Apple Watch. On the clock, above you will see a white balloon with a red triangle. Press it to access its controls.
  • Unlock your Mac simply by wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist. Do it in System Preferences> Security and activate the option with your watch.
  • You can also use it to authenticate your password on your Mac. For example, to view Safari passwords, just double-click the side button when prompted.
  • You can send your personalized dials to other contacts if you hold down the dial and press the corresponding button.
  • If you want to prevent your iPhone from ringing with each call, put it on silence and manage them from the clock.
  • You can run certain shortcuts from the app on the watch. Perfect to use the one notify your contacts that you will be late.


the web to watch movies and series will now be called Playdede

The row of sites ending in “dede” that have inherited the place that Pordede had as one of the Most popular websites in Spain to watch movies and series onlineIt is one that does not stop spreading.

First it was Plusdede, and after it closed, Megadede made its way, and after his death in September 2020, now we have a new candidate waiting to receive all those users who were orphaned at the time: Playdede.

Starts the 7 day countdown

Unlike the previous versions of this website, Playdede will come with a whole new design. Those in charge of this project have renamed the official Megadede Telegram channel and the Twitter account, from where they made their first announcement, indicating that the website (which is currently in beta) will be launched in the coming days.



– Megadede is now Playdede (@playdedecom) January 24, 2021

On there is a countdown that has just over a week left. If you were a Megadede user and had downloaded your lists in CSV, you can upload them to this new portal to recover your content.

As for mobile apps, they indicate that they will be developed once the web is open. Playdede will mainly offer only external links for both download and playback, but there will be players on the platform itself.

Now we just have to wait for the new release and see how long it lasts online. If the pattern established so far holds, it is likely that sooner or later Playdede will also close and a new variant will take its place, and yet still, a few years and changes later, users from the long list of sites can still use the same original content lists.


Philips TV: What should you watch out for in the picture settings?

If you have bought a new smart TV from Philips and switch it on at home, it is equipped with pre-installed picture settings. However, these are not always satisfactory because they can display incorrect colors or annoying bars. Your own viewing pleasure can then clearly suffer as a result. However, the settings can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

  1. Select picture mode

  2. Manual image settings

  3. image color

  4. image contrasts

  5. brightness

  6. sharpness

Adjust picture settings

  1. 1

    In order to be able to adjust the picture settings on your smart TV, you first go to the short menu. To do this, click on the white gear wheel in the top right-hand corner of your Philips remote control.

  2. 2

    After that, go to “Frequent Settings” and then on to “Picture Settings”. Here you have a number of options. From image color to contrast, everything is included here and can be customized as you wish.

Select picture mode

Do you not dare to adjust the picture settings manually or is it too much work for you? Then you can easily access preset modes. Depending on whether you are watching a film or sports, you can also adjust the picture mode without much effort.


In the settings of your Philips Smart TV you can choose from different areas. Here there is the “Personal” option, where certain settings are already pre-installed after you have bought your television set. When you first open your settings, this is where your favorite customizations will be saved.


There is also a “Vivid” option, which is ideal for daylight viewing. The picture here is particularly colourful, strong and bright. This setting is often used in shops because it makes the TV screen look particularly attractive. In your own four walls, however, this setting can give a very artificial and exaggerated impression, since the picture sharpness and saturation are much too strong for everyday television.


The “Natural” option reproduces particularly smooth image movements. The movement jerking in TV films is significantly minimized here and the TV picture looks particularly natural.


If the “Standard” option is in your picture settings, then this is always already set up as the factory default. Here you are offered a good mediocrity of all settings, which is particularly energy-efficient and does not appear too conspicuous as with the other settings.

Home theater and filmmaker fashion

You want pictures like on the cinema screen? Then you set up the “Movie” picture setting, which is ideal for playing movies with the original studio effect. This gives you a pleasant home cinema feeling with your Philips Smart TV.

The latest TV models from Philips also have a Filmmaker mode. You can choose this setting to watch films without artificial post-processing. However, this can lead to the picture appearing very dark, which is why it is advisable to watch the film in a darkened room.

game mode

If you primarily use your TV for gaming, then the Game option is for you. Here you get the perfect picture for all kinds of games. However, this picture setting is only available in HDMI video applications and the Philips streaming video app. With HDMI 2.1, your Philips TV will automatically switch to low latency (delay) mode.

PC mode

You can use the “Monitor” option to display computer applications. The original video is shown here with minimal processing. This setting is also only available if the video signal is provided by the HDMI source for the PC application.

Calman color calibration

If you are experts in this field, then Calman color calibration is also an option for you. Here you get a highly precise and professional color display of your television picture. With this software you can set the exact color nuances and a precise contrast ratio.

Dolby Vision

If your TV has Dolby Vision, your picture can be displayed even more dynamically. The difference between light and dark areas becomes much more visible. Depending on the time of day, this can be particularly useful.

Manual image settings

You have numerous options when it comes to the picture settings on your Philips TV. Here you set up the settings so that they fit exactly to your viewing habits. These include picture color, picture contrast, picture sharpness and brightness of your television set. In the further course we will show you what is decisive.

image color

You can adjust the picture color of your smart TV under the settings. You press the bar up or down with the slider on your remote control to change the color intensity of the television screen. Here you have the choice from minimum to maximum.

The color intensity setting ranges from black and white to the strongest color saturation at 100. However, if the color is set too high, the image will appear too radiated, which is why the value should level off on the scale from 50 to 80 to avoid the to achieve the best broadcasting on television. Here you can distinguish between three levels: “Little color”, “Medium” and “A lot of color”.

image contrasts

You can adjust the picture contrast of your Philips television set between “More contrast” and “Medium”. The different contrast values ​​regulate the brightness and darkness on your television screen. You can recognize and distinguish between light and dark areas all the more.


You can also adjust the brightness according to your preference. For example, if you’re watching a movie during the day and there are a lot of dark scenes in it, it helps to minimize the brightness. Here you can regulate from normal to exceptionally bright.


The sharpness of your TV picture is crucial if you want to see very clear outlines and depths. Adjust this setting to enjoy the detailed view of your movie or game on the Smart TV.

In the linked article, we tell you everything you need to consider when buying a Smart TV. If you want to save when buying a new TV, you will find many offers in our article on TV deals.


Galaxy Watch App Stops Working After Update

Do you use a Google Pixel smartphone in combination with a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch? Then you may have already noticed that the Galaxy Watch app no ​​longer works since the last update. The January security update seems to be the culprit.

Many users of the previously mentioned products report that the Galaxy Watch app, which you use to connect the smartphone to the Galaxy Watch, crashes, does not start up or gets stuck on the loading screen. Users also no longer receive notifications on their smartwatch. The problem occurs on the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 6. These smartwatches all run on Wear OS.

It is striking that the problem now also occurs on Samsung smartphones. Google and Samsung have one thing in common, both manufacturers have rolled out the January 2024 security patch. So the latest security update seems to be the problem. There is a good chance that Samsung will quickly solve the problem via an update for the Galaxy Wearable app, but the manufacturer has not yet announced anything about this.

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Details about Dead Island 2 Neighborhood Watch released

There are two additional campaigns on the way for Dead Island 2, but the game will also have an extra mode called: Neighborhood Watch. More information about this has now become available.

Thanks to Insider Gaming, we now know that Neighborhood Watch is played with three players. The goal is to protect a safehouse for five in-game days. You have to survive by placing traps, finding weapons and looking for provisions.

You can also earn items by achieving daily goals. These become more difficult every day, but you can also choose to tackle the most difficult goals on day one. Of course, the more difficult the assignment, the stronger the weapons and other rewards you can earn.

It is not yet known when Neighborhood Watch will be added to the game. It is also possible that this mode is included with one of the additional campaigns.


This web platform has more than 3,000 free channels to watch free TV on your mobile without installing anything

Whether it’s because the television at home is busy or because you have some time and you want to be entertained, watching TV on your mobile is a good way to pass the time or catch up on that series you’re following. The best thing is that there are alternatives for watch TV on your phone for free, legally and without installing anything as good as this web platform with more than 3,000 channels of different categories and origins from all over the world.

How to watch TV on your mobile or tablet: more than 3,000 free channels without installing anything

Its name is Worldtvmobile and it is developed by the IPTV community – ORG and the long list of channels come from DTT or are publicso you will not find pay channels.

This huge amount of DTT channels are classified by country and by category: animation, auto, classics, comedy, cooking, culture, documentaries, education, entertainment, children, news, music, series, science… Spain is not lacking among the countries.

Without installing anything? Yes, because as it is a web page, all you have to do is type its address or tap on the Worldtvmobile link to open it directly from the browser you usually use. In this way, using it is quite comfortable, versatile (meaning that you can use it on any device you have at hand) and it does not require special technical knowledge, although it is in English.

Besides the interface is very simple and functional: with a search engine at the top where you can write a channel and try your luck to see if it is there. However, it is much more practical to go to the menu on the right and search by country or to the left and do the same with the categories (in both cases in alphabetical order in English). Once you find the channel you want, tap on it to start playback. To exit, simply tap on the ‘X’.

If we stick to the offer of Spainwe will find a lot of regional and local television channels and other regular DTT channels such as Real Madrid TV, Teledeporte or Cosmo TV.

Some limitations. We have tested a few random channels and some, although they appear in the list, do not play content, going black, perhaps because the link is broken or inactive. Likewise, the quality of the broadcast sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, although it must be considered that it will also depend on the characteristics of our connection or mobile data.


How to make your own watch faces or dials for an Amazfit watch

One of the advantages of having a smartwatch is that you can change its appearance almost completely by changing the dial (also called dials). In the specific case of Amazfit connected watches, from its application you can install dozens of spheres And that’s not to mention unofficial places with even more designs, like AmazfitWatchfaces.

There is no shortage of watch faces for Amazfit watches, but if you have a specific idea, you will have to roll up your sleeves. Creating watch faces for an Amazfit watch is not difficult, although it does require dedication and patience. Here we will see how to create watch faces for your Amazfit smartwatch in three ways with different levels of difficulty and customization.

From the Amazfit app

If you come you want to put a photo on your watchThe easiest way to do this is to use the official Amazfit app. This is the easiest method to give your smartwatch a unique touch, although it has the downside that the customization is limited to the background image and is not available in a analog version.

To create a personalized sphere, you need to open the Amazfit app on your mobile. In the tab Profile, tap your watch to open its options screen, where you need to tap Watch appearance settings. Then touch Personalize.

Now comes the fun part. Press on change background sphere to choose a background photo, which you can take with the camera or from any gallery app you have installed, such as Google Photos. Before continuing, you can adjust the cropping of the photo.

The app lets you choose three places for the time, which is superimposed on the image you chose previously. Choose the one you like the most and press the button Synchronize, which will send your personalized watch face to the smart watch.

Avec ‘Amazfit Watchface Builder’

If you want to create a totally custom sphere instead of changing the background image, you will have to resort to third-party tools. Amazfit Watchface Builder is a web page for designing watch faces for Amazfit watches with support for watch faces in WFZ format.

This is the case with the Amazfit Pace, Amazfit Stratos and Amazfit Verge, although the Amazfit catalog grows frequently, so the list is not long. WFZ files are basically ZIP with images and XML files, so they are relatively easy to edit even without using any application. However, Amazfit Watchface Builder makes the process infinitely easier.

You will need to create an account, but otherwise you can start creating your sphere right away. The best is that you can clone any sphere from its list to make edits, which will be much faster than creating one entirely from scratch

This tool allows you to create a sphere by changing the settings from the web browser. For this, you have several boxes in which you can adjust position and design of the main elements that make up your sphere. They are as follows:

  • Info on dial. the name of the sphere and its description.
  • Digital. Here you can choose the font, size and position to use on the digital watch.
  • Context. The background image of the sphere.
  • Analog. The design of the clock hands for the hours, minutes and seconds, as well as the (optional) crown design. In the list, you can choose from several ready-made templates.
  • Widgets. It is a collection of items ready to be included or not in the design of the dial, such as time, date, distance traveled or battery. You can also choose its position, but not its design.

Creating a custom sphere with Amazfit Watchface Builder takes some time, although with enough patience you can create something very personalized without much effort. When you are finished, press Download to download your sphere in formwato WFZ, which you can install on the smartwatch using specialized tools, such as Amaztools.

With GTR Watch Face Editor

While you can technically create a fully customized sphere with an image editor and notepad, use apps like the GTR Watch Face Editor by SashaCX75Available for Windows makes your job easier. You can download this tool here.

With this app you can create spheres for Amazfit GTR 42 or 47 mm, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit Verge Lite. It’s similar to the web app we saw earlier, though it does make your job less easy (it doesn’t help you with typography or include out-of-the-box designs). However, you have more control over the outcome you have to create everything from scratch. Fortunately, you can also open a sphere you already have and edit it by pressing Unpack the bin. So you can open spheres downloaded from AmazfitWatchFaces.

This will unzip the dial to a folder on your hard drive, including the images used in it and the JSON file which includes instructions on what is what and where they are. Now comes the tricky part: modify the files to get the sphere of your dreams. The images are standard PNG files, so you can use them with any graphics editor you have installed.

In the application, all changes must be made in the tab Editing, where there are different groups to configure the appearance of the elements of the sphere. For example, in the sphere that I downloaded, I put the logo where the weather information was displayed before, so in the tab Time can i turn off Activate so that the time is not displayed.

Each tab has its own options, but generally you will have to choose the position of each element and which image is used for it. The images are numbered, so if the minute hand on your dial uses image 26, you will need to edit the file 0026.png to modify it.

I won’t lie to you, creating spheres with this app is not overly easy, although it is easier than it looks at first glance. After struggling with the options for a few days, you need to start figuring out. These are the following sections that you can configure:

  • Context. the background image of the sphere.
  • Time. Adjust the appearance of the digital clock. It can be disabled.
  • Give you. It allows you to add the date on the dial, with different options to display the day of the week, year, etc.
  • Progression of days. Displays the current day, but in graphical form.
  • Progress of stages. A graphic to show the steps.
  • Activity. Here you can add an indicator with steps, distance, heart rate, calories and goals.
  • Status. Set status icons (bluetooth connection, alarms, lock, do not disturb)
  • Drums. It allows you to include the clock stack as numbers, icons, and graphics.
  • Analog clock. Here you set the appearance of the clock hands.
  • Time. Here you can configure whether the current time and temperature icon is displayed.
  • Shortcuts. You can include up to four shortcuts to directly open the step-by-step, pulse, time, or power saving display mode when you touch in a specific area.
  • Animation (beta). Experimental function to add animations in your sphere.

The good thing about this app is that it shows you a real time preview what your sphere looks like with every change you make, so you can play around with the settings to see what changes. In the background, in most cases, you will just change the X or Y coordinates on the location of a specific image.

With a lot of patience, creativity and an image editor, you can create a sphere completely in your image and likeness. Creating spheres is easy, although they are not that beautiful. When you’re happy with your creation, tap Pack and compress the tray to create a file that you can install on your Amazfit.

The app does not install the sphere, but you must use an application to transfer your face to the watch. On Android, a good alternative is Tools & Amazfit. To install a custom watch face with this app, you need to go to the Options tab and touch Custom install, then choosing the file you created with GTR Watch Face Editor.

Source: Frandroid


How to Watch All TV Channels on Android TV with Freeview Channels App

Having Android on TV is becoming more and more common as Android TV is found on a wide range of TVs, also on HDMI players. This series, not always access to TNT channels, especially regional; a deficiency which is corrected with an application like TDT Channels. This app offers a large number of TV and radio channels, all suitable for Android TV.

Despite the fact that Android TV is an operating system suitable for televisions, this does not mean that all free TNT channels are seen on televisions equipped with this system. It’s possible that you want to see a channel of another autonomy, for example; or the one that does not complete the agreement with your antenna well. Additionally, players like the Xiaomi Mi Box S don’t have a TV tuner; Therefore, the only way to watch TV, at least in what we understand by this concept, is with dedicated apps. And one of those apps is DTT Channels: the app is comprehensive, works great, and is perfect for Android TV.

All TV channels in one app

With TNT channels, you can also access radio stations on your Android TV

TDT Channels is an application for Android that we have spoken about on occasion. It is developed by Marc Vila on the basis of open source software. And recently, he untied the development of the Open Source version to focus on improving the app, both for “normal” Android devices and for the Android TV version. Specifically, TDT Channels have been updated these days to offer notable improvements, specially for the television version.

As we said, and despite the fact that Android TV is for TVs, this does not imply that the operating system offers a native TV tuner since this only happens on smart TVs. Therefore, having an app that gives access to all TNT, both at state level and by communities and regions, is always a good idea. Not only that, TDT Channels also offers radio stations, is a complete multimedia combo.

Filtering channels by category and autonomous community

The operation is as expected: just search for a channel in the large list of included to be able to play it with a few clicks on your remote control. This, yes, TDT Channels is an app not found on Google Play, so its installation is a little more cumbersome than usual. You can install it on your Android TV as follows:

  • Since it is necessary to fight with APK files on the TV, it is recommended to use a file manager. Our recommendation is TV File Commander, download it from the store of your TV or player.
  • Download the latest TNT channel file from their website and upload it to your Google Drive. The best place is the root folder.
  • Go to the newly installed file manager on your Android TV and go to the Drive section. Sign in with your google account.
  • Enter Google Drive, find the file for the TNT channels and click on it: your Android TV will install it like any APK is installed on your mobile.

The use of TNT channels on Android TV is intuitive: you have the list of TV channels and the list of radios, for both of them you can move with the remote control. In addition, the application allows you save channels and stations as favorites for direct access (It is worth taking a little time). You also have the possibility of filtering the channels by category and by autonomous community: you can thus access programs that are not available in your territory.

TDT Channels does not offer pay channels since all included are freely accessible. The application collects and updates all the links with which the different TV channels broadcast on the Internet, it has no advertising and it is free.

Source: Frandroid


How to watch TikTok on Apple Watch with these apps

TikTok is the fashionable social network, and as is often the case with most social networks, it is not easy to enjoy it on the Apple Watch. However, there are ways to view TikTok on an Apple Watch and today we are going to tell you how to get it.

For some reason, these apps have decided not have a version for Apple Watch, but as with Instagram or WhatsApp on the Apple watch, we can have TikTok on our Apple Watch. We just have to go to apps from other developers.

For have TikTok on your Apple Watch, all you have to do is download some of the apps that we leave you down here. You can enjoy all the viral videos of the moment directly on your wrist.

You can have TikTok on your Apple Watch with these apps

At the moment the official TikTok application is not available for the Apple Watch, but we have external clients who will help us this time. In this case, there are two apps that you can download on your Apple Watch to have TikTok.

The first one is called DouWatch and it is available in the App Store at a price of 2.29 euros. The app allows us to see TikTok videos of current trends on the Apple Watch. Press the “star” button to save them and they will appear in the “Favorites” tab of the iPhone application so you can return to them later.

The second app is called TikWatch and it is a little more expensive, 3.49 euros, although it seems more complete. According to its official description, you can watch videos of current trends, discover videos on Explore, search for videos by hashtags and search for profiles.

Although the ideal is that the official applications offered versions for the Apple Watch, in many cases it is not like that, so you have to use third-party apps.

If you want to have TikTok on your Apple Watch and watch your favorite videos, these are the only two apps on the App Store that promise to do so. At the moment they are the only option.

Know more: Apple already has an official account on TikTok

You must bear in mind that the ratings are not very positive and it seems that the apps have some errors, but they may be updated to fix them. In case they don’t work properly, remember Apple can refund your money.

Source : Techradar


11 secrets and curiosities of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. to enjoy more and better the new retro Nintendo console

The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is being celebrated with an extra touch of blessed nostalgia: Nintendo has not only brought back essential classics starring its superstar, but has launched a new commemorative Game & Watch model. An irresistible whim full of details that make it even more special.

At first glance, the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. It looks exactly like the first Nintendo portable consoles, inspired by the models launched in 1981 with two major differences: instead of a liquid crystal screen we have a full color screen and the classic nintendera crosshead makes his triumphant return.

Now, and as it happened with the tiny classic consoles, what is truly interesting is in its game proposal, which brings together an edition of the classic Ball starring Mario, as well as pre-installed games Super Mario Bros. AND Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels.

While Microsoft and Sony launch their new generation bets with Xbox Series X and PS5, Nintendo follows its own path and, incidentally, relaunches a new edition of one of its first systems that, in addition, we can use as a watch. Seen like this it might seem crazy, but you have to admit that there is a lot of care in this little machine.

Precisely for this reason, in Extra Life We have compiled all the secrets, curiosities and tricks that the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. The definitive excuse for you to relive the NES classic, in a very special year for the undisputed king of platform games.

How to get infinite lives in Super Mario Bros. and SMB2: the Lost Levels

Have you just discovered the Machiavellian difficulty of SMB2 Japanese? Are you resisting the rescue of Princess Peach in the great NES classic? We have the solution to both problems: hold button A from the console to the title screen of either game and you’ll start off with endless lives.

How to access Hard mode in the classic Super Mario Bros.

If, on the other hand, you know every inch of Super Mario Bros. by heart and want an extra challenge, the new version of this Game & Watch is for you: complete all 8 game worlds, save the princess and you will have unlocked hard mode.

How to play as Luigi in Ball (Mario version)

Our favorite Player 2 also signs up for the celebration and sneaks into the classic Game & Watch: to play as Luigi in this retro skill test all you have to do is keep button A pressed for more than 5 seconds on the title screen of Ball.

What are clock mode special events and when do they occur?

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. includes 35 animations different as time goes by. Sometimes it is possible to see characters from other installments, such as Yoshi, and in others it is possible to see interesting events. For example:

  • At 7:00 am and at 7:00 pm we will see how Mole Monty comes to greet our mustachioed hero.
  • During dusk and dawn, at 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., we will witness how the blocks are briefly converted into coins.
  • At 1:11 p.m. and already after midnight, at 1:11 a.m., we will see the appearance of a trio of Bloopers floating in the sky.

There are 32 more animations in the clock mode of the machine. Of course, there are also many more interesting details to discover.

How to unlock the song Drawing Mario

In the previous modes, a trick appears when you hold down the A button for a while, and the clock mode of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is no exception: pressing A for five seconds we will see an animated sequence with the song Drawing Mario in English with different language options.

As an added curiosity, the new Game & Watch have an error reported by Nintendo when displaying the lyrics in the German, French, Italian or Spanish languages. In this case, the correct language relationship is as follows.

Title screen language Song lyrics languages
French German
Spanish French
German Italian
Italian Spanish

In addition to the above languages, it is also possible to view the song subtitles in English, Dutch and Japanese.

How to change the scenery of clock mode settings

The clock display is an animated tribute to the mythical 1-1 world of Super Mario Bros. by NES. with the added bonus that it is possible to see the day and night cycle. Now, there are two other alternatives: just press the Time button and we will change the decoration to a country setting or the classic mushroom-shaped platforms.

How to add enemies to watch mode

Do you want to complicate things for good Mario? Take on the role of Bowser and fill the clock mode screen with up to five enemies at once pressing down on the left crosshead. You can summon Goombas and Koopas in an unlimited way!

How to make Lakitu appear in watch mode

Lakitu He can be one of our most annoying enemies or one of our most neat allies. In the clock mode of the new Game & Watch it makes a small cameo and is rather the latter.

To the press the Pause / Set button in clock mode we can adjust the time of the device, showing shortly after the funny Lakitu carrying a wrench, apparently to help us. The best? Once the time is set, he will drop his tool and take a walk around the screen.

Shine the Blocks in Clock Mode

It is a minor detail, but just as curious: if we press buttons B and A at the same time in clock mode we will see how the bricks that serve to tell the time on the screen begin to shine with their own light.

The three special illustrations from Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

When we are not playing with the Game & Watch (or his watch) the screen will turn off giving us an illustration starring Mario, Luigi and Bowser’s minions. However, the fun thing in this case is that the drawing depends on what mode we have been using:

  • If the console goes into sleep mode with the clock, we will see an illustration of Mario sleeping soundly
  • If the console goes into sleep mode with the game Ball, we will see an illustration of Mario juggling.
  • Finally, if the console enters sleep mode in a game of Super Mario Bros. or SMB2: The Lost Levels, We will see that on that occasion, several enemies of our hero take a nap.

Extra Ball: Five Really Interesting Details from the Game & Watch Box

We close our review of secrets, tricks and curiosities with the box of the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., which is pure fanservice.

  • To start with, the front of the removable cover is a nod to level 1-1. Also, if we look at the markers we will see that there are 35 coins, one for each Mario year.
  • On the other hand, the back of the case takes us to Bowser’s castle, which awaits us patiently spitting fire.
  • Like the console itself, the box itself is a wink to those of the Game & Watch models launched during 1981, accommodating the contents and characteristics of the new console. Which means changing the Wide Screen original by Color Screen.
  • In fact, the title screen of Super Mario Bros. Color is superimposed on the case, revealing a Ball screen with Mario himself when the box is removed. Giving the set an even more retro look.
  • In addition, the reference marked on the right side flap is also a reference to the celebration itself: SM-35 refers to the 35th anniversary since the launch of Super Mario Bros.
  • Finally, and as is increasingly common in Nintendo theme packages, when pulling that flap we will see in the fold a thank you by Nintendo with Mario and Luigi from Ball (Mario version) juggling.

Source : Gadgetsnow