Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Find and Farm Moblin Heart

How to farm Moblin hearts in the new Zelda TotK? Where can you find the Moblin and where can you farm the enemies particularly quickly? These are the questions that one or two players may have been thinking about over the past few days who plunged into the new Zelda adventure a few hours ago and are now using the Moblin Heart either as an ingredient for a dish or as upgrade material big fairies needed. Similar to its predecessor, Zelda BotW, you can also improve Link’s armor from the great fairies in the new TotK. To do this, you first have to unlock the fairies and then get the materials required for the respective armor. Some armor also requires the Moblin Heart as an upgrade material, but where do you get the heart?

Farm Moblin Heart

If you see the Moblin Heart among the required materials, then many players will probably run to the nearest enemy camp and kill a red Moblin there. After you have killed two or three red Moblins, you quickly realize that they only drop a Moblin Tusk and a Moblin Horz, but not the Moblin Heart you were looking for. To get the Moblin Heart you have to kill a blue Moblin.

The location of the blue Moblin is given as the “Plains of Hyrule” and the “Gorge of Eldin”. The Moblins usually stay in the enemy camps. In the south of the plain of Hyrule there is a very good farming route for the Moblins and therefore also for the Moblin hearts. We have marked the locations of the enemy camps with the blue Moblins on the map with the sword symbol in the following screenshot. Like other enemies, the Moblins also spawn again with the blood moon and you can farm the enemies again and again.

Buy Moblin hearts from the dealer?

So far we have not found a dealer in the world of the new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom where you can buy Moblin hearts with rubies. If this changes in the meantime, we will of course add the information here.


Where to find 8K content to test your 8K TV

It looks like it was yesterday when 4K TVs started arriving here. Now, almost without knowing it, 8K TVs have started to appear and surely the same question will always arise: where is it 8K resolution content to get the most out of the TV? As happened in the early 4K bars, 8K content isn’t plentiful right now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find videos to test the screen with.

Next, we will go over some 8K content repositories. These are just a few examples, because at the moment there is no streaming platform for movies and series that streams content in this resolution. There are others, like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. II’, but processed in 4K, so for practical purposes it’s 4K and we would see it resized. With that said, let’s see where to find 8K content.

The struggle between LG and Samsung to define what true 8K is: the contrast modulation controversy

On YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube allows you to upload videos to 8K at 60 frames per second since 2015, while Vimeo has supported it since 2017. 8K content can be found on both platforms, although we must keep in mind that it is played via streaming and this represents a slight loss of quality . Don’t expect to find any “classic” chapters or videos at this resolution either, as most 8K content is landscape montages.

The easy way to find contained in 8K On YouTube, search for « 8k footage » (if you click the link it will take you straight) or go to a curated playlist like this. On Vimeo, just search for the tag « 8K » and, as a recommendation, filter the ones with the most « likes ».

Japanese television

At the end of 2018, the Japanese network NHK launched the BS8K channel, a channel dedicated to the distribution of content in 8K. The channel premiered with a remaster of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ because it was shot in 70mm. It has a wide range of content that they issue periodically. To find out about the grill, you can access its website. It is in Japanese, but nothing that is not resolved with a right click> Translate.

On the NASA website

NASA recorded at the end of 2018 the first 8K video in space. It was taken with a RED Helium 8K and shows what life is like on the International Space Station. You can see it on YouTube, although the best way to enjoy it properly is to download the raw from the NASA website. The clip is three minutes long and weighs three gigabytes. You can access it from this link.

Wait for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

If there are two releases that we look forward to this year, it’s the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that their new consoles will be able to output an 8K signal, although this does not mean that each of the games they will be able to run in this resolution natively. Anyway, it’s a longer term bet, because to test the consoles it will take a little longer.

These are all games for Playstation 5 that have been confirmed so far

Record your own content in 8K

The 8K content shortage It’s obvious, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be created. If you have enough money, you can buy a video camera capable of recording in this resolution, like the new professional Canon cameras or (much more expensive) RED. On the other hand, there are other smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S20, which allow recording at this resolution. If you have this equipment, a good idea for testing the TV is to record your own content.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Forgotten Land Find Orb (Pillar)

How do you actually unlock the Pillar in the Forgotten Land? Where do you get the orb for the forgotten land? In the last few days and weeks, this may be the question asked by one or the other player who is currently playing Disney Dreamlight Valley and has discovered the pillar in the forgotten land with the pumpkin house. In this short guide we will show you where to get the Orb of Memory and use it to unlock the Pillar of Memory.

Find the Orb of Remembrance for the Pillar in the Forgotten Land

In order to get the orb for the Pillar of Remembrance, you need to complete the new Fairy Godmother quests. The fairy godmother has moved into the valley with the new update, namely in the pumpkin house in the forgotten land, which you could not enter before the update. As part of the quest Miracles Take Time from the Fairy Godmother, you have to find various memories in the dream world. The first three memories can be found on the pillars in Dreamland. You have to collect the other memories in the respective areas by entering the portal and solving a small task (just follow the quest instructions).

  • The Memory of Friendship (Mickey)
  • The Memory of Trust (Mother Gothel)
  • The Memory of Nursing (Scar)

Unlock Pillar of Remembrance

After you have collected the memories, you have to return to the fairy godmother, who then gives you the task of bringing the ball of memory back to the pillar of memory in the forgotten land. But just before you want to pick up the ball of memory, oblivion appears and snatches the ball from under your nose. In order to get the Orb of Oblivion you just have to keep following the story until you can complete the Fairy Godmother quest and start the new Merlin quest. In the Merlin quest “Remembering” you will then encounter oblivion again and after completing the “Remembering” and the subsequent “Knickknacks” quest you will finally receive the Orb of Memory for the pillar in the forgotten land .


Free agents in FIFA 21: the best 50 free agents you can find in Career mode

We offer you a list of the best free agents to sign that we have found for you in FIFA 21, so that you can offer them an interesting contract and thus have important players for career mode.

The career mode is another of the star modalities of FIFA 21 that will allow us to grow with our favorite team or with any other while we sign great players to win titles.

In addition to young promises and cheap signings that you can find at your disposal, there are also so-called free agents , that is, footballers who are currently without a team and who can sign without having to pay a transfer, although in exchange you must offer them an attractive contract to to join your ranks.

Well, there are dozens of free agents that you can find in career mode with ratings that are even above 80, from young footballers to others in their last years of careers, and that will come in handy for the team if you know find them.

You can now buy the official jerseys of your favorite teams

Free agents in FIFA 21: the best 50 free agents you can find in Career mode

In this list of the 50 best free agents to sign in FIFA 21 you have the name of the footballer, his age and his current and potential valuation.

  • (MID) Juiano Mestres, 24 years old, with a current assessment of 81 and a potential of 81
  • (DEF) 20-year-old Wellington Dano with current rating of 81 and potential of 81
  • (POR) J Serendero, 32, with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (DEF) J Frendado, 36, with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (MED) M Baldona, 36 years old with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (DEL) S Mandiquez of 31 years with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (MED) S Ardero, 32, with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (DEL) L Dalves, 28, with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (DEF) M Nerez, 32, with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (DEF) E Schetino, 28, with current rating of 80 and potential of 80
  • (MED) J Sildero, 28, with current valuation of 80 and potential of 80
  • (MED) W 26-year-old neighborhoods with current valuation of 79 and potential of 84
  • (DEF) E Guichon, 32, with current valuation of 79 and potential of 79
  • (DEF) R Di Leonardo, 24, with current valuation of 79 and potential of 79
  • (MED) E Riquero, 32, with current valuation of 79 and potential of 79
  • (POR) L Sareda, 28, with a current valuation of 79 and potential of 79
  • (DEL) A 31-year-old Dzyuba with current valuation of 79 and potential of 79
  • (DEF) D Lenzado, 32, with current valuation of 78 and potential of 78
  • (DEL) E Aguerro, 32, with current valuation of 78 and potential of 78
  • (DEF) S Moon of 32 years with current valuation of 78 and potential of 78
  • (MED) M Ozdoev, 27, with current valuation of 77 and potential of 78
  • (DEF) J Herreria, 32, with current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (DEF) K Berlaso, 32, with current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (MED) L Baezo 32 years old with current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (MED) F Count of 36 years with current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (DEF) And 36-year-old Zhirkov with current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (MED) V Castro, 28, with a current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (DEF) H Moreno, 32, with current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (Del) J Farfán 35 years old with current valuation of 77 and potential of 77
  • (MID) D Kuzyaev, 27, with current valuation of 76 and potential of 77
  • (MID) A 39-year-old Zamorado with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (DEF) J Monsario, 35, with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (MED) A Piriz, 42, with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (DEF) S Petrov, 29, with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (MED) H Pérez, 31, with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (MID) A 29-year-old Mooy with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (MED) T Hamed, 31, with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (MED) V Claesson, 28, with current valuation of 76 and potential of 76
  • (MED) M Normann, 24 years old, with current valuation of 75 and potential of 81
  • (MID) And Gazinskiy, 30, with current valuation of 75 and potential of 75
  • (DEF) Aguilmera, 34, with current valuation of 75 and potential of 75
  • (DEL) P Vaquizo, 35, with current valuation of 75 and potential of 75
  • (POR) P Darenas, 36, with current valuation of 75 and potential of 75
  • (DEF) G Ichazo of 28 years with current valuation of 75 and potential of 75
  • (DEL) D Pamanes, 32, with current valuation of 75 and potential of 75
  • (POR) M Borjan, 32, with current valuation of 75 and potential of 75
  • (DEF) V Karavaev, 25, with current rating of 74 and potential of 77
  • (DEL) M Mohamed, 22 years old, with current valuation of 73 and potential of 80
  • (DEL) K Despodov, 23 years old, with current valuation of 73 and potential of 79
  • (MED) M Degenek, 26, with current score of 73 and potential of 78
  • (MED) 23-year-old R Sobhi with current valuation of 72 and potential of 78

Now you know which are the best free agents in FIFA 21 so you can sign them quickly for your team. 

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Sekiro: All dealers, where you can find them and what they sell

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice there are several traders that you will encounter on your journey through the land of the Ashina. From the occasional piece of information, they also sell you tangible things such as beads, confectionery, wallets and one or the other prosthetic module – provided you have the necessary Sen in your pocket.

Since the dealers and their shops in Sekiro are usually located in somewhat more remote locations or are sometimes even extremely well hidden, they are easy to miss or difficult to find. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we are listing all the dealers in the game below in the order in which you will encounter them. We’ll also tell you where and how you can find them and what things you can buy for what price.

A little hint in advance: If you should face the problem that only the corpse of a trader is left – which can happen (just think of the dragon rot) – there is an alternative way to get his goods. You can find out more about this on the page: Sekiro: Traders dead? So you can still get his things.

Table of contents All dealers in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Most of the merchants’ shops in Sekiro look like this. Exceptions prove the rule.

Sekiro: Find the Crows Bed Estate Administrator (Achievement / Trophy: Estate Administrator)

The crows bed executor is the first dealer to whom you encounter on your way you can . “Can” for the reason that the guy has chosen a particularly well-hidden place that is difficult to reach. For this, however, you will also be rewarded with the success / trophy “estate administrator” if you achieve it.

No wonder the old fellow’s business is bad … he has his shop on the a*s of the world.

You can find the estate administrator in the Ashina area on a high mountain plateau near the Ashina outpost (the one according to General Naomori Kawarada) which is located between the points “Surrounding Wall – Path to the Gate” and “Surrounding Wall – Staircase” on the slope of the mountain . There are some enemies in the area who can get in your way, but there is also a path that you can take unmolested:

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Globules 50 Sen 4
Antidote powder 30 Sen 6
Ungos Konfekt 50 Sen 2
Light wallet 110 Sen 3
Roberts fireworks (prosthesis module) 500 Sen 1

Sekiro: Find Anayama, the peddler and unlock offers

Anayama has set up his shop under the large gate that shortly before the figure of the sculptor “Umland-Mauer – staircase is (before the place with the chained ogre). Unlike the other dealers, Anayama’s offer is not immediately available to you , but must / can be activated little by little, so he just wants to sell you some information at face value (once for 30 and once for 100 Sen) before he opens his shop for you.

You can unlock more items later when you find out for him what the Ashina samurai can currently need (you will only find out when you have reached the Ashina castle to the “Old Grave” figure) and if you have a strong helper for him (this is “Kotaro”, a character you can find on a tree to the right of the character “Senpo Temple, Congo Mountain”. You have to complete his side quest before he joins Anayama.)

Available offer after paying 50 sen

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Globules 50 Sen 2
Ceramic mixer 20 Sen 8
Handful of ashes 30 Sen 6
Light wallet 110 Sen 5
Phantom Kunai (prosthesis module) 3,000 Sen 1

Additional offers after you’ve found out what the Ashina samurai need right now

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Gokans Confectionery 80 Sen 5
Yasharikus Konfekt 130 Sen 2
Heavy wallet 550 Sen 2
Black gunpowder 150 Sen 1
Scrap iron 150 Sen 1

Additional offers after recruiting Kotaro for Anayama

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Akos Confection 120 Sen 1
Magnetitschrott 300 Sen 4
Yellow gunpowder 300 Sen 3
Fat lumps of wax 300 Sen 3

Battlefield estate administrator at Ashina Burgtor

You can visit the battlefield estate administrator in the Ashina area near the character “Ashina Castle Gate” after you have defeated the boss: General Gyobu Masataka Oniwa in battle.

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 1
Antidote powder 30 Sen 3
Handful of ashes 30 Sen 12
Light wallet 110 Sen 3
Heavy wallet 550 Sen 2
Roberts fireworks (prosthesis module) 500 Sen 1
pumpkin seed 1,000 Sen 1

Merchant Black Hat Badger in Ashina Castle

This trader looks like the rats that you had to complete the Tengu side quest. However, this gnome has little interest in the fighting between the Ashina and the nightjar. Instead, he’s more interested in good business. Its offerings include some unique items, including a prosthesis module and a skills text. As soon as you have bought his inventory empty or you reach the area around the Senpo Temple in the Congo Mountain (whichever comes first), the merchant will also move his shop to the mountain area.

You can find the idiosyncratic merchant in Ashina Castle in a dilapidated building near the figure of the sculptor “Old Grave”. Just look down the abyss in front of your nose after the teleport to the figure. There you can see the roof of a large house with a pretty big hole in it. Jump down on the roof and through the hole, then you will find the Black Hat Badger.

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Yasharikus Konfekt 130 Sen 3
Take a hard bite 30 Sen 2
Iron fortress (prosthesis module) 1,600 Sen 1
Air Abyss Death Strike Text (Ability) 1,200 Sen 1

Dungeon estate administrator at the entrance to the abandoned dungeon

This trader has set up camp right next to the sculpture “Entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon” in Ashina Castle. If you don’t know where the entrance to the dungeon is: Travel to Ashina Castle – Ashina Castle and jump into the ditch at the bridge on the side with the praying man and shimmy throw hooks over to the other side. Follow the path over the bridge with the two samurai, shimmy onto the adjoining gate and kill the dogs and the giant with the big rooster in the yard. Then just follow the path into the building and you will end up at the entrance and the dealer.

The dealer is less than 10 paces away from the figure.

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Globules 80 Sen 4
Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 1
Contact medicine 30 Sen 8
Mibu Property Balloon 50 Sen 2
Light wallet 110 Sen 4
Heavy wallet 550 Sen 3
Mask fragment: Dragon (a part for the dragon mask) 5,000 Sen 1
Prayer bead 1,400 Sen 1

Sekiro: Find dealer Fujioka and unlock offers

Similar to Anayama, you have to help Fujioka a bit before you can access his range of goods. But since this includes some unique things, it is worth doing the side quest.

You can first find Fujioka in Ashina Castle. Just follow the big main stairs after the figure “Ashina Castle” up (if you haven’t killed General Kuranosuke Matsumoto yet, he’ll be in your way) and then turn right at the top in front of the gate. Again to your right you can jump straight ahead down onto a wall at the depression and run to Fujioka, whom you can already see.

On your first visit, the information broker wants to know if you are a “capable shinobi” (confirm with “yes”) and then asks you to eliminate all samurai in the area. As soon as you are done with the carnage, you will return to Fujioka and receive a nightjar signal memo as a reward, with which you can follow the smoke signals of the Ashina Shinobi on the roofs.

Following this task, Fujioka retires to the “ailing temple” in the “Ashina area” (where the sculptor lives), where he sits to the left of the temple under the bamboo and is now available to you as a trader.

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Globules 80 Sen 8
Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 2
Antidote powder 100 Sen 1
Extinguishing powder 100 Sen 1
Sedatives 100 Sen 1
Ungos Konfekt 120 Sen 1
Light wallet 110 Sen 3
Heavy wallet 550 Sen 3
Sabimaru notiz 500 Sen 1
Three-story pagoda note 500 Sen 1
pumpkin seed 2,000 Sen 1

Shed merchant vessel nobleman Harunaga in the Hirata estate

This rather weird and strange trader is not only a special case because of his appearance – he operates from a large clay pot – but also quite picky about his payment. The weird owl doesn’t want your sen. Instead, he is after the scales of treasure carp. The big goldfish swim in the water around the dealer and can be found in other waters in the game world from time to time.

Judging by the bony paw and the preference for fish, Gollum could also be in the clay pot.

You will find the vessel nobleman Harunaga on a small rock island in the Hirata estate. Strictly speaking, before the actual property in the water. The video shows you the exact position.

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Divine grass 2 treasure carp sheds 1
Dried up red pumpkin bottle 2 treasure carp sheds 1
Mask fragment: right (a part for the dragon mask) 7 treasure carp sheds 1
Smooth transition text (martial arts) 5 treasure carp sheds 1

Shugendo Estate Trustee Shop in Mount Congo

This dealer can be found in Senpo Temple, Mount Congo . The quickest way to get to him is to teleport to the character Shugendo , then turn around and follow the dangerous path made of wooden boards along the rock wall down to the plateau with the sales tent.

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Feet 30 Sen 2
Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 1
Akos Confection 80 Sen 3
Ungos Konfekt 80 Sen 5
Five-colored rice 1,600 Sen 1
Light wallet 110 Sen 2
Heavy wallet 550 Sen 3
Full of wallet 1,100 Sen 2
Magnetitschrott 330 Sen 2

Poisonous estate administrator in the Sunken Valley

This dealer is not that easy to find. He opened his shop at the bottom of the Venomous Sunken Valley shortly before the entrance to the Snake Cave. There are different ways to reach the dealer.

  • Possibility 1: Travel to the “Bodhisattva Valley” figure, turn to the cliff behind you and jump down to the rock plateau below at the tree root. From there you work your way down into the gorge using grappling hooks along the trees. Below you will find a yellow gunpowder in the middle of the poison lake. Then shimmy from the small bank on the left side over the two trees in the gorge wall until you reach the small bank with the monkeys. Keep to the right in front of the rock, cross the poison lake and you are already standing in front of the dealer.
  • Option 2: Travel to the figure “Passage to the Sunken Valley” and then follow the path in the video below.

Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

Globules 80 Sen 5
Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 2
Green mossy pumpkin bottle of candy 1,800 Sen 1
Antidote powder 120 Sen unlimited
Heavy wallet 550 Sen 5
Yellow gunpowder 270 Sen 2

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Demon’s Souls: The best weapons, the ones recommended and where to find them

Demon’s Souls best weapon? It is just a matter of taste. The choice of the weapon is a personal occurrence linked to the moveset that it carries, the type of attacks it can do, the statistics on which the damage scales and, of course, the simple aesthetic preference.

As per tradition, From Software’s soulslikes bring an incredible amount of offensive options to the table, so it’s up to each player to choose their own tool of death. The long sword, for example, is as always one of the best weapons in the entire game: it has a thrust capable of exterminating the miners of Stonefang, it is fast, it is powerful, in short, it has everything.

But each of us has preferences. On this page we recommend some of the best weapons in Demon’s Souls, each dedicated to a particular build.

In this page:


Are you serious? The Falcione among the best weapons of Demon’s Souls? Absolutely yes – it’s lightning fast, has great stagger capabilities, and can blast any enemy to dust in the blink of an eye. It has a combo that allows you to chain light and heavy attacks to get the better of any opponent even in PvP.

There are various methods to obtain the Falcione:

  • As a starting weapon of the Wanderer Class, which however is a class that has only the aforementioned Falcione good.
  • It can be purchased from the Grave Digger Bilge in the Shrine of Storms (4-1) after freeing it for 1550 souls.
  • There is a Crescent Crescent + 1, or infused with magical damage, also in Archstone 4-1: to reach it you must defeat the first skeletons and turn left in the structure; continue, and you will find a powerful red-eyed skeleton intent on guarding a treasure, which is the Falcione Crescent +1, a scary weapon to say the least.

Here is the exact location of the Enchanted Falcione + 1:

This is the strongest weapon you can simply get as a loot at the start of the game, so if you’re looking for an easy mode, go get it right away.


A strong, fast and incredibly easy to use weapon that requires 18 Strength and 13 Dexterity.

It is a katana designed for fast and light characters, scales very well on dexterity and can be obtained very quickly.

It is found in the Shrine of Storms, Archstone 4-1, and is in the room just behind the Demonic Vanguard. To reach it you can use the underground tunnels, rather than face the dangerous demon directly. In the next room you will find the Uchigatana as a simple treasure.

It is also dropped by the black skeletons of the Shrine of Storms as a rare loot. In any case, Uchigatana ranks A on dexterity, which is enough to make it, however fragile, one of the most dangerous weapons in the game, especially in PvP.


Another extremely fast curved sword that scales with an incredible Dexterity S stat and requires 14 Strength and 10 Dexterity to use.

It is located very close to the Uchigatana, exactly behind the Demonic Vanguard at Shrine of Storms 1-1.

This is also a rare skeleton drop.

Considering that it scales S with dexterity, it is one of the strongest weapons of the genre ever, but it is extremely effective against human enemies and NPCs when infused with Bleed, an effect that unleashes enormous potential for damage if attacked quickly enough.


The Claymore, one of the most loved weapons in the entire soulslike series, an extremely strong and versatile sword of mass destruction that requires just 20 Strength to wield.

Nothing to say: it is the perfect weapon. Versatile, powerful, effective in area damage, completely destroys bosses. Claymore is always reliable.

The Claymore is also very easy to obtain: it is a rare drop of the Blue Eyes Knight armed with a Greatsword which is on the ground floor of the Boletaria 1-1 Palace.

It may take a while to drop, but such a reliable weapon has to be picked up.

In case you are impatient, it is sold for 6000 souls by the Merchant Dregling who can be found in the Boletaria Palace 1-2, under the bridge that is attacked by the dragon. Simply, at the first tower, go downstairs and continue to the right to find it.

The Claymore scales extremely well with an incredible variety of builds. Basically you can use it to do everything, but it shines in Quality builds, i.e. those who choose to bet on two stats in equal measure. With its CC scaling on Strength and Dexterity, for example, it becomes devastating already with Strength and Dexterity both at 20, allowing you to easily take down any boss.

Furthermore, the Claymore also scales A on the Faith, therefore it allows you to create some of the most interesting hybrid builds, as long as you know how to organize yourself well with the scaling in the Level Up phase.


The Regalia is a sword forged from the souls of the bosses: to be exact, you will need the Soulbrandt sword, the Demonbrandt and the soul of the Demon False King dropped by King Allant. Once you have collected the items, you need to go to the blacksmith Ed in Stonefang Tunnel 1-1 to forge the weapon. The required stats are: 20 Strength, 14 Dexterity, 12 Intelligence and 12 Faith.

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful weapon in all of Demon’s Souls.

It is a strange weapon: a broadsword with a moveset similar to the Claymore. The damage it does, however, scales according to the Character’s Tendency. If you have Pure White or Pure Black Character Tendency, the Regalia will have an incredible amount of base damage of 540, which is virtually impossible for any other weapon in the game to match. However, it cannot be enchanted or upgraded, but it still remains so powerful that it does not fear any opponent. Where is the catch?

The catch is that this is an extremely difficult weapon to obtain, of course unless you know what to do first, but that’s what we’re here for, right? Know that it is possible to forge the Regalia from the normal New Game, and now we will explain how to do it.

How to get the Demonbrandt

To get it you must first complete the entire Ostrava quest of Boletaria , the knight armed with a sword and runic shield that you must save on three different occasions:

  • In Boletaria 1-1 Palace, on the ground floor of the castle, he will be surrounded by Dreglings armed with flaming swords under the Thief’s Ring.
  • In the Boletaria 1-2 Palace, downstairs from the bridge that is targeted by the wyverns, you will have to descend and return to Phalanx to save him.
  • In Boletaria’s Palace 1-3, after unlocking the last shortcut, the gate is closed in your face at the beginning of the level by a fat officer. Quickly kill the enemies that attack him to save him.

Once you have secured Ostrava, he will give you the Mausoleum Key before the fight with Allant. This key opens the sealed door located in Boletaria 1-1 Palace, behind the red-eyed knight accessible from the start of the game. Inside you will have to challenge Doran to a duel, and once he is reduced to 25 HP he will surrender and give you the Demonbrandt. If you want, you can kill him to get the old king’s armor, one of the most powerful in the entire game.

How to get the Soulbrandt

There is only one way to get the Soulbrandt: you have to defeat the final boss of the game under the Nexus. Once defeated, however, do not make the mistake of continuing to the end: use the Return spell or a Shard of Archstone to return to the Nexus with your sword and prepare to forge the Regalia.

How to get the Regalia

Two prerequisites:

  • You must have access to the Blacksmith Ed in the Stonefang Tunnels, Arcipietra 2-1, at the bottom of the elevators that are activated with the first shortcut of the level.
  • You must deliver the Glowing Soul to the Blacksmith Ed, which is dropped by the Flamelurker, the fire boss of the Stonefang Tunnels. In this way, he will be able to forge weapons with the souls of the bosses.

At this point, you just need to forge the Regalia and enjoy the best weapon in the game.

Greatsword of the Moon

Here we are at one of the most iconic weapons of the From titles, or the Greatsword of the Moon, an ancient magical blade that has made its way through all the titles of the house, because it even dates back to King’s Field. To wield it, you need 24 points of faith.

Given its nature as a Faith weapon, it scales S on that stat, and is one of the most powerful swords, if not the most powerful of all in this respect. Upgraded to a maximum of +5, she gains 100 base damage and 255 magic damage, plus an S bonus on the Faith stat, so she can reach staggering numbers.

Plus, it’s one of the only weapons in the game (the other being Selen Vinland’s Blind) that completely ignores shield defenses, so it’s deadly to say the least in PvP situations.

To get it, you need to complete a small miniquest:

  • Go to Archstone 5-2, just before the Poison Swamp. Continue through the swamp, and beyond the first Mist Wall you will encounter two armored enemies armed with Club and a poisonous enemy green fluorescent. Once you have defeated the opponents, take the wooden walkway on the right and use it to reach the top; at the end of the path, you will find a large bag of snails hanging from the ceiling.
  • Attack the snail bag until it breaks and they all fall to the ground, downstairs in the middle of the swamp. You just have to go back and reach the crash site, and then prepare to eliminate all the snails that have invaded the area.
  • Once the area is cleared, you will see the Moon Greatsword stuck in the ground: approach and interact to extract it from the swamp and add it to your inventory.

Among magical weapons, the Greatsword of the Moon knows no rivals.

Big Cleaver

Despite appearing as a Greatsword, the Great Cleaver qualifies as a Heavy Hammer, so it is a Force weapon. The stats required to wield it are 26 Strength and 16 Faith.

The Big Cleaver is one of the most devastating single weapons in Demon’s Souls and is the only weapon in the game to receive an S-scaling from two different stats, namely Strength and Dexterity. In addition, it also scales A on Faith, so it can reach one of the strongest attack levels among all the weapons in Demon’s Souls.

If we then consider that its unique effect regenerates HP, it is a devastating combination with objects such as the Regenerating Ring present in the Swamp 5-2, in the middle of the mud, and the Referee’s Shield that can be recovered behind the ‘Demonic Vanguard present at the Shrine of Storms 4-1. Essentially, these three items all give the HP Regeneration effect, making the bearer very difficult to kill.

To get the Big Cleaver you need to upgrade any club + 0 or large club + 0 with the soul of the Arbiter Demon dropped by the Arbiter in the Shrine of Storms 4-1. Just go to the Blacksmith Ed in Stonefang 2-1 Tunnel to deliver the necessary weapon along with the demon soul to forge one of the most powerful weapons in the entire Souls series.

Greatsword of the Dragon

The Greatsword of the Dragon is the most powerful Force weapon in the game, with a base damage of 200 and a B Force scaling. To be wielded, in fact, it requires 30 Strength, and becomes one of the weapons with the highest requirement in the entire Demon’s Souls landscape.

Needless to say, this is also one of the most difficult weapons to obtain. Why? Because to get it you need to have Pure White World Tendency when entering the Dragon God lair at the end of the Stonefang Tunnels 2-3, the final boss of the area.

This is a very difficult task, because without having beaten all the bosses it is difficult to bring the World Trend to Pure White. To elevate it, consider helping other players defeat bosses, especially the Flamelurker. Be careful , above all, never to die in human form while exploring Stonefang . Rather, commit suicide in the Nexus before using this Archstone.

If you enter the Dragon God arena with Pure White World Tendency, the rubble separating you from the sword will be gone, and you can simply go and collect it without any additional effort.

The guide is still being updated, right now!

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  • Farming Souls and Herbs: The best farm points at the beginning and end of the Game
  • La Pietradura: Where to find Schegge, Pezzi and Pietradura Pura
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  • The best weapons in the game and where to find them


Complete List of Trinkets and Where to Find Them in Grounded

Welcome to the microscopic world of Based, where survival is key, and every little advantage you can get counts! Among the myriad tools at your disposal, trinkets stand out as invaluable assets to your survival, each offering unique passive effects that can easily tip the scales in your favor.

Trinkets can give you the edge you need to successfully navigate your garden. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you all the trinkets currently available in Grounded and how to acquire them. Remember, you can only equip one gem at a time, so choose wisely!

All Trinkets and How to Get Them

There are a truly ridiculous number of trinkets in Grounded, although not all of them can just be found lying around the garden.

Currently, there are 6 categories of trinkets in Gounded: Crafted Trinkets, Creature Trinkets, Resource Trinkets, Omen Badges, Unique Trinkets, and Other Trinkets (this is just the miscellaneous category).

Some of these trinkets can be crafted by players relatively easily, while others will require a lot of luck and skill to obtain.

Here are all the trinkets and how to get them in Grounded:

Crafted Trinkets

Crafted Trinkets, as the name suggests, are trinkets that can be crafted by players. These are the easiest trinkets to obtain in the game, as they do not rely on skill or luck to obtain.

Here are all the trinkets crafted in Grounded, their crafting recipes, and the status effects they inflict:

  • Sarah’s charm – 1 Right Elf Charm + 1 Left Elf Charm + 2 Pond Moss + 10 Tough Filth
    • + Invincible attack
    • + Invincible Shield
  • Amazing acid – 5 Acid Glands + 2 Sap
  • Clever needle – 1 Thistle Needle + 2 Sap + 3 Gnat Fuzz
  • Robust shell – 1 acorn shell + 2 sap + 3 larvae skins
    • + Defense against friendly fire
    • + Major threat

Creature Trinkets

Creature Trinkets are trinkets that creatures drop when defeated, although it is very rare for this to happen.

Here are all the creature trinkets in Grounded, the creatures they are obtained from, and the status effects they inflict:

  • Brooder Mother Trinket – Hedge brood mother
  • Infected Broodmother Trinket – Infected incubator mother
  • Mantis Trinket – Mantis
    • End of Combo Critical Boost
  • Speed ​​droplet – Aphids
    • + Sprint distance
    • + Speed
  • Unstable capacitor – Raid TAYZ.T
  • Volatile Fang – Infected wolf spiders
  • Queen of Wasps Trinket – Queen of Wasps
  • Dizzy Goop – Firefly
  • Insulating larva tip – Ladybug larva

Resource Trinkets

Resource Trinkets can only be obtained as rare drops from Resource Nodes.

Here are all the resource trinkets in Grounded, the special resource nodes they can be obtained from, and the status effects they inflict:

  • Eternal Hogstopper –Billy Hog
  • Wonderful Wormhole – Sour Wormhole
  • Fancy tailplane – Raven feather
  • Fluffy Dandelion Tuft – Dandelion
  • Think charm – Misty Mushroom
  • Hot Cha Charm – Hot Chachas candies
  • Shining Salt Crystal – Salt piles
  • Suspicious ice cap – Ice cap mint

Important badges

Ominent badges are a little different from other trinkets in Grounded. Ominent badges can only be found on the skeletons of dead Ominent employees that are scattered around the backyard. All of these trinkets provide at least 1 negative status effect and 1 positive status effect, so don’t equip them lightly!

Here are all the prominent badges in Grounded, where they can be found, and the positive/negative status effects they inflict:

  • Biomedical badge – In a buried treasure located in the sandbox next to the zip line.
    • + Net regeneration
    • Food conversion
  • Compliance badge – Under the power outlet located near the edge of the hedge.
    • + Parry Healing
    • – Damage resistance
  • Defense Badge – Inside a crevice in the back wall of a cave room in the Haze Lab.
    • + Damage resistance
    • – Attack damage
  • Entomologist badge – Under a piece of charcoal in the BBQ Spill.
  • Health and safety badge – Directly to the right of the queen wasp breeding eggs in the wasp nest.
  • Trainee badge – At the bottom of a cave under the half-buried jar of milk molars in the High Prairies.
    • + Carrying force
    • – Movement speed
  • Toxicology badge – Under a wreck located near the circuit breaker that opens the Pond Lab.
    • + Gas resistance
    • + Dust cover
    • – Poison resistance

Unique trinkets

These trinkets are obtained in unique areas of the backyard and, like the Ominent Badges, only one of each exists.

Here are all the unique trinkets in Grounded, where they can be found, and the status effects they inflict:

  • Power Droplet – In the crevices of the stone wall just behind the Brawny Boy Bin located in the High Prairies.
  • Right Elf Charm – Hidden in a chest located inside the Stump Lab outpost.
  • Rotten Berry Charm – Inside Berry Outpost.
  • Shield Solidifier – Inside the Sour Wormholes rocket located in the Brawny Boy Bin.
  • Thor’s pendant – Interior of a small crevasse on the fallen part of the Souche.
  • Widowed widower – In the Black Widow Web Sac (let’s say that five times fast) inside the Brawny Boy Bin.
  • Left Elf Charm – Hidden in the outpost outside the Pond Dome.
  • Sticky fingers – Inside the chewing gum found in the High Prairies toolbox.

Other trinkets

This is just the “miscellaneous” trinket section, although there is currently only one trinket that falls into this category.

Here is Grounded’s other trinket, where it can be found, and the status effects it inflictss:

  • Web cutter – Only accessible in Playgrounds.


Find Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Material 243

Where to find Hyrule manual material 243 in Zelda TotK? What is hidden behind the material with the number 243? This question will perhaps concern one or the other player from the new Zelda adventure who has already spent a few hours playing in the world and is in the process of completing the Hyrule manual. There are five different categories in the Hyrule manual and this includes the materials. You can find a total of 126 different materials in the game and to find all of them, you sometimes have to search a bit. Even if you unlock many entries automatically in the course of the story by always taking a quick picture of new things using the photo mode, there are also some materials that are very difficult to find. This also includes material 243.

Material 243 in the Hyrule manual in Zelda TotK

Material 243 from the Hyrule Handbook is the sun gourd. To get the sun gourd, you have to travel to Hateno again and complete the two quests “A Hateno Specialty” and “Ume’s Crops” there. Prerequisite for the second quest is the completion of the “Object Lesson” quest, which can be started in Hateno School. After completing the two quests, you can find the sun gourds in the general store in Hateno for 20 rupees each. If you haven’t completed the quests yet, instead of the sun gourds you will find the armor gourds in the same place in the general store.

So the sun gourds are material 243 in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you want, you can also use the pumpkins as an ingredient for cooking, even if there are certainly better ingredients. The sun gourd restores three hearts and otherwise has no special effects. For being so hard to find, we would have expected a better bonus.

Tip: This is one of the best arcs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.


Dead Island 2 Follow the Paper Trail: Find the Postman

In Bel-Air there are not a few story quests to be completed, but there are also various side quests which also include the search reports. One of the search messages in Bel-Air is called “My mailman was a zombie.” To start the quest, you need to find the letter of the same name, which is in front of a side entrance in Curtis Sinclair’s manor. In front of the side entrance with a flight of stairs up to Curtis Sinclair’s estate there is a black van from the company “Festdel”. Next to some packages and the “Special Delivery” box is the letter. After you have started the search message by picking up the clue, the first task starts straight away, namely “Follow the paper trail of the parcel carrier to a new weapon”. Here the question often arises, what is meant by “following the paper trail”?

Follow the paper trail of the parcel carrier

The clues to where the postman was found, or more precisely his route, can be displayed by opening the quest menu and selecting “My postman was a zombie”. You can use the F4 button (PC) or press the left analog stick (PS5, Xbox Series) to display the linked recordings and this provides information on where to look now. We have briefly summarized the localities below with a screenshot of the map.

  1. Goat Pen Villa: In front of the entrance there is a hand truck with packages on the right side.
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Doe Mansion: In front of the driveway is a hand truck with more packages.
  3. Colt Swanson Manor: In front of the garage to the north of the manor is another cart with the postman’s last packages.

Then there is a fight against the zombie-infected parcel carrier. You can then use the key to open the special delivery box in front of the delivery truck and collect the reward for the search message “My postman was a zombie”. This is the assault rifle called Raven.


Find Sims 4 General Store (Horse Ranch)

Where is the general store in The Sims 4? What can you buy in the general store? This is what the questions from one or the other player who bought the horse ranch expansion for Sims 4 might look like in the past few days. One of the things that comes into play with the horse expansion is the new world called Chestnut Ridge, and it’s all about horses. In the world there are 3 neighborhoods each with 13 different properties. Chestnut Ridge also has some buildings like a large equestrian center, a hidden cave and also a general store. The only question is, where is the general store and what is there to buy?

General store in Sims 4 horse ranch

The general store is located in Chestnut Ridge in the New Appaloosa neighborhood. Directly to the left of the large equestrian center is the shop and you can buy various items there, including ingredients for nectar production but also useful items such as the horse aging bite. In the following table we have summarized all the items that can be bought in the shop.

The following items can be purchased from the general store.

Object Price
Fishing Volume 1: On the Hook 75
Fishing Volume 2: Equipment and Technique 150
Fishing Volume 3: See the fish, be the fish 250
Apple 14
egg 10
Bagged red meat 20
Packed white meat 20
strawberry 44
bottle of milk 15
Green bean 33
Green Pea 14
Gardening Volume 1: Water, Light and Earth 75
Gardening Volume 2: How to get green thumbs 150
Gardening Volume 3: Strange and Forbidden Plant Genetics 250
raspberry 9
carrot 14
Potato 17
cherry 42
Strong plant milk 15
Cheese 10
Flour 10
Parsley 8th
Horse Aging Bites 150
Prairie Grass Hay 4
Riding Volume 1: Get off the horse, you bungler 75
Riding Volume 2: Equestrian Jargon 150
Riding Volume 3: From Pavement to Stirrup 250
tomato 24
bunch of grapes 41
lemon 30
Sugar 10

In addition to the horses, there are two more new animals in the game, the dwarf goats and the dwarf sheep. The pygmy goats and pygmy sheep can also be purchased at the general store or simply ordered over the phone and the ranch animal exchange.


How to find Warlord and Strauss research in MW3 Zombies?

Both The Warlord and Strauss’s Researches are part of the Tier 3 Mission Storm the castle in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies campaign. Before going to the warlord, you must first find the destination on the map, complete the mercenary camp, and then clear the mercenary fortress.

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Where is the research of the warlord and Strauss?

You can find Warlord during the Storm the castle mission after completing the first two chapters. he is inside a heavily guarded fortress, and he is armed and very dangerous. After killing Warlord, there is a chance that he will drop his weapon and, more importantly, Strauss’s research article.

Mercenary Camp

To access the final part of the Storm the Castle mission, you must first complete the Merc Camp and clear the Merc Fortress. The first part of this mission is heading towards the Mercenary Camp in the northeastern part of the map. To clear the first check, you must fragment each mercenary.

After clearing the Merc Camp, you will get the access card to the Merc Stronghold. You can also buy the key card for 2,000 points, but in this case you will get it as a reward for completing the first part of the mission.

The Merc Fortress

The Merc Stronghold is a little harder to clean. It’s bigger and there are stronger enemies, including the Riot Shielders. Make sure you have enough utilities to handle everything inside. Somewhere inside a fortress you will find a safe and you should start drilling into it. Be aware that breaking into the safe will attract reinforcements, so you’ll need to take care of that as well. Once you finish breaking the safe, you will find the fortress key card. This article, called Legacy Key Cardis needed for the next part, so make sure to bring it with you.

The fortress

To find the Warlord, you must access the fortress located at northwest side of the map (or top left if that’s easier). There are several ways to enter the fortress, but before that you need to take care of the attack helicopter. Once you destroy the helicopter, you need to make your way inside.

This fortress is strongly defended; it has numerous sentry turrets as well as elite armored enemies. Additionally, there are backup helicopters that will constantly drop melee mercenaries. After clearing the camp, you follow the icon and use the Legacy keycard on the gate.

Coming in, there would be two riot shield guys. You should bring them out into the open and take care of them. After that, you will be able to make your way inside the main building. Be careful; There is Bouncing Bettys on the ground and various spring traps, so watch your step. There are also inflatable decoys that will trigger a flash-bang once you shoot them, so avoid that.

The Warlord

The warlord is on the top floor of the building in the middle of the Fortress. After leaving the building, you will see a door. Behind this door is the warlord. Warlord is the toughest opponent in the mission, and he is more than equipped to take you on quickly. His main weapon is the shotgun, and he can rip you to shreds with it. The Riot Shield guys also protect it, and I recommend eliminating them first.

Be very careful when approaching the Warlord as his equipment is very destructive. After having succeeded in kill the warlordhe’s going to let it go Strauss’s research element so you can check two elements at once. Sometimes Warlord doesn’t give up on the search for Strauss after the first playthrough, so you may have to start the mission again. You will also collect Warlord’s shotgun, the Fire Haymaker.


How to find an infinite fuel zombie bike in MW3 Zombies?

When a new zombies mode comes out, players make sure to scour the maps to find all the special items. And in MW3 there is a special vehicle that will help you in almost any situation. Let’s go ahead and find out how to find infinite fuel zombie bike in MW3 zombies.

As you move from zone to zone in MWZ, you’re bound to discover even better things as you progress. One of these things is a special zombie bike called the Blood Burner. Aside from a few interesting Easter eggs associated with it, the Blood Burner is also the only vehicle in MWZ that don’t run out of fuel.

Where to find the Blood Burner Infinite Fuel Bike in MW3 Zombies (MWZ)

This bike isn’t like most vehicles, meaning you can’t just see it on the map and navigate to it. You can find the blood burner mainly in the Tier 2 zonewith a few people mentioning finding it on level 3. Once you can see the bike in your field of vision, you will also be able to see it on the map.

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Unfortunately, the Blood Burner doesn’t have a set spawn outside of certain areas. Additionally, since it is an uncommon vehicle, once you get off the bike, other players around you can simply drive off with it. But if you can keep it for a while, you’ll start to understand why someone would steal it. Not only is it the only infinite fuel bike among MW3 zombies, but it can also cross the waterin addition to offering you a Free quick cola by jumping from the large eagle statue near the Legacy Fortress. Be sure to keep an eye on this bike if you’re looking to go far in MWZ. Because you’ll never know when you’ll need to quickly escape the clutches of death.


Find, farm and buy Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Rock Salt

Where to find the rock salt in Zelda TotK? Is there a dealer where you can buy the rock salt? In the new Zelda adventure for the Nintendo Switch, like its predecessor, there are again numerous materials that are needed for the preparation of dishes, medicine, but also as upgrade material for the armor. If you are with the great fairies and are improving your armor, you may need rock salt and ask yourself where do you get the salt in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Farming rock salt in Zelda TotK

The rock salt can be mined relatively easily via the ore chunks. The chunks of ore not only provide precious stones such as topaz or sapphire, valuable diamonds and opals, but also flint and rock salt. The ore chunks are scattered throughout Hyrule and are mostly found in caves. A good farm spot for rock salt farming is the royal secret passage at the lookout post, where you can also find some ore deposits and other useful items such as thunder flowers.

buy rock salt

If you don’t feel like farming the rock salt, even if you can actually find it relatively easily and quickly at the right location, you can also buy rock salt. You can buy a rock salt for 12 rupees at the general store in Gerudo Town. The offer of the dealers is increased again with the blood moon, so that you can always get enough rock salt here (even if you sometimes have to wait a bit). In another article we have already described how to trigger the blood moon manually in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to surf a shield in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


Palia: Find and collect mushrooms

Where do you actually get mushrooms in the new cozy MMO Palia? In which areas can you find and farm as many mushrooms as quickly as possible? And is there a dealer where you can buy the mushrooms such as the glowing mushrooms with gold? In the new Palia you can find and buy some recipes in the course of the game, which you can then prepare on the stove. Some recipes and dishes require mushrooms. While exploring Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay has usually found some mushrooms, it’s often hard to remember where you picked them up. In this short guide we show where to get the mushrooms in Palia.

Where to get mushrooms in Palia?

The mushrooms, like other “wild vegetables” such as garlic, spawn randomly in both areas, i.e. in the Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. While the Mountain Morel Mushrooms can be found in the east of the Kilima Valley around Whispering Banks and Maji’s Hollow, the Luminescent Mushrooms require traveling to Bahari Bay. Here you can find some luminous mushrooms, especially in the south at the Windy Ruins and at the small ponds between the Windy Ruins and the Hideaway Bluffs. But there are also some glowing mushrooms growing further north at the Flooded Fortress and the Statue Garden.

  • Mountain Morel: East of Kilima Valley from the north in Maji’s Hollow via Chapaa Crossing via the Whispering Banks to Fisherman’s Lagoon.
  • Glowing Mushrooms: In Bahari Bay by the Windy Ruins, west of the Windy Ruins by the same ponds. Flooded Fortress and Statue Garden.

Buy mushrooms from the merchant

If you don’t feel like farming mushrooms for a long time, you can buy some mushrooms, such as mountain morel, from the dealer. In Zeki’s shop you can buy the red mushrooms in the form of mountain morels for 16 gold coins each.


Where to find imitators in MW3 Zombies?

Call of Duty fans around the world are familiar with zombie mode and will be happy to know that you can now kill copycats in the game. If you are a fan of killing zombies and want to know all about the new monsters roaming around Urzikstan, here’s where you can find imitations in MW3 Zombies.

How to find imitators in MW3 Zombies?

Mimics can be found in the form of hordes on the Urzikstan map, in the deep areas of fortresses and bounties. These mimic hordes will be located in fortresses and will contain powerful enemies that you must kill. Unfortunately, these mimics are not found in the same location and it will take some time to find them. Sources have confirmed that mimics have been spotted in dangerous areas, so it is best to find them in high-risk areas on the Urzikstan map.

You may be able to find imitators in fortresses, but be careful, they are heavily influenced by zombies. To destroy a fortress, you will need to destroy the crystallized growths visible at the top and bottom of the buildings. Once this is completed, you will be able to find a Spawn Mime. You might also want to try your hand at bounties to find imitators. Some available contracts include Impersonators among the targets you must eliminate.

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How to kill a copycat in MW3 Zombies

Killing a copycat in MW3 Zombie is difficult due to its strength. You don’t necessarily need a sophisticated strategy to eliminate them. You just need to have upgraded weapons and make sure you are strong enough to fight them. They are considered elite monsters and when they hit you, they hit you hard. Upgrade your weapons, aim at its maw and fight it with your friends. You’ll be more likely to succeed when you have friends by your side.


Remnant 2: find and farm galvanized iron?

How to get galvanized iron in Remnant 2? In which worlds and areas do you have to look for the galvanized iron and is there a merchant who sells the iron? In the new Remnant 2 you can not only find and unlock numerous weapons, but you can also improve the weapons and thus increase the damage, for example. In addition, there are also weapon mods with which you can strengthen the weapons. For the weapon upgrades you need not only scrap metal but also iron. “Normal iron” is needed for the first upgrades, later you need better iron variants such as galvanized iron. But where do you get the galvanized iron in the new Soulslike shooter?

Get galvanized iron

The galvanized iron can be found similar to the other “iron variants” just like the normal iron. So mainly about the loot of bosses and elite opponents. The important thing is that in order to get the higher quality iron like the galvanized iron, you have to have a certain power level. From power level 15 to 20, enemies drop galvanized iron more often. In addition, with the power level, you can also occasionally get the galvanized iron from crates or you can just find it lying around in the game world. The power level in Remnant 2 can be increased through equipment and weapon upgrades, so just upgrade all weapons as much as possible. Incidentally, the power level does not increase with the level of the currently equipped archetype (i.e. the class).

How to farm the iron? Just a few days after the release, players found a way to farm scrap metal, lumenite crystals, but also iron, including galvanized iron. However, since the method is based on a glitch, it will probably only be a matter of time before the bug is fixed. A currently still working glitch for farming materials like iron can be seen in the following video.

Buy Galvanized Iron from the Merchant

Instead of searching for the galvanized iron for a long time, you can also buy it in limited quantities from Cass in Ward 13. From a certain level and progress, she also sells the better iron variants for 20 scrap metal each. The supply is replenished every 30 “real minutes”, so you can always buy galvanized iron with scrap metal from her.


Find Remnant 2 Asylum Key

Where can you find the key for the locked door in the mental asylum? How to open the door on the third floor of the mental institution? Over the past few days, one or two players who have bought the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 for the PC or the console and have already spent a few hours playing in the world will probably be dealing with these questions. In Losomn and the municipality of Morrow, one gets, among other things, into a multi-storey mental institution, in which one encounters numerous opponents and “patients”. When you reach the third floor, you are faced with a locked door and the question arises, where do you get the key from?

Where to find the key to the mental institution

Initially, many players will probably look for the door key in the insane asylum. But here you can search for a long time, because the key is in front of the mental hospital building. So leave the building and go outside. To the left of the mental institution entrance is a shed (near the doll). After opening the shed, you will be surprised and ambushed by a rather aggressive enemy. After killing the enemy with the chainsaw, you’ll get the key to the locked door on the third floor of the mental asylum.

By the way, there is also a locked safe in the insane asylum. In another article we already described how to find the code for the locked safe in the asylum in Morrow Parish.


Find Palia Flow-Infused Wood: Purple Trees (Flow-Infused Plank)

Where can you find the flow-formed wood in Palia? How can you farm the flow-infused planks as quickly as possible and is there a dealer where you can buy the special wood? In the new Palia there are different types of wood, which are mainly needed for crafting and building tools and furniture. In addition to sapwood and heartwood, there is also flow-embossed wood. In this short guide we show where to get the flow stamped wood and what the purple trees have to do with it.

Find Flow Stamped Wood

Flow-embossed wood is obtained from the in-game “magic” purple trees that are commonly seen in both Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. If you try to cut down a purple tree, depending on the size of the tree and the ax upgrade, you will quickly find that the tree keeps healing itself and cannot be cut down (even with the best ax in the form of the exquisite axe). In order to be able to cut down the purple trees and get the flow-embossed wood, you have to call another player for help via the chat. With two or three players you can easily get the purple tree felled and then get the Fleece Embossed Wood you are looking for. Incidentally, you can also fell the small purple trees yourself with the exquisite axe, since the tree does not heal itself quickly enough here.

Find and farm purple trees?

On the website you will find an interactive map with the possible spawns of the purple trees with the diligently imprinted wood for Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. A pretty good farm spot is north of Bahari Bay, where there are some spawns from the trees.

Buy flow-embossed wood and boards?

As with the other wooden cards, you cannot buy the flow-embossed wood directly, but you can buy the boards. At Ashura you can buy the plan for the production of the planks, but also the planks in the form of the Flow-Infused Planks themselves for 3 Foraging Medals each. In order to get the Foraging Medals, you must have reached Foraging skill level 10.


Remnant 2: Find and use Soul Key Tribute

Where to find the Soul Key Tribute? What can you do with the Soul Key and what do you need the quest item for? In the last few days, one or the other player of the new Remnant 2 may be dealing with these questions, who either discovered the tribute of the soul key in the inventory and does not know where to use the item, or specifically for the item seeks to use it. In this short guide we will show you where to get the item and what to do with the tribute.

Get the Soul Key Tribute

The Soul Key Tribute can be found in a “secret room” in the Mental Asylum in Morrow Parish. You get to the secret room after fighting your way through the gilded chambers and defeating the boss. The Soul Key Tribute is on the ground next to the corpse.

Where to use the Soul Key Tribute?

The question now is, where can you use the Soul Key Tribute and what can you do with the item? To use the Soul Key, go to the basement of the Insane Asylum in Morrow Parish. In the basement you will not only find the lady from whom you can find out the code for the iron safe in the mental asylum, but opposite is also a huge spider’s web with a corpse (?) stuck in it. You can interact with the corpse and then use Soul Key Tribute, which in turn creates a portal. The portal takes you to the tormented mental asylum and here you meet the boss “The Night Weaver”.

After the fight against the night weaver you get the material cursed dream silks and you can also get the dream catcher via the second cobweb by using the stone doll of the night weaver on the web.


Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – The three daughters of Lerion (witches) and where to find them

In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla you can find Thor’s equipment, i.e. his armor and of course his hammer. However, part of this task requires that you do the three daughters of Lerion finds. That and you have to three witches of course also for the 100 percent achievement and the platinum trophy. So it’s worth twice.

The daughters of Lerion count as Mysteries on the map, so blue dots and then, when you have revealed what the point is, they are marked with a kind of antler helmet.

These three witches bring you closer to the trophy or the achievement “Divine Reward” and for this purpose you get a long dagger every time you defeat a witch, which you have to push into a hidden statue in order for this quest to continue. You can find the details of the Thor quest here.

Goneril, daughter of Lerion number 1

You shouldn’t underestimate the daughters of Lerion, all three are powerful magicians and can make your life difficult. Goneril is still the easiest, though, and you should be able to defeat it at power level 90 or higher. But even then it is a little bit more intense than some zealots who also have this level, so prepare yourselves in terms of medicinal herbs.

The witch’s trick is to multiply and deceive herself and she likes to disappear for a few seconds, only to attack you from a surprising direction. Your attack skills mostly come to nothing, so you shouldn’t rely on them or use them at all. Instead, you consistently evade and only attack with light blows and preferably a fast weapon if you have the chance.

You do most of the damage when she started her runic attack, but it came to nothing thanks to your evasive maneuvers. Then Goneril has to take a deep breath and you can counter. If she starts normal attacks and you are good at counterattacking and parrying, this is also a good way to add a few extra punches.

It can’t hurt if you really internalize this fighting technique – what you should generally do for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Parry properly and you will win every fight!

So stay on the move, parry and counter when it comes down to it and Goneril will soon have himself done.

Regan, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s Witch Number 2

Regan is a little stronger than Goneril, so you should be patient up to Power level 110 or 120 before continuing here. Have you found her in her hiding place – see map – that you will find that the daughters of Lerion were apparently all in the same school. It can also multiply and it loves to teleport through space. She can do that very quickly too, so save yourself arrows and special attacks again, although the ax throw is the exception and can be fast enough if you get the timing right. Otherwise you stick to fast attacks with light weapons again, dodging and parrying to land a counterattack.

This is where Regan is hiding

But Regan has one more trick up her sleeve, namely as soon as she has lost half of her life energy. Now she has suddenly mastered fire magic and almost exclusively uses fire attacks. This means that even with successful counterattacks you will quickly be on fire yourself, which quickly makes evasive movements even more important – with this you extinguish the fire if you are burning yourself. Make sure you don’t get hit without at least catching her and Regan will soon be history too.

Cordelia, the third witch

Cordelia should be saved for a while, pretty much until the end of the game, because you shouldn’t put yourself below power level 340. It is a little simpler than Regan, in that it mainly makes long jumps towards you and thus brings itself within reach. This is a real problem if you don’t have your stamina in view and leave something to evasive maneuvers. Should she start her red attack and you can’t get away from it quickly, then it will be very painful for you. Be even more patient with her, do not exhaust yourself with punches in the void and use quick attacks. Cordelia is also prone to poisons, which can give you a small, but perhaps crucial, advantage.

Here you can find the last witch of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Cordelia.

The three daggers for the statue

With these three daggers you then continue with Thor’s quest series, because with a power level that was enough to defeat Cordelia, you can also get Thor’s helmet and the rest of the divine items: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – So find her Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and his armor

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Palia: Find thorn daisies

In the new cozy MMO Palia you can find different flowers and one of them is the thorn daisy. The thorn daisy is needed for some quests, but also as a gift for some NPCs and to unlock achievements. If you are looking for the daisy in Palia and cannot find the flower, our short guide can certainly help you.

Where to find the thorn daisy in Palia?

The thorn daisy can be found in Bahari Bay (i.e. the area east of the starting area Kilima Village). Once in Bahari Bay, head to Proudhorn Pass or the Statue Garden to the north or northeast of the bay. The thorn daisy is usually relatively easy to find in the area, which is also due to the fact that the flower is relatively easy to recognize from the purple flowers, even from greater distances (see screenshot).

  • Name: thorn daisy
  • Location: Bahari Bay – around the Statue Garden and Proudhorn Pass
  • Sell ​​price: 15 gold

Tip: This is how you can quickly earn money and farm gold coins by farming oysters in Palia.


Remnant 2 Timeless Horizon Open Door: Find Navigator’s Helm

What’s the deal with the facility in the Timeless Horizon area? How to open the locked door in the timeless horizon and where to find the navigator helmet there? A few days ago the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 from Gunfire Games was released and the game, like the first part, is very popular. In the worlds there are so many areas to explore and challenges to master. This includes not only fights against numerous opponents, strong elite opponents and bosses, but you also have to solve a few puzzles and find hidden entrances. In this guide we show how to open the door in the Timeless Horizon at the facility.

Find the Navigator’s Helm

  1. The navigator’s helmet can be found in a small hiding place, which can be reached via one of the “booths” from the facility.
  2. Under one of the three punches (which always move up and down) is a hole you can climb through (see screenshot). Incidentally, you have to be quick here in order not to be leveled to the ground.
  3. After jumping into the hole, you can walk down the pipe and pick up the ring of the detonator first. Continue exploring the area below and you’ll get the Navigator’s Helmet from a Navigator Zombie/Alien (see screenshot). You don’t even have to pick up the helmet, the helmet ends up in your inventory immediately and can then be equipped as normal.
  4. After you have collected the helmet, continue and at the back you will find a switch with which you can open the door from the other side. Once opened, the door can be used or entered again at any time.

There are also other puzzles in the timeless horizon, such as the boxes lying around (coffins?) and a spaceship. More on that shortly.


Palia: Find and prepare blueberry pie recipe

In the new cozy MMO Palia you can prepare different dishes. The dishes also include a blueberry pie. When it comes to blueberry cake, several questions often arise. On the one hand, there is the question of where you can get the blueberry cake recipe and from which dealer you can buy the blueberries. If you are asking yourself the same question and want to prepare the cake, our short guide can certainly help you.

Find blueberry pie recipe

Like many other recipes, the blueberry pie recipe can be purchased from Reth. Before you can buy the recipe from Reth, however, you must first increase your Cooking skill level to level 6. You can then purchase the blueberry pie recipe for 1,500 gold.

  • Name: Blueberry Pie Recipe
  • Location: Reth
  • Requirement: Cooking at level 6, mixing station and standard oven

Ingredients for the blueberry pie

In addition to the recipe, you now need the ingredients for the blueberry cake and these include:

  • 1x Wheat: You can either grow the wheat yourself using wheat seeds or buy it from the farm.
  • 1x Butter: You can buy the butter in Zeki’s shop.
  • 1x Blueberries: You can plant and harvest the blueberries yourself with the blueberry seeds.
  • 1x Sweetleaf: The Sweetleaf can be found in Bahari Bay in the areas Ancient Aquaduct, Thorny Thicket, Statue Garden and Proudhorn Pass.
  • 1x Spice Sprouts: The spice sprouts can be found in Kilima Valley (eg at the Mirror Fields) or you can buy the spice in Zeki’s shop.

You now have to prepare the ingredients at the prep station, mix them at the mixing station and then prepare them on the stove. The result is the blueberry pie.


Remnant 2: Find Clementine

Where can you actually find the good Clementine in the new Remnant 2? Where is Clementine after she disappears from Ward 13? In the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 you will meet some characters and one of them is Clementine. In this short guide we show where you can find and talk to Clementine at the beginning of the game, but also later in the game outside of Ward 13.

Where to find Clementine in Remnant 2?

Clementine is one of the most important characters in the game. At the beginning of the game, she is met at the camp in Ward 13, where she has a small run-in with Ford. She then disappears from camp 13 and is not seen again for a while.

  • Location 1: In station 13 near Ford. After the argument with Ford, she disappears.
  • Location 2: The second time you meet Clementine in the “Labyrinth” world. After defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel Boss, i.e. the blocks that keep moving back and forth in the small labyrinth, you reach the “Inner Sanctum” area. After the boss, the labyrinth leads to the “Inner Sanctuary” area, where you can find the guardian in the form of the huge floating eye, but also Clementine. Here you can interact and talk not only with the keeper, but also with Clementine.

    Clementine locality

This article is still under construction. Further information on other localities of Clementine will follow here shortly.