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Changing the WhatsApp keyboard on Android is that easy

Are you tired of always seeing the same keyboard on your Android mobile when you write in a WhatsApp group or private chat? Well you should know that changing the WhatsApp keyboard is possible and you do not need to be an expert in the field to carry out the change in question.

Of course, at the moment, and we do not believe that this will change in the future, WhatsApp does not offer any option that facilitates changing the keyboard within the app itself, so on Android it is necessary to change the keyboard of the entire system, what does this mean? That the keyboard you choose will appear in the rest of the applications you have installed on your mobile.

Likewise, you can change the keyboard when you finish using WhatsApp. Even, Android offers a shortcut so that any user can change keyboards without having to access the system settings (as long as the keyboards have been enabled previously).

How to change the WhatsApp keyboard on Android?

Before we show you the steps you will have to take to change the keyboard in WhatsApp, we recommend trying other keyboards through the Google app store. By entering the Play Store and searching for keyboards, you can find endless options that allow you access new keyboardswhich obviously You can use it on WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

  • As we mentioned in the paragraph above, the first thing you should do is install a keyboard. Just by entering the Play Store and typing the word “keyboard” (without the quotes) in the search engine, a huge list will appear with different options.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the keyboard that you like the most, you must access your mobile settings.
  • Within the configuration of your terminal, you will have to enter “System”.
  • Therefore, you must click on “Languages ​​and inputs”.

  • Click on the option that says “On-screen keyboard”.
  • Click on the section that says “Manage on-screen keyboards”.
  • There you must activate the keyboard you downloaded (We recommend leaving several keyboards activated to intersperse their use within WhatsApp).
  • The keyboards that you have activated will appear in the On-Screen Keyboard list.

  • Then you will have to open the WhatsApp app.
  • Enter one of the chats that you have open.
  • Click on the field where you write the messages.

  • The keyboard that you have activated by default will be displayed, to change it you must Click on the keyboard-shaped icon which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • A window will appear with the keyboards that you have installed on your mobile. Click on the keyboard you want to use.
  • In seconds, WhatsApp will switch to the keyboard you have chosen.

Last but not least, there are times when changing the keyboard presents problems within WhatsApp. If this is your case, we advise you to update the messaging app to the latest version, as well as clear its cache on Android.

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WhatsApp bans screenshots

WhatsApp It is an application in constant evolution, and that means that the developers are working on multiple options that help and improve the user experience. Thus, It was recently revealed that it will be impossible to take a screenshot of someone’s profile photo.

Although at the moment it is not available to all users, the WhatsApp beta update is now available for a small number of Android device users, although it is expected that the general public will have access to these improvements in the future. On this occasion, A new protection is added, which prevents people from taking a screenshot of other people’s profile photos.

This protection is activated when you tap on a person’s profile photo. contact. When trying to take a screenshot, a message will appear that says:

“The screenshot cannot be saved due to app restrictions.”

Although it is unknown why this restriction has been included, it has been speculated that this would prevent cases of scams and identity theft on WhatsApp. However, the lock only works on Android mobile devices at the moment, so this is still possible on iOS and the PC. Although there is a possibility that this will change in the future, it seems that there are still ways to screenshot another user’s profile photo. On related topics, new WhatsApp function would eliminate spam. Similarly, WhatsApp would have copied a function from Apple.

Editor’s Note:

WhatsApp is doing everything it considers necessary to keep its app one of the most important when it comes to messaging, and considering that Telegram threatened its position a couple of years ago, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Via: Wabetainfo

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How to reduce the size of videos to send on WhatsApp?

A couple of days ago a friend asked me to send him a video I had (the point is the least of it). The fact is that when I sent the video via WhatsApp I noticed that it said 48 MB, a 20 second video takes up 48 MB, a beast. Now, there is a trick to reduce the size of WhatsApp videos easy way.

Until now WhatsApp reduced the videos so much because many MB could not be sent but now that WhatsApp allows you to send larger files, the videos can take up so much that your phone can take a long time to send them, your data rate can be spent on a few videos and at the same time the user who has to receive it will have to spend a lot of data to be able to download it.

How to reduce the size of videos on WhatsApp?

The fact is that when I clicked on video editing and reduced a single second, I observed that the size dropped from 46 MB to about 4 MB. The example in question was more or less like this, although in the image I show you how to do it so that see the difference in compression. By simply moving the bar and taking a fraction of a second off it, it drastically reduces its size.

If you like sending videos in original quality WhatsApp is not a good option and doing it through a 3G or 4G connection is not recommended either, do it only when you have a WiFi connection that does not use data or you will have a small problem. Forcing video compression in WhatsApp is one of the best options and just modify the editing bar for it to be applied aggressively.

With this trick, WhatsApp videos take up 10 times less space

WhatsApp video compression is so good that This is not the first time I have compressed a video on WhatsApp to send it via Telegram (I hope Facebook doesn’t listen to me) and now in the latest updates this does not always apply to the entire video so you will have to use this trick to be able to do it although as you can see it is very simple.

Perhaps this improvement in compression has been a mistake on the part of WhatsApp since until now it had always been applied from beginning to end. Perhaps in future versions it will not be necessary to delete a second of video but do it just in case.

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Download WhatsApp 2.12.560 and activate quick response

If you are one of those who likes to have the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, you should know that you can now activate quick response in WhatsApp if you get version 2.12.560 by WhatsApp. The APK of this latest version allows you to have this feature before anyone else on your mobile.

Among the new features of the latest update, this is the most notable and at first it was thought that this WhatsApp feature would be reduced to Android N but in the end the developers have decided to bring this new feature to Android in the latest beta of WhatsApp. Now, the fact that WhatsApp allows quick response in the beta does not mean that we are going to see it so soon in the final version of the application where we know that some features disappear or arrive later than normal.

Activate WhatsApp quick response on Android

If you have already downloaded this new version of WhatsApp, you may have checked how WhatsApp’s quick response works. When you receive a WhatsApp message on the notification center The option that says “Reply” or “Respond” is displayed. When you click on this option, a floating window opens in which you can reply to the message without entering the WhatsApp application.

This new window, which until now was unusual, opens in the center of the screen and although it seems horrible to me, it serves to respond using a text with the drop-down keyboard that will open and can also be used to respond using a voice note. If, on the other hand, the message is long, you can press the “View” option to open the conversation.

You should know that when you write in the quick whatsapp response The user in question that you are talking to will see the status “Writing…” on their mobile phone and not the Online status or the absence of connection. Now, if you want WhatsApp users not to see you online, here is a trick.

It has become clear that the function is in the testing phase since some texts such as the “Reply” option have not yet been translated into Spanish. Now, it will surely arrive in the official version but it doesn’t have to be in the next one. At the moment the only way is to download the WhatsApp APK 2.12.560. You don’t have to activate anything, once you have this version you will automatically see the Reply option o Reply, if translated, on each notification.

Discharge | WhatsApp 2.12.560 APK

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Latest Beta Version Of WhatsApp Can Disable Blue Checkmarks

Since the last WhatsApp update, blue check marks are shown next to sent messages once the recipient has read this message. In the latest beta version, these checkmarks can be disabled again.

The blue check marks in WhatsApp have been causing a lot of commotion since last week. Many people find it unpleasant if contacts can see whether or not he/she has read a message. Sometimes you are too busy or you simply don’t feel like responding right away. At times like this you want to be able to just ignore a person temporarily without them knowing about it. Since the blue check marks, this is no longer possible, because your contacts can see whether you have already read the message.

In the latest beta version, the option was added to disable the blue check marks again. To do this, you will have to go to privacy options in WhatsApp and uncheck the “Read Receipts” or “Read Receipts” function.

The beta version is not yet available via the Play Store, but can already be downloaded via the WhatsApp website.


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New function for WhatsApp audios

It has happened to all of us. We are listening to music, or we are in a place where it is necessary to remain silent, and we receive a voice message through WhatsApp. If, like many, you hate seeing this happen, you’ll be glad to hear that Meta is already working on a way to convert the audios you receive on this platform into text.

According to Wabetainfo, the company is already working on a way for the audio to be transcribed. This is now available in a beta version of iOS, and It is expected to be available to the public in a future update.. Of course, the application will request a permission that details that the content will be sent to Apple for transcription. However, it is ensured that the content of the voice note does not reach the hands of WhatsApp or Apple. Instead, it is stored locally by “downloading relevant language packs.”

Now, it seems that this transcription will not be completely perfect, since there will be two cases where it will not work. The first of these is if the app cannot recognize the audioand the second is if the settings of this process do not match the audio language, although this can be easily fixed.

At the moment there is no specific date for this update, but it is clear that this will solve one of the biggest problems that users have. On related topics, these are the devices that are no longer compatible with WhatsApp.

Via: Wabetainfo

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Video calls on WhatsApp are now available to everyone

These weeks ago we were finally able to get video calls on WhatsApp, although only those users who were in the beta they were able to have them. This functionality is added to the ability to make calls of this app, which is going from an app that was merely embedded in messages to one that is more complete in features.

It is today that the chat service known as WhatsApp has officially launched video calling for its more than 1 billion users which has worldwide on iOS, Anroid and Windows Phone. An update that follows the beta state in which this feature has been tested, to which will soon be added the state in which images can be shared with other users like other services.

To use this new feature, WhatsApp users can use the call button in the upper right corner of the same conversation, which will launch a small pop-up window asking if you want to make a voice or video call to the family member or contact you are talking to.

During that call, you can change between rear and front camera, silence the call or click on the red button to hang up. It seems that the interface changes between different operating systems such as iOS and Android, especially in how the video is displayed, as well as the size, alignment and location of the buttons.

An app that went from being merely for text message communication to a more complex one in features that does not want to be left behind in that race to offer all kinds of functionalities just like its competition does, such as Telegram or LINE.

It also fully enters compete with Skype and many others that have video calling as the central axis for their services, so we will see what impact it has on that category over time. So you can now make video calls with your friends, contacts and family.

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WhatsApp will not allow you to take a screenshot of other users’ profile photos

It is important to remember that WhatsApp disabled the option to save profile photos years ago, as part of its efforts to increase the security of its users.

WhatsApp is constantly working to improve the privacy of its users, with the aim of preventing malicious people from accessing their accounts or impersonating them. Recently, it was learned that WhatsApp has introduced a new function in its beta version which aims to prevent criminals from impersonating people by stealing their profile photo. Now, It will not be possible to take screenshots of other users’ profile photos, a measure that until now was only active in single-view messages.

It is important to remember that WhatsApp disabled the option to save profile photos years ago, as part of its efforts to increase the security of its users.

How will this new WhatsApp block work?

According to the WABetaInfo web portal, specialized in releasing new updates in a trial period and available to a small group of users, when trying to take a screenshot of the profile photo, WhatsApp will show a notice at the bottom of the screen indicating to users that is prohibited due to an application restriction. Besides, Once the function is activated, users will also not be able to make screen recordings to obtain the image of the other person.

This new feature is available from the version of WhatsApp Beta for Android, and it is expected to be available to all users very soon.

How do you create a sticker on WhatsApp?

The process to create a sticker with a photo from the gallery is simple.

  1. Enter WhatsApp.
  2. Open a conversation and in the emojis button, look for the option stickers.
  3. Within the stickers section, you will find the create button (represented by the “+” symbol next to saved stickers). By clicking, sand it will open the cell phone gallery to select the desired photo.
  4. After selecting the photo, A new tab will open where you can create the sticker.
  5. Once finished, simply press the button send.

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Step by step: activate the WhatsApp option so that messages are automatically deleted

WhatsApp has a new feature that allows you to send messages with an expiration date and they will be automatically deleted in 7 days.

The new WhatsApp functionality is now available on the latest app update, which allows you automatically delete messages and content of any contact or group to which you belong.

This new function is called ‘temporary messages’which allows send messages with expiration date and They will automatically delete in 7 days.

In a one-on-one chat, anyone can activate or deactivate this functionality, but In groups, only the administrator, who is the one He has control of the group.

If you want to activate this new WhatsApp function, you only have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp chat
  2. Tap the contact name
  3. Tap the option that says Temporary messages
  4. A notice appears, tap Continue
  5. Select Activated

Once the option is activated, the new messages that are send will disappear after 7 days. This new alternative will affect all individual chats.

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Eye! WhatsApp adds new functionality to the application

This Tuesday the introduction of a new function in the messaging application was announced.

The WhatsApp messaging application, owned by Facebook, announced on Tuesday the introduction of a new feature that will allow purchases to be made directly in conversations with business accounts.

“With the shopping cart, users will be able to browse a catalog, select a number of products and place an order through a single message,” explained WhatsApp in the blog where it announces this new function available worldwide starting this Tuesday.

Just in time for the holidays! Good shopping through WhatsApp!”, launched the application.

With this new feature, it seeks to attract merchants and companies to its WhatsApp Business application, which has 50 million professional accounts, to manage orders and exchanges with customers.

He also wants to encourage its 1.5 billion individual users around the world to make purchases through the application.

Developing commerce in its messaging system is crucial for WhatsApp, which despite its widespread use, is free, It does not generate money from advertising and does not have an integrated payment system.

Last Friday, this Facebook subsidiary went out to compete for the promising mobile payments market in India, where giants like Google and Alibaba are already active, with the launch of the WhatsApp Pay system, which allows you to receive and send money through the platform in a country where it has more than 400 million users.

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They’re ready! Learn how to use the new WhatsApp features

Starting this December you can enjoy three new features, including new animated WHO stickers, personalized wallpapers and a new tool to search for stickers.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform important in the world, is implementing three new features that will leave you with your mouth open.

Starting this December you will be able to enjoy the three features, which include new animated WHO stickers, custom wallpapers and a new sticker search tool.

Over the custom wallpapers You will have the opportunity to choose different images for each chat.

To change it you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu
  2. Enter the ‘Chats’ and ‘Wallpaper’ section
  3. Click ‘change’, select a wallpaper category and an image
  4. Finally, ‘set wallpaper’

To set a different image for each chat you simply have to open it, tap ‘More options’ and ‘Wallpaper’and follow the same steps above.

For the animated WHO stickers A new animated dolls package is enabled from the WHO called ‘Together at home’, in times of coronavirus.

Finally, WhatsApp created ‘stickers’ that can be labeled with ‘emojis’, which means you can now search for ‘stickers’ by name like an ’emoji’.

Don’t wait any longer and make use of these new WhatsApp alternatives.

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Be careful, WhatsApp broadcast lists have a fine

Why do we say that the WhatsApp broadcast lists are dangerous? Because there are those who use them to make SPAMwhich is equivalent to fining you with a fine of up to 150,000 euros. It is clear that this may sound exaggerated at first, but surely you would not like to be bombarded with SPAM at all hours. If so and you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate to continue reading because there is no waste, and I assure you that you will learn more about distribution and SPAM lists.

Is there SPAM on WhatsApp broadcast lists?

Many of the users who use WhatsApp do so solely and exclusively to use broadcast lists to fill with SPAM, because it will be bad if someone does not bite. What you may not know is that the author of this “work” could be fined up to 150,000 euros. To do this, you must learn to correctly identify what SPAM is:

  • When the same content is sent en masse.
  • When it is sent to someone who has not requested/authorized its sending.

This means that they could not only SPAM us by email but through any means that meets these 2 conditions. A clear example is the WhatsApp broadcast lists, which is why they are so dangerous.

What do we recommend doing? If we receive something like that, block and report. This way, they will leave us alone and WhatsApp will be able to notice and other users will not fall into this SPAM trap.

Exorbitant fines of up to 150,000 euros, be careful

What has surprised me, above all, has been the fines from about 30,001 to 150,000 euros. It is still sending advertising massively and automatically to users who have not asked for anything and who do not want to be bothered and invaded in that way. So, using WhatsApp broadcast lists for this purpose could make you bankrupt, it’s a real pain. Use them wisely and If you receive SPAM, report ityou will help other users like you.

What do you think of the news? Exaggerated or fair?

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WHO launched a campaign for 100 million people to stop smoking with the help of WhatsApp

The creation on social networks or services such as WhatsApp of communities of people who are quitting the habit of tobacco will be promoted, so that they can support each other in this challenge and share information.

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched a year-long campaign challenging 100 million people around the world to try to quit smoking. with the help of WhatsApp and other digital tools.

The campaign, focused especially on countries that maintain a high number of smokers (USA, Mexico, China, Brazil or Germany, among others) will promote the creation on social networks of communities of people who are quitting the tobacco habitso that they can support each other in this challenge and share information.

It also seeks to increase access to smoking cessation services. and “raise awareness about the tactics used by tobacco companies,” the WHO said in a statement.

in the campaign Other multinationals such as Google, Amazon, Facebook or Johnson & Johnson participate alongside WhatsAppamong other.

Around 780 million people in the world say they want to quit smoking.but only 30 percent of them have access to the tools that can help them achieve this, emphasizes the WHO, which hopes to increase the availability of these tools through this campaign.

The COVID-19 pandemica disease that can be more serious for smokers with chronic respiratory ailments, According to the WHO, the number of people interested in giving up this habit has increased.

“Smoking kills eight million people a yearbut if smokers still need more reasons to quit this habit, the pandemic has been a real incentive,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the launch of the campaign.

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WhatsApp updates to version 2.8.5310 and introduces new emoticons

A new update for the instant messaging application Whatsapp was released on Google Play Store. The update brings the version to number 2.8.5310 introducing new ones emoticons and eliminating some bugs which made the previous version unstable.

here is the official changelog of the new version:

improved emoji picker with expanded symbols
miscellaneous bug fixes and localization improvements

There are so many emoticons included and they will certainly make all users of this application happy. In the window dedicated to emoji the section of those has also been included most used in order to make the choice faster.

You can download the new version directly from Google Play Store:

software creation for android

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link

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Do politicians use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp It is the leading messaging service, but not everyone uses it. Many users wonder if the politicians use WhatsApp, but we have been investigating and I can tell you that the answer will surprise you, because some use it, but others completely escape the popular service. Unsafe? We analyze it, because I can tell you that it will surprise you, since as in politics, everything is quite curious.

What politicians use WhatsApp?

  • Pedro Sánchez.
  • Albert Ribera.
  • Pablo Iglesias.

These 3 politicians (among the 4 leaders of the 4 main parties), representatives of the PSOE, Ciudadanos and Podemos respectively, seem to be more in favor of new technologies, since all 3 of them use WhatsApp habitually. But just because they use it does not mean that it is their preferred messaging service.

As we have investigated, Pedro Sánchez opts for Telegram, security? Message self-destruction? We do not know what the leader of the PSOE prefers, but the differences exist. Maybe he has very large groups, the truth is that we don’t know, but we do know that he prefers this means of communication.

As for Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos, he also uses it, perhaps through closed groups to communicate with all his followers. This shows that both Sánchez and Iglesias are more “modern” when it comes to trying the new and popular messaging services, although it seems that Pablo Iglesias would use WhatsApp more.

Rajoy prefers SMS

And what about Rajoy if he doesn’t use WhatsApp or Telegram? Rajoy is traditional, he is still the leader of the most conservative party and it seems that he uses the SMS. It must have free text messages, because otherwise what a ruin. I always really liked SMS, but messaging services are faster when it comes to exchanging text and you can see when the other person is online, writing to you and so on.

All this about politicians is interesting, but above all they are also humans who talk to their friends and family. Even so, WhatsApp remains on average the most popular service among them, it makes sense as it is the most used of all. Which do you prefer?

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WhatsApp will facilitate the transfer of conversations on Android Rui Bacelar January 8, 2023

WhatsApp has launched a new update of its application for Android mobile devices through the Google Play Beta platform, where we now find the version The highlight is the new tool, still in testing, to speed up the transfer of conversations on Android.

This feature will be useful and will be introduced soon after in WhatsApp. That is, immediately after registration and authentication before the 6 digits on the Meta group’s instant communications platform.

At this point, the new conversation transfer tool, with all the conversation history, will make this step considerably easier for WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp prepares solution to simplify the transfer of conversations on Android

The resource was detected by the publication. in the aforementioned trial version. However, the resource is still somewhat limited and is not available to all users registered in the Beta program. At the moment it is focused on programmers and more curious users, but objectively it should reach the stable version of WhatsApp.

Basically we will have a new way to satisfy a real need, whenever we configure a new Android smartphone, or other mobile device. In this way, and independently of the backup copies of the chats, we will have a new option to migrate conversations between Android smartphones.

Above, we can see the presence of a new feature called Chat Transfer to Android. In other words, in a literal translation we have Conversations Transfer for Android. As you can easily see from here, the new feature will make it easier to migrate conversation history between Android devices, regardless of possible backups or .

The feature will come first to the Android messaging app

The user will thus have a new way to easily transfer their entire chat history to another Android device without having to resort to cloud backups. Therefore, we will not depend on copies in Google Drive to recover content when changing to a new mobile phone, for example.

Indeed, this is a promising feature, however, it requires more time for testing and development. For now, for safety and precautionary reasons, we still recommend copying or copying to services like Google Drive in case of an emergency.

However, we hope that new features like this option to quickly transfer conversations between Android devices will arrive in the coming months. It will be easy to use, at least apparently, and will make life easier for WhatsApp users.

For now, please note that these features are in the testing phase and new features will arrive in the Beta version of the platform first. Likewise, we do not have an exact schedule for its arrival in the stable version of the application for Android and iOS.

Finally, we also have other features in development on the platform, such as the ability to report status updates. In this way, the user will be able to react to the content published in the State of the communications platform.

📝 WhatsApp beta for Android What’s new? WhatsApp is working on the ability to report status updates, for a future app update!

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) January 7, 2023

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How to put bold and italics on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsAppyou are going to like these news, because we can put bold and italics on WhatsApp. To do this, you need to be in the WhatsApp beta program on Google Play, otherwise you will not be able to access all of these new features. But once you enjoy the latest WhatsApp update you can also get by APKin this article we will see how to do it, because from today you will be able to format your messages.

Bold and italics in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has just added new features to its messaging service, so now we can personalize our messages a little more as we see in the following screenshot. To put bold and italics in WhatsAppwe have to write the following in any conversation:

  • Bold *WhatsApp* = WhatsApp.
  • Italics _WhatsApp_ = WhatsApp.

As you can see it is very easy, all we have to do is use a asterisk next to each word or phrase you want to bold. And in italics the same, but changing the asterisk for a script below. We do not know if we will have more formats in the future, but what is clear is that this novelty is surprising, because it will allow us to do more from the messaging service.

Update WhatsApp

Remember that if you write the code and it does not appear changed, it is because you do not have the suitable version that you have to have. You can ask us in the comments. We leave you the link to Google Play and APK below, so you can get the latest and enjoy the news.

Have you managed to put bold and italics on WhatsApp? Write to us if you have any questions, we will help you do it easily.

Download | WhatsApp (Google Play) (APK)

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How to have two WhatsApp on the same mobile It works!

Have two WhatsApp on Android It is more necessary than it seems, however, it is also true that using two WhatsApp accounts on the same Android mobile is not something that can be done by default, the official WhatsApp client does not allow using two numbers even when we have one mobile with dual sim.

Now, is it difficult to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone? Well the truth is that the answer is no, it is as simple as installing an application and continue using your second WhatsApp account easily, below you will see how to do it but first of all it would be good to clarify some things. A while ago we recommended a method to have two WhatsApp on the same mobile that currently does not work well, it was installing OGWhatsApp.

Nowadays there are better methods, in 2016 there is an application called GBWhatsApp that works very similar to the previous one but it is much more updated and works really well, it is the ideal method and also does not require root Nothing like that.

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that allows you to have two WhatsApp applications installed on the same Android mobile with the possibility of using a different number on each one without problem, using two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on the same mobile without having to switch between accounts or anything.

How to have two WhatsApp accounts on Android?

First of all, I remind you that this is the new method to have two WhatsApp on Android in the middle of 2016, a new application that is much simpler than other previous methods and that will allow you to have two WhatsApp accounts on your mobile without needing to be root and easily. To have two WhatsApp accounts on your mobile you have to follow a very simple process.

First of all you must have the WhatsApp application installed, normal, you don’t need to do anything, don’t delete it or anything like that, just have the WhatsApp application installed and with a working account.

  • Now, to have the second account, you will have to enable the installation of Origins or unknown sources in Settings -> Securitythe path may differ a little depending on the customization layer of your mobile, but if you can’t find it, you can ask.
  • Once this is done you must download the latest version of GBWhatsApp, currently GBWhatsApp 3.70 on your mobile.
  • When you have downloaded it click Install the .APK with the Package Manager or the utility that your Android mobile has to install applications.
  • Lastly, you just have to open this new application (you will see that the WhatsApp icon varies because it has a GB on top, so you can distinguish) and click «Accept and continue» (do not click Restore). You enter your second WhatsApp account with a different number and you will already have two WhatsApp accounts working on your mobile.

As you have seen, the process is very simple, GBWhatsApp is the same version of WhatsApp or similar to the one you have and from it too you can call, change privacy options, send videos, send images, view statistics, etc. without any problem. If WhatsApp adds a new feature, it may take some time for GBWhatsApp to arrive but it is a lesser evil since it is fully functional and WhatsApp does not usually add very important improvements to its application that are necessary.

The developer reports the changes through his Google + profile. When you go to install the .APK it would be fine have a look in case there is a new, more updated version, but to start the year this is the ideal one. In case you find out that there is a new version, you can let us know and we will change the link so that the article is always updated.

UPDATE: In February 2016 we launched a new method to have two WhatsApp on Android that works much better, try it.

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New WhatsApp feature wants to eliminate spam

It is a fact that the WhatsApp application is one of the largest when we talk about chat communication, given that almost every person with a cell phone uses it to contact their family or friends, and although it is always constantly updated, it is not saves from certain errors. Which is why its developers focus on areas to improve, and implement changes that they make known to clients so that they can give them their respective feedback.

As many will already know, scams by people who want to steal identity or bank details are the order of the day, which is why the creators of this app decided to implement a way to block these contacts that add us nothing and they want to talk to us. The quickest way that does not require us to enter the conversation they send us is the option to block from the notification, this will prevent us from wasting time making the corresponding report.

As you can see in the following screenshot, the user from the notification has the option to reply or block directly, and it appears just when it is from a contact that they do not have in their information, so they will decide if they want to do the appropriate thing, this based on the content of the message:

Likewise, you have the option of making a report so that the user can send the complaint directly to WhatsApp and that they investigate the suspicious number, all so that they are removed forever and that this misleading line no longer tries to harm more people who have access to the data. Something that should be noted is the fact that for now the option is in the beta phase, so little by little it will be released to everyone in selected regions, so eventually we will have it.

Via: WhatsApp

Editor’s note: It is always good that more security methods are implemented for phones and little else, then people will be aware when they want to scam them. Well, today the extortions are quite strong and many elderly people fall without problem.

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How do you know which person you chat with the most or interact with most daily on WhatsApp?

There is a trick to discover which WhatsApp contact you chat with the most on a daily basis, information that it is best that you also delete to protect your privacy.

Would you like to know who you or someone in your chat is chatting with? WhatsAppdaily? There is a trick to find out, which shows you which contact you chat with or interact with the most on a daily basis through this messaging network.

To find out, for an Android phone, open WhatsApp:

  • Go to “Settings”, in the upper right button in the form of three buttons
  • Inside “Settings” now tap on “Storage and data”
  • Now tap on the “Manage storage” option

There you will see the amount of data that what you have received on WhatsApp takes up on your cell phone (photos, documents, stickers, voice notes, etc.) very useful information ‘to know and eliminate unnecessary data.

Below you will see the list, in order of occupancy. That is, the greater amount of data that has been exchanged with groups and people, so you know which of your contacts you or the person you have the most interaction with, with whom you chat most often and exchange more information.

To remove that trace, tap on the name of the group or contact you want to remove from that list, then on the box that says ‘Select all’ and then click on the bin-shaped icon at the top right, confirm the order and that’s it, that person or group will no longer appear as the ones with the most interaction. Of course, you will no longer have the information (photos, videos, voice notes) that that person sent you.

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The FBI wants to spy on WhatsApp conversations

What we needed. He FBI is putting pressure on WhatsApp so that I can access your conversations. We agree on the one hand, but obviously not on the other. Let’s not forget that for the FBI to gain access, WhatsApp would have to leave a kind of security hole that many could take advantage of to spy on innocent users who use the service. Will the FBI and WhatsApp be able to reach an agreement? We see it.

The FBI puts pressure on WhatsApp, they want to spy on your conversations

After all the controversy with the iPhone, the issue continues to expand like wildfire. Now the one affected, or rather the one in the center of the target, is WhatsApp. And the US Department of Justice has gone go all out on WhatsApp. But what happens is that WhatsApp cannot provide the information they ask for due to its encryption, which is end to endand not even they have access to the information that users exchange.

This end to end encryption, does not allow either Justice or WhatsApp to see what users exchange. Given this, there is only one option left… for WhatsApp to change the encryption? It is clear that this is not very reasonable either, because as we told you at the beginning, they cannot pay the righteous for sinners, since if they do this, Many could access anyone’s information.

WhatsApp only wants to guarantee the security of users

This WhatsApp encryption guarantees user security. And they don’t want to change it, nor do we as users want to enjoy a less secure service because of the FBI. We do understand that many “bad guys” use it, but for that to happen we will have to prohibit them from downloading the application in some way, rather than changing the entire architecture of the service because of them.

We don’t know what will ultimately happen, because Mark and his boys don’t want to give in. Encryption is by and for users, so that they can browse safely, without anyone else knowing what they read. No matter how hard the FBI pushes, it could keep everything the same for a while.

We will see what happens, because it is a very delicate topic. We all want the bad guys to be caught and caught red-handed, but we also don’t want everyone’s private conversations to be accessible, that is, those of us who do nothing wrong.

What do you think of all this? Do you prefer WhatsApp not to be so secure so the FBI can spy? Or do you prefer that criminals be captured by another means?

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Five tips to avoid falling into fake WhatsApp news this Christmas

Be careful with these elements, memorize them so that you do not spread false news and do not fall into the trap of hunters of the unwary.

The Christmas holidays arrive in the middle of a pandemicso, surely, the hunters of the unwary are on the order of the day to entangle them with the news false and hoaxes that circulate on social networks.

InWhatsAppThere are ways to identify fake news and we describe them so you can take them into account. These are:

  1. – Be suspicious of messages that include various elements to convey a sense of urgency such as emoticons or capital letters, or if they ask you to share them with all your contacts.
  2. – Another important element is to look at whether the messages have spelling errors.
  3. – If it includes the tab that indicates that it is a forwarded message and if it provides links. That means someone else hit forward.
  4. – If it is an audio, generally, these begin with the expression: “My sister’s friend’s friend told me that”. Many times they make it believe that the message was recorded by a well-known person, such as the minister or doctor so-and-so.
  5. – Regarding the photos, Look at all the details that can give you some clue as to where and when it was taken, and check if there is any element that indicates that it is a montage.
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Purple WhatsApp is the new trending app, so you can have it on any Android

Have you noticed that some of your friends have a purple WhatsApp and you want to have it? If you have never asked them, for whatever reason, here we will help you with your problem, although you should know some things.

Different from what you are probably thinking, purple WhatsApp is not a mod with extra functions and of dubious origin such as WhatsApp Gold and other colored mods that have turned out to be scams. WhatsApp Purple is simply an aesthetic change to the logo to make it look different and cooler. It is something that could be done officially later, but in the meantime you can achieve it with other tools. As? Keep reading to find out how to activate Purple WhatsApp on any Android mobile.

What do you need to activate WhatsApp Purple on your Android?

As we indicated before, the Purple WhatsApp It is just a change of the application icon. There is no special WhatsApp app, no additional features, no hidden security risks, just mere aesthetics.

Changing the application icon for one of a different color is a very simple thing, as you only need the icon you want and an app launcher. Many application launchers have this functionality, but today we will bet on one that has been on the market for years and is probably the most complete of all: Nova Launcher.

This application has existed almost since the beginning of Android and has tons of customization optionsamong them the change each app icon individually. In addition, it is compatible with any Android mobile or tablet on the market and it is free, all benefits. What do you need? These three things:

  • Have WhatsApp installed on your mobile.
  • Install Nova Launcher from the Play Store.
  • A purple WhatsApp icon in PNG (with background transparency) that you can easily download from Google Images.

How to change the color of the WhatsApp icon to purple on any mobile with Nova Launcher

Complying with the three requirements that we left above, now all you have to do is follow these steps to change the color of your WhatsApp icon:

  1. Start Nova Launcher and perform the initial configuration.
  2. Look for the WhatsApp icon and long press about him.
  3. Tap on “edit”.
  4. In the floating window select the icon WhatsApp to change it.
    • In this same place you can change the name of the app and configure gestures.
  5. Go to ‘Applications’ to locate the purple logo you downloaded.
  6. Open the file explorer, gallery, or app of your choice to locate the new icon.
  7. Select the new icon of WhatsApp Purple.
  8. Adjust the size of the selection until the entire icon is covered.
  9. Press ‘Done’ and when you return to the floating window press ‘Done’ as well.

Ready, you will now have purple WhatsApp on your Android in a very simple way. And best of all, you have just learned a way to customize any icon on your mobile.

Now, are there other ways? Yes, and we are going to mention them quickly, although we will not stop to explain them in depth because they are more limited. By installing an icon pack it can be achieved using the default launcher of your mobile, but most of the time the rest of the apps will also change.

Another way applies particularly to the Samsung, which with the Good Lock app (available in the Galaxy Store) allows you to customize icons individually. Your problem? Precisely that it is only available for Samsung Galaxy and not for any mobile phone.

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Do you send WhatsApp devils? Be careful, this is the true meaning

According to the Emojipedia portal, specialized in this particular language that takes over social networks and instant messaging services, the meanings vary greatly from one to another, depending on the expression.

If you are one of those who usually send the devils ofWhatsAppin your conversations, perhaps It is advisable to know what the true meaning of these emojis is.

According to the portalEmojipediaspecialized in this particular language that takes over social networks and instant messaging services, The meanings vary greatly from one to another, depending on the expression.

Serious little purple devil: It means annoyance or displeasure. Eepresents malicious acts or betrayal.

Little purple devil smiling: This emoji means the desire to cause trouble, or the feeling of performing an evil act or prank. Other users even have it as meaning a ___ual connotation.

The design of Google is red and Facebook is red It has black horns, green eyes, and clenched teeth, so depictions may vary.