Lies of P has an exclusive legendary weapon that can only be obtained one way: by lying like a villain to everyone.

It cannot surprise anyone that Lies of P, a video game inspired by the original work of Carlo Collodi, has decisions that involve telling truths or lies, and that these in turn have an impact on the different endings of the story. However, the thing is much more complex than choosing the one we like the most.

Tell the truth or lie Lies of P It has consequences that range from the rewards in the different secondary missions (or quests), to affecting the ending that we can choose, to getting an exclusive legendary weapon called the Golden Lie. I already told you everything about the rest of the legendary weapons, but the process for this one is much more complicated and cannot be covered in a single paragraph.

Golden Lie, a prize for compulsive liars

The weapon Golden Lie It is a spear that exudes yellow magical power. It is unique, since the rest of the Fable’s color of the rest of the weapons is blue. It has scaling of C in Motor Skills and C in Technique, 94 physical damage, 84 durability and 12.3 weight.

The summary of how to get it is to lie like a scoundrel to everyone, always, and elevate P’s humanity until the nose that grows from the painting begins to glow. When she is ready, we can take her from the Portrait of the Child, which we found in the Malum District Town Hall after the first meeting with the Eldest Brother of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

P’s humanity is increased in different ways: listening to music from the Vinyls (preferably all of them), solving the riddles of the King of Riddles and more actions. Although the quickest way to increase it is to tell lies. To get the Golden Lie weapon we must lie in ALL dialogues.

And here is the question of the publication: what are the lies in the dialogues? In most cases, it is enough to look at the context to know what the lie is, but in other cases you can be confused. So below I leave you a list of all the lies that you must tell throughout the adventure.






Krat Hotel Gate

After defeating the Parade Master boss. It is a mandatory step in history.



Advance. It is obligatory to lie.

Crying Woman Mission

It is found in the streets of Kras during Act 2, before reaching the bridge where we face the Crazy Donkey. You have to find the baby puppet (city hall door) and take it.

It’s a puppet

He is a beautiful baby

Feel vinyl.

The Atoned One

Next to the Funicular in the a. It is Act 4 mandatory step.

Do nothing

I am a Stalker (requires the Stalker’s Pledge Emote, obtained by defeating the Survivor in Chapter 3)

Outfit of the Atoned One.

Alidoro, Cathedral of San Frangelico

It is found in Act 4 and needs to be found to access the legendary weapons.

Hotel Krat

Venigni Works

Access to legendary weapons.

Alidoro, Venigni Works

After finishing Act 4, return to Venigni’s Works (Act 3) and look for him at the entrance.

Hotel Krat

Elyision Avenue

Access to legendary weapons.

Mission of Julian, the knight

It is found in Act 6, next to the second Stargazer. He must complete his mission.

Of course, it is something unprecedented.

He left a message saying he loved you

Wedding Ring and Sad Gesture.

Polendina, Hotel Krat

Just move forward in the story. After defeating the Puppet King. It is related to the previous mission.

Show her the wedding ring

There is no such puppet


Antonia, Hotel Krat

After defeating the Puppet King.

There’s nothing left

Of course


Simon Manus, Great Exhibition

After defeating Champion Victor.

Hope for healing



Polendina, Hotel KrAT

This lie is especially cruel. Right after the previous lie, you have to work out the cure for Antonia with Giangio (next to the tree in the Hotel). Once created, talk to Polendina

I would use the remedy

I wouldn’t use the remedy


Eugénie for Alidoro, mission

Find Alidoro next to the first shortcut of Act 8. You have to talk to Eugénie, complete her order and return.

Got mad. She said the gloves were trash.

I was happy


Riddle King, Side Mission

After solving four riddles and opening the rooms, you must return to the last cabin where we spoke with the King.



Trinitarian key of the Chosen One (regardless of the answer)

Belle’s Mission, Hotel Krat

After finding her in The Exhibition, advance through the story and talk to her from time to time. After sending us to look for her lover and finding him at the Krat station, Act 9.

has become a monster

Died in combat against a puppet

Why Vinyl

Venigni on Frenzy

During Act 10, you have to talk to Vergini.

Geppetto caused the Puppet Frenzy

I haven’t heard it


Eugénie and the fate of Alidoro

You have to find Alidoro in Act 10 and kill him, and then talk to Eugénie again.

The fake Alidoro murdered the real one

I think he was just a skilled stalker

Lying: Far east princess Vinyl

Truth: Vinyl Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1

Arlecchino, Trinitarian Sanctuary of the Chosen One

Found in Act 11



Quartz and Alchemist’s Cloak

Sophia, Island of the Alchemists

Mandatory step after defeating Laxasia the Whole.

let her live

Let her rest in peace

Letter in Geppetto’s workshop and Shadow Flower Vinyl

Geppetto, Alchemist Island

Act 11.




Simon Manus, final

The peculiarity of this answer is that it will be true if we have always told the truth and a lie if we have always lied… or at least most of the time in both cases.

I have freed her from Arche Abbey

I have freed her from Arche Abbey


Assuming you have done all the steps correctly, then you must return to the Krat Hotel after the credits and not access the NG+. If you do the latter, you will have ruined all the work of the game. The nose of the painting should be shining gold. Just interact with it and that’s it. To be completely honest, the weapon’s stats are not worth all the work it takes to get it. Although if you are gun collectors, this is the most exclusive one you are going to get.


Dead Island 2: Change and Equip Weapon

Which button is used to switch weapons in Dead Island 2? Which button do you have to press on the PS5, Xbox Series or even the PC if you want to equip a different weapon? A few days ago, the second part of Deep Silver’s popular zombie shredded game was released and, as was to be expected, the game is very popular and can also convince the specialist press. In Dead Island 2, of course, you have to raze numerous zombies to the ground and the player has numerous weapons at his disposal. In addition to a number of melee weapons, some of which are also improvised, there are also plenty of firearms with which you can kill the zombies. If you just got into the game, then one or the other player is probably wondering how to switch weapons in Dead Island 2?

Change weapons in Dead Island 2

You can switch weapons using the weapon wheel. The weapon wheel can be opened by pressing and holding the triangle button on PS5, the Y button on Xbox Series, and pressing and holding the mouse wheel on PC. Each weapon has “two sides” that can be switched using the directional pad. So you can equip a total of 16 weapons.

  • PC: Hold mouse wheel and select weapon with mouse
  • PS5: Hold the Triangle button and select a weapon with the left or right analog stick
  • Xbox Series: Hold the Y button and use the left or right analog stick to select a weapon

Can’t equip weapon?

If a weapon cannot be equipped via the selection wheel, then the reason is simple: the weapon is broken. The melee weapons wear out over time and eventually break. The broken weapons can then not be equipped until the weapon is repaired at the workbench.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Weapon Upgrades Explained: The best weapon mods and set bonuses

As is the case in most video games, in
Wolfenstein: Youngblood
Money – it’s called Silver Coins here – is quite scarce, which the developers want to ensure that you can’t just buy whatever you want, but rather be careful about which weapon upgrades you spend your hard-earned cash on . There are some interesting systems at play here, so be sure to read on, as I’ll explain how the modifiers work and what are the best set bonuses to use your guns to efficiently punch as many holes in ___s as possible can shoot.

How do weapon mods work in Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

Wolfenstein: Youngblood
unlock weapon mods with Silver Coins found on corpses, in crates, or just lying around. To open the weapon mods menu (weapon mods screen), please press on PS4
/ on the Xbox One the
Options button
/ on the Nintendo Switch
/ on PC

This will take you to a menu where you will need to navigate to Weapons to see a list of the weapons currently available to you. You can then select your favorite weapon (or any other) to add the weapon to your Individual parts – shaft, receiver, magazine, etc. – can be seen. If you click on each part, you should see three different mods for each and in the lower right corner you should see how they change the stats of the selected weapon.

To unlock a weapon mod, you must pay the price in Silver Coins. You can then use them right away. Please note the make/brand of the weapon mod as this is relevant in the next section.

What do set bonuses do in Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

Any weapon mod in
Wolfenstein Youngblood
belongs to one of three categories/brands: Nadel, Tempo or Bull. If you use three upgrades that belong to the same category/brand, you will receive the corresponding set bonus.

  • needle: Additional headshot damage.
  • tempo: Better/higher rate of fire.
  • bull: Improved damage.

Since each weapon has five parts, you can only get one set bonus per gun, but you can use the remaining two parts, which don’t have to be the same brand, to customize the weapon to your personal preference.

How does the mastery system work in Wolfenstein Youngblood?

This is pretty simple: to master a weapon, you need to use it to kill more enemies. You’ll progress through the Mastery Tree this way, increasing the percentage of damage you deal with your chosen weapon, up to a maximum level of 20. This means it’s worth focusing on using your Killing ’s favorite weapon to upgrade it. Personally, I prefer to use the Assault Rifle, which deals 24% bonus damage at Mastery Level 6.

How to improve weapon mods in Wolfenstein Youngblood?

Upgrading a weapon mod is easy and provides a solid stat boost for the firearm, making these upgrades worth investing in. However, you also need to unlock them, which aren’t that easy as some require you to reach level 25, but you should at least consider getting those upgrades. Make sure you have enough Silver Coins when the time comes so you can upgrade your arsenal.

The best Wolfenstein: Youngblood weapon mods

Assault Rifle – Nadel Semi-Auto Receiver

This mod turns the Bolt Action Rifle into a semi-automatic, obstacle-smashing beast, allowing you to shoot ___s through walls, cover, and other ___s. Combined with the x-ray scope, it’s downright deadly in the early game and perfect for taking down enemies from afar, but towards the end of the game you should switch to a full bull build to kill opponents efficiently.

Pistol – Tempo Auto Receiver

A powerful mod that turns the humble pistol into a rapid-fire weapon, fixing the rate of fire issue this weapon otherwise suffers from. In this improved state, the pistol can even be equipped with a silencer, combining high damage and stealth. The Burst Fire is a brutal barrage that melts armor, especially if you’re using two pistols at once – its double the trouble.

Flash Rifle – Taurus Heavy Receiver

I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the steel braid ammo does, but at high speeds this weapon turns ___s into putty, so it’s definitely worth upgrading, especially when paired with a Taurus Huge Damage set bonus .

Diesel Power Plant – Needle Napalm Injector

Let’s get to the point. Would you like to leave a burning puddle of napalm on the ground after each explosion? Then you need the Napalm Injector from Nadel. Combined with other bull parts, this is a dangerous weapon that deals tons of AoE damage after the initial mayhem. Who doesn’t love that?

Laserkraftwerk – Automatic Transformer

This mod turns your laser into an automatic, steady beam that literally disintegrates/disintegrates your enemies – you have to see it to believe it. Combined with bull damage mods, this weapon becomes a fantastic and fun tool that you can easily use to ruin any ’s day.

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