Confidences of a double agent: he could earn up to $15,000 per stolen vehicle

A young Montrealer accused of extortion and vehicle trafficking could pocket up to $15,000 per stolen vehicle.

This is what Yann Maever Soh Djomegne allegedly told an undercover agent he met in the cell after his arrest on November 2. According to information collected by the double agent, Soh Djomegne describes himself as a car thief. He could pocket between $14,000 and $15,000 per vehicle and steal up to three in a single evening.

A few days before his arrest by the Montreal City Police Service (SPVM), he allegedly got his hands on a Corvette.

The keys to a Corvette similar to this one were found in a coat during the search targeting the suspect in Montreal. The car was later found by police.

Photo Adobe Stock

He was also suspected by police of car theft in Ontario. These details were revealed as part of the investigation into the accused’s release.

Since the start of the year, car theft has become a real scourge in Quebec with nearly 14,000 vehicles stolen from January to the end of November.

Weapon and cans of gasoline

The arrest of Soh Djomegne allows us to better understand what is happening on the ground. It all started last August, when the 22-year-old young man showed up at a store specializing in exports near the Montreal-Trudeau airport with three other people.

The quartet allegedly tried to force the company’s manager to export vehicles, under penalty of paying them the sum of $30,000.

The manager had already refused a similar request a few days earlier, suspecting that the cars had been stolen.

Faced with the refusal, Soh Djomegne went to the trunk of his car where he showed cans of gasoline. Another showed a gun hidden in his pants.

They then threatened to set fire by stacking mattresses in the warehouse. Fortunately, the manager managed to call for help using his cell phone.

Yann Maever Soh Djomegne and three other accomplices allegedly tried to force a manager of this company located near Montreal-Trudeau airport to export vehicles last August.

Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin / Le Journal de Montréal

Arriving on the scene, the firefighters saw the vehicle driven by Yann Maever Soh Djomegne leaving in a hurry.

$11,000 in cash

Equipped with the physical description and the license plate number, the police opened the investigation. Along the way, they saw the alleged thief frequenting two addresses in the metropolis, the one where he lived and another which would have served as his hiding place.

While searching the premises, they discovered two Glock-type pistols made from a 3D printer. They also found car-stealing tools, programmable blank keys and $11,000 in $100 bills.

The judge refused to release Yann Maever Soh Djomegne pending the continuation of the procedure, despite the commitments made by his mother. His lawyer, Me Camille Blanchette Sinotte, indicated that the testimony of the undercover agent will be the subject of questions later since it was not filmed and is based solely on notes.

The young criminal will have to appear in court again in the coming weeks, notably for non-compliance with conditions.

During another arrest in June, he made a surprising revelation.

“He laughingly claims that his career is to be a bandit and give work to the police,” explained the Crown prosecutor, reading the notes taken by a police officer.

Moreover, the young man was identified at the scene of a car theft with gunfire last September in Oka, according to a police report.

The three other individuals who were at the warehouse during the August extortion attempt have not been arrested because police say they have not been able to identify them.

GPS on Amazon

During the search carried out by the police in the apartment which would have served as a hiding place for the alleged thief, they discovered boxes from Amazon containing boxes of GPS devices. According to the Crown prosecutor, Me Marie-Christine Lajoie-Fillion, this type of device is commonly used to track stolen vehicles.

– With the collaboration of Ian Gemme


Is your community often the target of car thieves?

Find out on this map drawn up by our Investigation Office, which allows you to locate as close as possible to the street, in certain cities, where thousands of vehicles have been stolen in Quebec since the start of the year.

Municipality (number of flights)

Number of flights to the same address


This map of vehicle thefts in Quebec covers the year 2023, from January 1 to a date between June 30 and October 12, depending on the city.

The data comes from the Sûreté du Québec, the police service of the City of Montreal, the city of Laval, the city of Longueuil, the police service of the City of Gatineau, the police service of the city of Quebec , the police service of the city of Lévis, the police service of Sherbrooke, the city of Blainville, the police service of Châteauguay, the police service of the city of Mascouche, the city of Granby, the city of Trois-Rivières, the police service of the city of Bromont, the police service of Lac des Deux-Montagnes, the police service of Memphrémagog, the police service of the city of Saint-Eustache, the police of Saint- Jean-sur-Richelieu, the city of Repentigny, the city of Mirabel and the Équité Association. Some were obtained through access to information.

Note that municipalities may have included vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks or boats in their balance sheet. As for location data, it was transmitted to us in different forms: postal code, street corner, street or neighborhood.

Data compilation: Nora T. Lamontagne and Philippe Langlois, Bureau of Investigation



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With the oysters there is even a special feature, because the closed oysters can be opened in the inventory. In addition to the oyster meat, with a bit of luck you can also get a pearl. The simple pearl brings 70 gold and the green pearl a whopping 145 coins on sale. Since you can farm the oysters quickly, you can earn a lot of money in a short time. If you farm the oysters for around 30 minutes, you can easily collect 5,000 to 7,000 gold. The oysters are particularly easy to farm at night, as they glow slightly and are easier to find.

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Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

the latest game in the third-person multiplayer shooter series from Publisher
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The game won’t be generally available until October 18th. However, those who have purchased the Founders Pack are already running around shooting up plants and/or zombies. The PvP game comes up with an even larger open world waiting to be explored extensively and you will be able to complete PvE tasks together with friends to get rewards and increase your level.

That’s what I want to focus on here. There is in
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
an ingenious way to farm XP, coins and tacos. You’ll need a friend or a second account and plenty of time to do this, but this method will net you an endless stream of coins, tacos, and XP, which is everything you need to succeed. All you have to do is visit a specific Mindblower spawn location.

How To Earn Coins, XP & Tacos Fast | Easy farming guide

around in
To become a true farming pro, you’ll need a helpful second player – either a friend or a second account that you’ve leveled up yourself, in split-screen.

Both players/accounts need one to use this trick
Hunting License
which you can earn by leveling up and
Find Air Ron in Town Center
. You must then go to
Bounty Hunt embarked
where you can start a PvE encounter/battle while your friend is going to the
Spawner embarks. The Bounty Hunt Control Panel can be found in the far western neighborhood – overlooking a single tree.

The trick is to get the M
to where the bounty spawns after the
Bounty Hunt
activated — you must then detonate the Mindblower to kill both targets before they become invulnerable. If you park the Mindblower right where they spawn and detonate it when they spawn, you can kill them instantly and get your reward.

Every time you complete the bounty, you will
2000 coins and 10 tacos
received as a reward. If you place the Mindblower in exactly the right place, you can do the whole thing in around 15 seconds – and you can repeat this as many times as you want.