F1 23 Activate split screen: Play with two people

How can two players play the new F1 23 in split screen? Where can you find the split screen mode and how do you invite a second player? In the past few days, this may be the question asked by one or the other player who has bought the new F1 23 for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series or One. In the new F1 offshoot, you can not only compete online with friends and drive together, but there is also local multiplayer with split-screen mode.

Enable split screen in F1 2023

If you want to play F1 23 with another person in front of a console or a PC in split screen, simply select local multiplayer and split screen in the main menu. Then you have to add the second player by registering the second controller or by connecting another controller or keyboard to the PC. You can then select the category and route and both players can choose a team and a driver.

  1. In the main menu of F1 23 select the sub-item “Local Multiplayer” and “Splitscreen”.
  2. Register the second player by logging in from the second controller/keyboard and selecting a category, track, team and driver.
  3. Finally, you can make various settings for the race and, for example, adjust the driving aids or set the difficulty. Incidentally, the driving aids can be set individually for each player.
  4. You can then start with “Start event” and you can start the race weekend.

Play career in split screen?

Even if you can start a co-op career in F1 23, according to previous information you cannot play the career locally in split-screen. For co-op mode, the other player must have their own console/PC with the game. You can then start a “two-player career” via “Career” and invite your friend.

By the way, in the current version of F1 23 there is only a horizontal split screen. The vertical split-screen view preferred by some split-screen players is not available.