Benoît Saint-Denis: what does the tattoo he has on his chest represent?

Benoît Saint-Denis, who scored another victory at UFC 295 against Matt Frevola, has several tattoos on his body, including an often intriguing one on his chest. Here are the explanations.

The “God of War” never ceases to impress. Benoît Saint-Denis won another victory in his quest for a chance at the title by beating the American Matt Frevola in the first round, on the night of Saturday to Sunday at Madison Square Garden in New York. Enough to make a name across the Atlantic. Between his “warrior” style in the octagon and his physique, “BSD” also creates an image for himself. Here is the explanation for his cross tattooed on his chest.

In an interview with CNEWS during his first UFC fight in October 2021, Benoît Saint-Denis, former special forces, explained the meaning of this red cross.

The security of François Hollande

“I have the Templar cross because the Templars spoke to me,” BSD said. I am a Christian and when the order of the Templars was created, their initial function was to provide pilgrimage for those traveling to the Holy Land from Europe to Jerusalem. And given that the group I belonged to ensured the security of François Hollande during his visit to Mali and that special forces are generally used for the security of high-ranking French personalities, I really liked it, so I took it. made to. »

Note that the native of Nîmes has two other tattoos. “I have one that represents the special force I belonged to. I have one for the Brazilian Jujitsu club which gave me a taste for combat sports,” he explained to CNEWS.

After his incredible success against Frevola at UFC 295, Benoît Saint-Denis is positioning himself a little more as a future contender for the lightweight title. He was able to carry out an incredible sequence of fights to achieve his quest for the Grail: Gamrot, Gaethje, Poirier and Makhachev.

The interview with Benoît Saint-Denis in the L’Arène podcast

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Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Prison at Bab Dimashq Chest

How do you get the chest in the prison at Bab Dimashq? In the new Assassin’s Creed Mirage you come to the prison at Bab Dimashq early in the game. In addition to the quest, there is also a golden equipment chest in the large prison. The chest is in the ditch around the prison, but the door is locked or locked. The question arises, where do you get the key for the door to the chest at the prison at Bab Dimashq? How to reach and open the equipment chest?

Open prison chest in AC Mirage

To reach the chest at the prison, you don’t have to find a key or look for a secret passage. The solution to the “puzzle” is easier than you initially think, because you simply have to move to the other side of the ditch in front of the locked door. On the other side you can see a small opening in the iron grille. Although you can’t climb through the opening into the room with the chest, you can throw a throwing knife at the barricaded door from the other side and unlock it. Once you have destroyed the lock and the barricade of the door with the throwing knife, you simply have to climb back to the other side and then go through the door. In the chest at the prison near Bab Dimashq there is the treasure “Zanj Sword of Rebellion”.

  1. In front of the locked door, go to the other side of the ditch and stand in front of the small opening in the iron grate.
  2. Equip the throwing knife using the R2 button (PlayStation) or the RT button (Xbox). Aim at the lock or crossbar with the L2 button (PlayStation) or the LT button (Xbox) and use the R2 button or the LT button to throw the throwing knife. It is important to make sure that you aim correctly at the crossbar and that the crosshairs are displayed red. Otherwise you’ll constantly be throwing things against the iron bars.
  3. Climb back to the other side, go through the door and open the golden equipment chest.

A little further south of the prison at Bab Dimashq is also the area “The Four Markets”. There is also an equipment chest here that is not that easy to reach. We have already created detailed instructions on how to open the chest on the four markets in another article.