Hogwarts Legacy: changing seasons?

Can you manually change the seasons in Hogwarts Legacy? Is there an item or an NPC where you can switch from one season to the other at the push of a button? Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the game world of the new Harry Potter game may have noticed that the environment changes over time. This doesn’t just mean the day-night cycle, but there are also seasons in the game. Over time, the leaves on the trees turn orange and yellow, and fall begins. Some time later, winter sets in and it snows at Hogwarts. The question arises, how can one switch from one season to the other?

Change season manually?

The short answer to the question is, no, you cannot manually change the seasons in Hogwarts Legacy. Unlike, for example, the time or time of day, there is no function in the game that allows you to switch from summer to autumn or winter at the push of a button. The seasons change automatically in the game and not within a certain period of time, but with the progress of the story. After the quest “Percival Rackham’s Trial” the season changes to autumn and after the quest “Charles Rookwood’s Trial” the season automatically changes to winter.

  1. Percival Rackham’s Trial – Season Autumn
  2. Charles Rookwood’s Trial – Season Winter
  3. The Final Repository – Season Spring

If in the future there is a way (for example via mods) with which you can manually change and change the seasons in Hogwarts Legacy, then we will of course add the information here. If you would like to take a closer look at the Hogwarts world in the individual seasons, you could simply create an additional savegame before the respective quest.

Tip: This is how you can unlock the loom and use it to improve your equipment.


How to fix Android Auto error 16

Android Auto changes the Android interface to a more comfortable one for use in the car, either on the mobile itself or on the car screen. Generally it works fine, although sometimes it may refuse to work no matter how much you connect it, showing the message Communication error 16.

Android Auto errors are, of course, persistent. On the one hand, the system is bundled with languages ​​and on the other there is the communication error 16, already a few years between us. Yes indeed, This error appears mainly with MIUI mobiles And the good news is that you have an easy solution, albeit in exchange for losing a feature.

Why this error happens

Google is not too specific with the description of the error. In the window that appears, the text “Android Auto has encountered an error. Communication error 16: There seems to be a problem. When safe, disconnect and reconnect the phone.” No matter how much you disconnect and connect the phone, the error persists, preventing you from using Android Auto.

The error is very widespread, and it is that everything indicates that it happens by a incompatibility with MIUI dual apps feature, specifically when Google services are duplicated for these “clones” of applications that allow you to use two accounts in apps like WhatsApp.

Therefore, in most cases this error appears on Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobiles that are using dual applications, although it could also appear with communication problems with the mobile, such as when you are using a poor quality USB cable and it disconnects. The difference is, if this is the case, generally doing what it says in the message (disconnecting and reconnecting the phone) should fix it.

How to fix Android Auto error 16

If you have a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI and there is no way to make Android Auto work, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that fixing the error is easy and you should have Android Auto up and running in a few minutes. The bad news is that in return you’ll have to do without the dual apps feature.

Dual applications is the MIUI function that duplicates an application so that you can configure a different account in an application that does not let you do it out of the box, such as WhatsApp. The Android Auto problem is not directly related to these app clones, but rather to a side effect: that a copy of Google services is created. Doing so causes Android Auto to “get confused” and stop working.

The solution is to disable the MIUI dual app. To do this, you must go to Settings – Applications – Dual Applications and enter the options section, on the gear icon. It is not enough to uncheck the box next to all the applications you have cloned, as this does not delete the copy of Google services that is causing the error.

In the dual apps options, tap Delete accounts to completely remove all dual apps and restart the mobile. When you return, Android Auto should work normally and without showing you the error.

This way of fixing Android Auto on a Xiaomi mobile has the disadvantage that you cannot use Dual Applications to clone apps. What you can do is install another app to clone apps, like Parallel Clone, which do not cause the error in Android Auto.


YouTube Premium increases in price in several countries, although Spain is saved for the moment

If the trend is to raise the price of subscription platforms, Google does not want to be left behind. Disney+ is more expensive from today, Netflix no longer has a basic plan and we are still waiting for the arrival of Max in Spain with the, surely, consequent price increase.

However, it is not the only thing that is increasing, since in July Google announced a price increase for YouTube Premium. It was only produced in the United States, but we already mentioned that we had to keep an eye on the movement and, now, YouTube Premium rises again in countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

Spain, for the moment, is free from the YouTube Premium price increase

A few weeks ago we learned about the disappearance of the YouTube Lite account, so the cheapest modality is no longer available and we can only access Individual for 11.99 euros per month, the family for 17.99 euros or the student rate.

It did not imply a price increase, but this movement, together with the one announced a few hours ago, makes us suspect that we will soon have a more expensive subscription in our country.

And, as we read in SamaGame, starting this November 1, the monthly subscription in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Germany, Poland and Turkey It is more expensive in both the individual plan, the family plan and the student plan.

At the moment, Spain is not on the listbut if we already look with suspicion at the rise in Premium in the United States, now even more so, since it is much closer to us.

According to YouTube, The increase will allow us to continue improving the service, referring to both Premium features and the platform’s support for creators and artists. Now, we just have to wait for the announcement of a price increase for Spain, since it is a possibility that is closer than ever.

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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden: Xbox Series X|S and PS5 graphics comparison

Image: Focus Entertainment

A video compares the graphics and performance of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

With today’s release of the action game Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, the first graphics comparison for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 has also arrived.

While Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden only has one graphics mode on Xbox Series S, you can choose between quality and performance on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

In Quality mode, the frame rate remains at a stable 30fps. This is also the case on the Xbox Series S.

According to the video, the Xbox Series X is clearly ahead in terms of frame rate in performance mode. In contrast to the Microsoft console, the PlayStation 5 has significantly more problems maintaining 60fps.

More about this in the video.


Solution : Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Update 1.010 fixes a progression lock bug

If you’re looking forward to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ll need to scan the first patch notes to see what’s new in version 1.010 of the game. The biggest addition in this update is the fix for a game-breaking bug that prevented early players from progressing beyond a certain point.

Bug fixes and stability improvements are common in most initial major release fixes, but there are a few fixes you’ll definitely want to install before you start playing the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

FF7 Rebirth 1.010 patch notes

The patch notes for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s first update are as follows, confirmed in a news post on Square Enix’s Japanese website:

  • Some text has been corrected
  • Fixed an issue where the game could rarely progress under certain conditions
  • Fixed bugs in battles that occur under certain conditions
  • Improved the functionality of some items to be correct
  • Correspondence to obtain the benefits of having a trial version of data recording
  • Added a feature to allow Chocobo stops to be repaired while riding a Chocobo
  • Improved image quality when selecting “Performance” in Display Mode in Graphics Settings.
  • Improved HUD/graphics/frame rate functionality and quality
  • Removes restrictions on the end-game shooting function
  • Improves overall game stability

It’s great to see improved image quality in FF7 Rebirth’s Performance Mode, greater stability, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements such as the ability to repair Chocobo stops while riding a mount.

However, the biggest relief comes from a bug fix that would prevent players from progressing “under certain conditions.”

There is no mention of what these conditions were that would have hampered progress, but I’m certainly glad the issue was resolved in some way. I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep playing without feeling a bit anxious all the time.

For more on the game, check out how to pressure and stagger enemies, the best FF7 Rebirth party combos, the best content, and all the locations with notes.

Otherwise, visit our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides and news homepage for even more essential information here at


Helldivers 2’s push-to-talk button and how to change it explained

If you can’t find the push-to-talk button to chat with friends or random players in Helldivers 2, we’ve got answers for PC and PS5 players, as well as instructions on how to change it.

As you probably know, communication plays a key role in the gameplay of Helldivers 2, because everything revolves around you and other Helldivers joining forces and achieving goals, protecting each other and eliminating the creatures in the game.

So read on as we explain the push-to-talk buttons in Helldivers 2 on PC and PS5 and how to change them.

Push-to-talk button in Helldivers 2 on PC and PS5

If you’re playing Helldivers 2 on PC, the push-to-talk button will be Capslock key by default.

On the other hand, if you’re playing on PS5, you’ll be able to use the DualSense controller’s dedicated microphone button as a push-to-talk button.

How to change the push to talk button.

If you are not comfortable using the default push-to-talk bindings for communication in Helldivers 2, you can follow the steps below to change them to something more suitable:

  • open Helldivers 2
  • Go to pause menu
    • On PS5: By pressing ☰ button on DualSense
    • On the computer: By pressing “EXIT” on keyboard
  • Choose “Options” menu
  • Go to “Controller” strap
    • On PC it is “Mouse and keyboard
  • Then select “Change bindings” option
  • In the key bindings menu, go to “Communication” strap

There you can select and change Voice activation settings (PTT/PTM). and assign the appropriate association to it.

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This concludes our guide to the default push-to-talk button in Helldivers 2 and how to change it. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to unlock Helldivers 2 boosters and join public games.


Telegram will give you a Premium subscription for permission to send SMS from your phone

Telegram has started offering Premium subscriptions in exchange for the ability to send SMS messages from users’ phones.

If you enable this option, the messenger will send SMS with authorization codes to other users.

Telegram will send no more than 150 messages per month. They will be considered like regular outgoing SMS. Users will pay for sending them according to their tariffs, if they do not have an unlimited SMS package activated.

When the minimum number of SMS sent is reached, the messenger will give you a promotional code for a Premium subscription.

Only owners of Android smartphones can take advantage of the offer. Telegram also warns that recipients will see the phone number from which the authorization code was sent.

The service is currently only available to Telegram users in Indonesia. (Telegram Info)


Motorola Moto G84 5G, análisis: una lección magistral de cómo fabricar un gama media con un apartado estético redondo

Motorola es uno de esos fabricantes que ha dado mil giros en la industria. Después de un pasado con Google, pasó a manos de Lenovo, que lleva unos años exprimiendo la marca con exponentes claros como la gama Moto G, una familia que comenzó su andadura hace casi una década y que a pesar de los altibajos, ahora vuelve a ser un bastión para la firma.

En esta ocasión hemos tenido el placer de probar el Motorola Moto G84 5G, la última apuesta de Motorola en esta serie, destinado directamente a una gama media muy competida y que ha causado muy buenas sensaciones por su diseño en cuero vegano. Después de unos días en nuestro laboratorio de pruebas, estamos listos para determinar si tendrá la oportunidad de ganarse un hueco en este rango de precios. Así que, sin más dilación, quedáis invitados a la review del Moto G84 5G.

Ficha técnica del Motorola Moto G84 5G

Motorola Moto G84 5G


OLED 6,55″

Full HD+

120 Hz

240 Hz respuesta táctil

Dimensiones y peso

160 x 74,4 x 7,6 mm.

166,8 g.


Snapdragon 695


12 GB


256 GB

cámara frontal

16 MP f/2.45

Cámara trasera

50 MP f/1.88 OIS

8 MP f/2.2 UGA


5.000 mAh

Carga rápida de 33W

Sistema operativo

Android 13



Wi-Fi 6

Bluetooth 5.1




Lector de huellas en la pantalla


Altavoces estéreo


299 euros

Un diseño que enamora a simple vista, y un apartado multimedia cumplidor

Lo particular de este modelo, muy similar al Moto G82 del año pasado, es la gama de colores en la que está disponible. Unos colores que siguen el sistema de definición cromática de Pantone, en la unidad analizada el denominado “” que lo hace realmente exclusivo. Además de los colores, los materiales en la trasera también destacan por su tacto premium, o eso extraemos de la cubierta de cuero vegano del Moto G84 5G que ha pasado por nuestras manos.

Pero antes de explicar estas rarezas más detenidamente, hagámoslo todo en orden y empecemos a repasar su diseño al completo, así como los apartados multimedia: pantalla y sonido. Lo primero que destaca al sostener este Moto en la mano es su peso. Se siente ligero y muy cómodo, con un agarre bastante natural gracias a las curvas de sus extremos. Además, la botonera se muestra firme, y nos ha gustado que los botones sean algo más finos de lo que solemos ver en la competencia.

Las esquinas son redondeadas y los laterales están fabricados en aluminio, lo que mejora las sensaciones en mano, pero sobre todo lo que más aporta al conjunto son los materiales de su trasera. En la unidad que hemos analizado, con una trasera de cuero vegano que otorga cierto aire premium, a pesar de que estamos en la gama media.

Evidentemente no estamos ante un teléfono compacto, pues su panel de 6,55 pulgadas lo imposibilita, pero en ningún momento se siente incómodo -en parte gracias al peso, pero también a su grosor de 7,6 milímetros- ni resbala de las manos.

Pasamos ahora al elemento que domina todo el frontal, una pantalla grande que muestra un buen aprovechamiento de la parte delantera, y contiene un recorte en forma circular donde se aloja la cámara frontal. Sin ser simétrico en relación con los biseles superior e inferior, se acerca bastante al equilibrio, como sí muestra en los biseles izquierdo y derecho.

Eso sí, todos bastante reducidos y que no rompen con la filosofía “todo pantalla” que vemos hoy en día. A nivel técnico es un buen panel: pOLED y FullHD+ que proporcionan unos colores vibrantes, unos negros profundos, y buenos ángulos de visión, siempre dentro de su gama de precios.

Por tanto, este Moto G84 5G es ideal para todos aquellos que busquen una gran pantalla para consumir contenido multimedia, e incluso para jugar. No nos olvidamos de que se refresca a 120 hercios, que además se mantienen bastante sólidos a nivel de sistema. También, la capa de Motorola nos permite seleccionar la tasa de refresco, entre sendas opciones de 60, 120 hercios o bien el modo automático que alterna las dos tasas de manera inteligente.

El apartado multimedia se cierra con el sonido, estéreo si optamos por los altavoces integrados en este móvil de Motorola. Estos devuelven una calidad de audio bastante alta, con medios y agudos a buen nivel. No serán tan sorprendentes los “enlatado” graves, que alejan a estos altavoces del sobresaliente. El volumen cumple sobremanera, rozando los 90 dB.

Por otro lado, usando auriculares o cascos externos también cumple, pues equipa el adorado conector de auriculares de 3,5 milímetros. Mediante Bluetooth, mantiene el nivel, sin problemas para vincular unos auriculares de terceros y con soporte para el códec aptX de Qualcomm, algo que mejora la calidad de sonido a través de esta conexión inalámbrica.

Así debería ser el rendimiento de todo gama media

Entramos ahora en un terreno complicado para algunos móviles de gama media: el rendimiento. No obstante, este Moto G84 5G no tendrá ningún problema, porque adelantándonos a lo que viene, podemos decir que este es el rendimiento que se espera en un móvil de este rango de precio. En parte es gracias al procesador, firmado por Qualcomm, un Snapdragon 695 que sin demasiados alardes consigue mover Android 13 sin mayores impedimentos.

Eso sí, no estamos ante un procesador avanzado, por lo que los tiempos de carga son superiores, sin llegar a ser alarmante. Pero la mayoría del tiempo es capaz de sostener los 120 hercios de la pantalla sin despeinarse, mostrando además unas animaciones fluidas y sin saltos. La multitarea tampoco le hace sufrir, y es que con los 12 GB de memoria RAM que equipa, puede mantener al menos una docena de aplicaciones en segundo plano.

El tiene mucho que ver con este desempeño, porque cuando le exigimos un poco más de la cuenta, como por ejemplo con juegos con altas cargas gráficas, la GPU palidece frente a otras alternativas. Hemos jugado durante varias sesiones a títulos como ” y ”, para así conocer los límites de la potencia gráfica del ‘cerebro’ Snapdragon. Pero antes, veamos los resultados que hemos obtenido en los tests sintéticos a los que exponemos los móviles que pasan por nuestro laboratorio de pruebas.

Motorola moto g84 5g

oneplus nord ce 3 lite 5g

honor 90 lite

realme 11 pro 5g

oppo a98 5g

xiaomi redmi note 12 5g


Qualcomm Snapdragon 695

Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G

Mediatek Dimensity 6020

Mediatek Dimensity 7050

Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G

Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 1


12 GB

8 GB

8 GB

8 GB

8 GB

8 GB

geekbench 6.0 (single/multi)

905 / 2.029

898 / 2.021

729 / 1.906

937 / 2.370

895 / 2.035

634 / 2.011















El título de miHoYo es totalmente disfrutable a pesar del modesto procesador, con los ajustes en calidad media y una tasa de fotogramas bastante estable: en torno a los 60 FPS, aunque en ocasiones decae. Si optamos por subir los efectos gráficos y otros elementos visuales, veremos un importante receso en los fotogramas que imposibilitará disfrutar del juego. Por otro lado, el de Activision es menos demandante, por lo que los 60 FPS serán sólidos en calidad media-alta (hemos combinado algunos ajustes).

Como hemos mencionado anteriormente, este Motorola Moto G84 viene con la última versión del sistema operativo de Google, Android 13. A expensas de la futura actualización a Android 14, lo cierto es que este de Motorola es casi perfecto, aunque tiene alguna que otra sombra. Destaca su interfaz, cercana a la de los Google Pixel (Android en un estado bastante puro), sin apenas bloatware (más allá de algunas apps que se pueden desinstalar), y con una ristra de funciones muy bien implementadas como , la RAM virtual o el versátil launcher nativo.

También observamos algunos cambios respecto a Android stock en los ajustes, adaptados a las necesidades específicas del terminal. Y cuando hablábamos de pegas, nos referíamos a algunas partes de la implementación de Motorola: específicamente, hay elementos en la interfaz que se superponen, por lo que hablamos de aspectos estéticos. Más allá de este inconveniente, salvable vía una posterior actualización, tenemos un Android que funciona como la seda, y actualizado en materia de seguridad con el parche de agosto.

De igual manera, la autonomía redondea el conjunto, de hecho lo impulsa a cotas más altas, porque la batería de 5.000 mAh da un resultado mejor que en otros móviles que hemos probado. Con un uso normal, mayoría de WiFi y 4G en exteriores, puede llegar a los dos o tres días de autonomía sin despeinarse, dependiendo, eso sí, de las horas de pantallas que hagamos.

Manteniendo la pantalla encendida durante 2 o 3 horas al día nos permitirá llegar al segundo día sin complicaciones, pero si abusamos de juegos o aplicaciones que demanden potencia podríamos gastarla en una misma jornada como sucede en cualquier móvil de hoy en día.

Por tanto, es una excelente batería la de este Moto G84 5G, de sobra para el gran público y exquisita para el usuario más intensivo. Cargar el móvil después de tres días se hace impensable en smartphones con procesadores más top, y esta es una de las ventajas del Snadragon 695: muestra una eficiencia envidiable. Además, no hemos notado que el terminal se caliente en exceso, únicamente con juegos como ‘Genshin Impact’ o con la carga rápida , sin que llegue a molestar en ningún momento.

Ahora que sale a escena, hablamos de su carga rápida, licenciada por Motorola como TurboPower. En realidad, es una carga rápida de 33 vatios, algo habitual en esta gama de precios, por lo que ni sorprende ni defrauda. Además, poca queja podemos tener cuando muchos fabricantes omiten el cargador en el empaquetado original, algo que no sucede en este caso.

A continuación, como hacemos en nuestros análisis, dejamos el porcentaje de batería alcanzado en distintos periodos de tiempo, usando el cargador original que viene incluido en la caja:

  • 5 minutos de carga: 11 % de batería.
  • 10 minutos de carga: 19 % de batería.
  • 20 minutos de carga: 38 % de batería.
  • 30 minutos de carga: 52 % de batería.
  • 50 minutos de carga: 78 % de batería.
  • Total: 72 minutos de carga.

Los Moto G también se defienden en fotografía

La fotografía ha subido el nivel en la gama media estos últimos años, alcanzando también la tendencia de  añadir sensores de varias decenas de megapíxeles, tal y como ocurre en este integrante de la familia Moto G. Además, se apunta a la moda del doble sensor, con un principal de 50 megapíxeles con apertura f/1.88 y un secundario que hace la función de ultra gran angular (y macro) con una resolución de 8 megapíxeles. Más allá de los datos técnicos, el resultado nos ha dejado bastante satisfechos.

Pero antes de entrar a valorarlos, demos un repaso por la aplicación de cámara que propone Motorola. Una app que nos ha parecido muy completa e intuitiva, con una interfaz parecida a la famosa Cámara de Google y que tiene modos para todas las necesidades: auto, retrato, vídeo, cámara lenta, y una ristra de extras como la visión nocturna (el modo noche, similar al de Google), Ultra-res (para capturar a la máxima resolución), sin olvidar el avanzado modo ‘Pro’, capaz de capturar en RAW.

Ahora sí, pasemos a valorar lo que es capaz de capturar durante el día y en modo auto, y la verdad es que el resultado es bastante bueno. Como podemos observar en las imágenes inferiores, el nivel de nitidez de este sensor supera las expectativas, aunque en ocasiones o bien sobrexpone la escena o bien la subexpone, estropeando algo el resultado. Quizá con una actualización de la app o del propio se solucione, pues en otras tomas sí ha conseguido equilibrar la luz de una mejor manera.

El modo auto resuelve bien el nivel de ISO, manteniéndolo en mínimo, aunque como es natural, lo eleva por encima de los 2K cuando estamos ante una escena nocturna. Aun así, el ruido no es demasiado evidente, y con un modo Visión Nocturna que enfría las cálidas luces del escenario y añade más definición.

El ultra gran angular no consigue lo mismo que la cámara principal, sobre todo en resolución, por lo que siempre hemos optado por el sensor por defecto. Servirá para alguna toma más amplia durante momentos en los que la luz abunde, pero fuera de ahí estaremos perdiendo mucha luminosidad y por lo tanto el ruido hará mella en estas capturas.

Por otro lado, el modo retrato realiza un recorte bastante efectivo para aplicar el , dando como resultado retratos muy llamativos a simple vista. De nuevo, como hemos observado en teléfonos de este rango de precio, puede haber alguna confusión con accesorios como gafas, aunque generalmente cumple sobradamente.

De hecho, usando la cámara frontal también obtendremos buenos selfis con efecto retrato, menos luminosos que con el sensor principal pero nada desdeñables cuando la luz acompaña.

Modo retrato con cámara selfi

Si deseas comprobar cómo se comporta la cámara de este Moto G84 en más situaciones, puedes acceder al álbum completo en Google Fotos.

Motorola Moto G84 5G, la opinión de SamaGame Android

El nuevo gama media de Motorola demuestra el buen trabajo del fabricante, y deja claras las intenciones de alargar una familia que podría dar alguna alegría más a la histórica firma. Tenemos un móvil que cumple en todos los apartados, sobresale en autonomía y cumple en lo más difícil: la experiencia fotográfica.

Por lo tanto, se hace un dispositivo adecuado para el grueso de los usuarios, con pantalla grande y solvente, un procesador suficiente para la mayoría de aplicaciones, memorias “para aburrir” y un muy ligero y aderezado con pequeñas adiciones. La gama Moto G suma un integrante más, y esta vez con las suficientes armas para conquistar a los usuarios que buscan un gama media que cubra todas sus necesidades.








A favor

  • Buena sintonía entre software y hardware
  • Su autonomía
  • Cámaras que cumplen
  • Trasera de cuero vegano
  • Panel pOLED con colores vibrantes

En contra

  • Hay procesadores más capaces y recientes
  • Algunas lagunas en el software
  • Rendimiento irregular de la cámara
  • Los altavoces estéreo podrían sonar mejor

El terminal ha sido cedido para la prueba por parte de Motorola. Puedes consultar nuestra política de relaciones con empresas.


Genshin Impact Gets “Required Resource Package” on PS4

HoYoverse announced that the PS4 version of GenshinImpact will receive an additional file download titled “GenshinImpact: Required set of resources. » According to HoYoverse, this download will ensure that file storage support GenshinImpact is now supported on PS4.

GenshinImpact Version 4.3 launches on December 20 and will be the game’s last major update for 2023. This new update includes new limited-time events, playable characters, and more as players continue their exploration of the Fontaine region. However, PS4 players must first download the required resource package if they plan to continue playing the game on the platform.

GenshinImpact Required resource set

Downloading the resource package required for GenshinImpact is required because it supports version 4.3 update. The file size is approximately 16.2 GB and HoYoverse notes that players can find the download by searching for it in the PlayStation Store under Add-ons for Genshin Impact.

HoYoverse states the following in its HoYoLab article:

Dear traveler,

To better support the storage of GenshinImpact On PS4 devices, developers will launch a “GenshinImpact: Required resource package » for GenshinImpact on PS4. This resource package will be required to start the game after updating to version 4.3. We recommend travelers to complete the resource package download before updating the version.

An estimated 16,194 GB of space is required to download and install “ GenshinImpact: Required set of resources. »

Launch time

December 11, 2023 10:00 a.m. (UTC+8)

How to download ” GenshinImpact: Required resource set »

Once the resource package is available, search for “GenshinImpact: Required Resource Package” in the PlayStation Store to find and download it. You can also search for Genshin Impact in the PlayStation Store, find “GenshinImpact: Required Resource Package” under “Add-ons,” and then download it.

Lately, GenshinImpact is available now for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Windows and the Epic Games Store. HoYoverse is currently developing a Nintendo Switch version of GenshinImpact.



Apple still hasn’t decided on the iPhone SE 4 display diagonal

According to analyst and founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants Ross Young, Apple has not yet decided on the display diagonal of the future iPhone SE 4.

The company is considering several options:

  • 6.1-inch OLED display;
  • 5.7-inch IPS display;
  • 6.1-inch IPS display.

An IPS display is, of course, cheaper, and SE is about everything cheap except the system-on-a-chip. But perhaps Apple received a good offer from one of its partners in the production of OLED panels and is now considering this option. It is possible that Apple will increase the price of the new SE.

Regardless of the selected display size, the new smartphone will have a notch. It is unknown whether it will have Face ID.

Ross Young says the new iPhone will be shown in 2024. Jon Prosser previously reported that the smartphone will be shown in 2023.


Prosser: The fourth generation iPhone SE will be released in the design of the iPhone XR

Ilya Kichaev

October 20, 2022

Most likely, Prosser is mistaken: the second SE was released in 2020, and the third in 2022. That is, Apple updates the series every two years, so the new product should be expected in 2024. Hence the uncertainty with the diagonal and type of matrix – the release is still far away.


I watched the new film “The Master and Margarita” (2024) in the cinema. What was this all about, what does the book have to do with it?

The long-awaited film based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, “The Master and Margarita” from director Mikhail Lokshin, has begun to be shown at the Russian box office.

The film adaptation topped the list of premieres and beat the ratings. The first viewers praised the film, but there were also those who considered the film a “humiliation of the original.”

We have already watched the new product and are eager to share our impressions. How did it turn out? Let’s figure it out.

The film reimagines the original book

What is the movie about: Moscow, 1930s. A famous writer at the height of his career suddenly finds himself at the center of a literary scandal. The performance of his play is removed from the repertoire, his colleagues demonstratively avoid meeting him, and in a matter of days he turns into an outcast. Soon after this, he meets Margarita, who becomes his lover and muse.

Inspired by her love and support, the writer takes on a new novel in which the characters are people from his environment, and the main character is the mysterious Woland, whose prototype is a recent foreign acquaintance. The writer immerses himself in the world of his novel and gradually ceases to notice how fiction and reality are intertwined into one whole.

I’ll say right away that you shouldn’t expect a page-by-page copy of a book from a painting. Here the plot is rethought and differs from the history that is taught in schools.

And this is precisely where the strength of the new film adaptation lies. It cannot be called secondary. There have been quite a lot of films based on the novel over the years, so the authors had to take a different path in order to differ from other film adaptations.

One way or another, it’s impossible to do without comparisons with the book.

The film places great emphasis on the Master and Woland. And although it lasts a little less than 3 hours, it was not possible to fit in all the events of the novel. However, all important plot points have been transferred and adapted for the modern viewer. Moreover, in 2024 this plot is perceived especially acutebecause it talks about the duplicity of the authorities and terrible censorship, which drives the writer crazy.

Compared to other film adaptations, including the famous TV series, the new product looks more like fan fiction based on it. No, they adhere to the original plot, but often deviate from the well-known narrative.

The film is kept in gloomy tones and hardly even gives a hint of a ray of hope. General condemnation, the heavy burden of the author of the play “Pontius Pilate” (yes, now it’s a play) and many other negative factors put pressure on the viewer throughout the entire running time.

“The Master and Margarita” 2024 is straight forward story with a completed ending. But it is full of liberties and deviations from the original idea, which is why many fans of Bulgakov’s work may not like it. On the other hand, this solution allows even those who know the novel to watch the film to watch it by heart.

Particularly interesting was Woland, played by August Diehl, known for many Hollywood films, including Inglourious Basterds. He was able to convey the entire emotional spectrum of the mysterious character and create a mystery around him with his gestures and facial expressions.

In general, Diehl’s character receives the lion’s share of the narrative here. And the original title of the film – “Woland” – would have suited him much more.

No less interesting is the love story between the Master and Margarita, which is given special emphasis. It’s interesting to follow the development of the lovers’ relationship, and this is almost the only love line in recent years that doesn’t make you sick. It is staged perfectly and organically woven into the plot.

But, again, due to the attempt of the film’s authors to “reinvent” the original book, many viewers will leave the theater disappointed.

The atmosphere is conveyed perfectly, you are imbued with it from the first minutes

I want to express special respect to the directors. They were able to do something incredible, you are immersed in the madness of the writer from the first minutes and empathize with all the characters until the end. You can literally feel the pain and feel all the “obscurantism” of Woland’s retinue.

This is a beautiful movie where it is given great attention to detail. Even the opening scene immediately captivates you. And the finale with Yulia Snigir in the role of Margarita can give you goosebumps.

The actors naturally got used to their roles and perfectly conveyed the emotions of the characters. There are many spectacular and impressive scenes here, albeit in a free interpretation. Some of them create real drive. The local universe is thought out to the smallest detail. It is clear that they worked meticulously on the painting.

Of course, the topic of religion is also constantly raised here. But at the same time no one doesn’t impose, for which special respect. But don’t expect philosophical discussions like in the original. This is, first and foremost, an entertaining movie. And it does its job well, while simultaneously raising themes of love, death and life.

Definitely worth a watch, even if you’re a fan of the book.

Of course, The Master and Margarita of 2024 has its own plot. But this is what catches you, allowing you to look at the original story from a different perspective.

No one can surpass the classic who wrote the novel for 20 years. However, the new film adaptation creates genuine interest. And thanks to the high-quality production, 2.5-3 hours fly by unnoticed.

You definitely won’t be left indifferent after watching it. People will definitely be divided into two camps: fans and haters. And it’s good that such a movie evokes true emotions.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: The demo will be publicly playable this weekend

If you Final Fantasy VII Rebirth If you wanted to play, you either had to visit the Tokyo Game Show or be part of selected press. Unfortunately, Gamescom missed the demo for the second part of the remake trilogy. As we previously reported, the playable demo will also be on display at a Square Enix community gathering next weekend.

The PlayStation Blog had raffled off tickets, which is why the general assumption was that the demo would not be exhibited to the public. Especially since tickets for the community gathering are not available to buy. However, the demo will also be playable publicly, as Square Enix announced on social media gives.

The demo event in Xperion Berlin should therefore be viewed separately from the community gathering. You can attend the game event “without registering and free of charge”. All you have to do is make the trip to Berlin. You can enter the event location from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It can be assumed that the demo is the one that was exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show and has already been presented to the international press. If Berlin is too far for you, you can at least get some impressions from this demo here. And if you are already sure, you can also pre-order “Rebirth”:

  • Deluxe Edition at Amazon*
  • Steelbook Edition at Amazon*

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024. Want to stay up to date on all things Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Here you can find all articles from our detailed reporting.

Images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


Deal : New Panasonic televisions 2024: The first OLED Fire TVs are coming with the Z95 and Z93

The convenience of Alexa and Fire TVs on the one hand and the best picture quality on the other have not yet been available together. The new Panasonic OLED TVs Z95 and Z93 change that!

2023 brought Panasonic with the MX800E launched its first TV with Fire OS. This meant that the television had the same smart features and functions as Amazon Fire TV sticks and also the voice assistant Alexa on board. Now the manufacturer is taking the next step: the majority of the upcoming new televisions will also work with Fire OS, including the new top models Panasonic Z95 & Z93. SamaGame has the first information.

Fire OS fulfills all streaming wishes

The footsteps are big. The previous flagship, the Panasonic MZW2004, is one of the best televisions ever with a test rating of 1.4. This is due to the outstanding image quality with perfect contrast, outstanding brilliance and natural color coordination as well as the excellent sound with thrilling surround sound. Restrictions on streaming prevented an even better rating in the test. The most important offers like Media libraries, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix can be used with on-board resources, but there are gaps beyond that. For example, with newer streaming offers such as Paramount+, music or cloud gaming. With the Fire OS operating system, these restrictions do not exist. This is so widespread that no provider can afford not to offer an app for it. With the Panasonic Z95 and Z93, Alexa can not only be reached via the microphone in the remote control when the Alexa button is pressed, but as with the Echo speakers also freehand. For this purpose, the televisions are equipped with special far-field microphones, which are visible when looking at the television sets from above.

Picture and sound in a class of its own

However, little has changed in terms of the technology for image and sound; after all, the predecessor was already at the limits of what was technically possible. The Z95 and Z93 use OLED screens with microlenses (MLA, Micro Lens Array), which enable brighter images with the same power consumption and also improve viewing angle stability. In the new models, the refresh rate no longer just reaches 120 Hertz, but up to 144 Hertz – important for ambitious gamers. Of the four HDMI inputs, however, only two can achieve the higher frame rates HDMI 2.1. For good sound, Panasonic is equipping the Z95 and Z93 with one again Sound bar at the bottom of the screen, supplemented by a whole battery of speakers in the back: In addition to two bass speakers, there are two surround sound speakers facing the sides and two upward-facing surround sound speakers. This equipment already caused a sensation with the predecessor MZW2004.

Panasonic Z95 & Z93: Prices and availability

The Panasonic Z95 should have screen sizes 55 inches and 65 inches (140 and 164 centimeters), the Z93 in 77 inches (195 centimeters). The manufacturer has so far not mentioned any other differences or prices. The market launch is expected around the middle of the year.


Palia: Finding Blueberries: Planting Blueberries?

In the new Palia you can grow numerous plants with the unlocking of the first field. You can buy the seeds for this in Zeki’s shop with gold coins and then sow them on the field. In addition to simple seeds for plants such as potatoes, carrots or onions, you can also get an apple tree and a blueberry or blueberry bush later in the game. Unlike the seeds for the aforementioned vegetables, however, you have to play a bit with the apple tree seeds and the blueberry or bilberry seeds, as you cannot simply buy them with gold coins. In this short guide we show how to get the seeds for blueberries in Palia.

How to get the blueberries in Palia

In order to get the blueberries and blueberries and to be able to plant them yourself, you first have to raise the gardening skill level to level 10. Then you drop by the good Barduu and you can buy the seeds for the blueberries in his Gardening Skill Store. For the purchase you need the Gardening Medals, which you can earn by reaching Gardening level 10. The seed costs 45 Gardening Medals.

  1. Buy seeds from Badruu with 45 Gardening Medals.
  2. Plant a shrub on a 2×2 field and fertilize four times.
  3. Shrub takes 9 days to harvest and can be harvested four times

The bush for the blueberries and blueberries takes up a 2×2 field and also requires 4x fertilizer. The blueberries then grow in nine days and the berries can be harvested a total of four times from the bush. You can then either buy more seeds for the blueberries and blueberries from Badruu or you can use the seed collector with which you can harvest seeds from fully grown plants.

Incidentally, you can get the seeds for the apple tree in a similar way. So raise the Gardening skill level to level 10 and then buy the seeds from Badruu with the Gardening Medals.


Mohamed Kaci, the TV5 monde journalist fired by his channel for doing his job

After the management of France Inter, which dropped comedian Guillaume Meurice for a satirical column targeting Benyamin Netanyahu, it is the turn of that of TV5 Monde to publicly dissociate itself from its journalist Mohamed Kaci. But the presenter simply did his job by properly questioning Olivier Rafowicz, spokesperson for the Israeli occupation army.

While the latter openly demanded the law of Talion (“an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”) against the Gazans, Kaci surprised him by asking: “So you’re behaving like Hamas, that’s what you’re telling us? » His question angered the propagandist and forced the journalist to cut the interview short. To please his leaders, should Mohamed Kaci have allowed Israeli war propaganda to unfold without contradiction, disregarding his “objectivity”?

We were unable to confirm your registration.

Your registration is confirmed.



The Pokémon Company International has already opened its offices in Mexico City and this is the position for which you can apply right now

The Pokémon Company International is one of the most important entertainment companies in the world and its businesses go far beyond its popular video games. With one of the most important Collectible Card Games in the world, many audiovisual projects such as TV series and movies, as well as a huge amount of official merchandise inspired by its popular characters, we are facing one of the true giants of entertainment.

There were rumors that TPCi was planning open offices in Mexico City after images of the space that were apparently published by one of the employees circulated. We now have more publications suggesting that The company has begun its operations in Mexican lands.

Pokémon opens its offices in CDMX

During last weekend, Alan Mandujano, Head of Latin America for Pokémon GO within Niantic Labs, published on his social networks that the Pokémon Company invited him to the inauguration of the TPCi offices in CDMX, attaching some images of what this space looks like. A large sculpture of Pikachu and many other motifs alluding to the charismatic franchise could not be missing.

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

“This week I attended the inauguration of the TPCi offices in CDMX! A thousand thanks to the Pokémon team for the invitation. Truly a historic moment that speaks of the importance that LATAM has for the franchise. “It is the beginning of very good things for the region”

Works at The Pokémon Company International in Mexico

It is too early to know all the implications that the opening of the Japanese company’s offices in Mexico City will have for Latin America. For now, we already know one of the vacancies that the company has for people who reside in CDMX and the Metropolitan Area.

If you have 2 to 4 years of professional experience in the marking area and can communicate perfectly in Spanish and English, this vacancy could be for you. TPCi is looking for a professional for the position of a vacancy that was published a week ago on Linkedin and that already has more than 750 applications.

These are the functions of the position being sought:

  • Execute the Trade Marketing Plan in accordance with sales and marketing objectives, and manage merchandising agencies to maximize product sales in Mexico.
  • Work with Sales Managers to improve brand presence and campaign execution in the field of commerce through planning, execution and monitoring in stores of excellence, aligned with annual sales priorities.
  • Work directly with clients and Sales Managers to create account-specific activations and execution schedules.
  • Regularly visit points of sale to ensure branding is visible and guidelines are respected.
  • Create point-of-sale reports, including pricing, inventory availability, and competitor activities and pricing.
  • Contribute to the formation of the department’s annual budget and the Annual Plan. Contribute to the development of sales support materials (presentations, sales sheets, giveaways, etc.).

What is requested of applicants is the following:

  • A truly customer-centric mindset.
  • Speaking and writing skills in Spanish and English at a near native level are required.
  • Proven listening skills necessary to elicit and internalize customer feedback, needs, and motivations.
  • Advanced communication skills; clearly and concisely communicate complex topics and technologies.
  • be able to synthesize complex ideas into concise and meaningful information for clients.
  • Have outstanding skills in prioritization and project management, paying attention to details and constant follow-up.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred.
  • Two (2) to four (4) years of related professional experience.

We will be waiting for any information related to it of the opening of these offices.


We are getting closer to one of humanity’s great achievements: recovering the entire ozone layer

Climate change is not the only planetary-scale environmental challenge that humanity has had to face in recent decades. The last decades of the 20th century had a very different protagonist: the hole in the ozone layer.

Latest report. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have confirmed that the restoration of the ozone layer is on a favorable path and have set a date for its recovery in different areas of the world: it will be, If everything goes as it is now, between 2040 and 2066.

The “last stronghold” of this stubborn hole would be Antarctica. According to the latest quadrennial assessment report from the Montreal Protocol Scientific Assessment Group, the ozone layer will reach 1980 levels by the year 2066. This would put us somewhat halfway in this restoration process.

However, the layer will heal in other latitudes much sooner. According to the report, by 2045 the hole in the Arctic could close. This hole is smaller and was detected more recently than the Antarctic hole. Outside the two polar regions, the healing of this atmospheric layer could occur in less than two decades, around the year 2040.

History of a planetary hole. The hole in the ozone layer is an almost forgotten environmental problem, although it often revives when it comes to discussing climate change. The problem with the ozone layer was identified in the mid-1980s.

Scientific studies then confirmed that the use of a series of chemical compounds, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), gases that were frequently included in aerosols of different types, from those used in cosmetics to insecticides. These gases reached the atmosphere where the chlorine of these compounds interacted with ozone (O3), decomposing this molecule.

This soon became a problem, since ozone is important for life on our planet as it is responsible for absorbing a good part of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that reach Earth from the sun. The loss of this layer of sun protection would imply, among other things, a greater probability of suffering from skin cancer.

Global action. The reaction of the international community to this problem can be considered an example of success in its field. In 1987 the Montreal Protocol was signed, which came into force two years later. The treaty put an end to the emission of CFCs.

The effects of the ban were not immediate, but the situation of the hole was alleviated, first as its expansion stopped and later as its recovery began. According to the latest report, if current policies can be maintained, by mid-century the problem will continue to move towards resolution.

And climate change? The relationship between the problem with the ozone layer and climate change is complex. Although the state of the ozone layer is not closely linked to global warming and its effects on the climate, some of the actions developed within the framework of the Montreal Protocol could have had some effect on the climate. Luckily, once again the parties involved took action on the matter.

The reason is that both hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), two groups of chemical compounds used during the first years of the CFC phase-out, turned out to be greenhouse gases, so their use has been limited, for example by the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

The international action carried out in defense of the ozone layer, with its parallels and important differences, can serve as an example of the capacity of the international community to solve common problems. Something that, for now, does not seem like it will soon be extrapolated to the problem of climate change.


Save Palia: save progress?

How to save the game in Palia? Is progress in Palia automatically saved at certain intervals or do you always have to save it manually? The open beta of Palia from Singularity 6 Corporation started a few days ago and, as expected, the cozy MMO is very popular with players. After you have created a character and spent an hour or two in the game world, the question arises when leaving the game, do you have to save manually so that all previous progress is saved and not lost?

How to save in Palia?

The short answer to the question is, you don’t need and can’t save manually in Palia. The game is an online-only experience and requires a persistent internet connection. Due to the constant connection to the servers, the progress is also constantly synchronized and saved. So you can just exit and quit the game without fear of losing anything. The next time you log in, you start again at the same place where you left off and logged out.

Tip: This is how you can quickly earn money by farming and selling oysters in Palia.


Deal : TCL 98P745 in the test: 98-inch television for under 2500 euros

Huge TV at a low price: The 98-inch TCL P745 is sensationally affordable. SamaGame tested whether the quality was right.

For film enthusiasts and sports fans it can TV in principle not big enough. Films and sports broadcasts only develop their captivating effect on a giant screen, like in the cinema or in the stadium. But what does big mean? The maximum TV screen size is currently 98 inches, which corresponds to a screen diagonal of 248 centimeters. The new TCL 98P745 is the cheapest television of this size. For less than 2,500 euros, it promises great viewing pleasure.

That’s how big the TCL 98P745 is

With a device width of around 2.20 meters and a height of almost 1.30 meters, you can take this literally with great pleasure with the TCL 98P745. The 58 kilogram colossus stands securely on two strikingly solid metal feet mounted on the outside. Provided there is a sufficiently strong wall, the 98-inch model can also be hung up. Of course, the wall mount also has to be correspondingly large; the TCL requires the VESA dimension 500×600. At 4.2 centimeters, the television is surprisingly flat, and the workmanship with a waffle-like structured back panel and a frame flush with the screen appears to be of high quality.

More colors and 100 to 144 Hertz

To ensure that the huge screen actually provides enjoyment, the TCL 98P745 uses an upper-class LCD despite the low price: instead of 50 to 60 images per second, it shows twice as many at 100 to 120 Hertz. This makes details look sharper in fast movements, and large screens in particular benefit from this. Computers can even play up to 144 Hertz. In addition, the manufacturer promises a larger color gamut (“Wide Color Gamut”), so that films or games produced accordingly HDR (High Dynamic Range) the better image quality is actually visible. Technical tricks to increase contrast (such as local dimming or Mini LED) did not provide the budget.

Giant picture looks really good

Cheap price or not, such a huge television picture is definitely impressive. And it looks really good on the TCL 98P745: Thanks to VA LCD technology, it produces quite deep blacks, meaning the TCL achieves a contrast of over 4000:1. With just over 400 candelas per square meter, the image is bright enough even in daylight. And above all, the colors are right with natural skin tones and strong HDR display (Cinema picture mode). The TCL attenuates the HDR brightness peaks significantly, but it manages to adapt to the capabilities of the screen without over-exposing bright image areas and with decent clarity in dark corners. The processes support Dolby Vision and HDR10+ here. The automatic adjustment to the ambient brightness is designed to be very practical. Apart from the lower HDR luminosity, it moves TCL TV on par with that Samsung GQ98Q80C. Films and TV shows with poor SD resolution are no fun on such a large screen; you would have to stand ten meters away. The TCL, on the other hand, upscales HD material well to its UHD resolution, without pixel mud or annoying over-sharpening. The decent impression of sharpness is retained even in fast movements; annoying streaks are just as little an issue as image stuttering.

TCL 98P745: Technical data in comparison

TCL 98P745: Technical data in comparison











Brightness (HDR max.)

425 cd/m2

1146 cd/m2

781 cd/m2





Color deviation dE




color temperature




Color space DCI-P3




Latency (60Hz)

14 ms

13 ms

18 ms


4x HDMI (2 to 120Hz), AV

4x HDMI (4 to 120Hz)

4x HDMI (2 to 120Hz), AV

TCL 98P745 gives projectors no chance

In practice, a viewing distance of four to five meters is perfect for the TCL 98P745. For high-quality UHD playback with films or games, it can also be two to three meters – with an enormously immersive effect. Because then the viewer’s field of vision is largely filled by the screen, which would otherwise only be the case projector and canvas is possible. In a direct comparison, video projectors of a similar price range have no chance: brightness and contrast are much lower, so that the images look duller even in perfectly darkened rooms. And with every glimmer of light from the window, for example, the impression of the image deteriorates. This makes televisions much more suitable for everyday use than projectors.

Built-in subwoofer for rich sound

You shouldn’t expect too much from the sound in this class, but the TCL 98P745 does its job there too. This is visible in the saucer-sized woofer in the back wall, which supports the two speakers on the bottom with bass. In this way, the TV giant achieves a comparatively full, if not particularly detailed, sound. For better sound there is about one Sound bar can be easily connected. If a sound bar under the television looks too puny for you, go for it Stereo speakers with HDMI and places them to the right and left of the screen.

Also a big one when it comes to connections

The TCL 98P745’s ports are arranged on the back in such a way that they are easily accessible from the side. The clear labeling makes wiring easier, especially since nothing is missing:

  • HDMI: The TCL has four HDMI inputstwo of which correspond comprehensively to the version HDMI 2.1 and can process UHD resolution at up to 120 Hertz including variable frame rates – good for game consoles. One even accepts up to 144 Hertz when a correspondingly powerful computer is connected. The delay in the video signals (latency) is uncritically short in game mode at 14 milliseconds. Of the two remaining HDMI ports, one serves as a sound output for soundbars and AV receivers (eARC, enhanced audio return channel) if required and also provides 3D surround sound Dolby Atmos out of.
  • TV reception: As usual, you can watch television with the P745 via cable, satellite and antenna. There is HDTV in all reception types, and a few UHD channels via satellite. For cable reception, it depends on the regional network operator, but UHD is also possible in principle.
  • CI+: A CI module can be plugged in to unlock encrypted TV programs. This is available, for example, for private HD programs from the local cable network operator or from Freenet for antenna reception.
  • USB: The TCL has two USB ports for photo and video playback, one of which is easily accessible on the edge of the case. The most common multimedia formats including DTS sound can be played.
  • Optical output: The fiber optic digital output supplies old home cinema systems, for example wireless headphones with the television sound.
  • Headphone output: Classic headphones with a cable can be connected to the TCL, and the TV speakers then switch off automatically.
  • Bluetooth: Also a Bluetooth headphones can be coupled. This is used instead of the TV speakers.
  • Network connection and WLAN: The connection to the home network is made as usual via cable or radio.

Stream easily thanks to Android TV

The TCL 98P745 uses the current version 12 of the Android TV operating system. This means that the apps of all popular streaming providers are available, including: Media libraries The TV channels can be used in the same way as commercial platforms Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to Apple TV and Disney+ to Paramount+. The Google TV home screen clearly shows the most used apps in a row and tabs for other apps as well as film and series recommendations – this has been the case with others Android TVs Proven by Philips and Sony, for example. Alternatively, content can be searched for in smartphone apps and then played back on the giant screen using the Chromecast function. AirPlay 2 is also available. You quickly get used to the operation, which is helped by the handy remote control with its sensibly arranged buttons. In addition, there is voice control with the Google Assistant possible, the remote control is equipped with a microphone and a talk button. TCL adds small quick menus that can be used to select sources more quickly.

Test conclusion TCL 98P745

The TCL 98P745 is not only huge, but also really good: the features leave practically nothing to be desired, and the Android television is very versatile in terms of connections and streaming options. There are no problems with operation and the workmanship leaves a solid impression. And the image quality is impressive: brightness and contrast are fine, the image scaling works without any annoying side effects, and the P745 reproduces colors beautifully and naturally. Anyone who has seen this will hardly think about a projector as an alternative.

TCL provided the test device in Warsaw and supported participation in the product presentation trip with subsequent independent testing. Our standards of transparency and journalistic independence can be found at


What to do if your Wallapop purchase does not fit what you expected

Oh Wallapop, the buying and selling platform that works great when it works, but that is also a meme because of those haggles that not even Messi did on his best days. If you have entered this topic it is because, unfortunately, you are wondering How can you claim a purchase on Wallapop that does not meet your expectations?.

We do not assure you that it will turn out well, but below we are going to tell you how you can start a dispute with the seller, what the deadlines are, the platform’s return policy and how to contact Wallapop.

Wallapop disputes both friendly and escalated

First things first: if, after purchasing an item on Wallapop, you are not satisfied with the condition for whatever reason and you consider that what does not fit you was not properly indicated in the description or photographs, you can try to return it.

When you receive an order, check that everything is in order, but don’t throw anything away unless you make sure everything is as you expected. If not, you can go to the chat with the seller and, under the “All OK” button, you can open a dispute.

If the option does not appear within 48 hours after receiving the order, the only option that Wallapop gives us is to update the application. If it still does not appear, we can contact them directly.

Once opened, you must upload photos with the best possible quality, as well as fill out a description section in which you tell why you are not satisfied with what you have received.

When you have sent it, Two things can happen: the seller accepts it willingly or rejects it.. In that second case, the dispute will escalate to the Wallapop team and they will be the ones to evaluate the case and make a decision. Both we and the buyer will give their opinion and, with this and photographic evidence, the support team will make a judgement.

That everything can be seen correctly in the photos.

If in the end you can return the product (although this is a drawer) you must package everything as it arrived, with all the elements that the package consisted of and with the greatest possible protection. The last thing we want is for it to suffer damage in transport.

Wait times after responding to a dispute

Ok, the dispute has been resolved in your favor (either by agreement with the seller or by order of Wallapop) and you can return the shipment.

The action times are as follows:

  • A tracking code will be generated with which you can go to the post office or delivery point to send the package.
  • You must deliver that package within a maximum period of 10 calendar days (which means weekends count). If you do not deliver it, the transaction will be terminated, the dispute will be canceled and you will eat the package.
  • Within a period of about two business days from your shipment, the seller will receive the package.
  • Once this happens, Wallapop will issue the refund order and you will receive the money within three to ten business days.

This return is free for both parties, by the way.

What happens if it has been damaged in transport?

It may happen that the seller is completely honest and that your product arrives broken due to transport.. In this case, you must initiate a claim through the ‘Status of your purchase’ section of the app > ‘What should I do?’ > ‘Open a dispute’ > ‘Product broken during shipping’.

You must complete the requested description and provide photographs both the defective content and the exterior and interior of the package in which it was. In addition, you must also provide a photo of the box showing the information on the label.

There it will be Wallapop that makes the decision on the claim.

Wallapop return policy

There are a number of situations in which, even if you are not happy, you will not be able to return the product. Below, we leave you the platform’s returns policy with which you will not be able to return:

  • Voluntary withdrawal/return. That is, when the product received corresponds to the one advertised, but you do not want to keep it.
  • Products whose content or performance we cannot verify. Remember that Wallapop is an application for selling second-hand products, and it is difficult to check the content or condition of some of them. This includes, but is not limited to, unsealed products containing liquids or products whose performance may be affected/impaired due to the product’s own shelf life.
  • Products advertised as faulty or specifically advertised for parts.
  • Color differences between the product received and the one shown in the advertisement, as long as said color is not evident in the images or product description.
  • Products that have stains, dirt, obvious signs of use that can be seen in the images or description of the product, or that give off bad odors.
  • Discrepancies in measurements in clothing and footwear, when the size of the product received corresponds to that described in the advertisement.
  • Products in good condition and correct functioning, despite the fact that the product box itself is damaged.
  • Products manipulated by the buyer once they have been received. This includes actions such as repairing, washing, manipulating internal components…
  • Ads whose photos do not allow us to see the real state of the product. This includes ads with photos from the internet, third parties, catalogs…
  • Non-original products or products whose authenticity cannot be proven, as long as it can be demonstrated that the buyer is aware of the non-authenticity.

There are also a series of products not allowed on Wallapop such as mobile SIM cards, stolen items, vehicle parts or gold and silver ingots, among others that, obviously, if you buy you will not be able to return because they should not have been able to be sold in the first place. In this link you have the list of prohibited products.

Contact Wallapop customer service

Lastly, you should know that Wallapop does not have a phone or chat that you can contact quickly with customer service. It seems incredible in the middle of 2023, yes, but the chat that is available only has predefined answers that refer us to other sections of the help page.

So, if what you want is to contact someone, The only options are the following:

  • Submit a request: through this form, you can send a description of your question. In addition to your email so they can respond to you, you must specify what type of problem you have, write a subject and you can attach files.
  • The help center: it is the generic page from which you can consult various frequently asked questions and the policies and conditions of the service. You can access through this link.
  • Social networks: it is the fastest way because they will assist you by direct message. You can do so by writing to their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • By email: the most classic solution. You can write an email directly to this address: [email protected]


Where are the wallpapers saved on Mac? This is the folder according to each operating system, including macOS Sonoma

Changing the macOS wallpaper is very simple: we can do it from System Settings or even with the secondary mouse click on the background itself to directly access its settings. We will be shown a gallery with all the funds that the system offers us and we will be able to choose one.

But what if we want locate the Finder folder where macOS stores those wallpapers? Apple does not reveal the “raw files” to the user, but you are correct if you think that in some directory they have to be stored. Let’s find out.

The directory where the original images of the Mac wallpapers are hidden

If you want to know the specific folder or the directory in which macOS stores the wallpapers, it is the following:

/System/Library/Desktop Pictures

You can access this directory using Finder (you’ll need to access the system root directory), or by opening Terminal and typing the following command:

open /System/Library/DesktopPictures

What you will find in this folder are the wallpapers in high resolution and HEIC format, occupying from 10 to 40 MB each depending on its complexity. There are also some very small files in .madesktop format that you can ignore, as they are probably responsible for the live wallpapers working properly.

If you can’t find this folder or see it empty, you may have an older version of macOS where wallpapers are stored in the following folder:

/USER/Library/Desktop Pictures

You can open it from the terminal by typing the following command:

open ~/Library/DesktopPictures

An important fact: if you want to extract the wallpapers from those directories better copy them leaving the original file in them, since if you remove them later you can miss them in the System Settings. But having the original directory helps to be able to locate those funds at their original resolutions, which are usually huge to cover the most demanding resolutions.


Is joining Mediamarkt parent Ceconomy?

The rumors about a possible investment by the Chinese e-commerce giant in the European electronics retailer are increasing and are heating up the trading floor.

As soon as the Manager Magazin report was published, Ceconomy’s share price went crazy: the stock of the German electronics retailer, which includes the Mediamarkt and Saturn chains, shot up by almost 16 percent (on November 15, 2023). Background: The Chinese e-commerce giant reportedly wants to join Ceconomy.

The timing seems good: Well-informed sources have been saying for a while that the investment company Haniel is considering selling its shares in Ceconomy; Haniel currently holds 16.7 percent of the company. The discussions with have at least progressed to the point where Deutsche Bank is on board as an advisor, reports Manager Magazin.

Complicated ownership relationships

Friendly, interested discussions are just the beginning of every takeover, and this is especially true in the Ceconomy case – because the company’s ownership structure is complicated. Haniel holds the aforementioned 16.7 percent, but there are also the existing shareholders from the trading dynasties Beisheim (4.8 percent) and Schmidt-Ruthebeck/Meridian-Stiftung (11.1 percent).

Together with Haniel, they hold almost a third of Ceconomy. That’s why, according to the report, is also in discussions about the shares of Beisheim and Schmidt-Ruthebeck. Another 29 percent of the company belongs to Mediamarkt co-founder Erich Kellerhals, 6.7 percent is owned by Freenet, the rest are scattered shares.

The mobile phone provider Freenet is so far the only major shareholder to comment on the rumors about, but has nothing helpful to contribute: “JD.Com has not asked us about our share,” said a Freenet spokeswoman on Wednesday. From all other shareholders: no comment.

The fact is: If a shareholder reaches the threshold of 30 percent, he is obliged to make a mandatory offer to all other shareholders. If actually buys the shares of Haniel, Beisheim and Schmidt-Ruthebeck, a full takeover of Ceconomy is a very real option.

Chinese on a shopping spree in European e-commerce’s interest is hardly surprising. After all, the Chinese giant has to keep up with its eternal rival He is currently investing in one European platform after another. The Turkish marketplace Trendyol and the Spanish platform Miravia are already in Alibaba hands. And yesterday the majority takeover of the B2B platforms wer-liefert-was and Europages by Alibaba was announced. Chinese e-commerce is on a shopping spree in Europe. It remains to be seen who will end up in the shopping cart next.


Cyberpunk 2077 trophies will not transfer from the PS4 version to the PS5 version

The good news yesterday afternoon was that the current-gen upgrade of Cyberpunk 2077 was finally ready after much delay and made available immediately. All current owners of the game can upgrade to the current-gen version for free, but this comes with a small snag.

If you want to continue playing the game you will not be able to get all Trophies in the continuation. If you start the PS5 version, the game will not immediately unlock all already unlocked Trophies. So you will have to start over anyway to achieve everything.

According to CD Projekt RED, this is due to the fact that the PS5 version is a different SKU, so it is not possible to transfer the Trophies. It is good news for the Trophy hunters, because they can go for the platinum again.

“Unfortunately, as the next-gen version has a different SKU, PlayStation trophies obtained thanks to backward compatibility will not be transferred. You will need to meet the requirements once again to unlock them.”


How to turn your Armored Core 6 mecha into Neon Genesis Evangelion Evas

Armored Core 6 arrived without making as much noise as other FromSoftware titles. But the truth is that the shadow of the Elden Ring has not managed to eclipse what has turned out to be an excellent action game. And beyond the gameplay, fans are loving the mecha customization. Without going any further, they have managed to paint the wicks with the colors of the Evas 01 and 02 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Today we tell you how to apply it in your games.

Customize mechas in Armored Core 6

The great advantage of Armored Core 6 in terms of customization is that the game allows us to paint each part of the wick completely independently. In this way, users are getting results more typical of a mod than of an editor. And we say about the mods because, after all, the system allows easy sharing the way in which a specific result has been achieved.

Neon Genesis Evangelion in Armored Core 6

There are not a few IPs that have opted for these giant robots that the Japanese like so much. But the truth is that they are rather few have managed to permeate popular culture. Something that Eva 01 and Eva 02 of Neon Genesis Evangelion have achieved. Robots with a fantastic design and very marked and special colors. Now, thanks to the publication of journalist Gene Park, we can all get the mechas of Shinji and Asuka in Armored Core 6.

Eva Unit 01 color codes. i know some of you will want this later this month.

— Gene Park (@GenePark) August 14, 2023

How to paint the mechas of Armored Core 6 with the colors of EVA 01 and EVA 02

As you can see, the theme consists of correctly apply the color code of each of the pieces of the wick that we can customize. In the case of EVA 01, the colors that we must use are dark green (63, 109, 78), light green (139, 212, 80), dark blue (29, 26, 47), light purple (150, 95, 212 ) and dark purple (115, 79, 154).

For its part, with the EVA 02 we must use the following RGB codes: dark blue (41, 29, 45), strong orange (234, 133, 50), light orange (249, 457, 83), red (236, 35 and 35) and white (251, 229, 229).

If you still find it difficult or want a more practical explanation, you can always resort to a video tutorial. And in that sense, we think the video created by the YouTube user Masked to create the Eva 01 is fantastic (a single video will work for both cases). In just over a minuteFollowing the steps, you will have your beloved Neon Genesis Evangelion mechas.

Capture thanks to the Masked video on YouTube

As for the game itself, remember that in this house we have already published a few guides that can help you enormously. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is not a Souls, but we are talking about a demanding game. Without going any further, we have a topic in which we give you a few tips to assemble your own wick with a head.