Deal : iOS 17.4 is here – and brings with it the App Store revolution

Apple released iOS 17.4 on March 5, 2024 – one of the most important operating system updates in recent years. Read why this is so here.

With the update, Cupertino is introducing numerous innovations. Not entirely voluntarily, but mainly due to pressure from the EU. With its “Digital Markets Act” (DMA), it is enforcing new rules that affect all so-called gatekeepers, including Apple. The aim is to break up monopolies and strengthen competition. For iPhone users, this specifically means: Apple now actively offers the use of browsers other than Safari – and grants access to third-party app stores.

iOS 17.4: Free choice of browser and contactless payment

If you install the update to iOS 17.4, you will receive the first innovation immediately after restarting: In addition to Safari, many browser alternatives are displayed on the iPhone, which you can download as your primary browser – if you have not already done so. This happened before too; What is new, however, is that iOS actively points out or has to point out competitor browsers. Also new: From iOS 17.4, contactless payment via NFC works not only with Apple Pay, but also with other payment services. Here too, Cupertino had to bow to the DMA.

Apple: Third-party app stores integrated into iOS 17.4

However, the following feature is almost even more important: In addition to the in-house App Store, iOS 17.4 now also provides access to third-party offers. This brings many apps (finally) to the iPhone and numerous applications return to the Apple smartphone. This includes the popular game “Fortnite,” which Epic removed from the iPhone some time ago in a dispute over App Store guidelines.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Initial sales data doesn’t look particularly encouraging

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Even after its release, it still dominates the headlines and populates social networks in a variety of ways. The criticism of the game – an average of 93 points on OpenCritic – was excellent, and fans were looking forward to exploring Midgar for weeks.

But at first glance, the first data on sales are au contraire. Like Christopher Ding from Games Industry reportedFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth’s opening week is almost 30 percent lower in the UK retail sales charts than its predecessor, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

However, Christopher Ding points out that the previous game was released “during the height of the COVID lockdowns”. This can be interpreted either way: On the one hand, Square Enix had significant delivery problems with the physical version due to lockdowns worldwide. On the other hand, many video game fans played even more than usual during the lockdowns.

The data that Christopher Ding evaluates only relates to physical sales and does not include digital sales figures. In addition, they only refer to the UK market, so they only provide a small part of the global picture.

Many other factors must also be taken into account if you really want to compare the numbers directly with each other, especially the different size of the hardware base at the time of publication.

In our review, we praise Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as a “feast for the senses,” highlighting a “well-thought-out combat system,” “phenomenal” side quests, and a “believable, emotional atmosphere.”

A review of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake had a remarkable launch despite the difficulties in terms of deliveries during the Corona crisis. As Square Enix announced shortly after launch, the remake sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide within the first three days of sale.

This number combines retail releases and digital sales. Square Enix also noted at the time that Final Fantasy VII Remake had achieved “exceptionally high digital sales.”

This was also due to the fact that the game’s physical availability varied widely around the world. Back then, Square Enix sent the commercial version to warehouses around the world prematurely. Square Enix wanted to counteract the logistics problems. Some fans received their game days before launch, while others had to wait several days.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has now sold over 7 million copies worldwide and a few more units are likely to have been added in the weeks before the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, also thanks to an attractive digital bundle.

Images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


Solution : Here’s how the auto-cast feature works in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

There are plenty of spells and abilities available in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to help your team succeed in battle, and Autocast Materia is definitely one of the best – so we’re here to explain what exactly it is and how to make the most of it in the game.

Whether you’re upgrading your weapon or trying to gain SP quickly, there are many different ways to approach combat in FF7 Rebirth, and using auto-casting will definitely help your team.

What is autocasting in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Auto-Cast is one of the best Materia you can use in Final Fantasy 7 and allows to an ally to automatically use spells when you’re not actively controlling them. This is blue matter, meaning it must be combined with a different colored material to work.

Using spells can provide various benefits, including dealing elemental damage to enemies or healing and buffing teammates, so automatically casting them with this Materia can come in handy.

How to use auto-casting in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

All you need to do with Auto-Cast for it to work is place it next to other Matter in the connected socket. As you can see in the image below, I placed mine next to the healing material with Aerith (the strongest magic user).

So when I or a teammate are in trouble, Auto-Cast Materia will allow Aerith to automatically heal us without having to switch to her or manually use her built-in ATB.

That’s everything you need to know about autocasting in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. With this knowledge, you will be able to build the best party, regardless of the combination. If you’re looking for more information on FF7 Rebirth, be sure to visit our Final Fantasy homepage where you’ll learn how to get Yuffie to join your team or how to find and defeat the Tonberry King.


Solution : How to create a trunk door in Pacific Drive

Your trusty station wagon is pretty beat up when you first buy it on Pacific Drive – it doesn’t even have a tailgate! Later in the game, you’ll need to maintain your car as you drive through the Olympic Exclusion Zone, replacing and repairing any panels that will inevitably crack or fall off completely.

However, although your car does not initially come with a working tailgate, you can create one at the beginning of the game. This means you’ll have to manually open and close them if you want to access your storage boxes and crafting table, but you’ll be a little safer from the deadly horrors the exclusion zone wants to throw at you.

Making a tailgate is easier than you think

To create a trunk door, all you need to do is make one create a raw door panel on the crafting table. Although these door panels look like they only fit the side of the car, can change to fit in the trunk of a cartoo.

To create a raw door panel, you will need the following materials:

  • Scrap x3
  • Plastic x4
  • Adhesive tape x3
  • Glass Shards x2

You can collect most of these materials by collecting basic items from around the world, such as car panels from wrecks or electronic items such as TVs and radios.

Once you’ve crafted your rough door panel, either at the crafting table in the trunk or in Oppy’s car repair shop, simply go to the trunk of your car and attach it using the interact button. You will now have a working tailgate that can be opened and closed as you wish.

Is it worth installing a tailgate?

Although it is possible to install the door in the trunk of a car, it is not necessary. If you want, you can drive around the Exclusion Zone without the tailgate installed and you will not be penalized for it. As far as I can tell from what I’ve played so far, adding a tailgate doesn’t provide any additional immunity to electric shock, radiation, or other hazards.

In fact, you may choose to leave your car without a tailgate for sheer convenience. Since you need to access your storage boxes and crafting table on a regular basis, adding a door is another thing you’ll have to open and close to access the trunk.

However, you may find that the tailgate comes in handy as you progress through multiple zones of the game. If this happens, I will be sure to update this guide.

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That’s everything you need to know about installing a tailgate on your car on Pacific Drive. For more useful Pacific Drive guides, keep reading We also covered how to get all the trophies and achievements in the game, how to use the Transmuter, how to save your game, what the transfer link is for, and how to get the ThermoSap.


Red Dead Redemption 2 photo mode: how to activate it, controls and where the photos are saved

Red Dead Redemption 2’s photo mode finally allows users to immortalize their adventures on the PC version.

Until now, we could only take photos of Arthur’s adventures with the character’s camera or with the share buttons on the consoles, and we were constantly limited by the range of the device. Neither could you add filters or effects.

In this guide we are going to teach you how to activate the photo mode of Read Dead Redemption 2, to list all available features and photo mode controls already show you where are the photos saved you do, so you can learn how to take them and then share them. That those camp parties with Dutch’s gang don’t just immortalize themselves.

In this page:

If you are looking for more help, take a look at our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide in which we tell you everything you need to know to overcome the adventure.

How to activate the Red Dead Redemption 2 photo mode and when you can take photos

To activate the photo mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, you first have to press START on the controller or ESC on PC, and then press the back button on the controller or F6 on the keyboard to enter the photo mode.

Then you can press TAB on PC or RB / R1 on the remote to enter the tab with the advanced filter options.

You can access photo mode as soon as you control Arthur after the opening cutscene, and you can use it anywhere you can open the menu, including cutscenes.

Red Dead Redemption 2 photo mode controls and features

Once you enter photo mode, controlling the camera should be fairly easy for anyone who has used this feature in other games, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man or Control. Below is a list of the features available in Red Dead 2’s photo mode and their respective controls.

  • Orbit / Free Chamber – V
  • Zoom –
  • Restart – R
  • Lens – Z / X
  • Roll – Q / E
  • Basic / Advanced / Effects – TAB
  • Focal length – up and down (keyboard arrows)
  • Blur – Page Up / Page Down
  • Exposure – J / K
  • Lock Exposure – L
  • Contrast –
  • Filter intensity – up and down (keyboard arrows)
  • Filters – left and right (keyboard arrows)
  • HUD – H
  • See photos – G
  • Save photos – Left-click
  • Exit photo mode – ESC

Besides all this, it is also possible to add filters, stickers and text …

How to add filters, stickers and text to photos in Red Dead Redemption 2

When you’ve taken a photo, head to the Social Club menu or press G to go directly to the photo mode album.

Then click on the photo you like the most and select the ‘edit’ option to go to a screen where you can apply stickers and personalized text, including tags with the place you have visited, congratulations, frames or Rockstar logos.

To add filters, press the left and right arrows. Those above and below modify the intensity.

Here is the list of filters available in Red Dead Redemption 2’s photo mode:

  • Daguerreotype
  • Negative Calotype
  • Tintype
  • Woodburytype
  • Carbon printing
  • Silver gelatin
  • Platinum printing
  • Cyanotype
  • Photo stamping
  • Dichromated rubber
  • Red pass
  • Yellow pass
  • Blue pass
  • 2-Strip
  • Bleach bypass
  • Post-apocalyptic
  • Not to go
  • Battlefield
  • Western
  • Coal
  • Fail
  • Health tonic
  • Dishonorable
  • Honorable
  • Injured
  • Pause menu
  • Guarma
  • Predator
  • Eagle Eye
  • Spectator camera
  • Dead eye
  • Drunk
  • Kill Cam
  • Dead Eye Core
  • Health Core
  • Stamina Core
  • Weapon wheel
  • Credit titles

The PC version has new additions, such as photo mode, and you can take a look at our main Red Dead Redemption 2 guide and also our Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats and codes. We also have individual guides to find all the animals legendaries, the location of all the gunmen and the location of all the Strangers and their side missions. As if that were not enough, we will tell you how to unlock fast travel and the ways to travel faster, how to improve the satchel, how to get horses, saddle them and increase your bond with him, how to pay the reward and reduce your Wanted level, the best In-game weapons and how to get them, where is Jack Hall’s gang treasure, and how to upgrade your camp.

Where are the Red Dead Redemption 2 photos kept?

When you have taken some photos you can find them by opening the menu with ESC or START, navigating the Social Club tab and then clicking on the camera icon in the top left menu.

There you should be able to see all the ones you’ve taken so far. You can also quickly access this menu by pressing the G key while in photo mode.


Death Stranding Multiplayer – How to play online with other players

The Death Stranding multiplayer has remained, like the rest of the game, shrouded in mystery – this, of course, until the game’s release.

Although Death Stranding is not just an online game, it is a singleplayer adventure with an emphasis on online activity, which can bring the game world to life with structures built by other players and goods they were unable to deliver.

There is no direct co-op or competitive multiplayer in Death Stranding, and although it is asymmetrical and largely automatic, it pays to be aware of how it works in order to benefit you but also other players, which fits the theme of the game. .

Check out all our guides on Death Stranding:

Death Stranding – Tips and Tricks

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Death Stranding – Multiplayer Mode

Death Stranding – Quick trip

This page:

What is shared with other players in Death Stranding multiplayer?

The basis of Death Stranding’s multiplayer is based on the structures you build and the merchandise you leave behind that will appear in other games.

This includes the automatic appearance of objects in the world, such as:

  • Exploration supports such as Ladders and Ropes, which are left behind so that other players can discover them.
  • Structures built by players, such as Post Boxes, Watch Towers, Generators and Roads, can appear and be enhanced by other players with features and customization that includes holograms and music.
  • Signals they can be placed to convey a variety of pre-selected messages, such as dangers, beautiful landscapes or words of encouragement.
  • Merchandise left behind (whether abandoned or on purpose) will appear in other worlds as soon as you have walked a considerable distance.
  • Cairns they will appear in places where other players rested and, if you rest there, you will recover faster and increase the size of Cairn.

Almost all of the structures listed above will be introduced to you naturally throughout the game, sometimes with dedicated Orders that you can complete that work as tutorials. Although most cost materials to build, signs can be erected free of charge at any time.

In addition to the above, you can interact directly with other players in certain circumstances:

  • Any structure or item placed by a player can receive Likes, and your buildings can also receive likes, increasing your Porter Grade level and giving you an opportunity to thank them.
  • You can download unfinished deliveries at UAC centers for other players to complete, giving you some Likes in the process.
  • There is an option to donate items in Post Boxes for other players to collect. You can also leave vehicles in Garages for others to use.
  • Supply Requests can be made via Cuff Links (after completing Episode 2, Order 9, also known as Wind Farm) if you need a specific consumable.
  • Co-operation Requests, available from Bridge Link grade 10, can be made to highlight a structure that you have built for other players as a candidate for upgrades, giving more Likes in return.

As you can see, there are some ways to interact with other players – although there are some caveats about when and how they appear.

How does Death Stranding multiplayer work?

Although Death Stranding rescues fallen structures and goods from other players almost always at random – unless you use the Strand Contracts feature described below – there is sometimes an emphasis on structures with many likes that players will find useful.

Additionally, it seems to place a limit on the type that appears at any time. While signs can fill certain areas too much (a welcome warning that there is a point of interest or challenging area to follow), other things like Postboxes and Bridges will be more irregular, in order to make exploration challenging in a balanced and that the world is less devastating.

Especially because having two Watchtowers next to each other would not make a lot of sense!

Although Death Stranding’s online connectivity is very similar to asymmetric games like Dark Souls, a key factor to note is that structures built by players do not appear in areas until they connect to the UCA network.

As a result, when exploring new areas, it is worth checking where network coverage ends; You will be notified of this when entering or leaving the limits via a message on the screen, but it is also visible on the screen with a blue or red line.

In addition to the players’ structures disappearing, you can’t build yours either.

In our pre-launch experience, some structures end up filtering (giving you some help when exploration starts to get tough) but most of them appear when you make your return journey through a newly connected area, almost functioning as a reward for a job well done.

Death Stranding Bridge Links and Strand Contracts explained

Despite the appearance of structures built by other players or objects that are largely out of your hands, there is a way to find out who appeared in your game through the Strand Contract feature.

After Order 9 (Deliver the Wind Farm energy unit) in Episode 2, along with the ability to order Supply Requests from other players, you can also add the Bridge Links option to the Link Cuffs menu.

Visiting Bridge Links will present you with a list of players you’ve interacted with recently. This will also allow you to see your Porter Grades progress (in other words, the level) in a leaderboard style format, and see who has been putting the most time and effort into your delivery career.

It is also here that you establish Strand Contracts, which allow you to highlight a player so that their structures and lost load appear more frequently in your game. Since it is a unidirectional interaction, you do not have to have your permission to establish a Strand Contract, working automatically.

To do this, you will first have to raise your Bridge Link level – which increases with the interaction and likes of the players to your structures, and vice versa – to Level 10.

Then, you can press the Triangle button to add someone to the ‘Strand Contract Made’ list, which you can check by going through the tabs by pressing R1.

If you want to make more Strand Contracts, then continue to increase your Bridge Link level. For every 10 levels, you can create 5 more Contracts.

Check out all our guides on Death Stranding:

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What happens when you play Death Stranding offline?

Playing Death Stranding offline means that all of the features listed above will not appear in the game. For example, you will not find stairs and ropes left by other players or important structures like Post Boxes and Generator, which means that you will have to find them yourself.

Lost cargo, however, will continue to appear, but it will be attributed to automatically generated porters and the owners of the various shelters you encounter during your travels instead of real players with usernames.

This also means that your Porter Grade level will not rise as quickly, as you cannot Like – or receive Likes – from other players. That said, if you played online previously and created a structure, you will continue to get likes for that contribution – you will be given data the next time you reconnect.

On a similar note, any structures you build offline will be added the next time you play online for other players to see.

If you can’t play online, even though the Death Stranding experience is much poorer without the influence of other players and the surprise of the structures they build, this does not mean that it is necessarily more difficult.

Yes, a structure can help you if you are in trouble, but our experience playing a handful of hours offline was not necessarily more difficult – this means that you will have to waste some time to build a Generator to load a Vehicle or Watchtower to detect Mules instead of running into one randomly.

And, as mentioned above, new areas will not have buildings at all until you complete your objective and add them to the UCA network, filling it with creations from other players.

But if you can play online, we advise you to do so – the additions above can be useful and, even if you use them in a rare way, a simple sign or bridge can make the task of delivering goods much less lonely.


Skyrim is unrecognizable with its 2 thousand mods and its size of 400 GB: you will have the feeling of playing a completely new game

Do you know the myth of Theseus’ ship? It is a ship that, after all its parts were replaced over time, it was no longer known if it was still the same ship as it was at the beginning. The same thing happens in , where the mods are so numerous that they sometimes lead to almost unrecognizable creations.yes. Nolvus is one of them, a set that transforms the of Bethesda in another video game entirely.

Far from being a simple effort by modders to modify the graphics or some animations of the fifth, Nolvus has a much more ambitious goal: modify the game to the core to turn it into something completely different. Next-generation graphics, support for various types of characters that you can customize with modules, and radical changes in gameplay are a fundamental part of this project.

Nolvus: the most powerful modding effort in Skyrim history

If you’re not familiar with the concept of “”, this might be a good starting point for you. One is an effort by video game fans to bring together different mods and make them coherent to create a new vision of the game.

Without having to create all the add-ons from scratch, the add-ons are pre-configured to meet specific needs and enhance the player experience. Giving you the ability to customize them, you can also simply install the list as you downloaded it and start playing.

With more than 2 thousand mods under its belt, this list modifies practically the entire game, be it minor fixes, bug fixes, interface changes, new music, a new combat system, improved graphics, new objects or locations. The effort of this project is truly amazing and clearly demonstrates that it is possible to play something other than within .

The new classes, such as vampire and cleric, are particularly interesting, as they have their own way of playing and modify your experience. Besides, you will face all kinds of new enemies that will change the way you face your adversaries.

Overall, the combat system has been expanded and improved to make it one of the most complete of its genre. Furthermore, it’s not just about the gameplay, but the landscapes have undergone an impressive improvement. With many aesthetic changes (some perhaps a little flashy, but still successful), Nolvus brings gaming into the tech generation with technical achievements.

Installation is simple

Installing Nolvus may seem complicated, but Its creators have simplified it as much as possible. The mod list has its own installation program that allows you to modularly choose the additions you want or don’t want in the game. The Nolvus installation guide walks you through the steps necessary to start playing, and does so in a very detailed way.


Believe it or not, this is Skyrim. With 2,000 mods, a few clicks and 400 GB, you can turn it into a new game

Do you know the myth of theseus ship? This talks about a ship that, upon seeing all its parts changed throughout its life, left in doubt whether it was the same ship with which it had started. Something similar happens to Skyrim, and there are so many mods floating around that sometimes they give rise to almost unrecognizable creations. Nolvus is one of thema package that turns Bethesda’s RPG into another video game.

Far from being a simple effort by modders to change the graphics or some animations of the fifth The Elder ScrollsNolvus is looking for something much more ambitious: modifying the game to the core to make it something completely different. Next generation graphicssupport for various types of characters that you can customize with modules and brutal changes to the gameplay are the DNA of this project.

Nolvus, the most powerful modding effort in Skyrim history

If you are not familiar with the concept of modlist, this may be an ideal start for you. A modlist It is an effort made by fans of a video game to bring together different mods and give them cohesion to create a new vision for it. Without having to create all the additions from scratch, the modlists are preconfigured to meet specific needs and make the player’s experience easier. Giving you the ability to customize them, you can also simply install the list as you downloaded it and start playing. That is the main premise of Nolvus.

Counting on more than 2,000 mods under his belt, this list changes practically the entire RPG. From minor fixes, bug fixes and minterface modifications even new music, a new combat systemimproved graphics, objects or new locations, the effort of this project is certainly amazing and makes it clear that it is possible to play something other than Skyrim through Skyrim.

To highlight are the new classes, such as Vampire or Cleric, who will have their own ways of playing and changing your experience. In addition, you will encounter all kinds of new enemies that will make you vary the way you face your adversaries. In general, the entire combat system has been expanded and improved to make it one of the most complete in the genre.

On the other hand, it is not only at the playable level where things improve, but Skyrim’s landscapes have an impressive facelift. With several aesthetic changes (some perhaps too strident, but still effective), Nolvus brings Skyrim to this technological generation with technical power.

With all that in mindinstall Nolvus It may sound complicated, but its creators have made sure it is as simple as possible. The modlist has its own installer that will let you choose, in a modular way, which of the additions you want or don’t want within the game. The Nolvus installation guide takes you through the steps necessary to start playing, and does so in great detail.


Roskomnadzor reported that it had found a leak from 500 million Russian accounts

Deputy head of Roskomnadzor (RKN) Milos Wagner said that since the beginning of 2024, the data of 510 million Russian accounts has been leaked online.

At the same time, 500 million accounts were compromised in one leak. How it happened and who was involved is still unknown – the RKN is investigating this case.

In 2023, the number of data compromises increased year-over-year, but the volume of data breaches decreased. “And this year, this one case covered almost the entire previous year.”

Last year, 168 data breaches were discovered across 300 million accounts. A year earlier, 600 million records were leaked online, and over 140 leaks were recorded. (Kommersant)


Price and release date of the Batman popcorn at Cinépolis revealed: the bat-signal will be the most sought-after collector’s item

In case you didn’t know, Warner Bros turns 100 years old in 2023, to which Cinépolis joins the celebration by launching a popcorn box inspired by one of DC’s most iconic characters: .

Through a press release, Cinépolis shared what Batman’s dovetail will look like, which will have a design inspired by the famous bat signal that appears in the comics, series and movies of the character.

The launch date of this palomera will be from October 15, 2023. In addition, the statement mentions that it will be available in the 121 theaters of Cinépolis around the entire Mexican Republic.

Unfortunately, the official price of this collectible item is not mentioned in the statement, but taking into account the cost of the first popcorn from Warner’s 100-year collection, The bat-signal will cost around 450 pesos.

On the other hand, we recommend that you be very attentive to be able to purchase the palomera from October 15, because being a collectible object, there will be people who buy them with the intention of reselling them at a stratospheric price, just as happened with those of,


Best Lego Fortnite seeds: beginner seeds, harvest seeds, hardcore survival seeds and more

When looking for a good seed for yourself in Lego Fortnite, you’re probably looking for a place with an abundance of valuable resources and great geographic locations for your base (with or without a pre-made structure). This is where we come in.

We have studied some of the most interesting worlds hidden behind multi-digit codes that will give you the opportunity to get an interesting start and enjoy even more exciting gameplay. Keep reading to find out what the best Lego Fortnite seeds are.

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Best Lego Fortnite worlds (seeds)

Adding a seed to Lego Fortnite is child’s play. All you have to do is go to Select World > Create New World > Select Location Create New World > Replace World Seed > To start. In the Replace World Seed text box, you need to insert the number of the seed you want to join. You can also change other details of your game, such as whether you want Survival mode or just a sandbox and whether you want enemies, hunger, etc.

Now let’s move on to the most exciting seeds for Lego Fortnite.

The Loot Seed – 542354756

This seed can be called the first looting seed because there are many destroyed houses or towers near your spawn in almost every direction that contain valuable resources. Once you’re done looting these nearby buildings, you can head to the desert that’s just to the west and continue looting on the next level.

Since there are so many ruined buildings nearby, this seed gives you the opportunity to establish a base without too many materials.

Beginner Seed – 0942418202

World 0942418202 is very beginner friendly as it has a resource-rich cave just north of your starting position (yes, it has Knotroot). If you continue a little further north, you will find a damaged house with loot and an opportunity to create your base there.

Northeast of your spawn point you’ll see a beach, and just beyond that there will be another resource-rich environment, a village, that you can loot. Another village is located if you travel north of your spawn point, past the cave and the damaged house.

From what I’ve seen, this seed is one of the most popular at the moment, with many other gamers and YouTubers commenting on it.

Hardcore seed – 776776776

Do you want to access the ultimate survival mode? You got it! The 776776776 seed will surround you with ice biomes quite close to your spawn, so you will have to fight to survive quite quickly after you start playing in this world.

It’s probably worth noting here that beginners should perhaps avoid playing this one before understanding the basics of the game. It’s really easy to die here, so consider this seed a challenge when you’ve gained some experience. I like to call this one the Winter is Coming seed.

Seed harvest – 1820364158

I can comfortably call the 1820364158 seed a harvest seed since when you charge it you spawn in the forest, allowing you to harvest almost anything. There are trees, pumpkins, raspberries, rocks – you name it, this world has them. If you’re not really into building from scrap, there are homes that can help you get started in the area.

Not far from where you spawn there is a desert biome that you can loot, and a little further east of you you can find the huge snow biome. This card has it all.

Meme Seed – 69

Yeah, you read that right. This is seed 69. The seed gives you an overall great world with a cave right next to your spawn point and a desert and beach biome not far away as well. There are also a few houses nearby, so you will find a nice house in no time and without much effort.

So the 69 seed is awesome overall, but I’ll be honest: I added it because it’s a world of memes with the name 69 in it, and I couldn’t avoid forwarding the joke .

Beach seed – 0169290679

If you like living by the sea, then seed 0169290679 is for you. Sand Claws and Sand Shells will be easy to farm on the beaches of this world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other attractive things in them.

As in other beginner-friendly seeds, here too you will be able to find a good number of houses and caves when you first start.

Great Plains Seeds – 559437494

The 559437494 is ideal for all architects among gamers. You get to spawn in a large green plain without too many obstacles in the way, allowing you to build the base of your dreams. Even though we are talking about a large meadow, that does not mean that it is empty. There are more than enough trees and rocks in the neighborhood for you to harvest wood and granite so you can build a decent base/house.

Corn field seeds – 384729384

If you are looking to harvest corn and build a beautiful farm, there is no better seed than 384729384. It appears to you in the middle of what looks like a limitless cornfield that you can collect and, after that , expand your base in the region. with cute animals.

All-in-one seed – 999

Another rich seed that will spawn a desert just east of you when you spawn. It will only take you a sprint or two into the desert to come across the first house that has some pretty cool resources to get you started.

The desert is rich with all kinds of goodies, but the best thing about this seed is that there are several houses you can loot near the edge of the desert, meaning you don’t need to dive too deep and risk losing your health and/or spending the valuable items that protect you from the heat.

When you look at the map, facing the desert, you will see a large snow biome that you can reach very easily and very quickly. The particularity of this snow biome is that you can recruit a Yeti! Yes, that’s right, if you pass -2.73, -3.06 you will meet the Yeti NPC who can be recruited and will help you fight those evil frost wolves.

Seeds in easy mode – 1706125572

The seed 1706125572 places you, so to speak, on the border of three worlds. You will be the closest you have ever been to the meadows, the shore, the dry valley, and the frozen lands when spawning. This is one of the top contenders for the best survival seeds.


OnePlus 12 review: sparkling high-ender does everything right

Check out the review of the OnePlus 12

The OnePlus 12 was recently released in the Netherlands with a suggested retail price of 949 euros. The manufacturer is thus trying to gain a share in the crowded high-end segment, in which brands such as Samsung, Google, Xiaomi and Motorola are also active.

The 12 has a new camera system, large battery and on paper comes with nice extras. Is that enough to recommend it or not? You will find out in this extensive OnePlus 12 review. Curious about a specific part of the review? Then use the table of contents.

OnePlus 12 review












Battery (duration)




To buy

Luxurious, grand and characteristic of OnePlus

The OnePlus 12 is no small boy and that is due to the immense 6.82-inch screen, more about which later. We see rounded screen edges on the side and a flat top and bottom. The large camera island can be found on the back.

This island protrudes a few millimeters and what you think about it is a matter of taste. We can appreciate it, although it is really big. It partially flows into the frame on the right side and is equipped with three lenses and various sensors.

We tested the black model, which has a slightly rough finish – something OnePlus has used more often in the past. The 12 is also available in green, with the rear having a ‘marble effect’. The white model is not for sale here and whether that will ever happen remains to be seen. A handy infrared sensor can be found at the top and the bottom accommodates the USB-C connection and the SIM card slot. There is room for two physical SIM cards, but you can also use an ESIM.

The right side is equipped with the on/off button and volume buttons and the seat is on the left. With the physical slider you can quickly switch between sound profiles, something that is characteristic of OnePlus devices. The weight is 220 grams, which is partly why one-handed operation is not recommended. The device exudes luxury in everything.

Big, bright and operable in the rain

The screen is one of the key points of the smartphone and OnePlus has gone to great lengths to achieve this. A 6.82-inch AMOLED display with a high resolution of 3168 by 1440 pixels was chosen, making everything look razor-sharp. By default, the 12 is set a step lower, which is better for battery life.

The brightness is 1600 nits in normal conditions, but can temporarily peak at 4500 nits. That sounds technical, but it simply means that the screen can always be read. The screen shows 1 billion colors and the refresh rate is a maximum of 120Hz, so everything is displayed smoothly. There is LTPO technology available, so the refresh rate is adjusted to the content. If you read a book or watch a movie, pixels are refreshed less often than when you play a heavy 3D game.

The screen is easy to operate when it is wet, which is a nice added bonus. Thanks to a technique, fingers are still detected and water droplets do not spoil the meal.

Since it rains regularly in the Netherlands, this is a feature that we certainly appreciate and works surprisingly well. These are water droplets that are already present on the screen, so not that literally fall on the screen; that’s still a step too far.

To die for

The power source is the brand new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and there is at least 12GB of RAM, assisted by 256GB of storage space. The OnePlus 12 we tested contained 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage memory. Everything you do with the device works as you expect. Apps open immediately, multitasking is no problem and games like Genshin Impact, Asphalt or Modern Warfare run like a charm.

The stereo speakers produce excellent, full sound and the optical fingerprint scanner works quickly and accurately. The infrared sensor is also a nice and handy one and allows you to control all kinds of devices. Just add them in the special app and you can operate your set-top box, television or other device with the OnePlus 12.

A lot of time has also been spent developing a system to dissipate heat. Thanks to a so-called combination with a few drops of coolant, the OnePlus phone does not get too hot, even during an intensive gaming session.

OnePlus opts for a periscopic lens

OnePlus has been working with lens manufacturer Hasselblad for years. This includes working on the composition of color profiles, which you can also choose on the 12. There are a total of four cameras, including the one on the front. You can use it to take 32 megapixel selfies or, of course, use it for a video call.

The main camera on the back has a resolution of 50 megapixels and you use that for regular pictures. Details are clearly visible, colors are displayed faithfully and in the gallery below you can see many snapshots taken with the automatic settings.

If you want to capture more, use the 48-megapixel wide-angle sensor. You use the third camera to zoom and OnePlus has finally opted for a periscopic zoom lens. That’s a first.

Optical zooming, without loss of quality, is possible up to three times. However, you can bring objects up to 120 times closer, but digital zoom is also used, which does not improve the quality. In the galleries below you will see photos taken with the wide-angle lens, main camera, with three times optical zoom and with six times digital zoom.

Manufacturers such as Google, Vivo and Samsung also use such cameras, but they allow you to zoom in further optically, something we would secretly have liked to see on the 12.

OnePlus 12 in my pocket in the dark in London

All photos in this review were taken in central London and we also visited the city at dusk and in the dark. We used the automatic settings of the device to take the photos. You can get started with things like a night mode or the Master mode (the successor to the Pro Mode), but it is best to discover that yourself. This allows you to play with things like the ISO value, white balance or shutter speed to really get the most out of the camera.

It is also striking that details are captured well, as are the colors. Sometimes it happened that something was cut out in the photo, for example the dial of Big Ben in a photo from a distance.

However, the OnePlus 12 did no worse than the Google Pixel 8 Pro, which we also had in our pocket. All in all, the new OnePlus flagship offers an extensive arsenal of cameras and options to take excellent photos in all circumstances.

OxygenOS is less nice than it used to be

The OnePlus 12 runs on Android 14, receives four major Android updates and will therefore be equipped with new functions up to and including Android 18. You can also expect five years of Android security patches. This makes the update policy excellent. There are brands that support phones for much less time, but Google and Samsung even promise seven years of Android upgrades.

Of course, OxygenOS lies over Android, the shell of OnePlus. Where this used to be one of the skins with the coolest features and the fewest adjustments. it is different nowadays. The software is looking more and more like Oppo’s ColorOS and that is a shame. Both companies fall under parent company BBK Electronics and also share many budgets for hardware and software development.

As a user, you have many options to adjust the appearance of the software. For example, you can think about the shape and color of icons or accent colors, you can choose from hundreds of backgrounds and you can play with the number of apps you want to show on a home screen.

A handful of proprietary apps are installed, including a Community app, clock, the OnePlus Store and a Zen Space app. This is not necessarily more or less than with other brands and the applications mentioned can be removed.

Great battery, but charging steals the show

The OnePlus 12 is equipped with a large 5400 mAh battery and that is something we don’t see often. We used the OnePlus 12 during the review period with the Full HD resolution enabled and the brightness was around 60 to 70 percent. The device was used daily for apps such as WhatsApp and Slack, but also to play games, watch the occasional movie and other things such as internet banking and of course making calls.

If you are the kind of person who hangs his or her device on the charger every night, then you certainly don’t have to worry about the battery life of the 12. We regularly achieved a day and a half with our usage. If the battery is almost empty, then you are in the right place with OnePlus.

Charging is wired with 100 Watts, which fully charges the battery in just under 25 minutes. It’s nice that the charging block is included, but a case is no longer included in the box.

Wireless charging is possible and works with a maximum of 50 Watts, but you have to buy a separate charger yourself. If you want to charge another smartphone or, for example, your smartwatch or wireless earbuds, you place it on the back of the OnePlus 12 to transfer some wireless battery juice.

Conclusion OnePlus 12 review

The OnePlus 12 is a real luxury horse, but also has a lot to offer in terms of content. We see fast hardware, an extensive set of cameras, a beautiful screen and an excellent battery. You also have little to nothing to complain about in terms of updates and if we really have to mention something, it is that the OxygenOS shell is becoming increasingly busy.

However, that does not alter the fact that you are fully equipped with this device. If you are looking for a smartphone in this price range, the OnePlus 12 is certainly a device that should be at the top of your list.

Buy OnePlus 12

The OnePlus 12 is available in two colors (black and green) and two memory variants. The entry-level model is equipped with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage and has a suggested retail price of 949 euros.


Bullit Group bankrupt: rugged Cat smartphones disappear

Bullit Group, the company that came into the spotlight in recent years with the Cat smartphones, is bankrupt. There were plans to sell on the hardware division, but they came to nothing.

Bullit Group bankrupt: Cat smartphones and Motorola Defy

You may not have heard of the company, but Bullit Group is bankrupt. This company licensed the Caterpillar brand name and released several smartphones under that name in recent years. For example, the Cat S75 was launched last year, a powerful smartphone that allowed you to send text messages via a satellite connection for the first time. The robust Motorola Defy was also released some time ago by Bullit Group.

Several employees have announced via LinkedIn that they have been fired and bankruptcy has also been filed. There was talk of selling off the hardware division so that Bullit Group itself could further focus on communications via satellites, but that did not happen.

What this means for people who have subscribed to the specific service remains to be seen. As mentioned, you can send text messages with the Cat S75 via a satellite connection, but you have to pay for this monthly.

Few providers of strong devices

With the disappearance of Bullit Group, a well-known player has disappeared in the already small smartphone market. There are a few other parties that focus on such devices, for example Crosscall and RugGear, but they have not released anything recently. You can also look at Chinese brands such as Oukitel, but the support is substandard.

Furthermore, there are better-known manufacturers who sometimes release a robust smartphone, including Samsung, which recently introduced the Xcover 7. Finally, you can look at Gigaset, which, in addition to regular smartphones, also occasionally releases a more powerful phone.

More about Cat:


Hidden in WhatsApp: Do you already know these Easter eggs?

  • WhatsApp is one of the most used apps worldwide.
  • Messenger contains many hidden features and easter eggs.
  • We have set out on a quest and will reveal the secrets for you.

Messenger WhatsApp is one of the most used apps worldwide. You too certainly use it for several hours a day and yet you certainly don’t yet know all the secrets of the app. Below we list them for you.

That is why the calendar shows February 24th

Have you taken a closer look at WhatsApp’s calendar emoji? This indicates February 24th. The date was not chosen at random, but is related to the founder of the messenger Jan Koum. it’s his birthday

The “1” hides a secret

If you share an image via WhatsApp, you can specify that it can only be viewed once. In the chat, the picture is therefore marked with a circled “1”. Do you know what happens if you tap the icon again after watching – No?

A finger-to-mouth emoji will appear, asking you to be quiet. You can watch the animation in the WhatsApp fan blog WABetaInfo tweet.

beating hearts

If you send a single smiley, it will usually only be shown larger. But with hearts it is different. It’s the only emoji in Messenger that includes animation. If you only send a single heart, it will start beating in the chat.

Fun fact: For a long time only the red heart contained an animation. Meanwhile, the hearts of different colors are also beating.

Send emoji with asterisks

We’ve already said that if you only send one emoji, it will be shown larger. But what happens if you put an asterisk before and after it? In this case the control character prevents this and the smiley appears in regular size.

Control characters in WhatsApp

Stars are control characters in WhatsApp. There is more of this:

  • If you put the asterisk “*” before and after a section of text, this section of text will be displayed in bold.
  • The same with underscore instead of asterisk will make the section italic.
  • With a tilde before and after you can cross out words or sentences.
  • With the three accent symbols ““`” before and after a text passage, it appears in an alternative font.

You don’t have to remember all these characters, you can also call them up via an options menu.

Also interesting…

If you want to send your own Easter greetings as a GIF, you will find a selection of funny Easter animations in the linked article, and we also have suitable sayings for your Easter greetings via WhatsApp for you. In another article we will show you how to create suitable pictures for your Easter greeting.


Xbox Elite Controller Series 3: New controller could be revealed in May

The new Xbox Elite Series 3 controller could be revealed as early as May 2024.

According to the latest reports, the new Xbox Elite Series 3 controller will be unveiled in May 2024. Tom Warren of The Verge said this in a podcast. Tom said that this information came from the CMA’s records and that he was confident that the date and plans had not changed.

The new controller, codenamed “Sebille,” is expected to launch on May 24th.

There were previously rumors that the new Xbox Elite Series 3 controller could also get a reverb effect, face plates and other upgrades.



Pokémon GO map – Pokémon, raid, gym locations for the Netherlands and Belgium

As a Pokémon Go trainer you will have to walk many kilometers through concrete jungles and wide moors to participate in all activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to get some items from a Pokéstop, catch new Pokémon, conquer a gym, or defeat a raid boss, all activities in Pokémon Go require you to leave the house.

On sunny days at the weekend, none of that is a problem, and perhaps one of the main reasons for the game’s success. But what if it is raining hard outside or if you only have half an hour to spare? Especially then it is important that you inform yourself in advance and already plan where you will go in order to take the necessary actions without making any detours. Niantic has already made some tools for this itself. Currently the ?? Nearby ?? tab already a help.

However, this only provides information about what is happening in the environment around you, and it is not always clear or useful. Fortunately, you shouldn’t rely on it. Many loyal fans and hobby programmers have programmed their own apps or websites that can give you a lot more information. We have tested the different options and present you the best apps and maps below.

Less ethical but useful if you can’t leave the house are the various tricks that exist to walk around in Pokémon Go without stepping out. For more information, read this page: Pokémon GO hack – GPS spoof and bots for Android and iOS.

Is this not the information you are looking for?

Then return to Pokémon Go – Finding, Catching and Hatching Pokémon: How to Complete Your Pokédex

Or return to Pokémon Go: Raid Guide – tips and tricks for raids.

Or of course our Pokémon Go: Gym guide.

For an overview of all our information about Pokémon Go, read Pokémon Go tips and tricks – the big guide

Pokémon Go: Maps and maps for raids, gyms, Pokémon, PokéStops, and more

Niantic itself is not a fan of these services, as they very often request data from the servers and are therefore heavily loaded. It is therefore possible that these services are blocked by Niantic at some point. That has happened many times in the past. Fortunately, there are still a few that still work and do everything you need to.

So let’s take a look at the Pokémon Go maps that show you the locations of all Pokémon, the nests, pokéstops, gyms, raids and more without having to run half the globe. That makes it a lot easier and more efficient to play. Essentially, there are two different types of Pokémon Go maps:

  • The so-called live maps that are updated in real time and show you where which Pokémon are
  • The other kind of map are the cards where the traines manually fill in themselves where you can find nests, Pokémon and gyms.

Pokémon Go maps in the Netherlands and Belgium

Unfortunately, Belgium and the Netherlands remain small, unimportant countries on a world level and so we cannot assume that the maps have as much information here as in, for example, the United States. Fortunately, we have found a few maps that are quite complete. Let’s hope Niantic doesn’t decide now to shut them down immediately. To be on the safe side, we give you several options, just in case.

  • GymHuntr: Just like so many maps, this one comes from the United States, but luckily it also works in the Netherlands and Belgium. The site specializes in gyms and raids, but also shows you Pokémon locations and other things. Simply enter your zip code or city name at the top of the page, highlight the area with your mouse and click the “Scan” button.
  • for those who like to lend a hand. This service allows you to scan manually selected areas. There is also a feature to find raids.
  • The Silph Road: This website is a collection of information from the community. You can search where Pokémon nests are located near you, as well as see gyms and raids.
  • Pokemongomap is one of the most famous maps and specializes in gyms and pokéstops. Trainers can, however, add more information that also shows you where Pokémon nests are and where all Pokéstops are.
  • Meanwhile one of the oldest Pokémon Go maps, but still one of the most reliable and complete. Especially the search function for a specific Pokémon is very useful if you want to fill a few holes in your Pokédex.
  • Poké is especially useful if you are looking for Gyms and especially Raids in your area. The scanner is quite fast and has clear icons that indicate when a Raid starts, which level that Raid is and which Team controls the Gym.

Don’t forget that for some Pokémon, no matter how hard you search, you won’t find them nearby. Some Pokémon can only be found on a few continents. For a list of these region-exclusive Pokémon, check out Pokémon Go: Regional Pokémon Gen 3 to Gen 1 – where are the exclusive Pokémon.

Back to Pokémon Go: Raid Guide – tips and tricks for raids

Back to Pokémon Go: Finding, Catching, and Hatching Pokémon – How to Complete Your Pokédex

Back to Pokémon Go: Gym Guide – Tips and tricks for this game mode

Pokémon locations in Pokémon Go

Where are those Pokémon now in Pokémon Go? Well, everywhere actually. But the different Pokémon locations are not random. Certain types of Pokémon only exist in specific regions or areas. For example, if you live near a wooded area, chances are you will catch a grass Pokémon. At a river you will find a water Pokémon. Logical right?

Not quite. For psycho Pokémons, you have to look around hospitals, but you may also find a normal Pokémon that has been lost. If the river is next to an airport, you might encounter a flight of Pokémon on the bank. So this list of where to find Pokémon only gives a good indication of the different locations where you can find which Pokémon.

So don’t give up searching if you don’t immediately catch a dragon in a castle. Stroll around, enjoy the view, and wait patiently for the rare Pokémon to emerge.

Normal : These Pokémon can be found almost everywhere, including forests, meadows, and countless other places.

Where to find normal Pokémon: Squares, lawns, streets of all kinds, schools, universities, restaurants, libraries, stadiums and basically just about anywhere.

Stone (Stone) Logically, you can find these robust Pokémon near sturdy structures. Search near large buildings in the city, industrial area or quarries. A normal road is a bit too small, but a large parking lot or highway will give you a better chance of finding them.

Where to find stone Pokémon: Quarries, urban environments, parking lots and major highways, major industrial areas.

Steel (Steel): Where can you find steel? In a steel mill, of course, but because you don’t find these everywhere, Steel Pokémon are also happy with places where you can find the final product. A train station with a large platform or a modern office building is an excellent hunting ground.

Where to find steel Pokémon: In modern buildings, railways (kids, don’t play on the railways!).

Grass (Grass): Villagers will encounter this species countless times. However, you have to look a little further in the city. A park or playground is a logical first choice. The suburb with its large gardens also yields a lot of grass Pokémon.

Where to find grass Pokémon: Fields, farms, gardens, all kinds of green spaces, playgrounds, green living areas.

Ground: Sounds easy right? You will find land everywhere. Still, this Pokémon is a bit pickier. Agricultural land is very popular or, for example, an open area around an airport or railway. As long as there is no more concrete. Where you see brown ground, keep your eyes open.

Where to find land Pokémon: Railways and airports (kids, note: no Pokémon is worth getting under a 747!), All open fields such as fields and fields, canals, rivers, parking lots with sandy soil.

Dragons (Dragon): Dragons speak to everyone’s imagination. Is this Pokémon species aware of its legendary status, though? You will only find them around well-known sights in the city or in the countryside. The more famous the place, the more likely a dragon will show itself.

Where to find dragon Pokémon: Famous places and sights in cities and in the countryside (castles for example).

Fairy (Fairy): Less choosy than dragons. You can find this species near smaller monuments, a village square or a church. Or even the cemetery behind the church.

Where to find fairy Pokémon: Graveyards, churches, sights and monuments.

Water (Water): What do you think? On the water, of course. You’ll find them dry on the bank, so Pokémon trainers who can’t swim shouldn’t worry. Search in a harbor, on the banks of a canal or river and of course the sea. Don’t forget swimming ponds on hot days.

Where to find water Pokémon: Wherever there is water, rivers, the sea, lakes, sea and marinas, canals.

Spook (Ghost): If you’re a scaredy-cat, you better leave this Pokémon kind behind. You can of course find them in the vicinity of a cemetery, according to good creepy habit. Be careful: a cemetery is a serene place, so always treat your surroundings and people in the neighborhood with respect.

Where to find ghost Pokémon: Cemetery, graveyard.

Dark (Dark): Where is it often dark? Think of a cinema, a theater or opera. For some reason, these Pokémon clearly have an artistic side to them. Although you can sometimes find them in the cemetery.

Where to find dark Pokémon: Cinemas, theaters, opera houses, graveyards.

Insect (Bug) / Fly (Flying): Both species live in similar areas. If you like the countryside, farms, forests and open meadows, you will quickly collect a lot of insect and fly Pokémon. In the city you have the chance to catch this species around airports, large companies and playgrounds.

Where to find insect and fly Pokémon: In the countryside, fields, fields, large parks and playgrounds.

Ice: It may sound difficult to catch this type of Pokémon during the summer, unless you live in the high mountains, of course. Glaciers and ski centers are their favorite locations. Sometimes you can also find them lost on a green lawn. In any case, expect their population to increase sharply during the winter months.

Where to find ice Pokémon: In the grass (even if it hasn’t frozen!), Glaciers and ski areas.

Psychic (Psychic): These paranormal Pokémon can be found near hospitals, sanatoriums, and other health facilities. Be careful: do not bother staff at these centers and do not go to places where you are allowed to go. The fence or parking lot around the hospital is close enough to catch a psychic Pokémon.

Where to find psychic Pokémon: Hospitals and other health facilities.

Electric (Electric): Wherever there is a lot of electricity and electricity. Remember our warning: catch Pokémon from a safe distance. Stay away from areas or installations with danger signs. You can also find this species in commercial areas that consume a lot of power.

Where to find Electric Pokémon: Commercial areas (shopping centers, for example), factories, and power plants.

Fire: You don’t have to become an arsonist to catch a fire Pokémon. Just walk around a residential area and these fiery creatures will be flying around your ears.

Where to find Fire Pokémon: Residential areas and neighborhoods.

Fight: These Pokémon like competition. Find these fighters around a fitness center, sports hall, football field or stadium. You should be able to smell the testosterone and the competition drive in the air.

Where to find fighting Pokémon: Stadiums, arenas and fitness centers.

The Pokémon Go Johto Throwback Challenge 2020 is here. Did you know that there is now also Pokémon Go Trading, with which you can trade Pokémon with friends? Or do you need even more Pokémon Go tips and tricks? Like the new Pokémon Go Research Quests to catch the Pokémon Go Mew. Do you already know everything about Pokémon Go Raids and Pokémon Go Gyms? Also, always remember that you can hatch Pokémon Go Eggs, or use a Pokémon Go Map to catch the Pokémon Go Legendary Pokémon and Pokémon Go Gen 3 Pokémon of all different Pokémon Go Types.

Poison (Poison): These sickly Pokémons hide in swampy and swampy areas. Put on your boots and bad clothes before you hit the road!

Where to find poison Pokémon: Swamps (watch out and don’t let them dig you up like bog body in 400 years!)

Before walking or cycling to those places, remember that they are general guidelines. You may find a Pokémon of a certain species in an area where you would not normally find it. It is about probability calculation. There is a chance that you will encounter a water Pokémon in an industrial area, but that is much less likely than you would encounter the same Pokémon in Pokémon GO by the sea.


LoL Season 14: Ornn’s Masterpiece Items Revealed

Ornn is a fairly unique champion thanks to his passive. Masterwork items – or Ornn items – are huge assets to the team, but with the removal of Mythics, Riot will need to adjust Masterwork items for Season 14.

Riot is making some big changes in LoL Season 14, with the removal of the Mythic item system, as well as the addition of major map changes throughout. But one champion will also benefit from a pretty big change throughout all of this, and that’s Ornn.

Ornn’s Masterwork items will receive some adjustments, as the Mythic system is removed. So now it looks like Riot is undoing some things and bringing back the Ornn of old.

LoL Season 14: Ornn’s Masterpiece Item Changes

LoL: the best Maokai skins

View the gallery

Ornn’s Masterwork items will be undergoing a slight change in Season 14. Obviously, since Riot is going to get rid of Mythic items, the way Ornn upgrades items will also need to be adjusted.

So, what does Riot have planned for all of you five Ornn players? GOOD, its Ornn Masterwork upgrades will be reverted to the pre-mythic item iteration. This means it will upgrade the item closest to inventory slot #1.

New Masterpiece Items

Since we are getting new items in LoL Season 14, there will also be a few new Masterwork items. Now, the information below is all extracted data and is subject to change before the next season of League of Legends is released, including Masterwork item stats.

  • Force of Arm (Spellcaster’s Companion)
    • AP: 90 >>> 115
    • Mana: 600 >>> 950
    • Haste Capacity: 20 >>> 30
  • TURBO (Experimental Hexplate)
    • AD: 55 >>> 65
    • Attack speed: 20% >>> 30%
    • HP: 300 >>> 500
  • Ataraxia (pride)
    • AD: 60 >>> 65
    • Lethality: 18 >>> 23
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 20
  • Certainty (Opportunity)
    • AD: 55 >>> 60
    • Lethality: 18 >>> 23
    • Movement speed 5% >>> 8%

  • Sword (Cyclovoltaic Sword)
    • AD: 55 >>> 60
    • Lethality: 18 >>> 23
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 20
  • THE The Baron Gift (Nashor’s Tooth)
    • PA: 80 >>> 120
    • Attack speed: 50% >>> 60%
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 20
  • Shojin’s Solve (Spear of Shojin)
    • AD: 55 >>> 65
    • HP: 200 >>> 400
    • Haste Capacity: 20 >>> 25
  • Eye of THE Storm (Razor Storm)
    • AD: 60 >>> 80
    • Attack speed: 15% >>> 30%

There are also new Ornn items for existing ones, like the Spear of Shojin or the Tooth of Nashor, but they weren’t mythic items before, which is why they never had Masterwork equivalents .

Reintroduced items

There are also a few items that previously contained Masterwork items, but Riot removed them after introducing Mythic items. Now, in Season 14, these items can be upgraded again.

  • Obsidian Cleaver (Black cleaver)
    • AD: 55 >>> 65
    • HP: 400 >>> 600
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 20
  • Wyrm Traps Sacrifice (Kraken Slayer)
    • AD: 40 >>> 60
    • Attack speed: 35% >>> 45%
  • Rabadon’s Crown of Death (Rabadon headdress)

These return Masterwork items with the exact same names as previous iterations. Obviously I’m very excited about Rabadon’s Deathcrown because these AP issues look like a snack.

Removed Masterpiece Items

Riot is also removing a number of items from the game, meaning Masterwork items will also be removed from the roster in League of Legends Season 14.

  • Cesura (Crown of the Broken Queen)
  • Deicide (Divine Sunderer)
  • Draktharr’s Shadow Sculptor (Draktharr’s Twilight Blade)
  • Equinox (Evenslince)
  • Eternal Winter (Eternal Frost)
  • Typhoon (Strength of the wind)
  • Incessant Hunger (Gored Drinker)
  • Eye of Luden (The Tempest of Luden)
  • In the evening (Night Harvester)
  • Primordial Dawn (Radiant Virtue)
  • that of Icathia Curse (Flaw factor)

Riftmaker may not be removed from the game, but according to information extracted from the data, his Ornn item is going to be removed.

Disabled Masterpiece Items

Some items also appear to be disabled. This means that their data can be found, but it is not on Ornn’s upgrade list. Either these are removed items or they haven’t been added to the upgrade list yet.

  • Dawn (Dawncore)
    • PA: 40 >>> 60
    • Haste Capacity: 20 >>> 25
    • Mana Regeneration: 150% >>> 200%
  • Plague (Malignancy)
    • PA: 80 >>> 110
    • Mana: 600 >>> 800
    • Haste Capacity: 20 >>> 30
  • Skyfall (Broken Sky)
    • AD: 55 >>> 65
    • HP: 300 >>> 500
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 20
  • Hope Adrift (Endless despair)
    • HP: 400 >>> 600
    • Armor: 55 >>> 70
    • Haste Capacity: 10 >>> 25
  • Sway (Navori Quickblades)
    • AD: 60 >>> 85
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 25

We’ll have to wait a little longer to consult the PBE to find out if these elements are part of Ornn’s list of improvements or not.

All Ornn Masterpiece Items Retained

So now that we’ve looked at the new and removed items, it’s time to check which items will remain on Ornn’s Masterpiece upgrade list.

  • Cry of the Howling City (Echoes of Helia)
    • AP: 40 >>> 60
    • HP: 200 >>> 300
    • Mana Regeneration: 125% >>> 225%
  • Syzygy (Eclipse)
    • AD: 70 >>> 80
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 20
  • Bubbling Grief (Guinsoo’s Enraged Blade)
    • AD: 30 >>> 40
    • AP: 30 >>> 50
    • Attack speed: 25% >>> 50%
  • Leviathan (Steel heart)
    • HP: 800 >>> 1050
    • HP Regeneration: 200% >>> 300%
  • Upgrade Aeropack (Hextech Rocket Belt)
    • PA: 60 >>> 85
    • HP: 300 >>> 450
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 20
  • Frozen Fist (Iceborn Gauntlet)
    • HP: 200 >>> 550
    • Armor: 50 >>> 70
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 25
  • Edge of Purpose (infinite edge)
  • THE Not said Parasite (Jak’Sho, the Protean)
    • HP: 300 >>> 550
    • Armor: The stat needs to be changed.
    • Magic Resistance: The stat needs to be changed.
  • at Liandry Lament (Liandry’s anguish/torment)
    • PA: 90 >>> 110
    • HP: 300 >>> 550
  • Reliquary of THE Golden Dawn (Medallion of the Iron Solari)
    • HP: 200 >>> 400
    • Armor: 30 >>> 40
    • Magic resistance: 30 >>> 40
    • Haste Capacity: 10 >>> 25
  • Star Launcher (Moonstone Renewer)
    • AP: 30 >>> 65
    • HP: 250 >>> 300
    • Haste Capacity: 20 >>> 25
    • Mana Regeneration: 125% >>> 200%

Still some new features in League of Legends

  • LoL Players Call for Boycott of Nerfed Event Pass

  • LoL: Cloud9 reveals its complete list
    League of Legends

  • Infinity Convergence (Scepter of Ages)
    • PA: 50 >>> 70
    • HP: 300 >>> 500
    • Mana: 300 >>> 550
  • at Shurelya Requiem (Battle Song of Shurelya)
    • PA: 55 >>> 70
    • Haste Capacity: 15 >>> 25
    • Movement speed: 8% >>> 10%
    • Mana Regeneration: 125% >>> 200%
  • Dreambreaker (Tidebreaker)
    • AD: 50 >>> 70
    • Attack speed: 20% >>> 30%
    • HP: 400 >>> 475
  • Infinity Force (Trinity Strength)
    • Attack speed: 33% >>> 43%
    • HP: 300 >>> 400
    • Haste Capacity: 10 >>> 25
  • at Youmuu Wake up (Youmuu Ghost Blade)
    • AD: 60 >>> 75
    • Lethality: 18 >>> 26

LoL Season 14 will be released on January 9, 2024, with LoL patch 14.1. At that time, the full list of Ornn items will also be available along with official statistics.

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The Chinese giant Chery wants to manufacture in Barcelona. The reason is simple: Spain buys many cheap cars

Chery’s plans to produce in Barcelona continue and, according to , are very close to completion. The Chinese giant intends to produce vehicles in the plant that Nissan had in Barcelona and seems to be very close to reaching a final agreement.

Information from the economic media assures that the automobile group has sent two emissaries to Barcelona to meet with the D-Hub consortium, which has managed the Nissan facilities since the Japanese firm abandoned its soil and, ultimately, a large part of their expectations in the European market.

Since then, who and why kept the Nissan facilities in the Barcelona Free Trade Zone has been a mass of rumors. Along the way there was talk that the Chinese Great Wall Motors could take over the facilities but, finally, everything ended with a refusal. The one who put the most effort was the D-Hubwho stayed with it and which is now key.

Some fringes to close

The D-Hub is a project led by QEV Technologies and B-Tech with Goodman as partners. After months of tensions over the financial responsibilities of each of them in the reindustrialization of the facilities, last March the Barcelona city council handed over the keys to the plant.

The approval allows QEV and B-Tech the operation of the facilities for 50 years and comes after different projects related to electric mobility have been confirmed. For example, QEV has already agreed to produce 1,500 electric vans for Bimbo to make its deliveries in Mexico.

The creation of the Zeroid brand of commercial vehicles has also been announced and the intention is to reborn Ebro as a brand of completely electric pick-ups. There is also talk of producing Silence electric mopeds. And, now, it is Chery that seems to give a definitive boost to the reindustrialization process.

The Chinese automobile giant has confirmed that it is looking for facilities in Spain (and, more specifically, in Barcelona) to produce its new vehicles in our country, coinciding with the trip of the emissaries which was signed up from.

The manufacturer will enter our country with Omoda, a brand that intends to fight for the lower part of the market with SUVs with combustion engines and, later, electric ones. The example of MG, which has in the MG4 Electric one of the best-selling electric cars in Spain and has positioned the MG ZS as the best-selling last August, shows that there is a niche in our country for low-cost vehicles.

At the moment, according to the economic newspaper, it remains to be decided what the production of the units that Chery will assemble in our country will be like. It remains to be discussed whether all assembly line It will be based on Spanish soil or, on the contrary, the cars will arrive partially assembled and will end up being assembled in Barcelona.

Chery’s intentions seem to be to produce 15,000 units per year, which could be expanded to a total of 30,000 cars each year. They also point out that the Asian giant plans to launch up to five different brands and 15 models of its vehicles in our country, in long-term plans that have the combustion, hybrid and low-priced vehicle as their main attraction.


Black Desert: 2024 brings many gifts

Image: Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Console starts the new year with generous offers: a free mystical horse, an endgame weapon, alchemist stones and more.

Pearl ushers in 2024 for Black Desert Console players. Since last week, Pearl Abyss has offered all players the opportunity to obtain one of three coveted mystical horses.

Now, all Black Desert Console players can purchase coveted endgame valuables such as the powerful Alchemy Stone Vell’s Heart and the TET (IV) Blackstar Endgame weapon for free by simply logging into Black Desert Console.

Adventurers can choose one of three mystical horses: the flying Arduanatt, the fast Diné or the fiery Doom.

Those who already have Mystic Horses can choose 5 Fantastic Incense Burners for a chance to awaken a Mystic Dream Horse (a higher level Mystic Horse).

Players with a character level above 56 can log in and receive Vell’s Heart, an alchemy stone with highly concentrated magic.

When equipped, the item adds +3 Attack Power (AP) to the Equipment Rating. Activating the Alchemy Stone Vell’s Heart increases the player’s stats by an additional AP+8, Accuracy +10, Ignore All Resistances +5%, and Attack/Cast Speed ​​+5% in addition to his own Attack Rating.

Players can also claim the TET Blackstar Weapons, which is considered one of the best gear in the slot, especially for PvE content.

This endgame gear is available for all classes with slight variations and can be purchased through individual quest lines.

Warriors can choose between the TET (IV) Blackstar Longsword, the TET (IV) Blackstar Greatsword, or the TET (IV) Blackstar Shield.

If players do not require any of the three Blackstar weapons, they also have the option to choose 10x Veiled Source of Devouring, a highly valued upgrade material, as an alternative reward.

Blackstar weapons for each class contain their own unique enhancement materials and cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stones. These weapons are available to players of character level 61 and above, provided they have successfully completed one of the required quest lines.

The item Vipiko’s Dreaming Wooden Horse, Vell’s Heart, and the TET Blackstar Weapons are available through the game’s Challenge Menu.

Last but not least, the Pearl Abyss development team is handing out more benefits for those who get in today. Under the Season Improvements category, players will find simpler and simplified improvements and a Season Character Pass. These appear alongside previously offered updates to locations such as Calpheon Elvia and Gyfin Underground.


“The most sophisticated online scam I have ever seen.” This is how new Vinted users are being scammed

Pablo Grueso, CEO of the technology consulting firm TecnoFor, published a thread on Twitter yesterday that began like this: “I just witnessed the most sophisticated online scam I have seen so far”. Next, Grueso recounted his recent experience on Vinted, detailing step by step how this user fell into the scammers’ trap.

It all started when the user in question, practically new to the platform, put a garment for sale on Vinted. A simple step that quickly became complicated when she received an email supposedly from the “Vinted Team.”

This is, received an email from the address “[email protected] (Remember that it is possible to spoof legitimate email addresses, although that does not mean that it comes from that address). The e-mail simulated collecting an internal message from an interested buyer…

…message that includes a screenshot of the mobile phone of said ‘buyer’ in which you can see how the Vinted app asks for the seller’s mobile phone (that is, the aforementioned novice user).

And this is where we get to the key part of the scam, because in addition to the text message and the screenshot, the email (remember, supposedly official) includes a link that, when clicked, took the user directly within the Vinted application… or, rather, an almost perfectly duplicated website.

“A screen where you don’t notice the difference, where you can’t click on ‘info’ but you can navigate to the Inbox, for example”

The seller, confident that he is operating within Vinted’s own platform, ‘completes’ his data by entering his phone number… in such a way that the information goes directly to the cyber fraudster who sent you the email in the first place. And now this one, having the number of his victim, sends you an SMS (again, supposedly coming from Vinted).

In said SMS, the user/victim is informed that, to verify their credit card, “they will make the typical virtual charge that they later cancel…”…a practice commonly used to confirm the authenticity of a card, with the particularity that this time “the charge is €500“.

Another user, also affected by the scam, expands the information about said SMS:

“One of my daughters put some things up for sale, it was the first time and it was as if they suddenly wanted to buy everything. The following was what you describe, a message within the app to enter the mobile phone and an SMS to enter the data of the card”.

That is, a textbook phishing strategy in two rounds, impersonating Vinted, to provide the scammers with our personal data, first, and our financial data, later. And, furthermore, when we receive the authorization notice of the supposed voidable charge to Vinted, The victim of the scam will authorize it because he believes it is legitimate and that it will be returned to him. Oh, innocent.

Result and data to take into account to avoid falling yourself

Result of all this story? 500 euros less, and the item for which the victim registered on Vinted will remain unsold because there was never an interested buyer. Always remember to take these data into account:

  • Make sure that any data you enter in an app you are actually doing it on the official domain of the appnot just on a “look-alike” website.
  • To facilitate the above, never access the platforms through third-party links (even if they seem to be your real interlocutor): access the website/app yourself and look for the section in question.
  • Remember that, if entering data is necessary to operate on a trading platform, it will have warned you about it during registration. You will not receive a message afterwards.
  • Ask yourself some obvious questions: “Why would they spend money on sending SMS when you can send a notification to the mobile app?” or “Why would Vinted ask the seller’s number… from the buyer?”


Find Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Material 243

Where to find Hyrule manual material 243 in Zelda TotK? What is hidden behind the material with the number 243? This question will perhaps concern one or the other player from the new Zelda adventure who has already spent a few hours playing in the world and is in the process of completing the Hyrule manual. There are five different categories in the Hyrule manual and this includes the materials. You can find a total of 126 different materials in the game and to find all of them, you sometimes have to search a bit. Even if you unlock many entries automatically in the course of the story by always taking a quick picture of new things using the photo mode, there are also some materials that are very difficult to find. This also includes material 243.

Material 243 in the Hyrule manual in Zelda TotK

Material 243 from the Hyrule Handbook is the sun gourd. To get the sun gourd, you have to travel to Hateno again and complete the two quests “A Hateno Specialty” and “Ume’s Crops” there. Prerequisite for the second quest is the completion of the “Object Lesson” quest, which can be started in Hateno School. After completing the two quests, you can find the sun gourds in the general store in Hateno for 20 rupees each. If you haven’t completed the quests yet, instead of the sun gourds you will find the armor gourds in the same place in the general store.

So the sun gourds are material 243 in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you want, you can also use the pumpkins as an ingredient for cooking, even if there are certainly better ingredients. The sun gourd restores three hearts and otherwise has no special effects. For being so hard to find, we would have expected a better bonus.

Tip: This is one of the best arcs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.


Deal : New Samsung TVs 2024: Are micro-LED TVs finally starting?

Samsung is launching televisions with four different screen technologies this year. SamaGame is already revealing the most interesting models.

Table of contents

  • Samsung DU7179, DU8079 & DU9079: Crystal UHD up to 98 inches
  • Q60D to QN95D: QLED with a new highlight
  • Neo-QLED 8K: Because they can
  • S90D and S95D: OLED TVs have better anti-reflective properties
  • More economical despite a brighter image
  • Lifestyle TVs & projectors: Beautiful television
  • Micro-LED comes from 76 inches
  • Samsung TVs 2024: prices and availability

Samsung probably offers the largest selection of all TV manufacturers televisions. In the current model year 2024, this will increase again: whether different sizes – from compact to huge -, different price ranges – from cheap to unaffordable – or different Screen techniques: Samsung occupies every market segment – ​​and always invents a new one. SamaGame has the first new ones Samsung TVs Already seen in 2024 and provides an initial overview.

Samsung DU7179, DU8079 & DU9079: Crystal UHD up to 98 inches

With his cheap televisions The manufacturer is expanding the selection: Instead of two model series, there will be three in the 2024 model year. Samsung is talking about “Crystal UHD” screens, which means proven LCD technology with a refresh rate of 50 to 60 Hertz. The model series is the starting point DU7179 as a successor to the popular Samsung CU7179 (Test grade 2.4). They should be available in a number of sizes from 43 inches and around 400 euros, even with a gigantic 75 inches, market prices can be expected for under 1,000 euros. On the slightly more colorful ones CU8079 (test grade 2.2) follows DU8079, the prices will hardly be higher than those of the 7 Series. If the screen isn’t big enough for you, get this DU9079-Models even with up to 98 inches – that corresponds to a screen diagonal of 2.48 meters! This size was previously only available in higher-quality series at corresponding prices, while the GU98DU9079 probably remains under 3,000 euros. The new Samsung televisions are similar to their predecessors in terms of equipment, so there are plenty of streaming options on board again – with all the popular film and series providers – plus AirPlay and cloud gaming like Nvidia GeForce Now in 4K. There are also three HDMI ports and one to two USB sockets.

Q60D to QN95D: QLED with a new highlight

With its higher-end televisions, Samsung has made the so-called quantum dots popular – or at least established the letter Q in the television world. The QLED televisions are LCD TVs that can display stronger and more natural colors using color-enhancing nanoparticles. The cheapest upcoming model series is called Q60D. This is more interesting Q70Das successor to the Q70C (Test grade 1.8) – because the screens run at twice the frequency for what is expected to be a moderate surcharge, instead of 50 to 60 it is 100 to 120 Hertz. Matching this is four times from here HDMI 2.1 on board.
From the Q80D Slightly brighter and higher-contrast images can be expected, but at this point it might be worth jumping to the next better model: While until then all LCD and QLED models from Samsung use conventional LEDs as light sources for the screens, from now on QN80D so-called mini LEDs. With their smaller design, they can be arranged much closer behind the screen. The televisions also control their brightness to match the image content and dim them behind dark areas. Mini LED TVs – or Samsung Neo QLED TVs (hence QN in the type designation) – can display deeper blacks and higher contrasts. Thanks to the cost-effective zigzag structure of the mini LED matrix, the QN80D This technology will be cheaper than previously available and therefore represent a cheaper OLED alternative. Maybe it only comes in one or two sizes while Samsung has the one above that QN85D probably like its predecessor QN85C (test rating 1.4) in three image sizes: 55, 65 and 75 inches.
The top model of LCD or Neo-QLED TVs will be the QN90Dwhich in turn follows its predecessor Samsung QN90C (test score 1.3) is very similar. It should again be available from 43 to 98 inches, with improved image processing with reduced noise and smoother gradients being very promising for the largest models. The sister model QN95D According to reports, the differences are only cosmetic.

Neo-QLED 8K: Because they can

Samsung is expected to be the only major manufacturer to release new 8K televisions in 2024. Although new is relative: the QN700D, QN800D and QN900D model series are likely to be very similar to their predecessors with a C at the end. Samsung promises optimized scaling and image processing, the 700 is again content with 60 Hertz. And it’s clear: the price and power consumption are significantly higher than with otherwise comparable Neo-QLED models with UHD resolution, while the finer image structures and lower interference, for example on moving diagonal edges, can only be seen from very short distances. However, if you sit 2 meters in front of an 85-inch TV, you will find real dream televisions. The new 8K televisions are expected to be available again in three sizes: 65, 75 and 85 inches.

S90D and S95D: OLED TVs have better anti-reflective properties

Samsung landed a real surprise in 2022 with its OLED televisions. This type of screen achieves perfect contrast thanks to self-illuminating pixels; brilliant highlights can be surrounded by deep black within an image. Samsung also uses quantum dots here, which act as so-called color converters and replace light-absorbing color filters. These QD-OLED screens achieve extremely brilliant image quality with comparatively low power consumption. The Samsung S90D This technology will differ little from its predecessor S90C differ (test grade 1.3), what is particularly noticeable externally is the smaller base. The S95D should be all the more interesting: there are the same as the predecessor S95C (Test grade 1.1) the connections are relocated to the external One-Connect box. Only a single, inconspicuous cable for power as well as image and sound signals leads to the screen – this saves a lot of stress with tangled cables, especially when mounted on the wall. Improved anti-reflective coating is also used. It is based on the same technology as “The Frame” (see below), but Samsung adapted it to OLED technology with its darker black. The first impression: breathtaking.

More economical despite a brighter image

A new, energy-saving picture mode on Samsung televisions 2024 is noteworthy: “Ai Energy Mode” promises energy savings in the double-digit percentage range while still providing a brighter picture impression. Cleverly controlled panel illumination (backlight) is intended to make this apparent contradiction possible. In addition, Samsung is continuing its efforts to reduce resource consumption. The television back panels are made of recycled plastic, and reused aluminum is used inside. The housing material of the remote controls also has a past life, and thanks to the built-in solar cells with supercaps as power storage, they do not require changing batteries. In addition, networking and smart automation should help save electricity, with the television taking center stage as a display for solar systems and the domestic energy flow.

Lifestyle TVs & projectors: Beautiful television

Samsung calls televisions that look particularly good without a TV program running as lifestyle TVs. The most famous model is “The Frame“. It looks like a picture frame and has special playback modes for photos and paintings, so that art or family photos can be seen instead of a black surface during TV breaks. Because the screen only lights up slightly in Art mode, power consumption is kept to a minimum .The new generation of The Frame also reduces the refresh rate to reduce energy consumption by a further 10 percent, according to Samsung. The television characteristics are comparable to those of the Q70D. The second lifestyle television is the model Serif with technology very similar to that offered by the Q60D. With its slim tubular steel feet, it is a free-standing piece of furniture. You can also find very uncomplicated ones in the lifestyle department projector. “The Freestyle” is designed for mobile and spontaneous use at football evenings, for group gaming sessions or children’s birthday parties and has the same streaming capabilities as Samsung Smart TVs. “The Premiere” is a real television replacement for film lovers with built-in TV receivers and high-quality speakers. The new models The Premiere 9 and The Premiere 7 promise sharp and bright images with UHD resolution and 3,200 or 2,400 lumens, and they can also be used as full-fledged WiFi speakers. Added The Premiere 5 with similarly uncomplicated handling as The Freestyle, but for placement directly in front of the projection screen.

Micro-LED comes from 76 inches

The experts are awaiting this with great excitement Samsung Micro LED TVs. Just like OLED TVs, they have self-illuminating pixels, but use conventional semiconductor LEDs instead of organic plastic LEDs. The advantage: unexpectedly bright and colorful images. The disadvantage: The crystalline LEDs cannot be made as small as OLEDs, so micro-LED TVs are at least 76 inches tall, and they should also be available in 89, 101 and 114 inches (1.90 to 2.90 meters!) . But this is another step in the right direction; this technology was originally used in much larger advertising displays and stadium screens. Thanks to improved manufacturing processes and cost-saving modular construction, micro-LED televisions are expected to reach larger quantities in 2024. Each module has a screen diagonal of around 32 centimeters, and depending on the desired TV size, 36 to 100 of these micro-LED tiles are used. While visible seams between the tiles were annoying in earlier demonstration models, they are hardly noticeable in the new generation. However, they remain an expensive pleasure and only start in the high five-figure range.

Samsung TVs 2024: prices and availability

The new Samsung televisions should be available in stores from March 2024; depending on the model series and screen size, the market launch could take until the second half of the year. The South Korean company has not yet given recommended prices; they are probably at the same level as the corresponding ones Samsung TV 2023. And yes, micro-LED TVs will actually exist, but they will remain unaffordable.


Nokia 6.2 Now Available in the Netherlands

After HMD Global previously released the Nokia 7.2 in the Netherlands, the Nokia 6.2 is now also available in stores here. The smartphone has a suggested retail price of 249 euros and if you purchase the Nokia 6.2 before October 15, you will receive free earbuds as a gift.

The Nokia 6.2 was announced in September and is now available in the Netherlands. The smartphone runs on Android One and is therefore guaranteed to receive security updates for three years and Android updates for two years. The Nokia 6.2 has a 6.3-inch screen with a Full HD+ resolution and a small drop notch for the selfie camera. Internally we find a Snapdragon 636 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage space that you can expand with a microSD card, a 3500 mAh battery and a triple camera consisting of a 16MP main lens, an 8MP wide-angle lens and a 5MP depth lens. The smartphone also has a physical Google Assistant button.

The Nokia 6.2 runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) and will later receive an update to Android 10. You can order the smartphone from Coolblue for 249 euros.

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Deal : Unistellar introduces the Odyssey smart space telescope

With smart telescopes from Unistellar, even laypeople can quickly achieve success in space observation. With the Unistellar Odyssey, a particularly versatile model is now appearing.

Planets, stars and galaxies: countless celestial bodies in space are waiting to be observed. However, this is not exactly easy for laypeople, as observing with conventional telescopes often requires prior knowledge and practice. It should be easier with automatic telescopes, such as those offered by Unistellar with the eVscope 2 and eQuinox 2. This means that even complete astronomy beginners can quickly achieve success – thanks to a smart app and automatic alignment. At CES 2024 (January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, USA), the French manufacturer is now presenting the Unistellar Odyssey, a new flagship model that promises even greater convenience.

Reflector telescope without tricky adjustment

The new Unistellar Odyssey differs externally from its two previous models. Because with a weight of 4 kilograms and dimensions of around 43x20x13 centimeters, it is only half as heavy and only half as big as the eVscope 2 and eQuinox 2. Unistellar also wants to have improved the interior. The Unistellar Odyssey is said to be the first reflecting telescope that does not require regular manual readjustment of its mirrors. According to Unistellar, this is made possible by special optics developed in cooperation with Nikon, the Nikon High Precision Optics. Another advantage of the new Odyssey automatic telescope: Thanks to a new multi-depth technology and automatic focus, the Odyssey is intended to provide detailed images when observing nearby planets as well as distant galaxies and up to 150 million stars are visible make. This means that detailed images of Jupiter’s large red spot can be taken without changing the set-up, but the spiral arms of the vortex galaxy, 23 million light-years away, can also be observed. Thanks to a smart app, the celestial body to be discovered should always be just a few clicks away.

Into space via app

Because the free Unistellar app is the control center of the smart Unistellar telescopes. Users connect their smartphone or tablet to the Odyssey via a WiFi signal and activate the automatic alignment. Afterwards, countless celestial objects can be selected from a catalog and automatically controlled and focused by the telescope. The Unistellar star hunter determines where to point its lens based on the user’s GPS position and the current time. Using the app, users also observe the telescope’s current camera image and, if desired, take pictures of the observed celestial object and save them on the telescope’s device memory. The application also provides more detailed information about planets, stars and galaxies and suggests celestial objects to observe.

Price and availability

The Unistellar Odyssey is now available at a price of 2,499 euros. The smart space telescope is also available in a Pro version for 3,999 euros, which has an electronic eyepiece from Nikon. Stars and galaxies can therefore be observed not only via the tablet or smartphone, but also directly on the telescope. The Odyssey Pro will also soon be available in an eye-catching “Red Edition”. Its price is 4,499 euros.