EXCLUDED William eliminated from Koh-Lanta 2024: “I thought Amri was going to calm down, but…”

By joining the yellow team of “Koh-Lanta, The Immunity Hunters”, William thought he could find a place for himself. Finally, he was eliminated on Tuesday February 27, 2024, at the end of the third episode’s advice. A departure which leaves him bitter, he who gave everything for the team… But among the reasons for this elimination, he mentions his relationship with Amri.

Last week, William arrived, with Léa, in Koh-Lanta, The Immunity Hunters. The 62-year-old survival instructor taught his yellow team a lot. As soon as he arrived, he found food on the island while his comrades were feeling hungry. During the comfort game, he performed well… but his low level in swimming penalized the team during the immunity test. At the council, they decided to eliminate it unanimously. Near SamaGameWilliam looks back on this short stay in the Philippines, talking about his elimination, the criticism from his teammates and his role as a survival pro.

Why do you think your classmates eliminated you?

There are several hypotheses. Maybe they eliminated me because of my little shortcomings in swimming, maybe they didn’t need me anymore… There are plenty of reasons. There is also the fact that they formed an already united team, that I arrived as an accessory and that the council had to appoint someone. That’s what I feel. But it’s true that it’s funny to be unanimously cleared like that…

You are the last yellow to have held during the bamboo event (20 minutes), you are a survival instructor… Do you understand the importance of the aquatic events for your team?

I understand very well. But it’s not just aquatic events. I think we have to put things into perspective. There are different tests, as I told them. I can be very strong in land events, and that was true in bamboo. I could have been comfortable playing skill and logic games. But it’s their choice. I have nothing to do with the story.

At the council, Alexis criticizes you for a “will i am” side: “He likes to say I know how to do it when we don’t care!” What do you think ?

I find that a bit harsh of him. I even laughed about it because I didn’t really understand it. I found it so ridiculous of him. I know how to do things, I wanted to pass them on to make their lives easier on the camp, to be in better condition for the tests. And I am thanked in this way. It’s not cool. And I don’t blame him. It was in the heat of the moment, he is young – he is only 21 – so he did not measure his words.

You are an expert in survival, not the last one on the tests… In your opinion, what did you miss to go further in the game?

Perhaps a strategic mind. Alliances should have been made. And then the fact of not having been at the top swimming level didn’t help me. But I think that in fact I was simply bothering certain people in the camp who wanted to free me. But it’s a shame to have been afraid of me, because in terms of strategy I wouldn’t have done one. I would certainly have helped them in the land trials. And then I have had so many adventures in my life, that I manage to put things into perspective and stay positive. Life goes on.

You were talking about an alliance with Léa and Pauline, in the end everyone voted against you. What happened ?

Basically, I am not a strategist. They were the ones who came to see me. They gave me a presentation on a possible alliance. It was up to them to come back to me. Looking back, was it fake or not? Or maybe they really wanted to keep me on the team for my survival knowledge? Once again, I’m not a strategist, so I didn’t really get into the subject, I didn’t delve into the subject in depth. I was a little naive.

You arrived after everyone else, how did you experience it?

I had a pretty good experience! Because they had chosen me, in gratitude my goal was to help them. I found them food quickly, I made the roof of the cabin because there was nothing done. I felt it was my duty to do this kind of thing to thank them. When I arrived after everyone else, I was still a little apprehensive, it’s true, I’m not going to hide it. But aside from that, I did what I had to do at the camp to make their lives easier.

When it came time to choose between Léa and you, Amri had chosen Léa. Then, afterward, he seemed bothered by your presence on the team. How did you experience it?

I felt it a little bit. But I didn’t pay much attention to it. I told myself that things were going to calm down, that we were going to continue our life in the camp. And since I was doing my best for them, I told myself that he would calm down a little. He and I didn’t have a discussion on the subject. We spoke together at one point, and I felt that I was a bit in the hot seat. I told him it would be nice to keep me a little longer, but he didn’t take that into consideration. It’s still a game! I did my adventure as I wanted and I don’t regret what I did.

On social networks, many people like you and some report a certain jealousy of other male adventurers towards you. What do you think ?

When we are in the context of the game, we do not feel jealousy or anything else. It’s afterwards that we see things on the screen. But why would they be jealous? There are so many more serious things in life. I’m a super cool person, I had no ulterior motives when I acted. Koh-Lanta is a human adventure where you have to have great team spirit. I did everything for the team, and maybe I missed things. I would like to thank Internet users for supporting me. I am disappointed and sad not to be able to go further in the adventure. I apologize to the viewers who supported me, but it’s not my fault.

You had already participated in a survival show (Wild, the survival race, in 2018 on M6). What memory do you keep of it?

I have mixed memories of it, we will say. It’s a nice adventure, but I don’t prefer to bring up the subject. I had a blast Koh Lantaalthough I didn’t stay long.

Why try your luck again, in Koh-Lanta this time?

For the human adventure! It still remains a legendary show. It was one of my projects, I had the goal of participating in it. I did it so I’m super happy. We are really well surrounded, everything is safe, there is a team of doctors who protect us, I felt super comfortable with everyone… It was great.

How many times a year do you go on adventures?

I go every year. I put myself in a real condition of survival. I’m leaving with the minimum of equipment, no phone or anything. I’m really putting myself in danger. If anything happens to me, it’s over for me. I’m not saying it’s serious, but I’ve had a few problems: stung by a scorpion, by a stingray, attacked by wasps… I also had to stitch myself up on the spot because I fools around with the machete. It’s all part of my daily life. So I can’t imagine the adventure if we are assisted by a satellite phone. For me, it’s off-grid. We don’t confront nature, we deal with it.

Have you prepared in any particular way for Koh Lanta ?

I didn’t prepare at all! I went there coolly. I trusted in my physical and mental abilities, in a certain philosophy that I have. I left peacefully!

What has Koh-Lanta changed in your life?

I realized that life goes on. And participate in Koh Lanta can somehow boost my survival activity, but otherwise I haven’t changed my behaviors or my life. It remains a superb experience.

Have you had more requests for your adventures since the broadcast?

My notebook was already starting to fill up for the season before Koh Lanta. And since then there have been others. I wasn’t waiting for the show for that. But it will certainly boost my business, that’s obvious! It would be dishonest of me not to say it.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 in 4K and 60FPS on Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X is PS5 are fast approaching and many specialized portals have received next-gen consoles by Microsoft is Sony. Among these is the British editorial staff of Digital Foundry.

John Linneman confirmed in a tweet that DF is now in possession of an Xbox Series X. Fans wasted no time and started asking about the console. Among these users, someone asked on Twitter if we will ever see on Series X Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar.

Following this first question, more tweets have arrived from other users who, however, have questioned the performance of the game on Series X. For example, a fan claims that RDR2 on Series X will have the same performance as the Xbox One X version. .

In response to another tweet questioning Series X’s capabilities, John Linneman’s comment came: “you may want to save this tweet for later. I mean to say“.

You might want to bookmark this tweet for later. Just sayin?

– John Linneman (@ dark1x) September 23, 2020

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From Linneman’s response, it seems clear that Series X games will receive dramatic improvements and, likely, RDR2 will run on Microsoft’s next-gen in 4K and 60FPS.

What do you think?

Source: Twitter.


Warframe: How to get Namalon

If you’ve been playing Warframe for a long time, you know that finding and acquiring a ton of different resources is the name of the game. Here’s how to get Namalon in Warframe.

Where to farm Namalon in Warframe

Namalon is found exclusively in the Cambion drift, mainly when mining the yellow mineral veins scattered throughout the open world. Although these can be found anywhere, you will have more luck finding yellow mineral veins west of Albrecht Prospect during Fass and east of the Abscess during Vome. Additionally, you can find Namalon by opening resource caches in Isolation Chests, which can only be opened through Isolation Vault contracts. I would only suggest going this route if you already need to make these bounties.

How to use Namalon

Namalon’s only recipe is to create Decentralized Namalon, which can be created using 20x Namalon to create 20x Namalon Devolu. The recipe for this can be obtained from Otak in the Necralisk, provided you are Rank 1 with the Entrati. Using the Decentralized Namalon, you can craft the following items:

  • Bonewidow Weapon Capsule – 80x Namalon vested
  • Chondricord Trophy – 30x Namalon vested
  • Cortège receiver – 80x Namalon vested
  • Glutinox Trophy – 30x Namalon vested
  • Morgha Receiver – 80x Namalon vested
  • Pulmonary – 60x Namalon vested
  • The quassus – 60x Namalon vested
  • Helminth Archon Shard Segment – 10x Namalon vested

If you want to build all of the above (but only once with each), you will need 430 Namalon vested. This directly translates to 430 Namalon, or 440 technically due to the decentralized Namalon recipe only working in groups of 20. Regardless, as long as you only farm Namalon as needed, you should be fine pass.

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If you’re looking for more help acquiring resources, check out our guide on where to farm Control Modules in Warframe.


‘Red Dead Redemption 2 will get an upgrade for PS5, Series X’

With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, many previous generation games were upgraded to take advantage of the capabilities of the new consoles. That was mostly about recent games. Now it seems that the somewhat older Red Dead Redemption 2 will also get a version for PS5 and Series X.

According to the nice AccountNgt, Rockstar is working on an upgrade from Red Dead Redemption 2. Other than that, he had no information about it. When asked when this upgrade would be released, he also had no answer.

  • Get your hands on Red Dead Redemption 2!

Still, AccountNgt has been right more often lately. For example, the account leaked the postponement of the PS5 game Forspoken. It also announced before the official announcement that Sony was going to buy Bungie.

It is striking that there is currently nothing more to read on the AccountNgt Twitter page. You could consider that as withdrawing his claims. But there may also be another reason for the disappearance of the tweets.

Rockstar also came with GTA V upgrade

An upgrade for Red Dead Redemption 2 wouldn’t be too unexpected either. Rockstar, for example, released a PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade to Grand Theft Auto 5 earlier this year, after it had also been upgraded for the previous generation. It should be clear that the developer is not averse to a remaster or upgrade for a successful game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Available from October 26, 2018

More about this game


Online advertising: million-dollar fine against Google in France

The French competition authority accuses Google of abusing its dominant position in the ad server market. The group now has to pay a fine of 220 million euros for this; Google itself has also offered changes.

In France, Google pays a fine of 220 million euros imposed by the antitrust office for giving preference to its own services when allocating online advertising space. The US company did not deny the allegations and the fine was now ordered as part of a settlement, the French competition authority in Paris said.

The cartel office had been contacted by several publishing groups, including the international media entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and the French Figaro publishing house. They accused Google of abusing its dominant market position.

Google’s advertising sales business accounted for 13 percent of parent company Alphabet’s sales of almost $183 billion (€150 billion) last year.

DoubleClick and Google Ad Exchange

In this specific case, the question is whether the search engine giant has unlawfully exploited its dominance in the digital advertising business. Since taking over the advertising specialist DoubleClick in 2009, Google has operated a platform for advertising (“DoubleClick for Publisher”), which is now operated under the Google brand. This platform is used by many large online publishers and publishers to offer advertising space for sale. The complaint was that Google customers were given an advantage in the actual allocation of advertising space at the advertising auction house Google Ad Exchange (AdX). Google customers were partly provided with information about competing bids.

“The Authority has found that Google has granted preferential treatment to its own technologies offered under the Google Ad Manager brand(…),” the competition authority said. These practices are “particularly serious” because those disadvantaged include publishers whose economic model has already been seriously weakened by the decline in sales of newspaper subscriptions.

Google changes model

In the settlement, Google also agreed to change its behavior and make it easier for competitors to use its online advertising tools. The changes were accepted by the authority. “We will test and develop these changes over the coming months before rolling them out more broadly, including globally,” Google said.

The French competition authority recalled that companies with a position like Google have a special responsibility. “These very serious practices disadvantaged competition in the emerging online advertising market and allowed Google to not only maintain but also expand its dominant position,” said Isabelle de Silva, chairwoman of the French competition authority, according to the statement.

“We believe we provide valuable services and compete. However, we are committed to proactively working with regulators to make improvements to our products,” the US group said. They have been working with the French authorities for the past two years and now want to improve access to data or increase the flexibility of Google Ad Manager.

It is still unclear whether and how the comparison will affect other markets, as complaints against the dominance of the DoubleClick platform had also surfaced outside France. Experts now expect that these obligations from the settlement will develop into a template that publishers in many other countries can also demand.


eBay offers authenticity testing for sneakers

To make buying and selling high-quality sneakers safer, eBay Germany is now offering a new service. From a retail price of 100 euros, the company offers a free authenticity check for new and worn sneakers.

The popularity of branded sneakers continues to increase. In the first quarter of 2021, a pair of sneakers was sold every 18 seconds on the platform. The highly limited quantities of certain hyped models drive desirability on the market and create great demand on resale platforms. However, more and more “black sheep” – i.e. fake sneakers – are finding their way onto the market.

For this reason, eBay has already introduced sneaker authentication in the US, UK, Canada and Australia to protect consumers. This service will now also be available for German users of the platform. “Sneaker buyers buy on eBay in ten different categories every year on average, which is more than twice as much as other eBay buyers. To ensure that this growth is sustainable, the launch in Germany is now taking place,” says Oliver Klinck, Managing Director of eBay Germany .

Independent, external testing team

To verify authenticity, eBay works with an independent, external testing team from Sneaker Con. There is an extensive brand catalog for new and worn sneakers, which applies to fixed price and auction offers posted on with an item and delivery location in Germany. With five percent sales commission and two percent for every portion of the sales price over 990 euros plus 35 cents fixed sales commission as well as the free authenticity check, eBay says it currently has the most favorable conditions on the market for commercial sellers.

All sneakers sold with eBay Authentication are marked on the website with the “Authenticated” logo and a check mark. The (initially) free authenticity check is then started automatically upon purchase. The seller is instructed to ship the item to the Authentication Center. There, Sneaker Con’s experts check various specified test points – packaging, size labels, soles, seams, logos, heel tabs, shoelaces and more – and also compare the sneakers with the description on offer.

NFC tag

Once the authenticity of the sneakers is confirmed, an NFC tag is attached to the left sneaker. This is intended to provide detailed information about the shoes and also make it easier to sell the shoes again if necessary. The order is then carefully packaged and sent safely using a fast shipping method including tracking. For returns, authenticity verification ensures that the item originally sold is returned via a verified returns process.

The introduction of the authenticity test is accompanied by a marketing campaign with the claim “Genuine. Safe. Verified”. There is also a campaign video that shows the solidarity in the sneakerhead scene as well as the love and enthusiasm of the community for the coveted shoes. Collaborations with influencers are intended to draw additional attention to the new service.


Palia: To T Love H Quest

Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in Bahari Bay will certainly have explored the individual areas such as the Statue Garden. To the northwest of the statue garden is a small camp with two tents. Behind the left tent is a letter. As soon as you pick up the letter, the “To T, Love H” quest starts. The quest description says “You found someone’s undelivered letter in Bahari Bay. Find out who H and T could be”. The question arises, to which resident do you have to deliver the letter in order to successfully complete the quest?

To T Love H Quest Solution

The “To T Love H” quest has two solutions. Because on the one hand you can give the letter to a resident who starts with T and on the other hand to a resident who starts with H. Depending on which resident you choose, the conversation options and rewards are different. But the sender is always Hassian and the recipient is Tamala. Returning the letter to the sender (Hassian) will reward you with a chapaa tail. If you deliver the letter to the recipient (Tamala), then you will receive a Dari carnation as a reward.

  • Deliver Letter – Dari Carnations
  • Return Letter – Stripe Chapaa Tail

After delivering or returning the letter, the “To T Love H” quest is successfully completed and you will also be rewarded with some reputation.

This article is still under construction. More information will follow shortly.


TUTORIAL : How to make New York in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft can get you somewhere as long as you can craft the right things. And the good things are the ones you want to do today, and you’re lucky if you ever want to create popular cities like New York, because they’re pretty easy to do in the game.

How to craft New York in Infinite Craft

New York is one of the easiest cities to obtain early in the game, as its recipe isn’t demanding or anything. You can get it in less than ten steps which look nothing like what you would actually need to have a huge metropolis like this on your hands.

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Mountain + Fire = Volcano
  • Volcano + Water = Lava
  • Lava + Water = Stone
  • Stone + Stone = Rock
  • Stone + Lake = Lighthouse
  • Rock + Lighthouse = Statue of Liberty
  • Statue of Liberty + Water = New York

Screenshot by blog

I still don’t understand how quickly you can get a specific city in the game. While getting to other cities (and specific recipes, in general) can be quite demanding and take up a good chunk of your time, the one -this is luckily on the easier side. No need to waste your precious time trying to figure this one out.

Recipes that use New York in Infinite Craft

Now that you got the result you wanted, you can start using it in your endless crafting saga. Here are some examples of things you can use New York to get.

  • New York + Human = Taxi
  • New York + President = Trump
  • New York + Trump = Trump Tower
  • New York + Mickey Mouse = Times Square
  • New York + City = Empire State Building
  • New York + Fire = 9/11
  • New York + Monster = King Kong
  • New York + Anime = Pokémon
  • New York + Island = Manhattan
  • New York + Taxi = Traffic

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But if you get tired of New York, you can always change your game. There’s seemingly no limit to what you can do while playing the game, so the sky’s the limit. Or it’s your patience, whichever is completed first.


13 tips for Amazfit and Zepp: get the most out of your smartwatch or smart bracelet

We are going to teach you some of the best tips and tricks for Amazfit and Zepp smartwatches, Huami smartwatches. Both are managed with the same app and they have almost identical configurations. So, we are going to go over the key functions to set up a new Amazfit and Zepp smartwatch, so that you can get the most out of it step by step.

This guide is general, so it works for almost all of the company’s models.. There might be slight differences between the one and the other (for example, if you have a simple bracelet you will have less functions than in a watch), but the vast majority of the tips and tricks that we are going to provide you are worth whatever device you have.

Set an alarm from your mobile

Amazfit and Zepp watches and bracelets allow you to set different alarms from the device itself. However, if we want to organize some alarms in a more comfortable way, we can do this process from the phone, to easily program alarms. Just open the Zepp (Amazfit) app and click on the “Enjoy” section. Here you will find as the first option ‘Alarm clock’, where you can program them in an easy way and send them to the clock.

Change the order of the menus on your watch

Amazfit and Zepp watches have various settings in the interface itself, although we don’t need all of the options they offer. To configure the content that we will see on the clock screen, just follow these steps:

Schedule push notifications with weather information

A very useful feature of the Zepp app is that we can receive push notifications with weather alerts. This will help us to know the weather changes in our area, even if we do not have weather apps on our mobile for this purpose.

  • Open the Zeep app on the mobile
  • Enter Profile
  • Tap the name of your smartwatch
  • Enter Time setting
  • Tap City
  • If you want your current location to be used, check Obtain location automatically
  • If you prefer to enter the location manually, uncheck the box and search for the name of your city

Configure button behavior

Amazfit and Zepp watches usually have one or two buttons with different functions. If we want, we can change what happens when we interact with these buttons. To be able to modify these options, just follow these steps.

  • Open your watch menu
  • Go to setting or more
  • Select the function you want to assign to the button

Use the watch as a flashlight

A somewhat unknown feature of Amazfit and Zepp watches is that we can use them as flashlight. It may seem unnecessary, but in total darkness situations it is much faster to activate the clock flashlight than it is to unlock the mobile for this purpose. To activate the flashlight, you just need access the watch’s quick access menu and click on the flashlight icon. The panel will be fully illuminated and sufficiently bright with white light.

Search for your mobile if you don’t know where it is

From our Amazfit watch we can find our cell phone. We have to open the menu and click on “Find a phone”. In the case of Zepp watches, we have to open the quick settings menu and click on the phone icon, it will start ringing automatically.

Or search for the watch on your mobile

We can do the same process in reverse, to find our connected watch from the Zepp app.

  • Open the Zeep app on the mobile
  • Enter Profile
  • Tap the name of your smartwatch
  • press Find a watch
  • Pay attention to the sound of the watch vibrating

Activate incoming calls

Some Amazfit watches and bracelets do not have the ability to receive phone calls on the device by default. portable, a basic function. We can activate it manually, to make sure we don’t miss any incoming calls when we have the watch on.

  • Open the Zeep app on the mobile
  • Enter Profile
  • Tap the name of your smartwatch
  • Enter Incoming call
  • active Incoming call alerts

Enable app alerts

Likewise, in most cases the Amazfit app it does not inform about all the applications that we have installed on the mobile, but we have to select them manually.

  • Open the Zeep app on the mobile
  • Enter Profile
  • Tap the name of your smartwatch
  • Enters App Alerts
  • Tap Manage apps
  • Check all the apps you want to receive notifications from

Eliminate inactivity notices

By default, Amazfit and Zepp watches They usually send notifications every hour if they detect that we are not moving. It’s usually quite complicated (at least if you work in the office) to get up every hour, so we can turn off these notices so they aren’t that intrusive.

  • Open the ** Zeep * app on your mobile
  • Enter Profile
  • Tap the name of your smartwatch
  • Go into Inactivity Alert
  • Disable Inactivity Alerts

Unlock the mobile with the watch

If you wear the watch you can use it to unlock the mobile. This is thanks to Google’s Smart Lock, which allows you to set up the watch as a trusted device. So, if you take the watch with you, you won’t need to unlock the phone as it will happen automatically.

  • Open the Zeep app on the mobile
  • Enter Profile
  • Tap the name of your smartwatch
  • Click on ‘lock screen’
  • Click on ‘Go to settings’
  • Set the watch as a trusted device

Lock the watch when you take it off

One of the most useful features of the Zepp app is the power lock the watch as soon as it is removed. This way, we make sure that no one can access it if it is intercepted without our permission. You just need to go to the settings of the Zepp app, click on the smartwatch and click on ‘Bracelet lock’

Change the detection method

To try and save battery power, Amazfit watches and bracelets typically measure sleep at night. However, in many cases we can activate sleep and heart rate measurement simultaneously, to have more precise data on the quality of sleep. If we want to configure this, we have to follow these steps.

  • Open the Zeep app on the mobile
  • Enter Profile
  • Tap the name of your smartwatch
  • Click on ‘Health check’
  • Detection method
  • Adjust to taste

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Amazon Echo Show: Activate night mode – this is where the settings are hidden

The smart display of the Amazon Echo Show always stays on. So you can always keep an eye on the content of the start screen such as delivery notifications or the weather report. At night, however, the display activity can also be annoying – especially if the Echo Show is placed in the bedroom.

But that doesn’t mean your bedchamber isn’t a suitable place for the Echo Show to work. Because there are several ways to adapt the Amazon display to the desired conditions at night. In addition to voice commands or routines that turn off the Echo Show screen completely, the device series also has its own night mode.

SamaGame explains step by step how to set up the night mode of the Echo Show and thus ensure better sleep quality and save electricity at the same time:

How to set up night mode

  1. 1

    On your Echo Show’s home screen, swipe down from the top of the display to open the main menu.

  2. 2

    Click on “Settings” in the main menu.

  3. 3

    Beware, deception: If you look for the night mode under “Screen and brightness”, you won’t find it. The corresponding settings can actually be found under “Clock and Photo Viewer”.

  4. 4

    Under “Clock and Photo Viewer,” scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Night Mode” category under “Advanced Options.”

  5. 5

    Here you can now set whether the night mode should be activated at a certain time or whether the Echo Show should activate it automatically based on the lighting conditions in the room. There is also the option of configuring a time display for the night.

Want to customize the Echo Show home screen to your liking? Then follow the steps in the linked guide.


Competition fines four companies and six executives for forming cartels and dividing up Defense tenders

The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has sanctioned four companies and six executives for distributing tenders from the Ministry of Defense through two cartels.

On the one hand, the CNMC has fined the companies Comercial Hernando Moreno Cohemo SLU (Cohemo) with 1,067,944 euros; Star Defense Logistics & Engineering SL (SDLE), with 3,302,912 euros; and Grupo de Ingeniería, Reconstrucción y Recambios, JPG SA (JPG), with 1,304,220 euros, for distributing tenders related to the supply, maintenance and modernization of military vehicles between January 2016 and June 2021. On the other hand, the Competition has sanctioned Cohemo (450,000 euros) and Casli SA (100,000 euros) for manipulating a framework agreement to buy military containers between September 2019 and November 2021.

Competition indicates that “it has agreed to extend the initiation of said disciplinary file to 6 executives of some of these companies”: three executives from SDLE, another two from Cohemo and one executive from JPG. Those sanctioned are Aurelio Estrella Río (52,000 euros), Manuel Estrella Río (52,000 euros), Raúl Pérez Guerrero (42,000 euros), Sergio Hernando Moreno (52,000 euros and 8,000 euros), Óscar Agudo Sánchez (40,000 euros and 5,000 euros) and Antonio Molina Baltanás (34,000 euros).

The CNMC considers that “the prohibition of contracting” with the Public Administration is applicable to companies, as stated in the Public Sector Contracts regulations (LCSP). However, Competition positively values ​​some of the regulatory compliance programs that the sanctioned companies have presented, and has asked them to review them within six months to decide whether to maintain the prohibition on them contracting with the public sector.

The companies distributed contracts, according to the CNMC. Specifically, they carried out non-competition agreements, issued coverage offers, withdrew or did not justify offers, and instrumentalized the temporary collaboration system between companies (UTE).

The anti-competitive agreements affected almost a hundred contracts, valued at 60 million euros: 13 framework agreements (AM), their corresponding 81 contracts (CBAM), and another 10 public contracts. These tenders were related to the maintenance of military vehicles (such as the Centauro, Leopard, Pizarro, BMR, VEC and RG-31) and camping equipment.

These types of anti-competitive agreements are prohibited in article 1 of Law 15/2007, on the Defense of Competition, as explained by the CNMC in a statement, and they represent a very serious infraction that can be sanctioned with up to 10% of the turnover of the companies.


Palia: Anglerbrew, Shimmerfin, Longnose Unicornfish

How to make Angler’s Brew in Palia? Where can you find the shimmer fin or the long-nosed unicorn fish? In the last few days, perhaps one or the other player of the new Cozy MMO, who is currently doing the Jina Quest called “Vault of Waves”, will be dealing with these questions. In the quest you have to get some items to unlock the four bundles. For the Magic Bundle you have to get, among other things, the above-mentioned Anglerbrau or the enchanted carp, but where do you actually get the items from?


The Anglerbrew recipe can be bought from the fishing robot Einar. Requires fishing skill at level 5 and 1,000 gold coins. You can then use the recipe to create Anglerbrew from 1x Emerald Carpet Moss and 1x Crystal Lake Lotus.


The Shimmerfin can be caught in the waters in Kilima Village. We caught the Shimmerfin at the jetty where Einar can also be found during the day. The important thing is that you have to use a worm as bait to get the shimmerfin on the hook.

Cursed mollusk

You can also catch the enchanted pika in the waters of Kilima Village like Shimmerfin. Instead of a worm, you have to use a firefly as bait to hook the mollyfish.

Long-nosed unicorn fish

Last but not least, the longnose unicorn fish is missing. In order to catch the unicorn fish, one must first travel to the shores of Bahari Bay. Once there, all you have to do is throw out the fishing rod during the day and use the fireflies as bait. After a few tries, you usually get the long-nosed unicorn fish you’re looking for.


The best apps to read books (and comics / manga) on your Xiaomi Pad 5

Although the king of digital reading is the e-Reader or electronic book starting with the Amazon Kindle, tablets are too a good choice for reading e-Book. And also for comics and manga definitely. You just have to install the appropriate application.

An e-book reader is usually the most appropriate, because digital ink technology is the closest thing in terms of paper to a real book. But today’s tablets like the Xiaomi Pad 5 come with special reading functions to dim the brightness on the screen, and the quality of their screens make reading a comic or manga on them a pleasure. so here you go several apps so that your Xiaomi Pad is the most complete digital reader.

Google Play Books

Application that gives you access to millions of works, Google Play Books is the official reading app of the giant Google and allows you to not only read books, but also comics, graphic novels, and listen to audiobooks If you prefer. Like Amazon, you can modify the size of the text, the type of font, the margins, the alignment of the text, the brightness and the background colors to your liking.

It also allows you save books to sd card If you don’t want to fill up the internal memory of your Xiaomi, continue reading a book or comic from the point where you left off and organize your bookstore by virtual shelves. In addition to the grateful night light function to automatically adjust the background color and brightness using the brightness you have set in the MIUI system.

The best thing is that this application is also prepared to read comics and manga, with functions such as Bubble Zoom, which when used makes each bubble stand out in the bullets when tapping on a page of the comics that you already have stored on the tablet.

  • Download | Google Play Books

Challenger Comics Viewer

Simple, effective and free. These are the three pillars on which Challenger Comics Viewer is based, an ad-free application in which you can read comics, manga and books of all kinds, whether conventional, art books, etc Just look for the directory where you have the comics / manga downloaded and the app will list them for you. You choose the one you want and Comics Viewer will load all the pages. And to automatically scroll through them, just tap each page number below to make the viewer jump to the next.

Challenger Comics Viewer has various scale filters, display modes and you can activate reading from right to left for the manga. The supported image file formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and BMP. Supported file formats are book PDF, CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, TCC/TAR, CB7/7Z, DjVu and EPUB.

  • Download | Challenger Comics Viewer app


that the app ReadEra is the first to appear in the results Searching for ‘book reader’ in the Google Play Store already gives an idea of ​​its popularity, success and efficiency. The best rated on Android, ReadEra turns your Xiaomi into an electronic book with access to free books in formats such as PDF, EPUB, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), DJVU, FB2, TXT, ODT, and CHM. ReadEra book reader is capable of reading all popular formats of books, journals, articles and other documents.

With a clean and simple interface, ReadEra is free with no ads or in-app purchases, and it brings features like reading multiple documents at once and can detect duplicate files. Even if you delete a book and download it again, you can continue reading on the last page you left.

  • Download | ReadEra


LThe second most downloaded e-book reading app on Android. eBoox, like ReadEra, is an easy-to-use e-Book reader, with a very nice visual interface, automated reading settings to start using it right away, and even night mode.

Supported formats include fb2, epub, doc, docx, mobi, prc, txt, rtf, odt, html, and zip files. And it won’t give you trouble opening large ePubs like more than 100MB.

  • Download | eBoox

Astonishing Comic Reader

Another highly recommended reader is Astonishing Comic Reader, equipped with an elegant and simple interface that works very well, a zoom function and a virtual library to have your comics organized. able to read in CBR and CBZ formats plus support for Chromecast, The best thing about this app is that it is capable of generating awesome wallpapers if you are using the Muzei app of live wallpapers about famous works of art.

  • Download | Astonishing Comic Reader app


If you don’t consider yourself very computer savvy and you’re looking for a simple and direct app, Wattpad is one of the best choices, because Its use is very simple and everything in this app, from the interface to the design, is designed to facilitate the task search and personalization.

But we are not just talking about an application to manage e-Books, but the main grace of Wattpad is that it is a huge social network in which its users post their own stories, from crazy ‘fanpics’ to novels written by crowdfunding or already published. If you are looking to discover new reading, Wattpad is one of the best places to start.

  • Download | wattpad

Moon+ Reader

Backed by its 10 million downloads and its score, Moon+ Reader is one of those apps that many of us have installed on our mobile phones for years. It’s free, it’s always updated and has support for many format extensions such as EPUB, PDF, DJVU, AZW3, MOBI, FB2, PRC, CHM, CBZ, CBR, UMD, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, MHT/MHTML, MD(MarkDown), WEBP, RAR, ZIP or OPD, so it allows you to read books, comics, manga, magazines, magazines, etc.

With thousands of free books The application also has a very complete range of options, both visual (change the spacing, scaling and font type, app theme, transitions) and reading (search, bookmarks, themes, navigation, auto-scroll). All this for free, and if you decide on the paid version, you have to add curiosities like shaking the mobile in your hand to activate a voice that turns the text of the book or comic into a narrated speech.

  • Download | Moon+ Reader

Amazon Kindle App

An essential in this type of listings, Amazon is the pioneer in the world of digital reading (in fact, that was how it started in 1993, far removed from the e-Commerce giant it is today), and its Kindle was the first electronic book that shook the world of reading. Aware of this, Amazon transferred the virtues of its Kindle to the application Amazon Kindle Appwhich turns your Xiaomi tablet into an electronic book.

The app, with more than a million and a half books to download between paid and free, allows you to customize your reading by adjusting the text size, background color, screen brightness, and choosing between landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) formats. In addition to consulting words in its integrated dictionary or using the links to Google or Wikipedia.

  • Download | Amazon Kindle App


Palia earn money quickly: farm gold

In the new Palia you need, in addition to some materials, one thing in particular and that is gold. The gold is the currency in the game and you need the money not only for sales at the dealer, but also for upgrades and other things. For this reason, the question arises, is there a trick with which one can make money particularly quickly? In this article we have summarized a few tips on how to farm money quickly early in the game.

Earn money and farm in Palia

There are numerous ways to earn money in Palia. At the beginning, the fields where you can grow vegetables and sell them after the harvest are particularly useful. Another good way to make some money in the meantime is to hunt for chapaas and sernuks. The animals drop various materials such as antlers and tails, which you can’t sell for very much gold, but can be farmed relatively quickly and easily. Last but not least, fishing is also a good way to make money.

Make money fast with oysters

One of the currently best methods to earn gold quickly is because of oyster farming. The oysters can be found on the beaches around Beachcomber Cave and are easy to collect from the beach. In addition, you can also find mussels, crabs and snails in the areas, which also bring in some money. You should take the purple crabs with you, in particular, as they are significantly more valuable than the orange crabs.

With the oysters there is even a special feature, because the closed oysters can be opened in the inventory. In addition to the oyster meat, with a bit of luck you can also get a pearl. The simple pearl brings 70 gold and the green pearl a whopping 145 coins on sale. Since you can farm the oysters quickly, you can earn a lot of money in a short time. If you farm the oysters for around 30 minutes, you can easily collect 5,000 to 7,000 gold. The oysters are particularly easy to farm at night, as they glow slightly and are easier to find.

Use money cheat and cheat gold?

Finally, the question arises, is there a money cheat in Palia? The short answer to the question is no, there is no such thing as a money cheat or money hack. The game is permanently online and synchronizes the score including all activities with the server. Maybe sooner or later there will be a money glitch or something similar, but its use is not allowed and the bug will probably be closed within a short time.


Remnant 2: Oracle’s Refuge Solution

In the new Remnant 2 you will find the area “Oracle’s Refuge” in the world of Losomn, among other things. In the area you will also find a more or less extensive quest or puzzle. Near the checkpoint “Oracle’s Refuge” you can climb up the ladder into a house and in the room you will find the Dran Oracle and several Dran Children. Also striking is the large carpet on the floor, where you can already see some pictures depending on the progress of the game. Both the children and the lady at the loom don’t show much of a reaction when you walk into the room and try to talk to them. If you try to interact with the lady, she is not particularly talkative. The question arises, what do you have to do to solve the Oracle’s Refuge? What item do you have to give her so that she can talk to you and start the puzzle?

Oracle of the Dran: find child

In order to start the “Oracle’s Refuge” puzzle in Morrow Township, you must first find two children. The two children are hiding somewhere in the parish of Morrow. Once you spot them or get close to them, the child locations will also appear on the map with a blue icon and “Dran Child.” Since the locations are random according to previous information, you have to search the area a little and sooner or later you will find something.

After speaking to the children, they will automatically run into the house of the old lady who is indicated on the map with the Dran oracle. After rescuing the two children, you can also talk to the Oracle of Dran and get the recovery property on the one hand and the second and much more extensive part of the “Oracle’s Refuge” puzzle on the other.

Refuge of the Oracle solution

In the second part you now have to complete 12 different tasks or do enemies and bosses. Each time you defeat a boss, an image of the enemy will appear on the lady’s rug. As a reward for the task you get the All-Seeing Eye. When using the All-Seeing Eye you either get a random buff or a random debuff.

  • Faelin/Faerin—Beatific Palace/Malefic Palace
  • The Feast – Great Hall
  • Postulant’s Parlor – Postulant’s Parlor
  • Manticore – Harvester’s Reach
  • Bloat King—Great Sewers
  • The Burning Man – Butchers Quarter
  • The Red Prince – Gilded Chamber
  • Nightweaver-Morrow Sanatorium
  • Magister Dullain – Shattered Gallery
  • The Huntress—Forsaken Quarter
  • The Council—Council Chamber
  • Gwendil the Unburnt—Cotton’s Kiln

This article about the Oracle’s Refuge puzzle in Remnant 2 is still under construction. More information and the exact locations of the opponents will follow here shortly.

Tip: In the community of Morrow and there in the insane asylum you can also find a safe. In another article we already described how to find the safe code for the vault in the parish of Morrow.


Diablo 4 will not come to Xbox Game Pass: Blizzard denies the leak that claimed this and the fans are not happy

It is normal to think that Activision Blizzard games would arrive more and more frequently on Xbox Game Pass; Although the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has not yet materialized, both companies are already closer than ever, a situation that made it very credible the leak that claimed that would come to the famous subscription service. This, however, is completely false.

Diablo 4 says no to Xbox Game Pass… for now

In case you haven’t heard, excitement began to circulate among fans when an alleged Brazilian promotion claimed that would be available on Xbox Game Pass. The leak was even accompanied by an image that reiterated this, so many assumed that the official announcement would come in a matter of days.

Fast forward to today, it was the same president of Blizzard, Mike Ybarra, who refuted all thisresponding on social networks with a simple , and instantly breaking the hopes of all those who have not been able to enjoy this great contender for the 2023 Game of the Year.

Of course, this does not mean that It will never come to Xbox Game Pass; the house of affirmed long ago its intentions to launch its titles more frequently in the subscription service, this in order to further solve its alliance with Microsoft. It is the best-selling game in Blizzard’s history, so we don’t doubt that it will come true in the future, although for now, we can only wait.

Fans want to play Diablo 4

Needless to say that the community was extremely disappointed in what Blizzard saidWell, whether they did not like the lie or that Blizzard has responded in such a dry way, we can read comments full of disappointment and even anger, such as accusations against him for publishing a , and the discussion is just beginning at the time of this drafting.

If you are eager to play we recommend that you buy it instead of waiting for it to arrive on Xbox Game Pass, because it is a quite addictive and fun title, and in our review you can find all the good (and bad) that Blizzard did with this anticipated installment. Of course: try to measure your gaming sessions well, because the last thing we want is for you to end up in the hospital as has already happened to someone else.


Sims 4: Buy, breed and sell goats and sheep

Where can you buy a dwarf goat or a dwarf sheep? How can you milk a goat or shear a sheep? One or the other player who has bought the new horse ranch expansion for The Sims 4 will probably deal with these questions in the last few days. With the horse ranch expansion, not only does a new neighborhood and horses come into play, but there are also two other new animals and these are the goats and sheep.

Dwarf goats and dwarf sheep buy horse ranch in Sims 4

The goats and sheep work similarly to the chickens from the Cottage Life expansion. The animals must be fed and cared for regularly. The better you take care of the animals, the more expensive you can sell their products such as milk or wool. To buy a goat or a sheep, you can either visit the stable in Chestnut Ridge or you can conveniently order the animals home using your cell phone. Prices start at 150 simoleons and go up to 2,000 simoleons for the black dwarf sheep.

  1. Open the cell phone and under “Household” call the “Ranch Animal Exchange”.
  2. You can now order one or more goats and sheep via “Buy dwarf goats and dwarf sheep”.
  3. After you have bought the animals, they automatically end up in the Sim’s inventory. You can then release the animals on your own property via the inventory.

milking goats and shearing sheep: To milk a goat or shear a sheep, simply click on the animal and then select the appropriate option. You can use the interactions to collect the dwarf goats and dwarf sheep again and “put them in your inventory”.

Sell ​​Goat and Sheep: To sell a goat or a sheep, you have to call the ranch animal exchange with your cell phone and sell the animals.

Breed goats and sheep?

Unlike horses, which can be bred relatively easily and have offspring in the form of a foal, according to current information, goats and sheep cannot be bred. If anything changes in the future, we will of course add the information here.


The dizzying evolution of the iPhone CPU and GPU over the years on the doorstep of the iPhone 12

The processor designed by Apple for each generation of Apple has been a symbol of its power for a decade. Just weeks after the launch of the iPhone 12, which presumably will bring under its hood the A14 processor, we examined the dizzying evolution of these chips. An improvement that has multiplied by more than 160 times the power of its CPU and by nearly 2000 times that of its GPU.

All iPhone chips and their technical evolution

Processor IPhone model An CPU increase Boost GPU Frequency RAM Nanometers
Samsung APL0098 iPhone Edge 2007 412 MHz 128 Mo 90 nm
Samsung APL0098 iPhone 3G 2008 0% 0% 412 MHz 128 Mo 90 nm
Samsung APL0298 iPhone 3GS 2009 100% 100% 600 MHz 256 Mo 65 nm
A4 iphone 4 2010 100% 100% 800 MHz 512 Mo 45 nm
TO 5 iphone 4s 2011 100% 800% 800 MHz 512 Mo 45 nm
A6 iphone 5 2012 100% 100% 1,3 GHz 512 Mo 32 nm
A7 iphone 5s 2013 100% 100% 1,4 GHz 1 Go 28 nm
A8 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 2014 25% fifty% 1,5 GHz 1 Go 20 nm
A9 iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 2015 70% 90% 1,85 GHz 2 Go 14 to 16 nm
Fusion A10 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus 2016 40% fifty% 2,34 GHz 2 à 3 Go 16 nm
A11 Bionics iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X 2017 25% 70% 2,39 GHz 2 à 3 Go 10 nm
A12 Bionics iPhone XR, Xs et Xs Plus 2018 fifteen% fifty% 2,49 GHz 3 à 4 Go 7 nm
A13 Bionics iPhone 11, 11 Pro et 11 Pro Max 2019 twenty% twenty% 2,66 GHz 4 Go 7 nm

A power multiplied by 160 in its CPU and by 1900 times its GPU

Early iPhone models had a processor designed and manufactured by Samsung. IPhone Edge and iPhone 3G they used the same processor, called Samsung APL 0098, with a frequency of 412 MHz, 128MB of RAM and manufactured in a 90nm process. Fast forward to 2019, when Apple introduced the iPhone 11 family and its designed A13 Bionic at home, with dizzying characteristics: 2.66 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and 7 nm.

Between the two, a path has been traveled with several unique milestones in the industry. The first was undoubtedly the A4 launched in 2010, since it involved the first design developed by the Apple company and not by a third party. It debuted on the original iPad and, months later, on the iPhone 4 (although under-clocked). Three years later, the A7 arrived in the iPhone 5s, the first 64-bit mobile chip that caused panic in the industry.

Apple processors consistently rank among mobile chips for their performance

Later, the A10 Fusion, which launched cores of different sizes for different tasks (efficiency and power) on the platform. And the Bionic generations brought the neural engine to perform machine learning tasks. Until we get to the A13 Bionic from last year.

If we compare the evolution and increases in power, both CPU and GPU, we get charts like the ones accompanying this section. The CPU has multiplied its power by 164.2, while the GPU did it 1883.7 times (The A5 was an improvement of the 9x GPU over the previous version). Apple tends to accompany its presentations with new iPhones or iPads with similar graphics, especially when the jump is considerable.

An A14 processor for 2020 iPhones: 40% more CPU and 50% more GPU

The logical evolution leads to more powerful chips every year. Of course, not every year there is great progress. According to some leaks, the A14 chip that we will see this year will count with an increase compared to the A13 Bionic which would be as follows:

  • CPU: 40% more, up to 230 times on the iPhone Edge.
  • GPU: 50% more, up to 2,825 times on the iPhone Edge.

If this forecast comes true, we would be facing a very significant rise on both fronts. The one that, on the processor side, had not been produced since the A10 Fusion 2016. In recent years, Apple’s “A” processors rivaled those of Intel in terms of performanceSo it’s no wonder we’ve seen the company use the A14 in their early Macs with Apple Silicon.

Intel’s straightjacket and the journey to Apple Silicon

A most interesting fall is to come on the Apple front. When the iPhone 12 launches, we are waiting the first Mac model with Apple Silicon, with which the company will test the waters of the first transformer at home for your conventional computers. In a few weeks, we will get rid of the doubts.