You can now invite anyone to a group chat in Hangouts with unique links

After receiving the Hangouts update this week that included the ability to power use video messages In this messaging app, when this novelty was already present in the iOS version, now we have another new option that in itself is a good detail that will speed things up for an action that we would like to do more if this app had been better developed and It wouldn’t have made us so dizzy with so many changes.

Google Hangouts now has a new feature for group chats, which you can now participate in through a single link. This, in short, allows another way to create those chat groups in an app that has been left in the background waiting for the two new Google messaging apps, Duo and Allo, to arrive at some point in the summer.

Creating a group chat in Google Hangouts required the user to invite others to the group. add them one by one to the chat. Something really not very cumbersome, but with this novelty of being able to send a single link to anyone who wants to participate in a chat group, it is, without a doubt, easier.

The feature will need to be activated by chat with the unique link that can be found through the settings menu of the chat. You will be able to disable the skill for new users who want to participate from that link at any time. The functionality is being rolled out to all platforms where Hangouts is available in the coming days.

Also, Google is adding the ability to search for a group chat specifically by title on Hangouts. A feature that should have been there a long time ago and we finally have it here. It will be available first on Android and later on iOS.

By Yaakov Clark

Yaakov Clark, a passionate professional with a wealth of experience in marketing and product management at MSG Corp since 2005. With a keen interest in the Internet of Things (IoT), Yaakov delves into extensive research and lectures on the subject, constantly seeking opportunities to apply its transformative potential. His expertise spans across IoT product development, encompassing hardware, firmware, and software. With over 10 years of experience in the IoT sphere, Yaakov has honed his skills as an organizer, certified bacon specialist, and friendly social media ninja. As a thinker, problem solver, and total food expert, he embraces his identity as a troubleshooter and music enthusiast, all while nurturing his love for the vast realm of the internet.