Change FIFA 23 jersey number in career mode

If you started a playing career in FIFA 23 some time ago and created your own player, sooner or later you might ask yourself, how can you change the jersey number afterwards? Is it possible to change the jersey number in the player’s career after you have already created the player? If you are looking for the setting for this, this short guide may be helpful.

Change jersey number in player career

There are two ways to change your jersey number in career mode. On the one hand, you can select the jersey number directly when creating it (in the menu where you can also set the name), and on the other hand, you can also change the number later. If you have already created a player, you must proceed as follows.

  1. Start FIFA 23 and switch to your playing career.
  2. From the Career Mode main menu, go to the “Customize” tab and select “Edit Pro” at the bottom.
  3. You can then change the jersey number below under the first tab “Info”.

The change to the jersey number is applied immediately and should then also be displayed under “My Pro” and the “Team Headquarters” in the team overview. If you choose a number that is already occupied by another player, it will currently be changed automatically. Of course, you can undo and change the change at any time.

Alternatively, you can edit your own player or an authentic player at any time in the main menu using “Customize” and change the jersey number (assuming the player is in a club).

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