WhatsApp: That’s why the calendar emoji shows February 24th

The messenger WhatsApp is full of little secrets. One such example is the calendar emoji. This shows February 24th. At least they should know what it’s all about. Because the date does not seem to have been chosen at random. February 24th is the birthday of WhatsApp founder Jan Koum, who has been immortalized in the app in this way.

Koum developed WhatsApp in 2009, but sold the app to the Facebook Group (now Meta) in 2014. However, he continued to develop Messenger for a few years before leaving Facebook in 2018.

By the way, the WhatsApp emojis hold even more secrets. For example, did you know what happens if you send a single emoji and put a star next to it or what makes the red heart a unique emoji in Messenger? No? We will tell you the answer in the linked articles.

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By Stephen Gonzales

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