Meeting with Leonardo Tano, son of Rocco Siffredi and above all new hope of Italian athletics

Leonardo Tano connects with us via Zoom, under the Milanese sun. He wears a pair of thick-framed black glasses and headphones placed on his ears. At 23, he has just left Budapest to settle in Italy and continue his studies. But before you continue reading, you need to know two things about Leonardo: first, that he is the second son of Rocco Siffredi; then, that since he has been in Italy, he has discovered that he runs really, really fast.

Tano thus divides his time between the track – that of Atletica Meneghina, at the Arena Civica (“When I saw it, I immediately thought: I want to run here”) –, his studies (after a mechanical engineering degree obtained in Budapest, he followed a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan) and his career as a model, followed by the Next Models Milan agency. Born in Rome, he always lived in Budapest, with his father Rocco (real name Tano, Siffredi being a professional pseudonym) and his mother Rosza Tassi, of Hungarian origin. “I love my new life in Milan, where I moved in September. I don’t know if it’s because for the first time I’m independent from my parents, or simply because I’m in Italy. I feel much closer to Italian culture.”


Meeting with Trym, the French DJ who ignites festivals around the world

We remember a memorable night last April when the basement of the AccorArena shook to the rhythm of his music. Deep bass and hypnotic beats have merged to create an out-of-this-world sound experience. It was at the Phantom, the new concert hall which opened its doors last March. That evening, more than 3,000 people gathered to listen and dance to the DJ of the moment: Trym. Founder of the COLOR label, this is the first time that the Frenchman has set up his decks here. But it’s a special evening for the DJ in another way because he is inaugurating a sound and visual show in collaboration with the KTRS Design studio. Result ? More than two hours of breathtaking live music, both sonically and visually.

His musical style oscillates between hypnotic techno and acid, with harmonious and melodic sounds that plunge the audience into a deep trance state. Trym’s sets are a true sensory experience, a total immersion in an avant-garde sound universe. One of the emerging French techno artists, his growing reputation has earned him invitations to play in the most prestigious clubs and festivals around the world. From Berlin to New York, via Ibiza, Trym leaves an indelible mark in every club, warehouse and festival where he performs.


Sports: meeting the new French women’s futsal team

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Published on 09/27/2023 10:54

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France 2 – S.Ollivier

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Present on the 8 Heures set, Wednesday September 27, journalist Samuel Ollivier is interested in the French women’s futsal team, which has just been created. The Télématin teams went to meet the players.

Futsal, the name given to indoor football, “is a discipline in its own right invented in the 1930s in Uruguay, then exported to France in the 1970s”indicates journalist Samuel Ollivier, present on the set of 8 Heures, Wednesday September 27.This sport is played five against five in the gymnasium.A new French women’s futsal selection has just been created.From Monday to Thursday, “30 pioneers of women’s futsal are gathered in the legendary training center of Clairefontaine (Yvelines)specifies Samuel Ollivier.

“We have a lot of future ahead of us”

The teams ofTelematin areaislesmeet the players of this new team during this first training camp.“We can do something, and we can represent this rooster very well and honor him. I think we have a lot of future ahead of us. »believes IlonaCommaretteam player.The team’s first friendlies will be a double-header against Finland on November 7 and 8.

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Meeting girls and dealing with bandits in two new trailers for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be released on January 26th, the developers announced this during the RGG Summit broadcast. The studio also showed two detailed videos on the plot and gameplay.

Infinite Wealth will be Yakuza’s biggest part yet. In the story, Ichiban goes to Hawaii to find his mother. In the new land, the hero meets Kazuma, the hero of the first games.

The game will feature both turn-based and real-time combat. The developers have also added a dynamic weather system and many additional activities for the heroes. In the video, you can see Ichiban working as a courier, filling out a profile on a local Tinder, and trying to befriend a rooster.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

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  • Naked Ichi on the Beach – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth announced
  • A gameplay trailer has been released for the new Yakuza spin-off, in which the main character breaks the bones of his enemies
  • Screenshots and release date of the new Yakuza about Kazuma Kiryu have been leaked online



Transport Fever 2: Prevent meeting solution

How to solve the “Prevent Hit” bonus task in Transport Fever 2? What exactly is meant by preventing a meeting and where can I find a solution? This may be the case for one or other player of the new Transport Fever 2 who is currently doing the campaign and has the task “Prevent meeting” among the bonus tasks “Ikutsk Sable Breeding Club”. Since we are probably not the only players who don’t know what it means right away when solving the task and therefore don’t get anywhere, we have created a short guide with a solution for the mission in this article.

Transport Fever 2: Prevent Meeting Mission

The description of the “Prevent Meeting” mission states “Find the conspiracy meeting points and demolish them! Through precise filtering, the 3 meeting points become visible.” If you click through all the filters at the top left and apply them once, then many players will certainly not find anything at first.

The solution requires you to use the “land use” filter to find the meeting points of the sable breeders’ club. If you have activated the land use filter, almost all buildings are shown in color, except for the “House of the Sable Breeders’ Association”, of which there are three. The house is quite small, so it’s relatively easy to miss if you have the filter activated. The three houses are all in the city, one of the houses is a bit hidden because it is covered by a large tree.

In order to solve or complete the mission “Prevent meeting” you simply have to destroy the three houses of the sable breeding club with the bulldozer and the bonus task is completed.

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