Taxi: all the films ranked from best to worst

1. Taxi 2 by Gérard Krawczyk

After the great success of the first part in 1998 (6.5 million spectators in theaters), Taxi returned in 2000 with the same formula as the original film but bigger. More chases, car explosions, yakuza and an absolutely legendary chase through Paris. It’s a bit like the manifesto of Luc Besson, producer here, for cinema. The box office result is also more impressive with the 10 million admissions mark crossed. A landmark French comedy.

2. Taxi by Gérard Pirès

Before the enormous success of Taxi 2there was therefore this first film, directed by Gérard Pirès, which laid the foundations of what the franchise would become. Taxi is nothing without the alchemy between Samy Naceri and Frédéric Diefenthal, without the legendary Bernard Farcy who plays Commissioner Gibert and big action scenes. The film may have aged a little less well than its successors, seems less impressive than the others, but it remains a more than successful action comedy.

3. Taxi 5 by Franck Gastambide

In 2018, 11 years after the last episode, Franck Gastambide attempted the impossible: to revive Taxi with a substantial budget (more than 20 million euros) and a guest of choice, Salvatore Esposito, the star of the series Gomorra. But instead of revolutionizing the franchise, the creator of Valid chooses to return to the source of what is Taxi, a true Marseille saga. The rapper L’Algérino, originally from the city, signs the flagship song of the original soundtrack, “Va Bene”, and the chases allow you to rediscover the entire Marseille city but above all the return of Bernard Farcy remains unforgettable .

By Alice Ross

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