Hogwarts Legacy: South Wing Open door

How to open the locked door in the south wing of Hogwarts? Why does the door grille always open briefly and then close again? Anyone who has bought the new Harry Potter game and has already explored the game world a little will probably have already stood in front of one or two locked doors. While on many doors you have to pick a lock with the spell “Alohomora”, there are also other doors for which you have to solve a little puzzle. These “other doors” also include the door in the south wing near the clock tower. In this short guide we will show you how to open the south wing door.

Locked door in the clock tower

In order to solve the puzzle about the locked door in the south wing, you first have to travel to the clock tower in the south wing. If unlocked, it is best to use the “Courtyard of the Clock Tower” Flea Flame. Once there you will not only find the location of the dueling club, but also the locked door. What you also immediately notice in the room is the large clock pendulum from the clock tower, which swings back and forth completely across the room.

Before you can solve the puzzle, you first have to unlock the “Arresto Momentum” spell. The spell is unlocked as part of the “Madam Kogawa’s Task 2” quest. The spell can be used to greatly slow down both enemies and objects. This is exactly the magic you need for the puzzle in order to turn the pendulum on at the right moment.

Open the door in the south wing

  1. First you have to look at the locked door and remember what symbol you can see there. There is a unicorn symbol on the door. The symbol plays an important role in the next step. From the locked door in the south wing you now have to run to the right and pick the lock on level 1.
  2. The door leads to a staircase that you have to climb up. Once at the top, you can see the pendulum swinging back and forth again. Behind the pendulum you can now see four symbols and coincidentally the unicorn symbol that you saw on the door is also there.
  3. All you have to do now is stop the pendulum at the height when it is above the symbol of the unicorn. You can also see when you look at the door that it always opens and closes briefly. This happens exactly when the pendulum has reached the unicorn symbol.
  4. The pendulum can now be stopped both from above and below in front of the door with the Arresto Momentum spell as soon as it is level with the unicorn. The grille then opens and you can open the south wing door.

Tip: This is how you can collect the unlocked rewards from the completed challenges in Hogwarts Legacy.