Assassin’s Creed Mirage does not work on Xbox and the problem is not yours

Over the past few hours, many Xbox players have tried to play Assassin’s Creed Mirage without success. The reason why they are not yet jumping across the roofs of Baghdad is an error that occurs when starting the game once they have purchased their copy. In other words: they can’t play the video game they paid for.

He error 0x87e10bc6, according to Xbox Support, occurs when you “try to download and install or launch a game” without success, which could mean that it is “temporarily unavailable, not available in your region, or no longer in the game catalog.” This has alerted many players, who quickly took to Reddit to share their problem. The user u/KPsea has been one of those affected.

Microsoft was quick to issue a statement on social media to inform them that they are aware of the problem and that they are working on it: “We are aware that some users are experiencing problems when playing Assassin’s Creed Mirage and we are currently investigating. Stay tuned for updates here or check our status page.”

If you are one of those affected, Microsoft recommends keeping an eye on the Xbox Status website to see when the problem has been resolved. At the time of writing, the “games” section under “services” is experiencing a “major outage” specifically affecting Assassin’s Creed Mirage.


What is the duplication glitch in Coral Island and does it still work?

Coral Island is the game that could best be described as a Stardew Polynesian Valley. This game places you on a tropical island where you meet various people and enjoy the activities. As in any life simulation, resources and tools are essential to progress. Recently, players discovered an unusual glitch that helped them.

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What is the duplication problem in Coral Island?

THE duplication problem is one of Coral Island’s most notorious bugs. After using enchanting tool in giant village, players found their items duplicated. Doubling the number of items seems to be an unlimited money problem, as you would be able to sell all the duplicated items for money. Unfortunately, except for weaponsthe items you get from the duplication glitch we can’t get rid of it.

How to use the duplication problem?

At first glance, this duplication issue seems rather annoying. If you can’t get rid of your duplicate items, they are taking up space for nothing and you need to buy additional crates to put all these unwanted elements in there. However, there are ways to take advantage of this problem. When you have two sets of tools, you can use one set while upgrading the other.

For example, you can work with your primary money-making tools to buy and refine gold. Then you can use the refined gold to improve your tools to the golden version. Gold tools are very useful later in the game, and you can simply store your default toolset in crates.

Can you still use the duplication glitch?

Hotfix v1-162 on November 22, 2023 fixed some duplication issues in the game. Now you will no longer get item duplication during the evolution of the range. However, duplication elements when refining your tools are still not addressed. We expect this issue to be fixed soon as many players are complaining about it.


Do Hogwarts Legacy Mods work on Nintendo Switch?

Mods will always be considered a blessing for gamers because of the insane features they bring to games. Hogwarts Legacy is available on Nintendo Switch and fans of the game want to know if they can use mods on their Switch. Can you get mods to work on Nintendo Switch? Here’s everything you need to know about modding.

Can you use mods in Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch?

Sweet and short answer, no, it is not possible to use mods for Hogwarts Legacy on your Nintendo Switch. As much as we’d love to be able to play multiplayer with friends on our Switch, that’s just not possible. Modding is usually a feature that only PC players can enjoy, so as much as I hate it, your Switch can’t use mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

Nintendo has been pretty clear about its stance on modding on the Nintendo Switch. They are not in favor of this for many reasons and that is understandable. If you want to play Hogwarts Legacy and use mods, you’ll need to upgrade to PC.

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How to use mods in Hogwarts Legacy

If you’ve decided to join PC gamers and want to use mods while playing Hogwarts Legacy, you’re in luck, because they exist. Some mods can improve your character’s appearance or change the appearance of NPCs. Modding is simple and requires you to download the file from sites like Nexus Mods, drop it into your Hogwarts Legacy folder, and open your game.

For a detailed explanation on how to add a mod, you can find a detailed explanation on a creator’s profile. We recommend that you continue Nexus Mods where you can find a list of updated mods that you can use to improve your gameplay for Hogwarts Legacy.


Deal : Hoymiles DTU WLite: This is how setup and throttling work

The Hoymiles DTU WLite gateway accesses inverters to regulate their performance and monitor power generation. SamaGame shows how to set up and throttle the stick.

Table of contents

  • Set up Hoymiles DTU
  • Throttling Hoymiles DTU

In this country, balcony power plants are allowed to feed 600 watts into the home network – this will probably happen in the future 800 watts. The performance is limited by a so-called Inverter. Some of these devices are able to regulate their performance. This makes them future-proof and still legal in Germany today. Also the popular inverter Hoymile’s HM-800 is included. It can be throttled using the manufacturer’s own gateway DTU WLite. To do this, the Hoymiles DTU WLite and inverter must be installed “S-Miles installer app” be integrated. You can see how this works step by step here.

Setting up Hoymiles DTU WLite: This is how it works

In order for the setup to be successful, you need one that is already connected Balcony power plant, whose inverter is compatible with the Hoymiles DTU WLite. This applies to models from the HM and MI series and monitoring is possible for up to four solar modules, and it can also control several inverters. Attention: Other accessories are required for Hoymiles HMT and HMS inverters.

Step 1: Stick into the socket

The Hoymiles DTU must be connected to the socket in the home network. To do this, you need a power plug (like a smartphone charging cable) or use a suitable multiple socket that has a USB port. After plugging in, the DTU should flash colorfully.

Step 2: Download the Hoymiles app and create an account

Next, download the app from the App Store on your smartphone S Miles Installer down. Then create a user account. Select the option No account, to register.

Step 3: Integrate DTU into the WLAN

Integrate the DTU into the in-house WLAN. Proceed as follows (here using iOS as an example):

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on the smartphone. There you should have a network with the name “DTUL…” see. Select this so that the cell phone connects to the DTU.
  2. Go back to the S-Miles app. Go to the middle icon on the bottom ribbon. Tap on Network config.
  3. Choose among WiFi the name of your router (for example FritzBox) and enter your WiFi password.
  4. Confirm with Send to DTU.
  5. Wait for the DTU to connect to your router and tap Completeas soon as the connection has been established.

Step 4: Integrate the inverter and DTU as a system

Go to the left icon at the bottom of the S-Miles app menu. Tap the small plus icon in the top left corner to add an attachment. There you enter your name, performance, time zone and your region (for Germany: scroll to Germany) at. Next you need to provide the serial numbers of the DTU and then the inverter. You can find these on the devices and with the scan function (via the small symbol in the input line) you save yourself having to enter the numbers.

In the next step you can then enter details about the system (orientation, angle) and enter your electricity price. If you use a new DTU, the integration should work without any problems and the system will then be visible.

Hoymiles DTU WLite: Setup error?

You should get the error message “the DTU-SN already exists” received, this means that your stick is already stored on the Hoymiles server. In this case, contact Hoymiles support or your dealer. An unauthorized reset is not possible. There is the word Reset on the stick, which suggests that you can reset the device. But this is apparently only there to reset the network settings.

Throttling Hoymiles DTU WLite

To record electricity generation, there are also cheaper and simpler solutions than the Hoymiles DTU – the measurement data is more of a nice addition, even if Hoymiles prepares the data in a very attractive way. The function of throttling the balcony power plant is probably more important. The DTU ensures that an inverter does not feed in more than 600 watts, even if it offers higher performance.

Throttling works like this:

  1. Go to the left tab in the bottom menu. Choose your system.
  2. The menu with the house opens and there is a new ribbon at the bottom. In it, tap on the right icon.
  3. Choose Performance adjustment.
  4. Enter a percentage value for the Active power a. In the case of an HM-800, enter 75 percent so that the inverter only feeds in 0.75*800 = 600 watts.
  5. Press Save.