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The first images of the Lenovo Moto 2016 are leaked

A lot has been said a few weeks ago about the new Moto 2016, devices that were doubt its existence but which Lenovo has said would continue to exist.

Of course, just because the Moto series created by Motorola a few years ago continues to exist does not mean that it will be as it has been to date. Motorola has done things very well with these Motos and has managed to once again be among the greats with both creations. After Lenovo has bought this company and eradicated the main brand, now comes the turn of continue the legacy by doing things wisely to be able to continue being present in the market.

The new Lenovo Moto can be seen in images

The new “Moto by Lenovo” are a complete mystery but what does seem to see these prototypes is that they are going to bring more innovations and will end up being more attractive to the consumer at the time of their launch. It is rumored that the new Moto 2016 will be released in the month of July.

In the first prototypes from the manufacturing plant leaked through HellomotoHK we cannot see too many things but it is true that the blurry images They let us see that the new Moto are going to be somewhat different, although no one guarantees us that these will be similar to the final versions.

Metal unibody chassis? This could be the Moto X 2016

It can be seen in the image that one of the phones could have a metallic finish and a rear that even reminds us of the classic “iPhone” design, a design that we no longer know very well who created it after HTC’s fight against Apple. It can also be intuited that surely the high-end device (normally the metal one is more expensive) will be mounted on a metal unibody chassis although we do not know if the battery can be changed or not.

We also see another plastic device very similar to the current Moto G or even the Moto X Play. A more conservative device that will surely end up being the Moto G 2016 but we already tell you that these rumors and leaks cannot be taken as final models. We will have to continue exploring Lenovo closely to see what they finally do with the new Moto of 2016.

By Lawrence Smith

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