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Apple co-founder criticizes Elon Musk

Today, one of the most undesirable characters is Elon Musk, This is due to certain actions that make him look like an enemy of society, because to begin with he has changed some things on the platform. Twitter. Given these actions, some important people have already criticized him, one of them is precisely the co-founder of Manzana.

During a recent interview with CNBC, Steve Wozniakrevealed some similarities that Musk has with his deceased friend, Steve Jobs, this in terms of the corporate part and establishing a company. However, with Musk has been seen as somewhat more impolite, it could even be considered a personal attack against the owner of tesla.

This is a fragment of what he said in the interview:

“Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are very similar, and I don’t like to say that,” says Apple Co-Founder @stevewoz. “They both want to be seen as the important person and be like a cult leader. But a lot of honesty disappears when you look at @elonmusk and $TSLA.”

— Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) February 9, 2023

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are very similar, and I don’t like saying that. They both want to be seen as an important person and be like a cult leader. But a lot of honesty goes away when you look at @elonmusk and TESLA.

During their comparison, they talked about the ability to convince that each one implemented in their own way, ensuring that at least Jobs caught you with a speech that did not deceive. For its part, Musk is too self-centered, also pointing out that he has somehow stolen money from him, since he bought a tesla that didn’t work for him.

This criticism was added to that made Bill Gates, in which he stated that he prefers to finance vaccines for those who need it, rather than a whim of traveling to Mars that is not really going to contribute to society in the short term.

Via: Techspot

Editor’s note: One of Musk’s most annoying moves has been to charge for the Tweetdeck, something that probably won’t work for him, given that some might jump ship. We’ll see if he manages to make Twitter an authoritarian platform.

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Samsung Galaxy The S20 may have more updates than expected Mónica Marques January 10, 2023

Last year, Samsung announced that its top-of-the-range smartphones would have four years of important updates and that the terminals contemplated would be models of the Galaxy S21.

But it seems that the South Korean giant is preparing a bonus for the Galaxy S20 family that could receive the One UI 5.1 interface when it was not supposed to.

A 5.1 user interface is already being tested on Galaxy S20 models

Samsung has significantly changed its update policy. From being one of the slowest brands to offer updates, it became the fastest. But better: last year it announced that its top-of-the-range smartphones would have four major updates and that the models covered by this new policy would all be from the family. Galaxy S21.

This decision left out all models in the series. Galaxy S2. But it seems that the brand will finally be able to provide another major update to this family of mobile devices. According to the SamMobile website, the South Korean giant is already testing the One UI 5.1 interface on models of this family.

In other words, Samsung may provide more updates than expected for this series of mobile devices. Remember that the last major update would be the One UI 5.0 interface based on the Android 13 operating system.

According to the same website, the firmware version is called G980FXXUFHWA1, and the letter H indicates that this is a major update. The same source indicates that the new software is being tested on Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra models.

It’s also worth noting that the entire Galaxy S20 family will also receive security patches for another two years. This is a point in Samsung’s favor, since there are few brands in the Android universe that provide such a number of updates and security patches.

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Amazon Prime Video APP 5.2.17 for Android TV, ready to download

New version available to download from the streaming service APP Amazon Prime Video in your APK compatible with the operating system Android TV which comes on some Smart TVs and TV-Boxes. The version of this app is 5.2.17 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store on many of the TV-Boxes and Smart TVs that have this Google operating system. This version includes support for 4K HDR in the contents that have this option available and as usual does not include a list of changes.

  • Check out our list of the best Android TV-Box for Amazon Prime Video.

Download Amazon Prime Video APK for Android TV

  • Download the APK version 5.2.17 with 4K HDR support for Android TV 9 (stable on Mi Box, max. 4K HDR).
  • Download the official Xiaomi Mi Box APK version 4.13.4 on Android TV 9 (supported, max. 1080p).
  • Download APK version 4.10.3 for Android TV if you have compatibility issues (max. 1080p).
  • For more information, consult our Manual on Amazon Prime Video on Android.

Install the Amazon Prime Video APK on Android TV

  • Once the APK has been downloaded from our PC, we copy the file to a USB pendrive.
  • We run the APK on our Android TV device with a file manager like X-Plorer which is free on the Google Play Store.
  • We accept permissions from unknown sources if we do not already have them activated.
  • If we already had a previous version of this APP, it will be updated automatically.

List of changes

  • Not published by Amazon.
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More Mario movie posters revealed

Since the movie was officially announced Super Mario A couple of months ago, many commercials came out to reaffirm that its premiere is much closer than we expect. In fact, yesterday a new trailer was revealed that recalls the glory days of the animated show that was intended for children’s audiences.

However, this does not stop there, since new posters were revealed today, in which we individually see very beloved characters from the saga. This with a detail that shows us the commitment of Illumination Studios for making a good representation of the franchise in cinemas around the world.

Check them out:

The characters in question are Bowser, Donkey Kong and Toad. All with a notable participation in the film, since we have already seen how Mario has been fighting with his legendary jungle rival. Just as we have seen the king of the Koopa interact with Luigiand of course, Toad will be the first character that the protagonist meets after traveling in the pipes.

Remember that this film premieres on 6 of April in theaters.

Via: comic book

Editor’s note: Without a doubt, the desire to see this film has risen to the clouds, with the expectations that it will become one of the best video game adaptation films. We’ll see in April if it meets expectations.

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Download and install the best dictionary app for Android

In this new post I bring you a free application for Android that, more than a simple entertainment application for your Android, is going to become a language tool and a whole plea for the freedom of wisdom and knowledgeand, as I show you in the attached video with which we began this writing, today I am going to share with you, no matter how much the leaders of the RAE!!, a sensational dictionary app for android It will be just as if we carried a complete dictionary of the Spanish language directly in our pocket.

Surely, many of you are wondering if this dictionary app for android It is as sensational and fantastic as I am painting it to you. How come we can’t get it directly from the Google Play Store, the official application store for Android, and we have to download it externally in APK format?

The answer to this question, a logical question on the other hand, lies in the policies of the RAE itself, policies of oppression of language and that prohibit the distribution of the definitions themselves which are included in the official dictionary of the Spanish language. Some prohibitions that even prohibit and limit the use of these definitions included in the RAE dictionary, both to use and share them in any type of work or even index them in any search engine.

Below I leave you as a protest the extract of the manifesto against the oppressive policies of the RAE, a manifesto that we can find directly at this link of the project. A project in which justice is only sought and in which it is demanded and requested that knowledge cannot be limited, much less in these concepts related to language, a wisdom that should belong to the people and with which no business should ever be done.

«Many of you may be wondering why the application is not published on Google Play, well, the RAE simply does not allow it and has forced the Goodrae guys as well as other application developers to close their services.

It is very sad, extremely sad, that in the 21st century impediments are being placed on knowledge and free knowledge. Spanish speakers should feel proud of our language, which is spoken by millions of people and, as if that were not enough, it has a cultural institution financed with public money (the RAE), which allows us to have a language appropriate to our times. and where we can resolve our doubts knowing that there is an organization behind it that regulates the use of our language.

For this reason, what need is there, gentlemen of the RAE, to put so many obstacles and privatize something that should be the property of all of us, Spanish speakers? Words cannot be captured, just like thoughts. Your dictionary should be FREE, open your mind and mature, you should not use that fascist intellectual property policy that, being strict, does not even allow the definitions to be used in works or to be indexed by any search engine. You are at the service of the language and the people and not the other way around, don’t get confused.”

But what does the Freespanish Project Dictionary really offer us?

As you have been able to see in the attached video with which we began this article, today I want and intend it to be in a vindictive plan, That’s why I would ask you to share it with all your contacts and also download the apkWith this sensational dictionary application for Android, it will be as if you carried a complete and powerful dictionary of the Spanish language with you everywhere. A dictionary that you can consult anytime and anywhere you need it and with which you will have access to thousands of definitions perfectly indexed to be consulted at any time and in a matter of seconds.

Among the peculiarities to highlight of Dictionary in version 0.9.2it is worth highlighting the option of being able to quickly search for any definition by searching through our Android keyboard, an option to easily add any previously searched word to a favorite words list in addition to including a very good access option to the history of all the words consulted in the dictionary application.

Download dictionary application for Android in APK format

As I have told you before, because of the oppressive policies of the RAE, which we remember is an organization financed with public money, This application cannot be uploaded to the Google Play Store and must be downloaded directly in apk format for a manual installation directly from this same link.

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Nintendo Switch console – what do you know about it?

Nintendo, one of the most recognizable and influential companies in the video game industry, has a rich and fascinating history that began long before the era of digital entertainment. The company producing Nintendo consoles was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi and initially specialized in the production and sale of traditional Japanese Hanafuda playing cards. Over the decades, Nintendo has evolved from producing cards to toys to becoming a giant in the video game industry.

How were Nintendo consoles born?

The breakthrough came in the 1970s and 1980s, when Nintendo began to explore and eventually dominate the video game market. Their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), released in 1983, revolutionized the industry and ushered in an era of iconic titles such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. The success of the NES was the beginning of a series of innovations and breakthroughs that shaped the future of video games.

In the following decades, Nintendo continued its tradition of innovation with products such as the Game Boy, which revolutionized handheld gaming, and the Wii, a console that changed the way gamers interacted with games thanks to motion controllers. Each of these products not only strengthened Nintendo’s position as an industry leader, but also contributed to expanding the video game market, attracting new audiences. In this rich history of innovation and success, Nintendo Switch is the next chapter, combining mobility with the performance of desktop gaming consoles.

How much does a Nintendo Switch console cost? Check out the offers available at

Nintendo Switch console in detail

Nintendo Switch is a console launched in March 2017. It represents another breakthrough moment in Nintendo’s history, combining the convenience of portable gaming with the power of a traditional desktop console. This innovative console quickly gained popularity thanks to its unique ability to transform from a home gaming system in the living room to a portable gaming device in just a few seconds. An important element of this design are the detachable Joy-Con controllers, which can be used separately or connected to the console’s touch screen, enabling gaming in various configurations.

Switch offers an extensive game library that includes both classic Nintendo titles and a wide range of games from independent developers and major publishers. Its versatility is also evident in the way it enables multiplayer play – from local split-screen multiplayer to global online competitions. This versatile approach to gaming makes Nintendo Switch attractive to younger gamers and seasoned video game enthusiasts alike.

However, the innovations introduced by Nintendo Switch are not limited to its versatile nature. This system also stands out for its battery that allows you to play for hours without having to recharge, making it the perfect travel companion. Additionally, the user interface is intuitive and friendly, making it easy to access games and console features.

Popular games for Nintendo Switch

The flagship titles that contributed to the Switch’s popularity are games from the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey series. Both titles were received with enthusiasm by critics and gamers alike, thanks to their innovative gameplay, immersive worlds and high-quality graphics.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild revolutionized the classic game series by offering an open world full of adventure and exploration where players can freely travel and discover the secrets of Hyrule. In turn, Super Mario Odyssey is another installment of the adventures of the famous plumber, which introduces new gameplay elements, including the ability to travel between various worlds and use Mario’s hat to take control of various characters and objects.

As you can see, the Nintendo Switch console has been on the market for almost 10 years and the titles of cult games, such as Mario Bros., are inextricably linked to it. With each subsequent edition, the device offers more and more possibilities, increasing playability and the pleasure of everyday use. Detachable controllers turned out to be a breakthrough in the latest edition of the console, and who knows what else Nintendo will surprise us with in the future.

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Samsung vs Apple: the strange case of juror Vel Hogan

Just when we thought the long case Samsung vs Apple couldn’t take any stranger turns, a new and interesting case emerges Vel Hogan. The latter is the head of the jury which has helped steer all allegations of patent and intellectual property infringement true Samsungwhich as we well know will have to compensate the Cupertino company for approximately 1.05 billion dollars. So far nothing strange, if only it wasn’t that Vel Hogan he was previously sued for bankruptcy by Seagate.

The story is still very strange but we will try to explain it better. Seagate it is a company in which Samsung is the largest shareholder with the 9.6% of the sharesi and while this does not guarantee that a juror’s decision can be clouded by past disputes, Hogan he never mentioned the incident or previously informed the judge in the courtroom.

According to the official transcripts found in a PDF file each juror was previously asked: “Have you or a family member or someone very close to you ever been involved in a lawsuit, either as a plaintiff, defendant, or as a witness?”

Here are the juror’s answers Vel Hogan:

Mr. Hogan: In 2008, after my company went belly up, the programmer that worked for me filed a lawsuit against me and ultimately, over the next few months, it was dismissed and in such a fashion that neither one of us could sue the other one for that matter.
The Court: What was his — what was the employee’s claim?
Mr. Hogan: It was a dispute over the software that we had developed, whether it belonged to the company or to him, and I had documents that showed it belonged to the company. Ultimately, as I said, it would — we settled out of court and it was dismissed.
The Court: All right. Anything about that experience that would affect your ability to be fair and impartial to both sides in this case?
Mr. Hogan: I don’t believe so.
The Court: Okay. Was there any dispute — was there any dispute as to who had created and invented the technology, or was it largely who had ownership of it?
Mr. Hogan: It was strictly who had ownership of it, and ultimately it was established that the company did have ownership of it, although — and I still do — although the company is not in business any longer.
The Court: I see. But was there a sort of dispute as to who had created or invented the technology as part of that ownership question?
Mr. Hogan: Yes, there was.
The Court: Um-hum.
Mr. Hogan: But like I said, we settled that — because of documentation I had, we were able to settle it out of court and then we went back to court one last time for the dismissal paperwork.
The Court: Okay. All right. Thank you”

As you will have read, in this excerpt Hogan he never mentioned the Seagate case. The case involving your employee was filed in 2008 but really the case against Seagate occurred in 1993. During the 80s Vel Hogan was hired by Seagate and moved from Colorado to California with the agreement that the same employer would have to pay off his mutual for the House.

In the 1993 Mr Hogan was fired and Seagate agreed to pay the mortgage, keeping his promise. The two went to court and Hogan had to submit abankruptcy petition to be able to keep the house. Throughout this brief summary it is necessary to underline that at the time of the process in question Samsung he still had no connection with Seagate ; furthermore the South Korean manufacturer joined the company from April 2011 (definitely from December).

So you might think that Hogan was not aware of the connections between his former employer and the protagonist of the large legal case, however it is clear and necessary to doubt his judgment in court. If this matter had come out before the war between Apple and Samsung to Hogan he would not have been allowed to serve on the jury, either as head or as owner of the patent itself, and perhaps the final decision in the case would have taken different turns.

It does not end here. How did he do Samsung to learn about this process? It may seem like a dense plot but it is very simple; Michael F. Gradythe lawyer who initially filed the case against Hogan on behalf of Seagate In the 1993is now married to Diane M. Doolittlepartner of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & SullivanLLP, the law firm he represented Samsung against the Cupertino giant.

Apple now he just wants to try how Samsung has come into possession of these information only now. His goal will be to be able to demonstrate that the Korean producer already knew this fact previously and that it was only brought out now in order to change the final verdict in his favor.

The fault would be exclusively of the juror and Samsung can force this. In an interview with SamaGame, Hogan stated that the oath required to serve on the jury refers to cases with a ten-year limit and therefore he was not required to release this information. This would also be false given the following transcription:

In an excerpt from Reuters, Hogan he stated that he was the one who initially sued Seagatewhen the opposite actually happened, Seagate sued Hogan. Obviously these off-the-record statements have no weight in a courtroom but these off-the-record errors could imply others in the final record.

That said, Samsung he could easily have his final verdict rejected if he could demonstrate that the juror had a bias against himself that he willfully omitted under oath. Apple he won’t stand by and try to figure out when Samsung is aware of these facts and why they were not immediately brought to the judge’s attention. The case is not yet closed.

Popcorn in your hands; the plot thickens.


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Microsoft explains its previous statements about Xbox Game Pass

Last week, a document shared by the UK Competition and Markets Authority, or CMA, revealed that Microsoft considers that games that reach Xbox Game Pass day one they sell less during their first 12 months. Now, Faced with this issue, the company has clarified this issue.

As you may remember, in 2018, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, pointed out that games that arrive on Game Pass on day one have an increase in sales. At that time, Forza Horizon 4 was talked about as an example. However, It seems that this has changed. Thus, SamaGame contacted a representative of the company to clarify its new statements, and to see if Spencer’s previous comments are still valid. This was what was commented:

“Xbox Game Pass gives gamers and game creators more choices and opportunities in the way they discover, experience and deliver games. For gamers, that means giving them another option to discover games and play with friends at a great price. For developers, that means creating another option to monetize their games.

We’re focused on helping game creators of all sizes maximize the total financial value they receive through Game Pass. Each game is unique, so we work closely with creators to create a custom program that reflects what they need and ensure they receive financial compensation for their participation in the service, while allowing room for creativity and innovation. As a result, the number of developers interested in working with Game Pass continues to grow.”

Although these new statements do not contradict what was mentioned before the CMA, It is assured that developers continue to consider Game Pass as a valid option to reach a larger audience. Although the exposure and reach that this service provides was never in doubt, there are still many skeptics about the revenue generation and sales of this platform.

On related topics, you can learn more about previous statements about Xbox Game Pass here. Likewise, these are the new games for this service.

Editor’s Note:

At the end of the day, many of the statements that have been shared before the CMA and other similar bodies aim to get Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard approved. Thus, some data are given under a specific context.

Via: SamaGame


What will Content Marketing be like in 2016?

We analyze the keys to good content marketing and the trends for 2016 around this digital marketing strategy.

If there is one household chore that I hate with all my might, it is put the cover on the duvet. I’m clumsy, I admit it. In the attempt to put it in and square the four corners, I also end up under the cover, like a disoriented little ghost. Despite the efforts, the result is always the same: cover without duvet and duvet without cover. A disaster.

Recently, someone shared on Facebook this video “How to easily put on the duvet cover. There is a trick”from the Belgian subsidiary of bosch. It was love at first sight. One of those gifts that, because unexpected, make you tremendously excited.

Since then, I have already shared the trick with my friends and family. Now even with you. Bosch has won a part of the hearts of all of us who hate putting the cover on the duvet.

Behold the key to content marketingthe good thing, what all companies should achieve: fall in love with useful and valuable content to become not only clients but also prescribersthat is, getting us to recommend the brand.

Content Marketing: a love story

And why does Bosch manufacturer of household appliances talk about duvets? Because that is precisely what content marketing is about. It’s not about looking at our navel all the time, about “selling the motorcycle”, about talking about how great you are.. That’s what advertising is for, which reinvents itself every day to be less invasive (and to avoid adblockers which we use to block ads while browsing the Internet). In content marketing it is vital know the targetknow the client’s concerns, needs and problems (how to put the duvet in its cover) and give you just the content you are looking for, as long as it is consistent with the brand’s vision. Only then will we fall in love with him. He will be the one who approaches you, attracted by what you offer him. What happens when the company does content marketing focused on itself? Well, simply will drive away the customer. He is like the guy who tries to flirt with you but only talks about himself, neither asks nor listens. Neither you nor anyone else would want to be with that boy. In a content strategy, your company remains in the background, the customer becomes the center of the universe.

Does this mean that it is forbidden to talk about you or what the company does? Of course not. You can talk about your product or its service, as long as you do it in a natural, transparent and non intrusive way within the framework of content that generates value, that is useful, that helps make life simpler, that clarifies doubts, etc Don’t sell anything, give solutions.

What matters, where, how and when

You can do it in different ways and with different formats: from an article on a corporate blog, a post on a social network, an infographic on Pinterest, a video on the YouTube channel… It is worth stopping at this last format: the video. If in 2015 it was the winning type of content, 2016 will only consolidate its success. The text begins to saturate and, according to Cisco, This year a total of 1.2 million minutes of video the equivalent of 833 days or more than two years will cross the Internet every second. And we are not only talking about videos generated by professionals but also personal micro videos recorded by consumers themselves from their mobile phones and distributed through social networks.

The social environment gains weight and importance. We will no longer only find generic links but content created specifically for Social Media platforms. For example, the Bosch and the quilt video is created especially for Facebook. Precisely this social network has taken a giant step with the launch of InstantArticles, the tool that allows media to publish instant content on their profiles. What will be the next network to join this trend?

The choice of format and platform will always depend on where your target is located, what the audience you are targeting is like and what you want to achieve with your Content Marketing strategy. In 2016 it will be vital to measure not only where but when. He chosen moment to distribute the contents can significantly vary the result of a campaign.

At a time when mobile searches on Google exceed those performed on desktopbrands must also strive to generate more and better content adapted to the mobile phone.

A lot of strategy and, of course, heart. Be clear, try to empathize with the client, speak their language and generate a emotional link with the. I, in particular, am a fan of storytelling, that technique that brands like Coca Cola, Apple or Ikea know so well, capable of making you feel butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat with unique stories. Storytelling does not sell products or services but emotions. The values ​​and virtues that will make you want a romance with that brand or company.

And all this altruistically? It’s good to help society, but let’s not fool ourselves, behind Content Marketing there are some goals: attract potential clients, get leads (user contacts through a form), build brand, increase visibility, increase sales…What is the ROI or return on investment in this discipline? The truth is that it is very complicated, almost impossible to measure it in economic terms and, furthermore, the results are seen in the long term. It is like a love story forged slowly, in the old way, that must be cultivated day by day, content by content, but that once established will last over time.

Love in times of SEO

I have reached this point without naming the well worn SEO. Translation 1: achieve organic positioning in search engines. Translation 2: appear in the highest positions in searches for one or more keywords. Translation 3: have visibility on Google without paying (by paying we have the SEM).

exist multitude of SEO tools, hundreds of services and tools, free and paid, that can help you on your path to perfect SEO. Here you have a complete and updated list prepared by Choose based on your objectives and budget, but without forgetting something essential: always write for people, not for robots. Good content does not change even if Google’s algorithm changes. Furthermore, after the latest modifications, in 2015, Google prioritizes content that answers user questions and offers quality solutions. So what about relevant keywords, titles and descriptions, optimized URLs, and tags? It is advisable to be careful and keep them in mind. SEO is not dead, organic positioning is still vital in a framework of general rejection of traditional advertising, but repeating keywords like a parrot is no longer acceptable. What really scores points now is providing good and prioritize user experience or web usability (UX). If you want the user and Google to love you, offer them valuable content and promote pleasant browsing, the kind that leaves you with good feelings.

One of the things that intrigues me most for 2016 is How content marketing will respond to technologies of increasingly everyday use such as Siri and Cortana. These virtual assistants, which use search engines to answer questions asked by users, are changing the way we search and find things, raising a challenge. new challenge for SEO optimization and for content creators.

Content is NOT king

Content. Content. Content. It seems clear that content is king, right? Well no, content is NOT king. First because it is evident that today anything can be called content. If that were the case, the monarch would be the GOOD content. Second, because we must be clear that Content marketing is not writing and then folding your arms. Spreading content is as important as writing it. It is essential to make them known and, for that, the social networks They are, as I have already mentioned, the ideal way. Furthermore, and for those who long for Google to love them, tell them that there is a positive relationship between the number of shares on social networks and better positioning in search engines.

But also, content marketing is, or should be, conversation. If you publish, for example, a post on a blog, the ideal would be for it to serve to exchange opinions with readers, to “listen to them,” to chat with them. Ultimately, for generate community. Content marketing increasingly faces an informed and demanding consumera user with many suitors, who consults numerous sources, studies and compares before giving his little heart. This consumer is the king.

Analyze to start over?

Analyzing the results is another of the key stages of a good content marketing strategy. Doing something without evaluating whether it has worked or not is like not doing it.. If you want to know what format works best or what topics engage people the most, you will have to measure, measure and measure. Increasingly. And remember, you can (should) always go back and tweak or update the content that requires it. Even, if necessary, correct your entire strategy.

All of these are questions that you should take into account if you work in Marketing, but also if you are part of the communication, Social Media, human resources or training team. Because content has a lot of potential, and far from going out of fashion it will gradually reach all corners of the company.

They say that in In the US there are already little programs capable of writing articles on simple topics like sports or the weather, but, for the moment, you and I are still necessary to address complex topics. For how long? Perhaps we will soon know the answer, but for the moment I will continue working as an enthusiastic cupid between companies and their audiences.

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Change the alarm clock on HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite

It usually happens that we get tired of the HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite alarm clock. In fact, having the same alarm ringing every time is relatively exhausting. Therefore, if you want to wake up with a slightly different ringtone, we will see in this tutorial how to change the ringtone of your alarm clock on the HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite. We will first see what is the technique to change the alarm tone using the alarm parameters. Later we will see how to change the ringtone by installing a dedicated application on your HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite.

Change the alarm tone with the HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite settings

The easiest way to change your alarm ringtone is to use the HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite preferences. To do this, you will need to go to the app Clock of HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite. This is the app you use to set your alarm clock and it looks like a clock. Once you have opened it, you will have to go to the tab alarms. Once done, choose the alarm for which you want to change the ringtone. Once the alarm is opened, all you have to do is choose Sonner. You will then see a list of ringtones available for your alarm. You can listen to them by clicking on them. Once you know which one you want, it is simply necessary check ringtone and validate. It’s okay, you’ll wake up to a different ringtone tomorrow morning! If you do not see the ringtone tab in the alarm menu of your HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite, this means that you need to go through Parameters / Sound to change the ringtone of HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite.

Change the alarm tone by installing an application on your HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite

If you want to have a greater choice of ringtone than the one offered by the HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite, or to be able to play one of your music. One can find apps that can make it happen. Most are free and offer the possibility of changing the alarm tone of the HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite, among other things. Among all these apps, we suggest Free Xtreme Music Alarm Clock which is quite easy and functional. This application allows you to simply set a new ringtone for your HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite. Simply download and install the app. Let yourself be guided secondly and put an end to these old alarm clocks!

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How has Metroid Prime Remastered fared in ratings?

In a few hours it will be a week since the launch of Metroid Prime Remastered. In this way, multiple reviews are now available, both from critics and fans, positioning this remastering within the top 100 of the highest-rated games in Metacritic history.

At the moment, Metroid Prime Remastered has a rating of 95 from critics, while fans have given it a 9.0. In the general framework, this remastering occupies position number 55 within the best 100 games on Metacritic, ahead of titles like Halo 2, and behind Red Dead Redemption.

Now, how does the remaster compare to the original work? GameCube’s Metroid Prime has a 97 rating from criticsand 8.9 by fans, thus positioning itself as the nineteenth best game on Metacritic, behind GTA V, but ahead of GTA III and Super Mario Odyssey.

It’s interesting that critical reception is higher for the original, but fans are happier with the remaster. Similarly, Metroid Prime remains the highest-rated game in the series, since Metroid Dread has an 88 on this site. We just have to wait and see how Metroid Prime 4 will fare.

On related topics, you can check out our review of Metroid Prime Remastered here. Likewise, this is our gameplay.

Editor’s Note:

Metroid Prime Remastered is a great game, and regardless of whether it is two points below the original version, the remastering work and how accessible it is today makes it the definitive version of the Retro Studios title.

Via: Metacritic


Hay Day is updated with the day laborers Rosa and Ernesto who will help you with your farm

Supercell will have few games in the Google Play Store, but it is capable of having them updated to satisfy millions of players that vitiate them on a daily basis. One of them is Hay Day, a farm simulator that in its years of life has been able to evolve to be one of the simulators with the most content in the Google Play Store. Their most popular updates have passed through these lines to tell you the most interesting details about them. This past summer it was updated with neighborhood commerce that allows the neighbors who form that community of farmers to exchange all those food products that your farm produces.

Just yesterday it was updated with a great news: the day laborers. Rosa and Ernesto come to your aid to be hired so they can take care of one of the most tedious tasks at Hay Day, being collecting the most basic products of the game and which are the basis for producing those pizzas, cakes and all kinds of desserts with which you can trade in the town or with that neighborhood that expects the most exquisite and best quality products. Both will be in charge of helping you with these tasks while you are away, so you will be able to produce more and better so that, when you return, you will have everything ready to trade and obtain that money you need to buy more goods and update your farm.

Two very hard-working day laborers: Rosa and Ernesto

For a modest price, for now for a week you will have them for free, Rosa and Ernesto will be able to take care of those most basic Hay Day tasks. While Rosa will take care of feed your animals and collect their products When they are ready, such as bacon or eggs, Ernesto will be in charge of working in the dairy and sugar factory. Both will have their own storage space for the products they collect, so they come in handy to save a little space on the farm.

They have their own house at the top of the farm and you can access both by clicking on it. Rosa and Ernesto will appear so you can select one of the two. You will have a list of products that you can order from them to take care of your process. Rosa will be in charge of using the crops from your silo to make feed in the grinder, you will feed the animals and collect the products. Ernesto, on the other hand, will use the ingredients from the silo or barn (sugar cane, cow or goat milk), take them to the production machines and collect the created products.

With that said, you will have to try to keep enough crops in your silo, since the laborers will not plant or harvest crops and will stop working if they run out of ingredients. The number of products you can order depends on your level. The icons in the order window They will change from the one that confirms that the product is already produced, the blue icon indicates that it is being replenished and the red one that there is a production problem that has to do with not having enough ingredients. Another interesting fact is that the feed does not consume space in Rosa’s storage.

Additional features of the update

Several extras have also been added such as exclusive decorations to the derby prize fund; the woodcutter’s offer, which includes the removal of withered trees and bushes in exchange for a few diamonds; and a special good, If you have been playing Hay Day for more than 2 years you will receive a gift so that everyone who enters sees that you are an expert player in the video game.

A very interesting update that arrives for help with those most basic tasks and that many of us have always hoped that they could be automated. The day laborers have arrived for it, so I don’t know what you’re waiting for to update Hay Day to take advantage of their hands and their great work.


Katamari Forever Preview

The Katamari phenomenon is back and this time up Playstation 3. The game contains “remixed” versions of the levels of the previous titles and, once again, it maintains its very particular and bizarre view (this time, however, in 1080p), an absurd story and a gameplay system also based on collecting objects.

Based on what was shown during the Namco press event, Katamari Forever also adds some interesting changes to the gameplay. If you have never heard of this video game, then let’s start with the plot.

The story includes the King of all Cosmos, the Prince and the Robot King of All Cosmos. The King lost his memory by hitting his head on a planet and this gives rise to one of the modes. In fact, having lost his memory, the levels of the game are completely lostemptied of colours. As a Prince, your goal will be to restore color to the world (and, consequently, memory to the King). To do this, you will need roll the Katamari ball in the desolate world that will restore “splashes” of color to the world and will collect objects as you continue to “roll”. During your journey, you will also encounter some columns of light. Rolling on one of them will give rise to an interesting suction phenomenon, which will bring many objects towards your Katamari ball.
Once you’ve put enough color back into the world within the time limit, you will move on to the next challenge.

In another level shown during Namco’s press event, the world was completely desiccated. In this case, your goal will be to bring the world back to life, using the Katamari ball as a real sprinkler. First of all, you will need to find a source of water in which to immerse your Katamari ball. Once full of water, you will simply have to roll on the dry parts of the world, in order to restore the greenery that belonged to it (flowers, grass and trees will appear).
You will have to periodically go back to refill with water and therefore give life back to the world; in addition, you will have at your disposal a jumping ability that will allow you to reach less accessible places. To jump, you can either move the Yesxaxis up or press R2. Reaching new heights, it will give you the opportunity to reach new water sources and new territories to “water”.

Taking the new gameplay style into consideration, it is possible to notice that the basics remain unchanged; you’ll always have to roll your Katamari ball to do something in the world itself. An interesting addition, in Katamari Forever it is the scale on which it was made; the Prince will find himself rolling over skyscrapers, continents or even entire planets, in the quests that he will have to complete.
You will be able to play more than one 30 levelsaccompanied by remixed versions of songs taken from past chapters and from high definition of detailthanks also to the vivid color palette used.
For Katamari Forever a release date has not yet been announced, but it will be available for PS3 by the end of 2009.

ground zero Ξ TREND

Escape from Tarkov updates: welcome to Ground Zero

Speak about extraction shooter December 2023 could leave a bad taste in our mouths given the complex situation involving the title The Day Before (which we talked about in a dedicated in-depth analysis), but this time we are focusing on a much more appreciated title.

Escape from Tarkov is updated and, to present the contents of this new patch, has been published a trailer lasting approximately 3 minutes: the new Ground Zero map and all its contents arrive on Escape from Tarkov. Let’s discover them together.

The desolate urban environment of Ground Zero it is not only home to cold skyscrapers, but also banks, shops and desolate landscapes that will give you the impression of walking through the streets of a city that was full of people until a moment before.

In addition to the map have been added new weapons (including the SIG MCX SPEAR) and a new boss dedicated to this particular gaming area: Kollontay. Ground Zero has the distinction of being a map built for beginners: Only players up to level 20 can access it.

In fact, within the area there are missions available that introduce new players to the mechanics that distinguish Escape from Tarkov. The update is currently adjustments underway after reports of numerous technical problems at launch.

tablet Ξ TREND

Barnes & Noble plans to return to the tablet market with Nook

The largest bookstore chain from the United States and which has good experience in the eReader market, is apparently planning its return to the tablet market with what would be a new larger device. This would have gone through FCC certification, which gives way to the launch of a specific product.

Perhaps, due to the good sales successes that Amazon’s Fire tablet is receiving, of which I made the first impressions of the 8 HD a few weeks ago, Barnes & Noble you don’t want to miss the opportunity and present itself with a product that can be compared in terms of performance. We don’t know many of the details of the tablet, but it will be a Nook device.

It will be the first Nook device that Barnes & Noble has produced in a long time since it stopped sales of this series a few years ago. Amid financial troubles, Barnes & Noble decided to partner with Samsung to produce Nook versions of the Korean technology giant’s tablets.

Now is when they want to return to the tablet market with their own. The model is number BNTV450 and we would be facing a 7 inch tablet with a MediaTek MT8163 quad-core chip and a 3,000 mAh battery. It comes equipped with a microSD slot, rear and front cameras and Bluetooth 4.0. What we don’t know are the storage options, but it wouldn’t be too crazy to think that there will be several variants like the two options of Amazon’s Fire 8 HD.

But the really curious thing about this tablet is that it seems that it will offer Google Play Store support rather than being subscribed to their own content or ecosystem. Logically, the Barnes & Noble software will be integrated into the system, although you will have access to all those Android apps, so you will have a great advantage if you know how to find prices similar to Amazon alternatives.

We will wait to have more news to learn more about this tablet that will be manufactured by Shenzhen Jingway.

ram screen Ξ TREND

Meizu M5 is official with a 5.2″ screen, polycarbonate body and 3GB of RAM for €121

Meizu does not want to miss out on this current trend of getting great Android terminals for an almost total experience in this OS for mobile devices that has made a qualitative leap in quality in recent years. Those Froyo years in which we were almost naked like that Neanderthal man to evolve to today’s with his tie, his glasses and other worldly accessories.

Right now it has presented the Meizu M5, after several leaks in recent weeks, a terminal with 3 GB of RAM, polycarbonate body and a price that makes it a very attractive phone. Apart from those three great reasons to think about purchasing it, we are talking about a phone that is characterized by a 5.2-inch 720p resolution screen and its two variants in both RAM and internal memory with 2GB/ 3GB and 16GB/ 32GB respectively.

In its bowels we have a MT6750 eight-core chip which runs at a clock speed of 1.5GHz, has a 3,070 mAh battery and several color variants. On the back of the terminal is its 13 MP lens with f/2.2 aperture, which will be able to focus on an object in just two tenths of a second. It has dual LED flash, dual Tone and as an extra addition, it has the physical home mBack button. This is where the fingerprint scanner is located and can also be used as the back button.

It is dual SIM and has the option to increase internal storage via microSD card. Its colors are blue, champagne gold, matte black, mint green and white. The custom layer is YunOS 5.1 and will have both Android and Flyme OS.

The variant of 2 GB of RAM from the Meizu It costs $103, while the one with 3GB of RAM will cost $132. In any case, the price may vary depending on the region where it is sold.

elon tesla Ξ TREND

Elon Musk changes his mind behind the wheel of the Tesla Model X and Model S Plaid Bruno Coelho January 9, 2023

The latest Model X and Model S Plaid were initially launched with the much loved and hated yoke: the rectangular steering wheel. And Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated that they would never have a normal steering wheel.

Now, it seems that the executive had to ‘bite his tongue’ with the latest innovation in electric car technology. Checking Tesla’s website, it is now possible to purchase both vehicles with a standard steering wheel.

The standard steering wheel is now an option for those purchasing a Tesla Model X and Model S

The good news is that users will not have to pay more to have the steering wheel as standard. This means it is up to you to choose this or the yoke at the time of purchase.

However, something to keep in mind is that anyone who chooses to buy the Model S and Model

You can change your Yoke for a standard steering wheel. But it will come at a cost.

And who has already bought a Tesla with a yoke steering wheel and now wants to have a classic? The truth is that you can make the change now, but it will cost you.

As revealed, users will be able to make the change at a cost of $700. Something that already includes the installation service provided by the automotive giant.

LOL I see Tesla has finally relented a year and a half later, and is now offering a round wheel for the new Model S/X, and existing yoke customers can get their retrofit (for $700) (although it still has capacitive flashers, no stems). .So I won’t change)

—Marquis Brownlee (@MKBHD) January 6, 2023

If you were one of those who purchased these vehicles with a yoke and are not satisfied, you will soon be able to make the change. And if you were delaying your purchase waiting for a standard steering wheel, now you can do so from the official Tesla website in Portugal.

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intel laptop plus Ξ TREND

NBook Plus, new laptop in Yoga format with Intel N100

Today we find a new laptop with a transformable Yoga format with the name of NBook Plusa system with which we can use this equipment as a computer or as a tablet.

The new NBook Plus It offers us a metallic body and a good level of finishes. Thanks to the hinge system it uses, we can use this laptop in several different positions. On the one hand, we have the classic position in laptop with the keyboard in front, if we turn it backwards we can use the screen as canvas and if we rotate the screen 360º it is possible to use it as Tablet.

As an engine we find a processor Intel N100 made in 10nm, a good option for office automation due to its energy efficiency. The system touch with 4096 pressure levels It allows you to use it quite well to take notes or make drawings with some precision.

NBook Plus N100 Specifications

The compact NBook Plus hides a processor inside as an engine YoIntel N100 made in 10nm. A Chip with four cores and four execution threads that reach up to 3.4 GHz. For the graphics section we have an integrated GPU Intel UHD Graphics with 24EU compatible with h.265 and AV1 video codec up to 4K@60fps. This processor and GPU are enough to work, but not to play demanding titles. A processor that you can see in one of our reviews.

This small laptop has on board with 16 GB of DDR4 3200 MHz RAM, an SSD 512GB M.2 NVMe that we can replace if we want to further expand its capacity.

Screen and other notable features

The screen of NBook Plus is a IPS of 14.1 inches touch with 4096 levels pressure and FHD resolution 1920×1080at the top it mounts a 2MP webcam. We also have connectivity Wi-Fi 5 + Bluetooth 4.2 and a battery 6000mAh which lasts up to 6 hours. As for connectors, we have a port USB-Canother USB-A 3.0 for data, micro SD card reader and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The default installed operating system is Windows 11 Pro and we have a fairly large trackpad where the keys are silk-screened in English, but we can easily use it in Spanish using several methods.

Price and availability

  • The new NBook Plus N100 can be purchased at AliExpress for a price that is around €269.15 and with free shipping included adding the store coupon + code VTES30
  • If this discount code does not work for you, use another of the Valentine’s Day Coupons on AliExpress.



L’Activision it doesn’t stop and after the success of the first Madagascar, it will be available on November 28th Madagascar 2whose demo is already online on the game’s official website

At first glance it might seem like a game exclusively for little ones, thanks also to extremely basic controls and constant suggestions from the game’s characters, but in reality it can also be appreciated by older people. Obviously you don’t have to have many expectations, the graphics are basic and at times spartan, it’s no coincidence that a 128 MB video card will be enough to support the game!
There will be around ten cute characters to keep you company, the slightly dumb giraffe Melman, the lion Alex and the intrepid zebra Marty, and many others, already known thanks to previous collaborations between DreamWorks And Activision . The voices are obviously taken from the film of the same name (in cinemas starting from December 19th) and also most of the scenes.
The game will be available for PC, Play Station 2, XboX and surprisingly on your mobile phone, proposed by Glu Mobile Inc the levels of the latter will deviate a little from the original plot and you will be able to take on the role of Alex or Marty. For more information you can visit the manufacturer.

GRAPHICS: 5.5 (as mentioned before not much to expect)
LONGEVITY: 6 (although there are 12 levels, you definitely don’t have to work hard to finish it)
PLAYABILITY: 8 (very intuitive, but it is preferable to use a joypad)
AUDIO: 10 (really funny songs, with voices taken from the Italian version of the film)
FUN : 6 (as described in the review you shouldn’t expect much, but you won’t be bored!)

VOTE : 6

air kodi Ξ TREND

A95X F3 Air good box for KODI with 4/32GB and Amlogic S905X3 on offer for €29

Lately it has been difficult to buy a Chinese TV-Box with 4GB of RAM and Amlogic S905X3 SoC, our recommended configuration, for about €30and in recent months there have been few offers on these TV-Boxes.

Today however we located the Box with Android 9.0 called A95X F3 Aira highly recommended box in its range with which we can smartize our TV by installing a multimedia player such as KODI and even played almost all the games on the Play Store thanks to its modern GPU. Remember that paid streaming services can be used in this type of Box, but we will be limited to basic qualities, since it does not have certificates for 4K or FHD qualities. If you want more information about this Chinese box you can read the A95X F3 reviewwith which there are almost no differences in terms of operation.

SoC, RAM and storage

The Smart Box A95X F3 Air includes the SoC AMlogic S905X3, a Quad Core manufactured in 12nm that reaches up to 1.9 GHz speed and integrates a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU, you can see the power of this SoC in a comparative article of the S905X3. This chip has 4 CPU cores ARM Cortex-A55 that reach 1.5 GHz. VPU is a Amlogic Video Engine 10 with HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG support.

This Box, in the version we recommend, has 4GB of base DDR3 RAM and 32/64GB of eMMc storage memory that can be expanded from the micro SD card reader included on the side of the quadrangular box.

Other specifications

In the area of ​​wireless connectivity we find integrated on the board Wifi Dual Band AC 2R2T and Bluetooth 4.2. The connectors included in the plastic box are the usual ones in this range, which costs around €30, one USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0SPDIF interface, one connector 10/100 Ethernet and a video output HDMI 2.1. The operating system is Android 9.0 and a basic IR remote control is included as standard with which we can use this box from the first moment

Price and availability

  • The TV-Box A95X F3 Air with 4/32GB can be purchased on flash sale at by €29.25 ($32.39) with free shipping.

android Ξ TREND

Android distribution: here are the September data

Like at the end of every month, Google releases official data on the distribution of the various versions of Android: obviously Gingerbread is still dominant while Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean they earn more points.

Let’s see all the changes:

  • jelly Bean rose from 1.2% to 1.8%
  • Ice Cream Sandwich rose from 20.8% to 23.7%
  • Gingerbread fell from 57.5% to 56%
  • Honeycomb fell from 2.1% to 1.9%
  • Froyo fell from 14% to 12.9%
  • Eclair fell from 3.7% to 3.4%
  • Donuts remained stable at 0.4%
  • Cupcakes fell from 0.2% to 0.1%

We remind you that on the official website you will find more detailed data regarding the various densities and sizes of the screens and the versions of Open GL used.



BMW presents a new car concept that changes color Bruno Coelho January 9, 2023

CES 2023 is here and it’s time to take stock of some of the most interesting concepts launched at this technological event. One of those that stood out the most is the BMW i Vision Dee.

With this car, the BMW Group shared its vision for the future of the digital driving experience. And this is a vehicle that stands out for its unique customization.

In this futuristic sedan, with the name BMW i Vision Dee – “Dee” means Digital Emotional Experience. This can be seen directly on the exterior of the vehicle, “with a personalized welcome scene that can combine different graphic elements, lighting and sound effects.”

This exterior of the vehicle stands out for reinterpreting the traditional design lines of a sedan within the brand. This includes the integration of physical and digital elements – phygital. We are talking about the circular headlights that appear here replacing analog elements.

The future of the BMW Head-Up-Display: a vision of the future

As for the digital projection inside the vehicle, it covers the entire surface of the windshield glass. The BMW Head-Up-Display expands to occupy the entire length of the front window. The brand claims that we could see this innovation in NEUE KLASSE vehicles from 2025.

If you remember correctly, the big attraction that BMW CES 2022 brought was the BMW iX Flow with e-ink. This allowed the brand’s vehicle to change color, between black and white. But the brand went further in this prototype.

The BMW i Vision Dee introduces this experimental feature with a total of 32 color options. The objective is to give a futuristic vision, but also to transform the vehicle to adapt it to the driver.

With the inclusion of the BMW Mixed Reality Slider, we have immersive driving. Thanks to sensors in the instrument panel, drivers will have complete autonomy to decide what digital content is shown to them.

“With the BMW i Vision Dee, we show the possibilities that exist when hardware and software innovations come together. In this way, we manage to explore the full potential of digitalization and transform the vehicle into an intelligent travel companion. This is the future for car manufacturers, and also for BMW: the fusion between virtual experience and authentic driving pleasure,” says Oliver Zipse, CEO of the BMW Group.

The future of BMW will be electric, circular and digital. This BMW i Vision Dee is another brand in this sense, showing what will be the group’s next generation of vehicles, embodied in the NEUE KLASSE vehicle concept.

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clone Ξ TREND

Streaker arrives, the clone of Temple Run where you run naked!

Since it came out on the Play Store, Temple Run it was one of the most popular and downloaded games of all time despite the simple and decidedly repetitive game mechanics. The game consists of making us run away from a cursed temple after our fearless hero has taken the classic treasure and triggered the (classic) trap by being chased by evil, black and screaming monkeys. But what if instead of a hero, a treasure and some monkeys there were a naked lover, a wife and an angry husband? The answer comes directly from Fluik with “Streaker!”.

The game borrows gameplay and controls from Temple Run, projecting us into the classic movie scene where the husband comes home early and discovers his wife with her lover in the bedroom, who will have to escape “like mom made it” as you will find a rather “gorged” spouse behind you.

Although the game is not as well made as Agent Dash, for example, it is very smooth and easy to play. The controls respond well and the animations when the character jumps, ducks and turns are smooth. The game is completely free, but obviously you can purchase upgrades via In-App Purchase; We would like to point out that there is also the possibility of removing advertising for €0.79. Furthermore, it will be possible to unlock the “uncensored” mode, to remove the pixels that cover our hero’s charms.


We leave you with the download link from the Play Store, have fun!

android software company

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link


tekken Ξ TREND

Tekken 8: the reason for Kuma and Panda explained

Katsuhiro Haradahistoric game director of Tekkenexplained the choice to include two bear-like characters in the roster of Tekken 8, describing the reasoning that led him to consider it a winning idea. The explanation, all in all very simple, can be summed up as: it’s fun to be able to face animals.

Kuma And Pandathe two bears from Tekken, are among the selectable characters of a fighting game saga that has always been praised for the disproportionate number of fighting styles and variety of moves, distinguishable between a traditional martial art and the same seen in a modern key.

Since the first chapter, however, the two bears have made their appearance, Kuma as a character and Panda initially as a skin and then as a real fighter. Everyone, given these premises, wondered the motivation behind this bizarre choice, and here Harada’s statements come in handy.

I just thought it was funny. Isn’t it interesting that video games allow you to do difficult things in real life? Furthermore, a long time ago, there were a different number of people who as martial arts practitioners wanted to face a bear at least once

We don’t know which episodes the game director is really referring to, but there are many examples of fighters who have tried to face a ferocious beast during their career as martial artists.

To name two above all: the Karate master Kyokushin Willie Williams faced a bear to demonstrate the effectiveness of conditioning on his body, and Khabib Nurmagomedov he fought a bear at least twice in Dagestan to demonstrate the effectiveness of his wrestling.

Of course, any martial artist would have a short life against Kuma and Panda, by virtue of the fact that they are animals expert in martial arts and trained to exploit their strength in techniques that are nothing short of lethal.