Consequence of the insolvency proceedings: Hallhuber closes its online shop

The Munich fashion retailer Hallhuber is closing its online shop as a result of the ongoing insolvency proceedings. Existing claims from returns that have already been made cannot currently be paid out.

In May of this year, Hallhuber had to file for bankruptcy for the second time in a short period of time. The Munich company wanted to reorganize itself under self-management. The reasons were the “well-known effects of the Ukraine crisis, increased inflation and general reluctance to buy”. Now the fashion retailer has also closed its online shop – temporarily, it seems, “they are working hard to have it fully available again as soon as possible,” according to a message on the website.

For the time being, customers should use the almost 200 Hallhuber stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands “to discover, try on and shop our current collections,” the company continued.


Circumstances now arise, especially with returns: Existing claims from returns that have already been made can currently no longer be paid out to customers. The claim will not be lost, but once the self-administration process is completed, only a portion of this will probably be able to be paid, the amount of which has not yet been determined.

Hallhuber continues: “If, however, you are considering returning the item now, we would like to point out the following to you as a precautionary measure: The returned goods will become the property of Hallhuber. However, your resulting claim for repayment must unfortunately be treated in the same way as those that already exist Payment claims from other creditors. This means that it cannot currently be paid out and will only be paid at an indefinite rate at the end of the insolvency proceedings. It is also not possible to personally return returns in our stores. This means that we cannot accept items from you on site either Please decide for yourself whether you want to exercise your basic right of return under these legal conditions or whether you want to keep unwanted items and resell them privately.”


Find Palia Zeki’s shop: Underground Black Market

Where can you find Zeki’s shop in the new cozy MMO Palia? How to unlock access to the underground and enter the secret store of Zekis? In the new MMO from Singularity 6 you will meet some NPCs early in the game and that includes the good Zeki. You can buy various useful things from Zeki, such as seeds for various types of vegetables, but also arrows, smoke bombs and worms that can be used as bait for fishing.

Where can you find Zeki’s shop?

Zeki’s shop can be found in Kilima Valley in Kilima Village. To the west of the village is the so-called “General Store” (also indicated on the map with a marker) and this is Zeki’s shop. Incidentally, you can also find the lucky box in Zeki’s shop. You can activate the lucky box with the lucky coin and then you will receive a ball with a surprise.

Object Price
Makeshift Arrow 20
Commercial smoke bomb 20
box of chocolates 200
worm 50
carrot seeds 15
onion seeds 20
potato seeds 40
cottonseed 40
tomato seeds 80
wheat seed 25
rice seeds 23
Garlic 30
mountain morel 16
spice sprouts 30
Weed Ex Fertilizer 40
Water March Fertilizer 40
Flour 10
butter 80
eggs 24
frying oil 20
Vinegar 200
milk 60
Salt 10
sundrop lily 20
Crystal Lake Lotus 40
Sernuk meat 26
Chapaa meat 26
Chapaa fur 26
Sernuk animal skin 26

Find Zeki’s underground store

As part of the Backroom Trade quest, you need to find the Underground. The underground can be found in the south of the Kilima Valley. To the south at Remembrance Beach is a large pipe with a grate to access the underground. Incidentally, the quest says that you should find the “subway”, which actually means the underground. In the hideout is Zeki’s black market shop where you can buy the following items.

Object Price
lucky coin 10,000
Bamboo Grove Wallpaper 25,000
Mount Kilima wallpaper 25,000
Wisteria in the Wind Wallpaper 25,000
Bluetrack Fireworks 800
Green Lane Fireworks 800
Orange Trail Fireworks 800
Purple Trail Fireworks 800
Red Track Fireworks 800
White Track Fireworks 800
Yellow Trail Fireworks 800