The 6 best Dior perfumes for men (and when to wear them)

In the collective imagination, Dior perfumes for men remain associated with essential personalities like Alain Delon, the timeless muse of Eau Sauvage. You may also remember the image of Zinédine Zidane pulling the turtleneck of her sweater to promote the same perfume. More recently, Robert Pattinson lent his features to Dior Homme Sport and Orelsan was also brought to represent a very elegant fragrance of the brand.

The best Dior perfumes for men and when and where to wear them

To meet the in-laws: Eau Sauvage

The atmosphere : This is the classic of classics of Dior men’s perfumes. Launched in the 1960s, Eau Sauvage left its mark on an entire generation. Its fresh and sensual trail is still up to date.

The context : During a home lunch with his in-laws.

What to wear it with? A perfectly ironed shirt, chinos and his most beautiful moccasins.

To surprise: Dior Gray

The atmosphere : We change mood with this floral eau de parfum with a radically different profile from fragrances traditionally labeled “masculine”. We can never tell you enough: men also wear rose.

The context : When you want to be bold.

What to wear it with: Your new favorite quirky piece.

Every day: Dior Homme Sport

The atmosphere : Dior’s fresh and elegant eau de toilette with spicy woody notes is one of the must-haves on the “men’s perfume” market. A sure value.

The context : Any of them.

What to wear it with? A white t-shirt, your favorite jeans and a pair of ankle boots.

During a holiday in the sun: Dioriviera

The atmosphere : This is our latest favorite from the Christian Dior private collection. The duo made up of rose and fig (its leaves more than the fruit) gives all its character to this summer perfume which calls for escape and evokes the sweetness, tranquility and sensuality of sunny days.

The context : You are staying in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat or Cap d’Antibes.

What to wear it with: A linen shirt, light pants and pretty sandals.

For a first date: Sauvage

The atmosphere : Having become a classic, Sauvage eau de parfum exudes something powerful and accessible at the same time. Confidence, but not arrogance.

The context : To make a good impression on a first date.

What to wear it with? One of your favorite shirts, straight pants and brand new sneakers.

For a chic evening: Bois d’Argent

The atmosphere : This is perhaps the most distinguished perfume in this selection. The dialogue between incense and powdery and floral notes gives Bois d’Argent a mysterious and sophisticated character.

The context : Do you have a black tie party planned soon?

What to wear it with: Your most elegant outfit.

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The 8 Best Chanel Perfumes for Men (And When to Wear Them)

As you walk down the street, take public transportation, or go shopping, you are likely to come across an ad for Chanel perfumes. These days, it’s Timothée Chalamet’s face that is plastered everywhere. She is the latest star to lend her face to Bleu de Chanel, the French house’s flagship men’s fragrance. Chanel’s consistency attracts stars of Chalamet’s power for good reason: Over the years, the house built by Coco Chanel has established itself as a heavyweight in the perfume market, a journey that began when Chanel – even asked Ernest Beaux to develop Chanel No. 5 more than a century ago. Since then, Chanel’s most famous perfume has become an icon in its own right, supported by famous fans, official (Marylin Monroe) or supposed (Marlon Brando). Its floral notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and rose combined with nuances of vanilla and musk form a subtle combination which explains its seemingly eternal success.

The best Chanel perfumes for men, classified according to their very specific character

To get a promotion

The atmosphere : You’ve got your big boy pants on, your quarterly numbers have been crunched, and you’re ready to explain why you deserve that pay raise. Blue may not help you get it directly, but its scent profile is discreet enough that it won’t distract you from the business at hand while still making a remarkable impression in the boardroom.

The context : Blue’s legendary status stems largely from his versatility. You can wear it to work without worrying about it saturating the elevator and wear it proudly after work.

What to wear it with? A striped shirt, wrinkled pants and black shoes.

To take it easy on a yacht

The atmosphere : Summer promises to be humid and hot. What better way to fulfill your fantasy of escaping the heat on a megayacht than by spritzing on a scent that immediately transports you to the shore of your choice?

The context : Unless you work on the deck of a Benetti, this perfume is best reserved for special occasions.

What to wear it with? A stylish polo shirt without buttons, shorts and woven sandals.

To meet the in-laws

The atmosphere : If a fragrance inspired by one of fashion’s greatest love stories doesn’t set you up for success when it comes time to meet the future in-laws, what can? This perfume smells like you (and everyone you meet) are falling in love all over again.

The context : Your partner’s parents will leave with immense faith in your sensitivity and taste.

What to wear it with? An unstructured blazer, raw jeans and loafers.

For a challenging first date

The atmosphere : Don’t let the name fool you: Egoist won’t claim you’re full of yourself. On the other hand, it will inspire confidence with notes of energetic mandarin, sweet rose and sandalwood. It’s like an internal monologue that keeps you going all night long.

The context : Wear after office hours. Strictly.

What to wear it with: a dark suit, a crisp white tank top and ankle boots.

For a brunch with friends

The atmosphere : Pour Monsieur eau de parfum is a more assertive version of Chanel’s first men’s perfume. But it will stay in the background without your eggs smelling like cologne.

The context : Save it for the weekend.

What to wear it with: your favorite plaid shirt, Patagonia pants, and understated white sneakers.

For a change of scenery

The atmosphere : Are you packing your bags for sunnier horizons? Wherever you go, there’s no harm in making friends with the locals. Antaeus only attracts good vibes (and good company).

The character : It’s best to wear it far, far away from the office.

What to wear it with: A crinkled linen shirt, casual khakis and strappy sandals that hide your toes.

For lovers of classic perfumes

The atmosphere : Chanel’s flagship eau de parfum may technically be aimed at women, but it’s simply one of the best perfumes on the market.

The context : Wear it to the office and your day will start sweet and end with warmth and spice when it’s time to disconnect.

What to wear it with: a wide collared shirt, a patterned tie and pretty shoes.

For a long evening

The atmosphere : It’s Friday night and you’re ready to rock out, feel ___y, sweat and take over the dance floor.

The context : This is the perfume to apply while listening to “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn.

What to wear it with: flared pants and a funky knit for those cold days.

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Here are the 8 best G-Shock watches to wear in all circumstances

The beginnings of the G-Shock brand date back to 1981, when Japanese engineers Kikuo Ibe and Yuichi Masuda developed a major project: that of creating the most resistant watch ever seen. This had, among other things, to withstand an underwater pressure of 10 bars or to operate for a certain time without the need for battery replacement. It was finally in 1983 that the project was completed and G-Shock was officially born.

This year, the brand is celebrating its 40th anniversary, years during which it has been able to develop. And if the model imagined by the two engineers remains at the origin of everything, G-Shock now has many other variations and special editions to its credit which have enriched the collection. Finally, these timepieces, not content with evolving in terms of design, are also equipped with ever more advanced functionalities, ranging from integrated barometric sensors to a display of tide graphs, including step counters. G-Shock thus positions itself as a true leader in sports and outdoor watches. To accompany the arrival of sunny days, here are the 8 best G-Shock watches for men, to wear in all circumstances.

The 8 best G-Shock watches according to GQ

This G-Shock DW-H5600 is perfect for athletes: in addition to sporting a discreet design and being portable in all circumstances thanks to its thinness and lightness, this watch is above all a real connected object, allowing obtain lots of useful data for athletes. Its optical sensor located on the bottom of the case offers the possibility of analyzing data from 4 different activities: walking, running, indoor training and interval training. The intensity of training, heart rate and even the measurement of calories burned are studied with this timepiece, thus promising advanced sporting expertise.
Price: 279 euros

The G-Shock MRG-BF1000R displays a design largely inspired by another flagship model of the brand, the Fogman diving watch. This watch has a robust case, a titanium bezel and has the asymmetrical shape specific to the Frogman, with an offset of the case to the left, which allows greater freedom of movement. Like the Frogman, it is perfect for venturing underwater, since it is waterproof up to 200 meters and, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, it records the data of dives carried out. Finally, the G-Shock MRG-Frogman is dressed in black on the dial, case and bracelet, while the indexes and hands are blue, gold and white.
Price: 5000 euros


Here are the best Swatch watches to wear this summer, they cost less than 200 euros

Swatch, a dynamic and innovative Swiss watchmaker, renews its BIG BOLD collection, and adorns these models with summer colors. And that’s not all ! The brand is innovating for this collection, since it is creating, for the first time, BIG BOLD IRONY watches in stainless steel. The BIG BOLD collection, launched for the first time in 2019, has established itself in the world of watchmaking, thanks to its urban streetwear look, a true distinctive sign of the brand, as well as thanks to its oversized 47 mm case. It has since been released in multiple versions.

Instagram happy

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Today, the Swatch watch house returns with a new, original and sassy collection. Part of these new features will be available from July 6, while the second part will be sold from September 7. The best part of this collection? His price. Swatch does not deviate from its line of conduct here and offers original, quality watches at a low cost: less than 200 euros. Between their attractive price and their bold look mixing the classic of stainless steel with pop colors tastefully reminiscent of summer, the brand hits hard with these new products.

Watches preserving the original style of the BIG BOLD collection

The first 5 models, while keeping the original look of the BIG BOLD collection, are however innovative in terms of their material. The brand thus combines a bioceramic heart with a stainless steel case, which results in a watch with a unique high-tech look. These timepieces are available in 5 colors. The bioceramic plate, the skeleton dial and the bi-compressed bracelet are adorned with a choice of black, yellow, azure blue, red, turquoise. This new collection preserves what makes Swatch quality watches: the crown and the sandblasted stainless steel case despite their lightness (they weigh only 108 grams!) remain robust and reliable.

Finally, these timepieces are full of aesthetic and technical details proving that the watchmaking company is committed to doing well and is always extremely meticulous. Among other things, they are water resistant to 30 meters, and the hands and indexes glow in the dark. Perfect for meeting up at night when you’re a little lost. These watches, available from this Thursday, July 6, on the Swatch online site and in stores, are sold at the price of 190 euros.


Should you wear a red suit like Taylor Zakhar Perez?

For or against the bright red suit worn by Taylor Zakhar Perez this weekend? The question has been tormenting us since we discovered the images of the young man on the red carpet of the Film Independent’s Spirit Awards ceremony this Sunday in Los Angeles. If the new darling of Hollywood had accustomed us to her particularly keen sense of fashion, the almost neon red costume was far from being part of our predictions. And yet.

It is clear that everything is going well for the star of Red, White & Royal Blue, and this sartorial outfit is no exception to the rule. On the red – or rather blue – carpet of the event which rewards independent cinema across the Atlantic, Taylor Zakhar Perez appeared in front of the photographers in an ensemble by Alexander McQueen. A silhouette composed of tapered pleated pants, and a jacket with shoulder pads, with a concealed double breasted design and oversized lapels. All in a bright red that would make one green with envy. red carpet Oscars.

It was therefore on a white t-shirt that the thirty-year-old chose to wear his suit and this is perhaps one of the keys to the success of this ceremonial look. Instead of loading the rest of the outfit with unnecessary frills, Taylor Zakhar Perez and her stylist Jason Bolden preferred to focus on the simplicity of minimalist pieces to accompany a color that already attracts all the attention. On the program, a white t-shirt, as well as a pair of black leather boots with a square toe, as refined as possible. As for accessories, only a discreet silver collar in the shape of a dog was tied around the young man’s neck. Enough to leave plenty of room for red to express itself.

Faced with this very daring look from Taylor Zakhar Perez, it is clear that we too would almost want to succumb to this color, although it is relatively difficult to wear during an event that requires a suit. If you’re ready to give it a try, remember these tips. If you are invited to an official ceremony with a passage on the red carpet, avoid tone on tone as much as possible. The goal is not to be at one with the ground you are going to tread on. As for the outfit, like Taylor Zakhar Perez, keep it simple by going to the essentials: a white shirt, a black tie and a pair of black leather evening shoes will do the trick. The main thing, we tell you.

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You’ll Have to Set This Pair of Asics Sneakers on Fire Before You Wear Them

After surprising Paris Fashion Week last June with sneakers covered in plaster, Asics and the young label Airei are doing it again with a flamboyant new pair. Literally. The model takes up the design of the Gel-Quantum Kinetic from the Japanese equipment manufacturer by offering a daring design since you have to burn the first layer of the shoe to discover its true silhouette. A surprising and original method but which demonstrates the brand’s desire to continue to innovate to surprise its community.

In a publication on Instagram, the equipment manufacturer explains that this Gel-Quantum Kinetic was wrapped in “khadi gauze, a fabric made without electricity in eastern India”. And to specify: “it is an ode to the indomitable spirit which resides in each of us. The Gel-Quantum Kinetics, which represent perseverance, were engulfed by the fragile gauze, before being ignited one by one by Airei. The flames symbolize immersion in a noble cause, scarred tissue, and challenges overcome. Each shoebox is also wrapped in gauze, allowing the wearer to be part of the process.”

The 30 pairs of Airei x Asics Gel-Quantum Kinetic ($265) are available exclusively from February 29 at Dover Street Market in Los Angeles.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sunday Wear WALL-E

A few days ago, the new update for Disney Dreamlight Valley was released, which now unlocks the pumpkin house in the forgotten land, among other things. The good fairy lives in the pumpkin house and of course she also brings some new quests into the game. Additionally, there is also a “paid addon” in the form of the elegant WALL-E dream bundle. The dream bundle costs 4,000 moonstones and, in addition to two exclusive outfits and accessories for WALL-E, also offers special bonus tasks. One of the bonus tasks is the quest “Sunday Clothes” and in this article we have made a short guide with a solution.

Sunday Clothes Quest by WALL-E

Before you can start the WALL-E quest called “Sunday Clothes”, you must first make some progress with Ursula and unlock Mirabel. To unlock Mirabel, one must locate the golden doorknob buried in the peaceful meadow to the west. Then you have to follow the tasks of the quest of the same name at Merlin and after completing the quest, Mirabel will be unlocked and you can greet her in the village.

Equip WALL-E’s shocking dream style

After you have met the requirements, you can also go directly to the first task of the Sunday Clothes quest.

  1. Equip WALL-E’s Shocking Dream Style: The first thing to do is equip WALL-E’s shocking dream still. Some players will probably open the wardrobe and look for a way to equip the shocking dream style, but this is about something else. You have to equip WALL-E and not your character. So open the map and call up the characters under the collection. Then select WALL-E and switch from “WALL-E” to “Schicker WALL-E” in “Dream Style”. After the cutscene you have to talk to WALL-E again and follow him. After that, it’s off to the mini-casita to find out what WALL-E wants. From Mirabel you get the metal lid handle and after another conversation with WALL-E you have to talk to Goofy. Goofy talks about a big piece of scrap metal, which you now have to find on the meadow. The first large piece of metal scrap can be found in the pond in the peaceful meadow, recognizable by the orange fishing spots in the water.
  2. Find scrap metal: After collecting the first piece, you now have to find nine more pieces of scrap metal, which are located on the shimmering beach in the water (orange fishing spots) or in the sand (sparkling objects on the ground, some you have to dig up with the shovel as well). . With the scrap metal it goes back to WALL-E, who then sends you to Ursula. For Ursula you now have to get 9x glass and 9x softwood and use them to create a set for potions at the workbench. With the set for potions it goes back to Ursula in the cursed cave.
  3. Make WALL-E trash can lid: Next it’s back to WALL-E and you have to craft the WALL-E trash can lid at the workbench. The necessary materials in the form of the metal lid handle, metal scrap and large piece of metal scrap should already be in your inventory. After talking to WALL-E you get WALL-E’s trash can lid as a hat, which you now have to put on over the wardrobe. With the trash can lid on your head, you then take three more selfies with WALL-E and the Sunday clothes quest is successfully completed.

How do you actually open the doors in the dark castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley?


WhatsApp on a Wear OS smartwatch: how to use it and what you can do

The good thing about having a smartwatch is that in addition to giving you the time, it can record your exercise sessions and keep up to date with the notifications you have on your mobile in applications like WhatsApp. On smartwatches with Wear OS, in addition to seeing notifications, you can also interact with WhatsApp from the watch.

Although WhatsApp does not currently have an official version for Wear OS, that does not prevent you from reading and replying to WhatsApp messages from your smartwatch. We will see how it works and exactly what you can do on WhatsApp with a Wear OS watch.

How to use WhatsApp on a Wear OS smartwatch

As we mentioned before, WhatsApp does not have a version for Wear OS, which is good and bad news. The good news is that you don’t need to do absolutely anything to start using WhatsApp on the watch, except sync it with the mobile, since all interactivity happens through notifications.

The bad news is that this somewhat limits what you can do from a Wear OS smartwatchAlthough the truth is that all the basics are there, and there are only a few omissions such as calls and video calls or voice notes.

What you can do with WhatsApp on Wear OS

Thinking of buying a smartwatch with Wear OS but not sure if it gets along with your WhatsApp? Here we tell you everything you can do on WhatsApp with a Wear OS smartwatch, Today.

Read messages

The most basic, reading messages, is present. That is to say, when you get a new message to WhatsApp, it will be shown on the Wear OS watch as long as you keep it synchronized with the mobile.

View photos and stickers

The good news is that even though WhatsApp support for Wear OS is limited, you can at least see the photos and stickers that are sent to a chat. At first they will be shown as an emoji, indicating that a message with a photo has been sent, but tapping on it displays the photo in question.

Respond with quick responses

When you get a new message on WhatsApp, you can easily reply to it with bubbles with answers “smart”. Notice the quotes, and is that answering “Yes” or “No” to a “Hello” does not seem too smart.

Write – or dictate – a response

Luckily you can also write manual answers, without having to resort only to boring prerecorded messages. Wear OS gives you three ways to reply to a message, they are as follows:

  • Using the microphone: you dictate the response to the clock, and it will be sent to the other person as text.
  • Drawing an emoji: To respond with an emoji, you must draw it to find the emoji you are looking for.
  • With a keyboard– There is also the classic option, respond by typing with a miniature keyboard on the clock screen.

Mark as read

When a new message arrives on WhatsApp and is shown to you on your phone, you have a few additional options besides replying to it. Too you can mark it as read without having to open it, as well as pressing Open on phone, which will do just that, open that chat on your mobile.

Send messages

WhatsApp does not have a version for Wear OS, and therefore its use is quite reactive. That is, most of the functions you can carry out depend on someone having written to you before. Luckily it is possible send messages to a specific person, with the help of the Google Assistant.

It is not tremendously practical, but you can write a WhatsApp message asking the Assistant exactly that “send a WhatsApp message”. The Assistant will then ask you who you want to write to and the content of the message. At the moment this does not work for calls.

Source: Frandroid