one month after suffering a mudslide, the village of Saint-Sorlin hit by a landslide

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Published 12/15/2023 3:41 p.m.

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France 2 – O. Martin, E. Jacquin

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Thursday December 14, the village of Saint-Sorlin, in Savoie, was hit by a landslide. It had already suffered enormous damage a month ago, crossed by a wave of mud.

After the torrential floods, the village of Saint-Sorlin (Savoie) regained its almost usual appearance. The snow fell in quantity, which bodes well on the eve of the opening of the ski area. A month ago, the village was disfigured by a major mudslide. It had broken out during the night and for several days. Major cleaning work had taken place.

The ski area can open

The village still knows itself to be vulnerable. On Thursday, December 14, heavy rain and a mild period led to a new landslide. Only the flow was blocked. The municipality will undertake the work. The landslides took place far from the ski lifts and the ski area was not affected: a relief for traders. Customers did not ignore the efforts made to get the product ready on time. A month after the mudslide, the opening of the resort gives a taste of the season, awaiting the arrival of Christmas vacationers next weekend.

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